Inferno In his international blockbusters The Da Vinci Code Angels Demons and The Lost Symbol Dan Brown masterfully fused history art codes and symbols In this riveting new thriller Brown returns to hi

  • Title: Inferno
  • Author: Dan Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In his international blockbusters The Da Vinci Code, Angels Demons, and The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown masterfully fused history, art, codes, and symbols In this riveting new thriller, Brown returns to his element and has crafted his highest stakes novel to date.In the heart of Italy, Harvard professor of symbology, Robert Langdon, is drawn into a harrowing world centerIn his international blockbusters The Da Vinci Code, Angels Demons, and The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown masterfully fused history, art, codes, and symbols In this riveting new thriller, Brown returns to his element and has crafted his highest stakes novel to date.In the heart of Italy, Harvard professor of symbology, Robert Langdon, is drawn into a harrowing world centered on one of history s most enduring and mysterious literary masterpiecesDante s Inferno.Against this backdrop, Langdon battles a chilling adversary and grapples with an ingenious riddle that pulls him into a landscape of classic art, secret passageways, and futuristic science Drawing from Dante s dark epic poem, Langdon races to find answers and decide whom to trust before the world is irrevocably altered.

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    1. I guess this will fulfill my yearly quota for Mickey Mouse watch-clad academics who solve ancient conspiracy filled puzzles.- - - Updated 5/31: Sometimes, I feel like Dan Brown is my nemesis.In interviews, he comes off as a smart, earnest guy (if a bit of an academic dweeb*) who has an obsession for puzzles, old art and conspiracy theories, but also as a guy who has no idea how to laugh at himself. He seems to take his own work very seriously, and gets his feelings hurt by even the eensiest teen [...]

    2. Allow me to summarize every Dan Brown novel ever: An unsuspecting but intelligent protagonist is called up in the middle of the night. Someone very powerful and possibly related with the authorities needs his expertise that only the protagonist can provide. A well-known figure has died and that started a chain of events with catastrophic consequences. The authorities need our protagonist's help to solve a puzzle left by our instigator just before he died, which has some clue in to the nature of [...]

    3. Instead of reading any more Dan Brown books, I'm just going to complete the following "Mad Lib" with my sister. Feel free to play along.UNTITLED DAN BROWN BOOK MAD LIB1) a number ______2) month that has at least 28 days __________________3) adverb that denotes stress ____________________4) pick a European cityy European city _______________________5) title given to a respected educator or professional _____________________6) first name ___________________________7) pretentious last name (bonus p [...]

    4. Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate. Or something.Statue of Dante by Enrico Pazzi, Piazza Santa Croce, FlorenceWhen I took this picture a couple of months ago, I thought Dante’s dour expression must be because he was pondering the horrors of hell. Now I think it’s because he was dwelling on the ignominy of having his masterpiece turned into this Dan Brown novel.By the fourth book in the series, the formula has been well-established: Robert Langdon, the intrepid Harvard professor and “ [...]

    5. The most Dangerous, Different trip with Robert Langdon with Brilliant Twist ending.That the Movie re-twisted into a normal boring Hollywood ending that blow mind of how bad the novel turned into clichéd stop the bomb movie.It starts with Inferno NightmareWaking up in Florence far from home,not knowing how he even got hereWith a head wound and a hellish nightmare of inferno to comeAnd by trying to solve the codes & puzzles of his chaotic situation, he find out that he must travel againd agai [...]

    6. أقرأها قبل الفيلم الذي قام بتحويل نهاية الرواية الكابوسية العبقرية إلي نهاية هوليوودية نمطيةالأمر خطير هذه المرة، تخيل إنك صحوت مفزوعا من كابوس جحيميلتجد نفسك في بلد أخر، ويومان مُسحا من ذاكرتك بل ويجب أن تسابق الزمن والسفر فرارا لوقف جحيم حقيقيصدقني الأمر أخطر والوقت ضيق [...]

    7. CHAPTER 1Obscure reviewer Jane Steen sat in her modest study in cozy suburban Illinois and stared with horror at the object she held in her hands. Measuring nine-and-a-half by six-and-a-quarter by one-and-a-half inches, the object was encased in a shiny substance the overweight reviewer knew to be plastic.A book of some kind.To the little known reader’s brilliant mind and eidetic memory, identifying the book was a simple task. The labels affixed to the spine proclaimed its origin: the library. [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book. Thou personally I think it's a bit different than the other previous three books. The other three books have similarities in having a story plot that creating a really blur line between history and fiction. But in this fourth book, the history is like the inspiration of the fiction story, but I still liked it and gave it 3.5 stars.I really enjoyed the thrill and excitement of Langdon adventure. And as a former international security student, I have an understanding re [...]

