Shadow of the Alchemist

Shadow of the Alchemist Creative and enthralling If you enjoy authentic Medieval history combined with modern suspense this one s for you John LescroartOnce a Knight of the Realm Crispin Guest was stripped of his title and

  • Title: Shadow of the Alchemist
  • Author: Jeri Westerson
  • ISBN: 9781250000309
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Creative and enthralling If you enjoy authentic Medieval history combined with modern suspense, this one s for you John LescroartOnce a Knight of the Realm, Crispin Guest was stripped of his title and his lands and must now earn his meager living through his wits With the help of his young apprentice, reformed thief Jack Tucker, Guest is known to certain populat Creative and enthralling If you enjoy authentic Medieval history combined with modern suspense, this one s for you John LescroartOnce a Knight of the Realm, Crispin Guest was stripped of his title and his lands and must now earn his meager living through his wits With the help of his young apprentice, reformed thief Jack Tucker, Guest is known to certain populations as The Tracker, the man who can find anything for a price It is for that reason that Guest is sought out by Nicholas Flamel, an absent minded alchemist Both Flamel s wife and his apprentice are missing, and he wants Guest to find them and bring them home Before he can even begin looking, Guest discovers that Flamel s house has been ransacked Then Flamel s assistant turns up dead, hanging from the rafters with a note pinned to his chest by a dagger It is a ransom note that promises the safe return of his wife in exchange for the Philosopher s Stone, which is reputed to turn lead into gold and create the elixir of life And the kidnappers aren t the only ones after it From the highest nobility to Flamel s fellow alchemists, everyone is seeking the stone for themselves Guest must rescue the missing wife and find the stone before it falls into unworthy hands, in Jeri Westerson s Shadow of the Alchemist.

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    1. Crispin is a cool, badass dude who just has to be drop dead gorgeous, right? Only he missed out on the "stay out of trouble" gene. I love his adventures, and his sidekick Jack.And (no fair peeking ahead) this one has a really satisfying ending tidbit.

    2. First thing I have to say is that I love this series. This latest addition to the series is #6 and Jeri Westerson, the author, clearly loves her characters and the time period. I swear I can smell the filth of the streets and the poor side of town that Crispin Guest and his apprentice Jack live in. The Cheapside is a long fall for a former knight and one who fell by believing someone he had looked up to for guidance. Only through luck and Crispin's skills as a Tracker (detective) has he been abl [...]

    3. Very good entry in this series, mysteries solved by Crispin Guest, a disgraced and disinherited former knight. Currently known as The Tracker and excellent at finding things, Guest resides in a disreputable section of London in 14th century England. Here Crispin is hired by a French alchemist of note to find his kidnapped wife/partner. The ransom is The Philosopher's Stone, the secret to making the Elixir of Life and turning dross objects into gold. Possibilities abound, as do the clues - puzzli [...]

    4. Jeri Westerson once again weaves a tale that blends gritty medieval violence with high adventure surrounding an object of supernatural significance. This time, Crispin Guest must unravel the mysteries connecting an alchemist's missing wife, the watchful gaze of a secret brotherhood, mysterious deaths, baleful sheriffs, political intrigue and conspiracy while hoping against hope that his old friend, Henry of Derby, is not involved in the worst of the unfolding events which threaten the peace and [...]

    5. Fantastic reading, I've read the other in this series, and by this point I'm well and truly spoiled! Crispin Guest, our protagonist, has a brilliant mind, a fine moral compass, a great heart, and an amazing past-- he was once a knight of the realm!-- but no longer. He's barely getting by in late 14th century London, solving crimes and locating lost items (and/or people) by his wits. He has a very bright and very real apprentice, Jack, an orphan who scraped by as a pickpocket. I am absolutely hoo [...]

    6. Real rating - 4.5. I love these Crispin Guest "Medieval Noir" mysteries. This one is especially good. Crispin and Jack are stronger in terms of their character growth as well as their working relationship. I don't know what is next for Crispin Guest but I do know I check Fantastic Fiction and Jeri Westerson's website for updates on future novels with some regularity and I'm always the first to request the newest installment.

