A View to Die For

A View to Die For The story is not your typical murder mystery The sleuth is not a detective private eye or lawyer He s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary dog Jacob Martin is trying to make the best of a divorce a

  • Title: A View to Die For
  • Author: RichardHouston
  • ISBN: 9781301866021
  • Page: 225
  • Format: ebook
  • The story is not your typical murder mystery The sleuth is not a detective, private eye, or lawyer He s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary dog.Jacob Martin is trying to make the best of a divorce and mid life crisis when he gets a call at two o clock Sunday morning from his mother His sister has been arrested for the murder of her fourth husband, and his father is neThe story is not your typical murder mystery The sleuth is not a detective, private eye, or lawyer He s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary dog.Jacob Martin is trying to make the best of a divorce and mid life crisis when he gets a call at two o clock Sunday morning from his mother His sister has been arrested for the murder of her fourth husband, and his father is near death Thus begins an adventure that takes Jake and his golden retriever from their Colorado retreat to a backwater town in the Missouri Ozarks where they search for cold blooded killers, a cache of gold coins buried by Jesse James, and the love of a beautiful nurse.

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    1. This book was not for me, I love a good mystery. But I did not love this book.Jake's sister, Meg has been accused of murdering her husband Mike, who just happens to be husband number 4. The media have been calling her the Black Widow. On his way to bail her out, he winds up waking up in hospital after he, himself has gotten into an accident. The police believe that both Jake and Meg are involved in the death of Mike. So in order to clear their names, Jake has to do some detective work. I really [...]

    2. The dog on the cover is what prompted me to pick up this book. It had been quite a while since I had read a sleuth story. Yet, while I liked it, the blurb led me to believe the dog would do a lot of work, but aside from eating hamburgers, drinking beer, relieving himself, and being a good doggy, I can't say he had much to do with the detective work. So if you pick up this book thinking you'll have a field day with a good sleuth dog, you may be a bit disappointed. That said, it was an entertainin [...]

    3. After reading "A Book to Die For," and giving it 2 stars, I said I wasn't going to read anymore books in this series. I wish I had stuck to my commitment. I gave this one a try mainly because I was looking for a dog story, but this series isn't about a dog. It's about abusing a dog, abusing alcohol, and irresponsible personal finance. I read 40% of this one and did something I very rarely do. I gave up. Fred is fed a diet consisting almost totally of McDonald's burgers and beer. He consumes beer [...]

    4. Bleh. Don't believe all the 5 star reviews--this was average at best, and all the bathroom and McDonald's references annoyed me so much I am knocking off another star for that. I have never read a book where there were so many bathroom scenes! It added nothing to the story. And poor Fred the dog deserves a better diet than McDoubles all the time. I found a lot of the so-called "hacker" stuff pretty silly and unbelievable.

    5. This is an exceptional murder mystery, with an unlikely hero, a canine sidekick, a sister as murder suspect, an assortment of odd characters, and much local color. Protagonist Jake Martin (nickname Porky) is an unemployed software engineer and McDonalds regular who gets by on odd jobs, drinks an enormous amount of beer, and suffers from a shrinking bladder and failing eyesight. He’s generous, well-mannered, an aspiring novelist, and obviously smart—not exactly the hard-boiled sleuth one migh [...]

    6. There are two huge reasons to read Richard Houston’s first novel, A View to Die For, and their names are Jake and Fred. The protagonist, Jacob Martin, is witty, generous, sensuous, sweet - the sort of man females absolutely adore. But he’s a man’s man too, with an appreciative eye for women as well as a healthy love for the females in his family. He’s handy, smart, loyal, and brave. In fact, Houston builds many fabulous, complex characters in this book, even a dog, who became a "person" [...]

    7. Finished this last night. Fast read, really engaging. Good plot, nice pacing. Main character is like able, others are not but in a good way. Lots of good character development. Great first read from Mr. Houston.

    8. This one had promise but it fell short for me. I think I only kept up with it as I needed something set in Missouri for a challenge. Jake, a freelance author and a bit down on his luck, gets the call to head home to help his sister Meg who has been first accused of killing her husband before the lawyer he hired help to have the charges dropped as her husband killed himself in an accident. However, Meg doesn’t believe he killed himself. She believes he found a cache of historically important go [...]

    9. The book was poorly written. The story line was horrible and the characters were very shallow. The idea of a man feeding his dog McDonalds hamburgers was a good diet for dogs made me want to call the SPCA.

    10. My vote for best coverI may be too critical because I am familiar with the towns and counties that are in the book, and a lot of liberties were taken. We actually have a drug unit called the MUSTANG Taskforce. The dog was the best part of the book. Sister's who have champagne tastes, but borrow money to pay bills, do not buy $45. Bottles of wine, then drink several bottles. Not in the real world. Mother is the worst harpy of the year, and really had me stop Reading the book several times.

    11. The best way to describe this book is, "Meh." The characters are well-developed and are definitely not run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter characters out of central casting for a mystery. There are some twists and turns, which are nice.But there are some weaknesses. First, there are times when the narrative drags. Houston included minutiae that doesn't factor into the story (e.g Jake installs spyware on a computer, it gets detected by someone, but we never learn who or what the significance is suppos [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and honestly didn’t realize it was the author’s first. The plot kept me interested from the beginning - no skipping paragraphs, which is a bad habit I have - and guessing right to the end. This is a big deal for me because I’m an avid mystery buff and pride myself in trying to tag the bad guy early on. I liked the main characters, especially Jake Martin (aka Porky), and found his dry wit charming, even if his good intentions occasionally caused him grief. Th [...]