    9. This is my first Dan Brown book and what can I say pretty much sucked.I was kind of shocked. Yes, I had read a lot of disparaging comments about Brown’s writing, but I pushed them aside, figuring his books must be at least entertaining. Otherwise why would he be so popular? And I rather like cheesy books. This one had a condescending tone though that grated on my nerves and sapped all the fun right out of the story. It was a tedious read.Brown’s characters are boring. There’s no depth or n [...]

    10. Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrateorAbandon all hope, ye who enter hereDante and Virgil approach the entrance to Hell From the WorldofDante The heat is on. There is, of course, a deadline. A mad scientist of a Dante super-fan, who takes theatrical delight in referring to himself as The Shade, would like to bring about a great renaissance for humanity, a reawakening similar to the one that occurred following the Black Plague. As with that earlier event, The Shade, a Batman villain if ever the [...]

    11. علينا أن نعترف بشيءروايات دان براون تحمل غالبا قيمة أدبية محدودةوأنت تنشدها طلبا للمتعة والمعرفةوهذه اللذة العقلية التي تتمثل في محاولاتك المتكررة لحل اللغز تلو اللغزوالصحبة الممتعة للغاية مع روبرت لانغدون‏ بساعته الميكي ماوس وقلبه الطيب وعقليته الفذة‏كل ذلك في إطار مش [...]

    12. June 18, 2013This book has Dan Brown written all over it. Just like the previous stories in this series, the entire book is about 24 hour long mystery/thriller. Robert Langdon wakes up at a hospital with no recollection of how he got there and as he starts to figure out what's going on, he starts getting deeper into a dangerous event that is about to take place. From the very first page, a chain of events starts to take place at a very fast pace.Loved reading the book, just like Robert Langdon's [...]

    13. I've spent the past few years writing a book on Inferno, immersing myself in Dante's Commedia, and was looking forward to a fun read. While the book is decent it's still a disappointment. Despite having quite a few issues with Da Vinci Code, it was nevertheless a fun trip through the world of art and puzzle solving. Unfortunately Inferno reads more like a movie treatment with some factoids thrown in. At times it reminded me of the old Batman episodes with the caped crusader pulling off an implau [...]

    14. Aaron turned on his computer and opened it to , a widely used website for books. It was time. He looked around to be sure he was alone, and started writing his review of Dan Brown's InfernoAPTER 253Aaron looked at the screen, wondering how best to approach the review. He had to be quick about it."There's no time!" he shouted even though no one else was around.They could be here at any minute, and he had to hurry. He had to make sure he went fast, because of the time constraints. Speed was of th [...]

    15. To be very honest, I had a lot of expectations from this book and Dan Brown does not disappoint. I'm not entirely happy with the book; the second half of the book lacked certain things and was not quite as interesting as the first part. The research work for this book is done very painstakingly and it shows. 4.5 stars.

    16. I considered giving this two stars but then I realized there really wasn't anything I liked about it. It was so boring and it took me more than a week to get through. I know it's too much to ask that Dan Brown scale the heights of Angels & Demons or even The Da Vinci Code once again but I'm somewhat baffled as to how his writing has taken a turn for the worse and it started with that blasted The Lost Symbol. There's nothing much to say about this to be honest. The plot was kind of intriguing [...]

    17. To all the folks who rate a book before they've read it, skewing the ratings for everyonego to with all the other flamers. Leave our ratings alone.

    18. "Abandon hope all ye who enter here" ~ Dante's Divine Comedy.(Oh, Mr.Browne irony and the accuracy)----------------------------------------------------The last Dan Brown novel that I recall reading and enjoying to the hilt was Angels & Demons. So, when I proudly hefted his new tome INFERNO home from the book store, I was all:And then, barely twenty pages had passed by and my buoyant emotions pretty much went The Little Mermaid Way:The author has decided to morph into a dry-as-day-old-bread v [...]

    19. “Just because the human mind can't imagine something happening, doesn't mean it won't.”3/5 StarsAnother typical Dan Brown book. It's been on my to-read list for ages, so is The Lost Symbol still. Now that the film will be released soon, I needed to get a grip and read it. And I, too, decided to skip Book 3 and move straight on to this one.My expectations are fulfilled. Mysteries, art, intruige, a race against time. But since I last read a Dan Brown novel a few years have passed and I've read [...]

