Human Hieroglyphix

Human Hieroglyphix Leila McCarthy PhD and Professor of English at University of Colorado Grantham was a fly under the radar kind of gal never even giving her appearance or personality a second thought until the Unive

  • Title: Human Hieroglyphix
  • Author: J.A. Hornbuckle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Leila McCarthy, PhD and Professor of English at University of Colorado Grantham, was a fly under the radar kind of gal, never even giving her appearance or personality a second thought until the Universe sent her a wake up call.A call that she answered.Armed with her notebook labelled, Chrysalis of Me , Leila begins to make changes , the first of which is a tattoo that sLeila McCarthy, PhD and Professor of English at University of Colorado Grantham, was a fly under the radar kind of gal, never even giving her appearance or personality a second thought until the Universe sent her a wake up call.A call that she answered.Armed with her notebook labelled, Chrysalis of Me , Leila begins to make changes , the first of which is a tattoo that she receives from Dex Nelson, resident bad boy and co owner of Human Hieroglyphix, the man she had been secretly crushing on from afar.Dex is attracted to the unworldly Leila as he applies the ink but when they meet for a second time he doesn t recognize her as the quiet beauty, the one that he couldn t get out of his head, the one he had fallen for as he applied her ink.But the magnetic pull between them can t be denied.As Leila grows and changes with Dex by her side, she finds that there a number of people in her life that are uncomfortable with the new Leila, threatened by her or just downright hate that she isn t the person she used to beat will do just about anything to keep the her and Dex apart.But Dex has his own issues which cause him to push Leila away.Can two such polar opposites weather the storms of change and ever find their way to love This is the first book in the Human Hieroglyphix series and is intended for mature readers only Contains graphic language and explicit, detailed sexual situations.

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    1. 3.5 Dreams and Ugly Ducklings into Swans StarsProfessor Leila McCarthy never gave herself and appearances a second thought. An shy, introvert but highly accomplished and intelligent woman hides beneath bulky clothes, thick glasses and untamed hair. Overhearing a heated discussion amidst her students will turn her well constructed world upside down, make her questions deep rooted beliefs, face her fears and reclaim her buried femininity. Not because she wasn't beautiful. Beauty is a state of the [...]

    2. 5++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++This book was amazing!!! I am so glad I finally decided to read it. I am actually really mad at myself for not reading it sooner. It is such a good book. Sadly, I feel like not too many people know about this book or have read. I can tell you that you are missing out. It is a wonderful book and truly a hidden gem. Once i finished I went and bought up everything by this author. I have to admit this author reminds me a lot of KA which I lo [...]

    3. About 34% in, a very cute story. Still seeing a bit of the KA overtones. Metamorphosis of a college English professor and the guy from the local Tattoo shop. Liking it so far and only one mention of the word “pink” in relation to the female anatomy. Whew. Over 60% through and REALLY liking this one. Still seeing KA similarities especially with Leila's coming out of her cocoon (or whatever the heck butterflies emerge from) and the descriptive thing with her clothes/hair/accessories. It's not [...]

    4. There are two ways to review this book:If I had not ever read a Kristen Ashley book, I'd say the book was entertaining so I tried to overlook the simplicity of both plot and characters (a little more complexity and depth would have been very appreciated, thanks) but It was OK, I liked it and I'd say go for it. It won't rock your world but It will help you pass the time if that is what you're looking for.Now, since I have read Kristen Ashley's books, I couldn't help but notice:This is like a Kris [...]

    5. This is my second book by JA Hornbuckle. She is definitely an author that I enjoy and will purchase again.The editing showed improvement over her first book, Pole Dance, but I felt more emotion and connection to the characters in Pole Dance.The danger that Dex and Leila faced was a bit contrived and easy to figure out, but despite that, I found the story an easy read. Not too deep or angsty, but certainly enjoyable.The author's style of switching from first person POV for Leila then back to thir [...]

    6. Enjoyable read about a plain jane who finds her inner swan. The only real issue was the over the top naivety of the 30 year old heroine.

    7. DexLeila*sigh* I wish I could say I dont know where to start and that is why I hesitated with whether I should write this or not.But, I'd be lying. The real reason is because I just think it was SO damn obvious - the plot, that is.The 3 stars I gave this book are specifically for the beginning, for Leilas transformation and the start of her relationship with Dex The whole "split them up" scare tactics storyline was SO so obvious, as is the norm in J.A. Hornbuckles books - but this was more obvio [...]

    8. Ok how to start lol, I'm not too good on the review front, I find most people just end up writing what the book is about but in different words to the blurb.First thing the blurb describes this book perfectly. I'd like to add, that Leila sure she might be finding herself, and her confidence might need the occasional boost but she isn't an annoying whiny weak minded girl.She makes friends easily and has more balls than I do simply approaching strangers and saying "nice lipstick what's the name of [...]

    9. After hearing a few of her college students talk about her in a cruel manner, PhD and Professor of English, Leila McCarthy is devastated. If they had just talked about her personality she might have gotten past it but they talked about her appearance and more. Deciding that instead of wallowing in self pity, she needed to do something about it. She makes a list, she pushes her boundaries and she goes for a head to toe makeover trying to find out who she is inside and out.One of the things on the [...]

    10. This book was good as soon as I heard about Dex in Pole Dance I knew I wanted to read his story It was great that his story included Leila, the English Professor who was going through some drastic life changes in not only her appareance but her inner self. It was changes for the better and at first I thought for bad reasons until I got that it was really for HER!I rooted for that and for them together! Ms. Hornbuckle did a great job with this book. Minor spelling errors and She someimes used Jak [...]