    13. This was a great story layered with plenty of dynamic ingredients. I really enjoyed the POV (written in first person), and appreciated that he was just your normal guy caught in the midst of a complex mystery well over his head. The writing was humorous and proficient, the relationships well-defined and enjoyable. The mystery itself was illusive until the very end, and so it was hard to put down for any length of time. The atmosphere was one to get lost in, and this story definitely had its hook [...]

    14. SummarySummaryThis book was interesting from the beginning .It kept me right into the book from beginning to the end.I would recommend this book to anyone who loves murder mystery books.

    15. I think this book is well written. I enjoyed the characters and their interaction. Jake and Fred are partners enjoying the Ozark's while trying to clear his sisters name for murdering her husband. A good murder mystery and an easy read.

    16. Jake is sort of going through mid-life crisis and dealing with his divorce an the fact that he is running low on cash and needs to sell some more of his articles before things get worse. Then in the middle of the night he gets a call from his mother that his father has had a heart attach and his sister is in jail for murder.He leaves everything behind and grabs a little money and drives him and his dog Fred to Missouri. On his way there he gets in a car wreck and someone robs him. The police the [...]

    17. This murder mystery will definitely hold your attention while you follow Jake playing detective. While he starts out trying to find out who killed his sister's fourth husband he learns it has something to do with stolen gold coins. This type of investigation is way out of Jake's league but he wants to prove his sister is innocent of murdering her husband and get her out of jail so he and his sidekick, Fred, (a golden retriever) keep searching for the truth. This fast-paced novel has Jake run off [...]

    18. DNF. I can’t keep going with this. The characters are horrible. The dialogue is terrible. The MC is downright cruel to his Golden. It’s basically a long winded advert for McDonald’s. The author seems to have a bathroom fixation. I had to stop when one of the characters said “Onlylow-life’stalk like that.” Terrible characters, boring story aside, that is basic elementary school spelling/grammar; the fact this even got published is deplorable.I picked this up free on iBooks because of [...]

    19. Not Quite CozyThis is the first Houston book I have read. I am a hard-core mystery fan so am pretty hard to please. Jake and his best friend Fred are an easy pair to like although I would like to see Jake display a little more energy. The story was a little unique. Jake is called on to prove his brothers in-law's death was not a suicide so his sister can collect on his life insurance. What didn't ring true was how trusting Jake was of the very people he suspected of multiple crimes. Also, that h [...]

    20. This is an entertaining murder mystery featuring an ordinary guy and his clever dog. Jacob "Jake" Martin isn't a cop or a private detective. He's an older guy that is retired from his job, finally getting to writing that novel, while he's bank account dwindles and his bills are piling up. But distraction comes when his mother calls him out of the blue about his father's failing heath and that his sister is in jail. He makes the trip along with his canine companion, Fred the golden retriever. Whe [...]

    21. Keeps you guessingAdmittedly, I bought this book based on the jacket cover. I just fell in love with that dog! Not exactly the best reason to buy a book, perhaps, but this turned out to be a very good mystery and introduces the reader to freelance writer/computer programmer/self employed handyman, Jake, and his beer loving golden retriever, Fred, in the first of a series of mysteries. The story hits the ground running when a call from his mother sends Jake from his home in rural Colorado to Miss [...]

    22. Fred was the best part of this novel. If you're a fan of the more old school agatha Christies and the original Sherlock Holmes, then you'll enjoy this one. It had a very classic sleuth feelt really my favorite style but I can appreciate it nonetheless. My biggest issue was the existence of his daughter. She served no purpose, and she never appears in the story except in passing conversation or random train of thought. All this does is make me judge Jake for being a shitty father. If Houston is g [...]

    23. An easy to enjoy read, with good characters and just plain fun!This is a first in the series and I think it is one worth reading. Jake is character with a dog named Fred and they just go together! When Jake's mother calls him and tells him that his sister's husband is dead and the police have arrested his sister, Megan, he cashes in his CD's to get her a layer and bail her out. Jake's drives all night and comes to Megan's aid by also deciding to find the real killers as the police aren't doing s [...]

    24. Any time it takes me almost a month to get through a book, and I have to tell myself I should read another chapter so I don't forget what it's about, it's a 2 stars from me. I love dogs and thought this would be a fun "dog involved" mystery but the only real dog thing is the cover. And when he left the dog (that he says he loves) in a hot car for so long, I lost all respect for him. I finished it but not because I was wanting to get to the exciting end (of which there is none) but because I try [...]

    25. I'm surprised that this was written by a New York Times bestselling author. It was ok. The dog, Fred, was the best part of the book, and he's a minor player. I don't like the hero, don't like his family or the way he allows them to treat him, and had trouble following the plot. The grammar and punctuation are what I would expect from a junior high student, not an adult writer. No editor worth the money would allow a book to go public in this state. I have another kindle book from the same author [...]

    26. This is the 1st book I read by the author.I thought the characters were believable. Though, Jake + Megan seemed to spend a lot of time drinking. Jake seemed to always have a beer in hand, along with Megan emptying a bottle of wine. Even Jakes dog, Fred seemed to have a lot of beer.Once you can get beyond that, the plot kept me interested.Although, you know where the book is heading, towards the end.I do recommend "A View to Die For".

    27. Not the best This is not the best I have read. I read a book series last year that told the reader that it was written as if the character was the writer. A back hills, hardly any schooling. That one was well written and it did make sense. In this one it was like what the heck, which caused me to read the paragraph again to make sure I really read what I read and to make sure it made sense. Once I got past that it went a little smoother.

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