The Crypt Thief

The Crypt Thief It s summer in Paris and two tourists have been murdered in P re Lachaise cemetery in front of Jim Morrison s grave The cemetery is locked down and put under surveillance but the killer returns flit

  • Title: The Crypt Thief
  • Author: Mark Pryor
  • ISBN: 9781616147853
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s summer in Paris and two tourists have been murdered in P re Lachaise cemetery in front of Jim Morrison s grave The cemetery is locked down and put under surveillance, but the killer returns, flitting in and out like a ghost, and breaks into the crypt of a long dead Moulin Rouge dancer In a bizarre twist, he disappears under the cover of night with part of her skeletIt s summer in Paris and two tourists have been murdered in P re Lachaise cemetery in front of Jim Morrison s grave The cemetery is locked down and put under surveillance, but the killer returns, flitting in and out like a ghost, and breaks into the crypt of a long dead Moulin Rouge dancer In a bizarre twist, he disappears under the cover of night with part of her skeleton.One of the dead tourists is an American and the other is a woman linked to a suspected terrorist so the US ambassador sends his best man and the embassy s head of security Hugo Marston to help the French police with their investigation.When the thief breaks into another crypt at a different cemetery, stealing bones from a second famed dancer, Hugo is stumped How does this killer operate unseen And why is he stealing the bones of once famous can can girls Hugo cracks the secrets of the graveyards but soon realizes that old bones aren t all this killer wants

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    1. Author Pryor's series hero Hugo Marston, chief of security for the American Embassy in Paris, makes his second appearance in this novel. If you read the first one (The Bookseller), you know what's in store. I didn't. Some of the author's stylistic decisions left me cold. Add to this a genre that's never been my favorite and you'll understand my rating. As they say, your mileage may vary.The setup: near Jim Morrison's grave in Pere Lachaise cemetery, someone kills the son of an American senator a [...]

    2. I quite liked Pryor’s first Hugo Marston novel, The Bookseller. A biblio-mystery set in Paris? My favorite things together in one novel! Pryor’s evocation of Paris continues strong in the second novel of the series, The Crypt Thief, but he loses, alas, the rare book focus and has Marston tracking a psychopathic tomb robber. Pryor offers a well-paced, action-filled novel with strong characters – the problem is, I just don’t enjoy those thrillers whose point of view switches back and forth [...]

    3. A good mystery at least for the first half of the book, it lost a lot of steam after they figured out the who and why of the killer and just sort of fizzled out at the finish. More language than I care for and a decidedly sad side plot, but a really decent leading man with courage, and a great deal of kindness if not always the most common sense.Popsugar 2017 advanced: a book with an eccentric character

    4. I'm glad I finished it, but not all that enthusiastic about the plot. I enjoyed Hugh, Tom and Claudia enough to keep reading. Hoping Mark Pryor's next book is more like his excellent THE BOOKSELLER.

    5. Paris, a late summer evening when two unsuspecting tourists in search of Jim Morrison’s grave site in the Pere Lachaise cemetery are murdered. So begins Mark Pryor’s second installment of his Hugo Marston series, THE CRYPT THIEF. Marston, a former FBI profiler and chief of security at the American embassy in Paris is called into the ambassador’s office and told that one of the murder victims is Maxwell Holmes, the son of a US senator who was about to begin an internship at the embassy; the [...]

    6. When a debut book is as strong as the first Hugo Marston mystery, THE BOOKSELLER, one always wonders whether the sophomore attempt will live up to that high mark. In this case, with THE CRYPT THIEF, Pryor has proven that his first success was not a fluke. He brings both the seedier side and the diplomatic halls of Paris to life every bit as successfully as he did in the first Hugo Marston book.The story of the eponymous crypt thief, the Scarab, drives the narrative this time around. He scuttles [...]

    7. 4 stars but knocking it down to three stars because of the f-bombs and other language that Tom uses (good heavens! the man has a foul mouth). Language is a tricky thing for me; honestly, I find the words stuck in my head and the next thing I know they are coming out of my mouth *sigh* NOT a good thing for a children's librarian or who is a believer. Debating about keeping on with the series because of this. *double sigh* This is why adult books are so tricky; I would rather read kids' books and [...]

