Rudolf Heinz s life is far from perfect His son avoids him he s a terrible guitar player and he lives in constant pain But there is one thing Rudolf Heinz is really good at he s the best profiler in

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  • Title: 21:37
  • Author: Mariusz Czubaj Anna Hyde
  • ISBN: 9780957132689
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rudolf Heinz s life is far from perfect His son avoids him, he s a terrible guitar player, and he lives in constant pain But there is one thing Rudolf Heinz is really good at he s the best profiler in Poland when it comes to serial killers.When the police find the dead bodies of two young men, their heads covered in plastic bags marked with the numbers 21 and 37, HeinzRudolf Heinz s life is far from perfect His son avoids him, he s a terrible guitar player, and he lives in constant pain But there is one thing Rudolf Heinz is really good at he s the best profiler in Poland when it comes to serial killers.When the police find the dead bodies of two young men, their heads covered in plastic bags marked with the numbers 21 and 37, Heinz faces his most challenging case Taking on a killer who likes to play games, the investigation is complicated when he discovers the victims are priests, and the local police close ranks against him As he analyzes each lead, Heinz s search for the killer pushes him deep into his own past, unaware that he will soon have to save his own life And he s running out of time

    One thought on “21:37”

    1. Reasonably involving, worthwhile for the distinctively Polish elements, as tourism-by-mystery-novel; but local (and religious) colour apart, this contained a few too many cliches; the translation was the poorest I've read in a while; and - as with the other ebook I read from Stork Press, another Polish mystery, Polychrome - there were abundant formatting errors. Presumably the cheap price didn't include much editing, or human hours to correct the format after machine conversion. (I was at least [...]

    2. I hate star ratings, but this one's like a 3.8 rounded to a 4.21:37 is the first of the Rudolf Heinz series, and the only one published so far in English. Although I wasn't so fond of how the book ended, I was beyond happy with the rest of 21:37. It kept me entertained, glued and -- the best sign of a good mystery for me -- I was constantly trying to guess who might be the killer and never figured it out.Moving between Katowice and Warsaw, the main character in this novel is Rudolf Heinz, "Hippi [...]

    3. 21:37 has topped a lot of charts back in its native country of Poland. I had added to my TBR stack but had never got around to reading it. So I felt that at the beginning of the new year might be the time to give it a go. Profiling is a subject I have a great interest in I finds it fascinating how with clues from a crime scene someone can get a glimpse into the mind of the person who committed a crime. In this instant, the murder of two men would this be a complex game of cat and mouse. And coul [...]

    4. Wyzwanie na rok 2018 rozpoczynam cyklem przygód niezwykłego profilera Rudolfa Heinza. Niezły kryminał i znakomicie uknuta intryga Polubiłam Heinza.Ma swoje przywary i problemy ale jak sam o sobie mówi jest podstarzałym hippisem i słucha dobrej muzyki.Dla mnie duzym plusem tej opowieści jest fakt że znaczna jej część dzieje się w moim mieście KatowicachDzięki temu bardzo plastycznie widzę gdzie porusza się nasz bohater i gdzie dzieją się niektóre "przygody"Do tego połączeni [...]

    5. Klappentext:In der Nähe des Olympia-Zentrums in Warschau werden die Leichen zweier junger Männer gefunden. Die Opfer waren Schüler eines örtlichen Priesterseminars. Vor ihrem Tod wurden sie grausam gefoltert, der Mörder hat ihnen anschließend die Zahlen 21 und 37 ins Gesicht geschrieben. Beziehen sich diese auf den Todeszeitpunkt von Johannes Paul II.? In welchem Zusammenhang stehen diese Morde zum Tod des Papstes?Ein Sonderkommando wird ins Leben gerufen, das sich auf die Fährte des Kill [...]

    6. I received this book for free through first reads.My first thought after finishing this book was something along the lines of "I think I might have weaned myself off (Ian Rankins) Rebus books". Czubaj manages to create a gritty believable crime novel that keeps the reader guessing until the end, we have the grizzled police profiler Heinz with his slightly alcoholic tendencies and dysfunctional family life and a personality that takes his colleagues a while to warm to. The case itself is interes [...]

