Outview OUTVIEW the best selling first book of the Inner Movement trilogy A mystical fantasy thriller There is a secret so powerful that once known the world will never be the same For centuries they have

  • Title: Outview
  • Author: Brandt Legg
  • ISBN: 9780988178533
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • OUTVIEW, the best selling first book of the Inner Movement trilogy A mystical fantasy thriller.There is a secret so powerful that, once known, the world will never be the same For centuries they have died to protect it Nate found it They know he did Across time and dimension they are after him .Four years ago, his father died Two years ago, Nate s mother lockedOUTVIEW, the best selling first book of the Inner Movement trilogy A mystical fantasy thriller.There is a secret so powerful that, once known, the world will never be the same For centuries they have died to protect it Nate found it They know he did Across time and dimension they are after him .Four years ago, his father died Two years ago, Nate s mother locked his brother in a mental institution One year ago, horrific visions began to torture him Now, a clandestine group, wielding overwhelming power, wants him silenced Nate is only sixteen.Nothing is what it appears and the tragedies of his life are all connected to the secret, a secret so unimaginable that it will decide whether our modern society becomes a utopian or dystopian world.Nate embarks on a breathless quest to save his brother and unravel the mystery of their father s death His desperate flight takes a stunning turn when, along with three school friends, he encounters mystics who teach forgotten skills and lost wisdom and reveal an extraordinary destiny.A fantasy thriller, set in present day Oregon and California, will appeal to than young adult fans Outview, the first book of the Inner Movement trilogy, combines mystics, metaphysical magic, psychics and reincarnation to push this new age conspiracy beyond the realm of the Celestine Prophecy and the Alchemist.

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    1. Very mixed review. First - check the sources of the high reviews for this book - not surprisingly - many are indie authors themselves - "You give me a good review - Ill give you one too?" Doesn't add up with the book. The good first - an excellent story line. SO much potential to be an excellent book and series - true imagination and enjoyed the story - that is the ONLY reason I finished the book and didn't toss it to the side with a one star rating. Now the bad. First - editing. A professional [...]

    2. Outview by Brandt Legg is a refreshingly different YA urban fantasy full of mysticism and spiritualism. 16 year old Nathan Ryder has been suffering for years with what he calls Outviews - vivid and often painfully realistic dreams. He is terrified he is going insane like his older brother Dustin, now locked up in a mental institute by their mother. His father also had the same visions and died of a heart attack. Nathan is desperate to solve the puzzle of his visions and slowly he is shown what t [...]

    3. I’ve always been skeptical of books that place their characters into supernatural settings but decided to read this one because of all the good reviews. And it was a great decision. This book is much much better than I could have expected! “Outview” makes the readers think about many philosophical concepts but presents them in a very accessible way. One such concept is that of awareness. The author Brandt Legg makes us question our own lives and consider how aware we really are of our surr [...]

    4. I won a copy from First Reads.Sorry it took so long. I was busy reading and reviewing other books. Outview Just finished it! Wow, that was confusing!The plot was easily understood. It flowed really well, but I wished the author paced a little better. It was a little too fast for my speed and taste. The author kind of rushed in some parts of the book while slowed down a bit in other parts. That was annoying.The writing. Easier to understand than the plot. A few typos here and there, but it wasn' [...]

    5. "Outview (The Inner Movement)" by Brandt Legg is a book that works on many different levels.It concerns mostly two teenagers, one of them in a mental institution, and his brother in the 'real' world.Kept apart by their mother they manage to connect and start to uncover family secrets.Book one in the trilogy shows them coming into their own, fighting for survival and growing in their personal power and awareness.However, this book has much more to offer than the coming of age part and the action. [...]

    6. I won a copy of "Outview" by Brandt Legg through the Giveaway Contest. This book was amazing. This is a coming of age thriller with elements of reincarnation,meditation and magic. I travelled to another dimension.Nathan Ryder is sixteen in grade eleven living in Ashland, Oregon. He had lived through at least a hundred death's since the "Outviews" began a year ago. His best friend, Kyle is two years older from Vietnam, and Kyle's cousin, Linh, is a grade behind them. Nathan and Kyle both lost th [...]