    11. Not as smooth and tightly written as Pole Dance but still decent. Seemed ludicrous that the hero and heroine didn't have a clue of who the perpetrator was messing with their property. This one totally reminds me of Kristen Ashley Colorado Mountain series - heroine sees hero from afar at beginning of story and feels inadequate, heroine transforms herself, hero is tatted and rides a bike, heroine ends up with a girl posse, etc.

    12. Dex and Leila. From the first page to last I didn't want to put my kindle down. The story starts with an introduction to Leila and progresses with her personal transformation. I was glad we were able to "watch" her and her discovery of herself. The story flowed nicely and did not jump around. I hate when that happens, that is usually when I put the story down but with this book. While it was a love story it also has a surprise in there that I didn't expect. No spoilers here, you have to read it. [...]

    13. I love Dex and Leila! There are many pros to this book: great couple, good dialogue, strong backstory, and there's a make up (as in break up) scene that is one of the most honest I've read. The bad bits: the lapses in Leila's uppity English Prof. speak, how she knows zip about zilch in modern culture but sure does pick it up hella' fast. My biggest gripe, though, is how could they be so damn clueless?! (That's all I'll say about that.) Oh, and this needs a thorough edit because Dex and Leila, li [...]

    14. Perfect book! Perfect stalker situation, with hot sexy leads and an alpha male that can do anything he wants to me! This book was great. No cheating, angsty just long enough, small issues here and there, but other than that a hero that looks out for his girl. Heroine was not too hard headed/strong willed which enabled us to love her just enough and need the hero just enough. Very strong likeness to Kristen Ashley, which is my personal favorite, so how could I not love this book?

    15. Love Dex, love Leila, love the author and this book!! I will definitely be reading the HH and Dance series as we are introduced to more of the characters!!! I really enjoyed both of her books. This had the perfect amount of suspense and lovin' with a bit of angst thrown in and no cliffie! :-). Great read!!

    16. 3.75-4 Stars"Yeah, Elle, you're going to have to choose. You want to come on my fingers, my mouth or my cock?"Oh. My. God.**Fans Self**Oh. My. God. is right. Umm, yea review is coming.

    17. I was so, so pleasantly surprised when I read this book. I saw it recommended on a discussion board that said her style was similar to Kristen Ashley, but my expectations were pretty low. Most of the books I've read lately have just bored me, and getting through them has been more like work than fun. But not this one! I was smiling through the book - not only because the book is cute, but because I was so happy to have a book that I enjoyed reading!The main character, Leila, is adorable. She is [...]

    18. NICE START TO THE SERIESLeila McCarthy is a university professor of English. Overhearing two students talking about her, gives her pause to look at her life. So during spring break she sets to work to make herself a new person inside and out. Starting with a tattoo, Dex Nelson part owns and runs Human Hieroglphix. He also made his own life changes a long time ago, he is doing a job he loves, and living life on his own terms. When Leila walks in his tattoo parlour he is attracted to her.While I l [...]

    19. (view spoiler)[Shy and geeky Leila hears some nasty comments made about her, she decided that she needs a complete makeover inside and out. She meets Dex when she goes to get a tattoo.Dex has some major commitment issues and after dating Leila for a week her ditches her because he's scared of the emotional entanglement.(hide spoiler)]This book reads like a Kristen Ashley book. It has the alpha male,the shy but beautiful girl the funny group of friends some angst and alittle suspense,but it lacks [...]

    20. I really, really, really liked this story!! I loved Dex!! I love a love story that makes me feel happy and this one did just that. I was so happy to see Leila grow into the person she was inside, it was so great to see her evolve and learn to love herself as she should. To make it even better we got a crossover from Pole Dance! I love when stories intertwine and we get to see characters from other books. Oh and the steam factorholy hotness this book did not disappoint!! Can't wait for the next i [...]

    21. WOW, what a significant difference from Pole Dance. I mean, I love Pole Dance due to it's quirkiness and alpha male Jake was super Yummo but this oh, what girl doesn't love a Cinderella transformation to get the bad boy of our dreams. I couldn't put it down and actually finished it in one day (don't tell my boss). Its a book you just CAN'T put down nor can you forget. The story and the characters truly stay with you. Wait? Did I mention the super hot sex scenes that had me blushing from my the r [...]

    22. So it's a good thing I'm too busy to p/u another book bc this is still stuck in my head. Loved it. It read like a journal. We got emotions, thoughts, etc. in detail & I love that! Leila was a women we can all relate to just a bit. She wanted to chg her outside as much as her inside. And dex helped, not caused, her metamorphosis. Beautiful. I cheered for them when they both "got" it.

    23. I really liked this book. Both characters were believable, my only complaint was that the "mystery" felt a little forced at the end. But overall I was happy with the book.

    24. This is my first book by J.A. Hornbuckle. I guess I didn't realize until I was well into the book that it connected with her Dance series, but it didn't make it impossible to read without having read that. It just seems her books are interconnected, and to get the whole story you should read them in order of publication.Summary:Dr. Leila McCarthy has been invisible and disconnected for thirty-one years. After over hearing a couple of her college students talk nastily about her, she begins to thi [...]

    25. So this was your typical J.A. Hornbuckle novel. I am surprised that I enjoyed the beginning of this story, more than I did the middle and the end. I am not one for 'How to' guides, nor do I fancy one track stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed this novel before the introduction of Dex and I never really saw the need for his character or POV. It neither helped nor detracted from the story line. Then again, I guess every Princess needs a Prince and all. Still, I think I'd like it more if she was just [...]

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