    8. Tavaly olvastam a sorozat bevezető kötetét, és nem titok, hogy egyből egymásra is találtunk. Nem volt tökéletes, de igazi, hagyományos alapokra építő modern krimit kaptam, ezért kiváltképpen örültem a folytatásnak. napifalat/2014/11/

    9. Have a serious crush on this detective Hugo Marsten,even if I do have to spend time with him and a serial killer stealing body parts from the Père La Chaise, it is still time well spent-- very well spent!

    10. Another fabulous Hugo Marsden mystery penned by Mark Pryor. Set in Paris, with many well-known landmarks playing 'extras' in the story. Loved it.

    11. 2nd Hugo marsten mystery is an easy reading suspense novel with enough twists to keep your interest. The villain the Scarab robs graves for particular bones.

    12. I first read The Bookseller, and I found it so engaging, I quickly picked up The Crypt Thief next. Here, as in his first work, Pryor does a good job of tightening tension with each scene, and through character arc.Protagonist Hugo Marston is a modern-day Cary Grant, beloved by his friends and coworkers. I especially appreciated seeing his friendships deepen with Tom and Capitaine Garcia. That Tom would turn to alcohol and drugs to deal with the stress of his work is believable. That Hugo would s [...]

    13. This second novel in the Hugo Marston series is a gruesome tale of a twisted young man who becomes a serial killer for the specific purpose of collecting bones and other body parts for the resurrection and reuniting with his dead mother in a weird ceremony of fire. His first victim is the son of a U.S. senator who wants to have a great deal of control over the investigation, complicating Hugo's life. In spite of the Senator's interference, with the help of Tom, Claudia, and Garcia, Hugo tracks t [...]

    14. I enjoyed this story. it was light and easy to read and I and I do like Hugo Marsten, the voice of reason.i loved some of the poetic writing such as: p 102 Hugo kept watch on the buildings either side of them, shuttered stores and silent tenements that might once have teemed with lifebut now crouched at the curb like abandoned pets, solemn and sad waiting for a masters return.P 238The few clouds soaked up the colour with their edges, like sponges hoping to paint the rest of the sky for him.I did [...]

    15. The second in a series about Hugo Marston, a former FBI profiler now working in Paris as the embassy's head of security. Hugo's profiling skills again play a major role in this psychological mystery/thriller. A mysterious killer is robbing specific graves and Hugo is drawn into the search for him because one of his victims is American. A tense, excellent ride. Don't want to give too many details as that would detract from your own journey. Hugo is a well-developed character. I'm already reading [...]

    16. Hugo Marston is an exceptional investigator with a complicated past, as is his old friend Tom, and then there are Capitale Raul Garcia and reporter Claudia. They work kind of together to solve some really difficult but overlapping cases, including Tom's worsening alcoholism. The main thing is identifying and stopping a madman with a horrible agenda. Very well done! Todd McLaren is the excellent narrator for this series.

    17. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the previous ones I've read, mostly because in general I dislike books where the bad guy is a "nutter" (to adopt the politically incorrect term used by another reviewer). Too hard to understand his motivation. I'm still liking Hugo and the interaction between him and various other characters, so I'll definitely read the next installment.

    18. This is police-chasing, murder mystery "fluff," a quick read and a day's distraction. No deep thinking required, just entertainment. A little bit different from your garden variety crime drama b/c it's set in Paris instead of Los Angeles.

    19. This novel again demonstrates the author's imagination and skillful plotting. Believable characters and dialogue, as in Pryor's The Bookseller. The setting and villain are morbid, but handled well; not depressing. I'm on to read the third book in this series, The Button Man.

    20. Very strange plot - macabre. Two tourists murdered in a Paris graveyard while visiting Jim Morrison’s grave, a cemetery night guard murdered in another town, a prostitute murdered-how are they linked? Terrorists or serial killer? Hugo, Tom and Claudia team up again to solve.

    21. Two people are found murdered by Jim Morrison’s grave in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Hugo Marsten is called in to investigate these murders, with a lead involving the famed Moulin Rouge.

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