    7. Celkem povedená detektivka. Geniality série Chyłka a Zordon nebo série s prokurátorem Teodorem Szackim sice nedosahuje ale určitě bych ji zařadil k mírnému nadprůměru. I když je to blbinka, tak mně pobavily jména či spíše přezdívky některých postav. I jejich popisy se autorovi povedly.Příběh začíná drsně. Chlápek najde dvě mrtvoly mladých mužů a po krátkém pátrání se zjistí, že oba jsou studenty nedalekého semináře. To, že jsou označeni růžovými t [...]

    8. Received this book as part of the giveaway. The premise was good and the transalation even better and that Isuppose sums up my experience of the book. The story was a drag and I found it very difficult to get into it. The central character of Rudolph Heinz did not win my sympathy despite him having a tragic past and all that. The plot dragged in places and there was a desparate attempt to run a parallel between the murder investigation and also that of the profiler. It did not do justice to bot [...]

    9. I received this book for free through First Reads. I don't really know what to say about this book. I kept reading because I wanted the mystery to be solved but throughout the book I was distracted by the stilted way it was written, especially when it came to dialogue. In reality, conversation is fluid and feels natural which was the opposite of how it was presented here. Also I found the main character repulsive. I understand that he wasn't meant to be particularly likeable but when their trag [...]

    10. The premise of this book was good, and the main character held promise. However, he never seemed to get fully involved in the case, and spent a lot of time just waiting around. While this might accurately reflect a profiler's involvement in real life, it makes for dull reading. I also felt that the other case from 'back home' that reared its head every so often was a distraction rather than an interesting side plot. One thing I found really off-putting was that many surnames and place names in t [...]

    11. Started off well. Interesting main protagonist, Heinz the profiler (like the ketchup). Can see how it would be a controversial book in Poland, as it attacks church, homophobia, racism and big business in one fell swoop. Clearly indebted to some of the authors/films it mentions within the text, but the author manages to give it an authentic local feel as well. Just felt the denouement was a little confusing and written at arm's length (Heinz is often not directly involved in the proceedings, but [...]

    12. Książkę dało się przeczytać, ale dla mnie jest tylko aspirującym czytadłem. Czegoś brakuje tej książce. Zobaczymy, czym okażą się być Aleja samobójców i Róże cmentarne, napisane do spółki z Markiem Krajewskim (autorem serii o Eberhardzie Mocku), które zbierają niespecjalne recenzje.

    13. Read the ebook version - a crappy botch-job, the text itself difficult to parse. A sinking sensation whilst reading the book -- trying to lasso the wandering sentences -- that crime novelists, no matter where they are setting their stories, have gotten stuck playing with the tropes of Thomas Harris et al, and are seemingly incapable of doing anything original. Perhaps the real talent has moved to television. Mariusz is competent but nothing about the book sets it higher than a hundred other seri [...]

    14. Excellent book! The character of Heinz (just like the ketchup) is very likeable and the reader fully understands his struggles. The author is very clever in revealing minute details about his personal life but these details come at a time when Heinz is lost in his own thoughts. Although the story is somewhat predictable (easy to work out who did it), the why is a little more difficult to work out.

    15. Twisty police proceduralA criminal profiler in Poland makes a nice change from all those Scandinavian mysteries we've all been reading. Rudolf Heinz, the main character, is a rather tormented guy whom I'm looking forward to reading more about. Bring on the translations, Stork Press, but please use a different method for converting your PDFs into ebooks because the method you're using has major font and spacing issues.

    16. Really enjoyed this crime novel translated form the Polish. The translation really works and you don't feel anything is missing from the writing despite the fact. Based around the work of a criminal profiler, 21:37 features a seminary and the strange array of characters that live there or have dealings with it after the discovery of a pair of unusual corpses.

    17. Kryminał nie jest moim ulubionym gatunkiem, mimo to z tą książką nie miałem większych problemów. Ciekawa, niebanalna historia w której grają żywe postacie. Może tylko troche denerwujące są te wszystkie szczególiki, np. skrupulatnie wymieniane utwory jakich słucha RH, ale domyślam się, że to specyfika gatunku

    18. enjoyable read for the most part I got a little confused with some of the characters though. I think the editing of the kindle edition was poor.

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