    7. Just finished reading Shadow of the Alchemist (A Crispin Guest Medieval Noir) by Jeri Westerson. I highly recommend all of her novels. This was intense action and mystery, still wondering about a few things myself. I know this was the intentionor I'm pretty certain Jeri wanted to leave us wanting more. I look forward to the next Crispin and Jack adventure.

    8. Westerson's blending of history and her own imagination creates a medieval London that is rich and fascinating. Crispin Guest is a great hero, and the historical characters come to life quite believably. The stories are always interesting and never quite turn out the way you think they will.

    9. This medieval mystery continues to be fun with engaging characters and time period detail. This is the most recent addition to the series so start at the beginning (Veil of Lies) if you want to get the whole story!

    10. Very enjoyable. The plot got a little convoluted towards the end, but the characters and the historical detail were believable and captivating. This is my first book by Jeri Westerson, I'm looking forward to reading more.

    11. It was this title that got me involved reading the Crispin Guest medieval noir series, because I have a soft spot for alchemy. I like to read books about alchemy, even popular novels and see how it is framed in the author's view and in the historical location of the novel. I was pleased to find Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perenelle as Crispin's clients. He finds alchemy suspiciously allied with sorcery, and is disinclined to take a missing wife case from someone he equates with a besotted and b [...]

    12. Jeri Westerson really knows how to put you there. 14th Century London comes alive in Westerson's books, and her main character, Crispin, is sexy and introspective. A flawed, tough man trying to be a good one. I've read two of these now and really enjoy them.

    13. Just like the previous five books in this Medieval Noir series, Shadow of the Alchemist has Crispin Guest, the former knight, tracking what he has been hired to find. This time his client is Nicholas Flamel, the famous French alchemist. Thrust into the secretive and little-understood business that is alchemy, Crispin needs to call upon all his smarts and experience in observation to uncover the truth, even from his client. Jack Tucker, Crispin's apprentice, continues to show promising signs of b [...]

    14. More Crispen Guest! With Shadow of the Alchemist we are taken back, once again to medieval London. I love mysteries, I love history, and I love these books. Crispin is a disgraced knight, working as a tracker, a finder of things, along with his apprentice, Jack. Through the books, we have seen Jack grow and it is always enjoyable to see him continue on his journey to adulthood. The Crispen books all center around a relic, but in this book, it is not a religious relic that is the focus, it is the [...]

    15. Oct 14, 2013 Am pretty excited about this but am saving the pleasure for a long flightJan 11, 2014 I do subscribe to Jeri Westerson's newsletter and read her blog facebook/jeriwestersoWhen she asked us to preorder I did. How could I not.? Crispin Guest is so much a wonderful character.This treat has been sitting in my eBook collection since October. Talk about delayed gratification. But I was waiting for a special moment to savour this reading. These are the times when I wish I read more slowly [...]

    16. My only complaint about this book was that it ended. I was enjoying it so much that I wanted to read slowly to make it last, but alas, found it too much fun to put down. I have loved every book in this series and found the progression and growth of the main characters, Crispin Guest and Jack Tucker, believable and satisfying. Crispin is a disgraced knight who freely admits his own guilt as the cause of his fall from grace, yet simultaneously has the most personal integrity of any other character [...]

    17. Ms Westerson has written 6 books involving Chrispin Guest as her "tracker". This is book 6. I guess it is not so much the book as Guest himself I enjoy so much. He used to be a knight of the realm who trusted the wrong people (his godfather) and lost everything except his life when the plot to overthrow the king failed. Through all his troubles, he remained true to his beliefs. This is the part I admire so much about him. Shadow of the Alchemist traces his hunt for an alchemist's wife and involv [...]

    18. Maybe not my personal favorite in the series, but still an entertaining, enjoyable read as always, and the end was especially lovely. The only thing that kept this from being quite as good as some of the others was that it was a little slow for the first half, though I did enjoy the riddles and such (I always like things like that.) Frankly, I found Avelyn annoying, I was with Jack on my impression of her. I'm so sad to see my Jack growing up, he's not going to be my adorable curly ginger boy fo [...]