    7. Received from .The book started out very slow, and I actually lost interest for a good two weeks before I resumed reading. After which, the plot did pick up in the action and adventure. I believe the author had an original idea behind the book, but I don't believe it was executed to its full extent. First of all, there was too many characters to keep track of. I found myself mixed up more than once when trying to keep track of the names and what events/information they were involved in. Secondly [...]

    8. 'Time is a funny thing.'That is what you will feel once you start reading this book.It has gripping plot,steady pace and interesting characters.It starts with a teenage boy experiencing many deaths,not in dreams,but in outviews.From here starts the journey of Nate and his friends,across the time,trying to defeat the evil,with the help of mystics and magic.The description of surrounding is so real,especially of nature,which clearly shows writer's passion.It is also well researched and well writte [...]

    9. This book is an amazing journey for the reader as well as for the main character Nate.When the story begins Nate is experiencing strange nightmares where he always seems to be facing death. Having lost his father and with his brother having been institutionalised by his mother, Nate feels he has no one he can confide in or call a true friend.He learns to trust and finds friendships which help him to discover the truth about his nightmares as well as the special powers he possesses.This book neve [...]

    10. From the opening pages until the last, Outview carries the reader through each stage of Nate's journey. Brandt Legg has an incredible ability to keep the pace of the story moving forward , while allowing us to visualize the characters, places, and events to become entrenched in the tale. The use of historical events infused into the story act as a grounding in reality, and a "what if" that captivates the reader. Throw in a few surprises and a couple of "a-ha" moments, and Mr. Legg has created a [...]

    11. I can tell that the author poured his heart and soul into this book. The details of the story seem almost surreal. A teenager that discovers his inner powers through mystics he finds along his journey. This is a great young adult read about past lives and how they affect your present and your future. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

    12. Happy to have found this book. A decent coming-of-age storyline written in the style of a thriller, Outview kept me turning the pages until the end. Nate, the lead character has a great inner and outer journey, and it was exciting to share it with him! Five stars.

    13. Just finished this fast paced coming of age thriller. Had me engrossed on so many levels. I just hope I don't have to wait long for book two. This novel begs to be made into a movie or series.

    14. This book was given to me, for free, through First ReadsREFUL SPOILERS AHEADWhen I first started reading this book, and realized that the main theme was not magic per se, but about the soul, reincarnation and things like that, I was a little apreensive, and afraid I was not going to like it. Probably because I am an atheist in a mostly christian (and with some superstition, with some people believing psychics) environment, people often try to make me believe their "truths", with no space for di [...]

    15. Rarely have I read such a dynamic opening. It places you alongside an escape route, as the breathless protagonist, in the grip of his "Outview"—his nightmarish vision—runs away from a danger yet unknown to us: "I kept running. Nine of us had sworn our lives to protect the precious artifact sewn inside my belt. Six were already dead…" And from this paragraph to the next, we take a sharp fall—a transition—from an era of sword battles down to the depth of a sacred Mayan pool where Nate wa [...]

    16. I won this book from ! Thanks! Anyways this book was okay. Reason I'm giving it 3 stars only.Nate: Nate is the protagonist of the book and honestly I think he's a big pansy. Yes, you have a brother that is misunderstood and dying. Yes, your father died wrongfully in a huge conspiracy.Yes your mother hardly shows you any love and may even fear you at times. Yes, you're going through a tough stage in your life dealing with these "Outviews" and super power abilities. No, you don't have to cry about [...]

    17. This Sci-Fi/Fantasy Adventure novel Outview is about time travel, reincarnation, and discovering the inner powers we all have if we could just connect with them.Nate is on the adventure of a life time trying to save and prove his brother isn't crazy. Trying to prove he isn't either. The journey takes him to so many different places and thru many life times. Each story was a story itself that I felt thoroughly involved in.First lesson you will learn is everything can change in an instant and in t [...]

    18. As one who tends to reads mostly non-fiction, I am particularly sceptical about contemporary fiction. But in reading OUTVIEW I was swiftly surprised and easily encaptured by the riveting, action-packed storyline. A coming of age thriller, featuring a thought-provoking reincarnation theme, OUTVIEW is clearly a tale of now. Yet first-time novelist Brandt Legg  utilizes  a classic, old-fashion storytelling approach , seemingly borrowed from the cliff-hanging serials of 1940's radio & films. H [...]

