The List of My Desires

The List of My Desires Jocelyne is and runs her own dressmaking shop She s a bit overweight her husband is very ordinary and her best friends are the twins who run the hairdresser next door Jocelyn has reached the point

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  • Title: The List of My Desires
  • Author: Grégoire Delacourt
  • ISBN: 9780297868354
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jocelyne is 47 and runs her own dressmaking shop She s a bit overweight, her husband is very ordinary and her best friends are the twins who run the hairdresser next door Jocelyn has reached the point where she is examining her life and measuring it against what her teenage self had imagined Jocelyn s mother dropped dead suddenly when she was 17, and her father fell illJocelyne is 47 and runs her own dressmaking shop She s a bit overweight, her husband is very ordinary and her best friends are the twins who run the hairdresser next door Jocelyn has reached the point where she is examining her life and measuring it against what her teenage self had imagined Jocelyn s mother dropped dead suddenly when she was 17, and her father fell ill shortly afterwards, so she had to take the job in the shop rather than pursue her dreams But then is she really unhappy She has her weekends away, her friendships, her sewing blog, her work and its small pleasures.Then the twins persuade Jocelyn to enter the euromillion lottery and she wins 18 million euros She could do anything with the money, change her life completely, but what does she really want She doesn t tell anyone about the win not just yet Without cashing the cheque she begins to write down her list of desires a new coat, a bathmat, a visit to her daughter in England She goes in to the Chanel shop in Paris, thinking she could buy anything she wants but will a new bag really make her any happier than the sandwich her husband prepared for her that morning Meanwhile, her dressmaking blog is taking off, bringing her new friendships as well as business And what if the money brings changes she can t foresee

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    3. "Does money cut distances short, bring people together?"This was such a quaint, bittersweet novella that made me dive headfirst into my own desires, dreams, and shortcomings. I haven’t focused this much on my character in some time, and by the last page, I had more questions about myself than I did about the protagonist, Jocelyne. I completely related to her, but it was a little unsettling.Do you have a list of things you would treat yourself to if you won the lottery? A dream car, a new life [...]

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    13. I read the English translation of this book. I was extremely intrigued by the description to this book - a woman who wins a large sum of money on the lottery, which of course, we all dream about. Having topped the French best-seller lists for weeks, I was excited to find out why.I was expecting a light-hearted story of a woman, who's wishes had all come true, but the reality was a touching account of a woman who I really grew to like. Although Jocelyne's life has been touched by tragedy on more [...]

    14. It's not a review! وقتی می خوندم همش به این فکر میکردم که خوندن این کتاب به فرانسه، شناختن جاهایی که ازش حرف میزنه، چه قدر شیرین میشد!Maybe someday

    15. Mouais On a beaucoup (trop) parlé de ce livre, peut-être que j'avais des attentes trop élevées, mais il ne casse vraiment pas trois pattes à un canard. D'abord, c'est écrit comme un long slogan publicitaire, une avalanche de phrases tellement travaillées pour être poétiques et percutantes (drôles?) qu'elles m'ont empêchée de rentrer dans l'histoire. Histoire, qui n'a rien d'original, Jocelyne, l'héroïne, est mariée à Jocelyn (?????) et gagne quelques millions au loto. Effrayée d [...]

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    21. I chose this book for our final book club meet in 2013 for two reasons: it was slim read and everyone is busy leading up to Christmas; and I wanted a book that would open up a messy debate over dinner and drinks. I wanted to know what my friends would do if they ever won an obscene amount of money in the lottery, just like the book’s protagonist Jocelyne. It was a wonderful night of sharing, laughter, secrets and revelations. There might have been a few wines involved.One of our beautiful book [...]

    22. Wonderful book. Jocelyne is 47 years old and lives a quiet, uneventful life with her husband. They've been through a lot together and it is tempting to think of how she could change her life, especially when she gets together with the two women who own the hair salon across from Jocelyne's haberdashery. Then one day, she finds herself in a position to make any changes she wants. Not wanting to make the wrong decisions, she starts making lists of what she wants and needs and then the crazy things [...]

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    26. I'm still completely besotted with the language, and that's clouding my judgment.But that too shall pass, and in the meantime I'll simply keep enjoying every book I read in French just a little more than I would otherwise.This is the kind of book I don't read.I mean, seriously - a middle-aged woman wins the lottery. Uh, okay, but where's the gay sex?But a friend force-lent it to me, and as much as it weirds me out to admit it, I genuinely enjoyed it. Not in an "oh my, this is such exciting, adve [...]

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