    20. i think amazon and Google play need to sort out pricing on ebooks they are both asking £8.99 ,with no overheads, no printing costs no,logistics and all they have to do is store it on a server and let customer's download it. why am I kicking off you might ask yourself well its quite simply because i have just ordered the hard back copy from asda for £9.00 so for 1 penny I get real paper real hard cover and delivery to my front door on day of release. and they say ebooks are the future, not at a [...]

    21. Making this as read just so I can do a stupid review.I made it all the way to 37% I deserve a medalokay.I just can't finish it started with this paragraph at about 12%"She knew it was probably just the adrenaline, but she found herself strangely attracted to the American professor. In addition to his being handsome, he seemed to possess a sincerely good heart. In some distant, alternate life, Robert Langdon might even be someone she could be with."From then on all I could think of was what a com [...]

    22. Read this years ago it's a great story and an intense and complex read. I preferred Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code; however, this is a very close third as the concept of Dante and the fiery gates of hell are also quite good. Dan Brown doesn't let you down and you should definitely keep reading this series -- especially with the movie now coming out! What I love most is the back and forth point of view, unsure how everyone is connection, and who will figure out the end game first. It's a [...]

    23. Kinda blah after the other Langdon entries. Getting a little used to the Langdon formula. Also, in the end it was not all that great of a story (in my opinion). Honestly, hard for me to believe they got another movie in the series out of this (I hope they changed a lot of it to make it more interesting! Hard to believe I just said I hoped they changed the story when making a movie - SACRELIDGE! )

    24. Warning: If something in my review is marked with a spoiler tag, it really is a spoiler. I don't want to be the reason that a die-hard fan reads a spoiler and has the whole book ruined for him/her. So if that kind of thing matters to you, DON'T CLICK ON THE SPOILERS. If nothing else, Dan Brown's Inferno reminded me that the interrobang (?!) is a thing. Also, why use one ellipsis when you can use A MILLION?! I can't take this book seriously. It took me over a month to read it, and most of that [...]

    25. 3.5I’ve compiled a list for my review.Why it’s perfectly acceptable to compare Dan Brown novels with one night stands :1.) The decision to pick up a Dan Brown book or a one night hookup comes down to the same thing- instant gratification. You pick it up knowing you’re going on a wild ride!2.) Waking up and seeing a Dan Brown book on your night stand almost makes you feel like you need a shower more than the morning after getting some strange. (I recommend a shower in both instances.)3.) Th [...]

    26. I actually want to read this book so badly, it hurts!I am so excited- when I heard that Dan Brown was releasing a new book, I screamed so loud that another girl on my floor ran into my room and thought I was getting attacked! Brown is probably my top favourite author and I have loved each book that stars Robert as the main character. I loved 'The Lost Symbol' so much!! I have really high hopes for this next one :)Update:Now that I have finished the book, I can say that it was a pure joy to read. [...]

    27. من فلورنسا وكنائسها الرائعة ولوحاتها الشهيرة وانفاقها، الى البندقبة وكنائسها وساحاتها وتماثيلها الى تركيا ومتحف أيا صوفيا والقصر الغارق.قدرة هائلين لبراون لاستغلال هذه اللوحات والتحف ليمتعنا بمغامرة رائعة.وكالعادة استغلال الإثارة والتشويق في الاكتشافات وانتقال الحدث م [...]

    28. Bullet Review:Wow, this was an awful book. I will say that Dan Brown has improved his writing craft, as there seems to be better flow and not so many grammatical errors, but just barely. He still switches tenses, starting out nearly every chapter with a big, ugly blob of text about some historical landmark that may or may not have bearing on the plot.The characters are just bare outlines of people, like a grown-up coloring book, who somehow managed to be the stupidest, most pretentious, most OVE [...]

    29. 2.75ok I think I loved angels & demons and the davinci code more than inferno wasn't enjoyable enough for me like always expecting from dan brown books

    30. Compared wid his previous offerings, definitely lacklustre (better than the lost symbol.ough that doesnt amount to much) The author i felt wasnt able to resist dumping all his research into the book without any form of culling. All the random interesting nuggets and facts which made his previous books bestsellers were fascinating because they were very much a part of the ongoing story and seemed like a plausible thought-train in Robert langdon's mind. Inferno however doles out information by the [...]

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