    19. Unfortunately, I am not able to agree with the previous reviewers about how good this textbook I mean novel was. I constantly had the feeling that I was doing the required reading for my jr. College course "an introduction to new age theology". I must admit, the plot between the lessons was intriguing. Nevertheless, after about halfway through the book I was really starting to get tired of all the lectures we the readers have to sit through. I also found that many of the reactions of the charact [...]

    20. I got this book through first reads givaways, and I'm glad I did, because it was amazing.Nates story was very captivating and thrilling from beginning to end, watching him grow as he learned more about who he was and all he could do, while trying to fight the seemingly unbeatable enemy to save the ones he love.But it also left you thinking about how we live today, with consumerism and the greed for power corrupting us, all while we destroy our planet.This is a book that stays with you, and I can [...]

    21. Edge of your seatAn imaginative and intriguing novel which will pull you right into the pages. Great plot twists and turns have been created which will keep you on the edge of your seat.The characters are super in this well-paced metaphysical thriller. Legg certainly has shown the capacity to craft a great page-turner- you will be gripped to this fantasy adventure.Superb- well worth a look! 5*****

    22. I received the book for free through First Reads.The concept of reincarnation and the "Outviews" was what made me want to read these books in the first place. Unfortunately, that is only a small part of the story. The pace was inconsistent. There is way too much dialogue, a lot of which seems forced. There are a lot of facts shoved into the dialogue that have nothing to do with the plot (it felt like I was reading from a textbook at times). Very few of the characters were likable, probably due [...]

    23. received from author for honest review.I really liked the blurb for this and was pleasantly surprised.This was a good book and had me hooked from start.It makes you think alot about ourselves and people around us- who we do or do not know.a really entertaining idea and I really enjoyed it.

    24. What a spectacular ride! The story starts off strong as the reader experiences one of Nathan's outviews, where he is forced to endure different horrible deaths. As the book moves along, we learn about Nathan's troubled home life. His father died, and his brother was locked up in a mental institution. Now Nathan fears he is losing his mind just like his brother. But then he begins to learn the truth about what has happened to his family and what is happening to himself. And he discovers more abou [...]

    25. My first impression of Outview, with its high-school aged protagonists and “coming of age” theme, was “interesting but I’m a bit beyond teen fiction.” However, a few chapters in, I began to be reminded of early Robert Heinlein like Have Spacesuit Will Travel; indeed, Legg’s narrative quickly turns a socio-political corner into the territory of Red Planet and soon becomes downright controversial a la Starship Troopers, yet Outview is not Science Fiction but Fantasy. More akin to Glory [...]

    26. Sorry I just couldn't finish this one. It had great reviews, if not many. The writing style of the author was very amateur and it got boring and annoying really fast. I wanted to know what was happening, but it felt a lot like The Maze Runner, where nothing really important happens for the entire series. Even though I bough the whole series on amazon, I got half way through the first book and realized I was forcing myself to read. I guess I felt obligated because I had bought them. Wish there wa [...]

    27. I loved this book! It's a dazzling, quick moving transformative journey.Just when you think you know what will happenere's another twist.I really connected with Nate and his friends right away and that caring increased to the point where I'm very, very impatient to read the next book in this trilogy. One of my favorite parts was meeting the mystics.Each one was mesmerizing and memorable. I think other readers will befascinated by the wisdom and adventure they discover as they take this journey w [...]

    28. Themes of loss, abandonement, yearning,reincarnation,dream states,mysticism and youth angst and yes, even death abound in this coming of age thriller written by Author Brandt Legg who weaves intricate characters back and forth into intricate plot interaction. The book is geared towards teens, but I am middle aged and really enjoyed the fun ride this book took me on in my head! I am looking forward to the next books in Brandt Legg's trilogy!

    29. I had sworn off YA books but this one had such great reviews I decided to give it a try. Bad idea!The writing isn’t too bad it’s just that it feels very YA. The characters were unlikable and clichéd. When the author decided to throw in a bad bad guy from the CIA who is (of course) cruel and greedy that just did it for me! The book simply felt very immature. Added to the fact that it was pretty much uneventful and dragged on and on… This was a DNF waiting to happen!

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