    19. Jeri Westerson's Crispin Guest series never disappoints. In book 6, Crispin encounters yet another intriguing historical figure: alchemist Nicholas Flamel, who hires the Tracker to find his missing wife. The case rapidly becomes more complicated than it seems at first glance as it turns out that Perenelle Flamel has been abducted, the alchemist's apprentice turns up brutally murdered and it appears that Henry Bolingbroke, Crispin's old friend and son of his former patron the duke of Lancaster, m [...]

    20. I enjoyed this sixth entry into Westerson's Crispin saga. I especially liked the fact that Crispin is softening up a little bit. He's a hard man living a hard life but maybe he's just mellowing with age. I enjoy his interactions with Jack and it's nice to see the inclusion of Henry Bolingbroke, a favorite of Crispin's. The story moved along well and definitely kept my attention.I really enjoy the aspects of the religious relics in these books. This time we have a magical relic and alchemists. Fu [...]

    21. 4 1/2 stars!!! Crispin and Jack are led on a merry chase throughout London which tests his skills to the limit, not only trying to find his kidnapped client, but to find the culprit behind a scheme to harm Henry Bolingbroke Lancaster's son. Let alone the new batch of sheriffs (and their henchmen) have no regard for Crispin, added to his plate is to also discover and bring to justice the one responsible for bringing danger to the community which has resulted in over 25 deaths. Add to this the mys [...]

    22. Another solid book with an excellent storyline and characters. The series has gotten better and better as it has progressed. Westerson does draw a very real set of characters and the relationships between Guest and his noble 'friends' and his servant/ apprentice are very well written.This story has a great pace, with some excellent twists and turns ( a little fanciful at times but good nontheless). I've read all the series one after the other and would happily read another 6 if they were availab [...]

    23. This is a great addition to a wonderful series. The details of life of the period really makes these books feel real to me. I liked this book, although I didn't give it more stars because I felt it became a little bogged down in the middle. Despite this, I never once thought to put it down. In fact, I raced through the last quarter of the book to the end. I would very much recommend this book and all of the series. I look forward to reading more about this interesting hero and his investigations [...]

    24. finished her new book today and it's one of her best. Just sent her my interview questions. The book itself doesn't come out until Oct. 16 but I have time travel skills when it comes to books.:)I've interviewed Jeri before and will do so against interview with her was here: sbutkiwsvine/_news/2012

    25. Now I want to read Harry Potter again. Nicholas Flamel, indeed!What can I say? This was another fantastic entry in the Crispin Guest series. I still like Blood Lance the best, but this one was excellent, with alchemy, rebellion stirring, a kidnapped woman, and poison. *Minor spoiler*Also, yay sword!!That is all.

    26. WON THIS BOOK IN A GIVEAWAY.The plot got a little complicated towards the end not my personal favorite in the series but still an entertaining read as always. I did enjoy the riddles and stuff. I especially liked the fact that Crispin is softening up a little bit. The story moved along well and definitely kept my attention.

    27. Westerson keeps upping the ante on historical noir. I loved this installment of Crispin Guest and Jack. The mystery kept circling around, Jack keeps getting smarter and wiser, and my immersion in early days London was deeper yet. I learned about alchemy without even trying and loved the little twist at the very end, Thank you, Jeri! Now I have to wait for the next book. Sigh.

    28. I didn't like this title as much as most of the others in the series but it was still a good read. The plot revolving around alchemy was okay but the little hints about the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life didn't really fit. The main characters, Crispin and Jack, seemed a little stiff and underdeveloped.

    29. Thoroughly enjoyable book. Love Crispin and Jack and their adventures. This book had a much more historical bent but Sid not distract from the sleuthing and derring do of the main characters. This authoress has a true talent for writing an engaging adventure coupled with action, ro,ance and humor. Keep em coming I say

    30. I'm done with these. Although there are never any details, the author has this guy sleep with anyone, plus he's drunk all the time. It is very obnoxious and I can't take it anymore. The stories are good, so it's sad she feels like all the crap has to be included for him to be a 'real man' or whatever.

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