Charlotte Street

Charlotte Street My name is Jason and I have just met the most incredible woman on Charlotte Street Well I say met I sort of held her bags for a second But she smiled at me And it was this amazing smile Of course I

  • Title: Charlotte Street
  • Author: Danny Wallace
  • ISBN: 9780091919078
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • My name is Jason and I have just met the most incredible woman, on Charlotte Street Well, I say met I sort of held her bags for a second But she smiled at me And it was this amazing smile.Of course, I don t know her name, or anything about her at all But I do happen to have something of hers She left behind one of those old school disposable cameras I ve got it.My name is Jason and I have just met the most incredible woman, on Charlotte Street Well, I say met I sort of held her bags for a second But she smiled at me And it was this amazing smile.Of course, I don t know her name, or anything about her at all But I do happen to have something of hers She left behind one of those old school disposable cameras I ve got it It s here in front of me.So there are two things I could now do I could develop the photos See her again, see her life Maybe work out a way of finding her Find that smile Or I could chuck it in a bin like a grown up.I m fairly sure one of those ideas is a good one I m fairly sure the other might be illegal Look, if you were me what would you do

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    1. Charlotte Street, by Danny Wallace, was the next book in a couple of my ongoing literary themes. For one, it was the most recent of the "books I picked out randomly from a bookstore" subset -- my most cherished pastime. Second, as it turns out, this was but another in a long line of "angsty twentysomething male charmingly tries to put his life together" novels which I hold so dear. That series, of course, contains such gems as Twentysomething (creatively titled), Mammals: A Novel, The Beautiful [...]

    2. This book was a novel version of a romantic comedy, but one of the good British ones, with a dry-witted, sheepish, bumbling narrator and an awesome ensemble cast (think Notting Hill). Danny Wallace is a funny writer, and though Jason (the narrator) makes oafish mistakes and can be a bit of a drunken lout, he is never mean-spirited and ultimately his desire to reinvent himself and do right is quite winning. Think of him as a male version of Bridget Jones as played by Mark Ruffalo with a British a [...]

    3. No Danny, no, non ci siamo, mi dispiace. Yes Man mi era piaciuto, quando ho visto questo nuovo libro non mi attiravano né titolo né copertina ma si sa, non si possono giudicare così i romanzi, e del resto a volte si ha bisogno di leggere qualcosa di leggero e coinvolgente. Così, quando amazon l'ha messo in offerta kindle a 1,99€, non ci ho pensato su troppo e l'ho preso.Una delusione totale. Lento, noioso, non succede praticamente nulla. La fantomatica Ragazza è solo un pretesto per far s [...]

    4. Sometimes a book comes along where a reviewer has little else to say apart from those three magic words….just read it.For Charlotte Street, Wallace’s debut novel, is one of those books which will hold universal appeal, cause enough embarrassment laughing out loud on your public transport of choice and will ultimately tug at the heart strings.Jason Priestley accidentally is left holding a disposable camera belonging to a girl he helps, with bags as she clambers into a taxi, on Charlotte Stree [...]

    5. 2 ή 3 αστερία ιδού η απορία (2,5 αστεεεεεεεερια)Το βιβλίο μιλάει για έναν Τζέισον που είναι χωρισμένος, πληγωμένος,έχει παρατήσει την θέση καθηγητή σε Γυμνάσιο, και δουλεύει ως εξωτερικός συνεργάτης σε μια δωρεάν Μέτρο Εφημερία. Συγκατοικεί με τον κολλητό του τον Ντεβ και γεν [...]

    6. I am an anglophile at heart so I jumped at the chance to read this book and I am so glad that I did. Danny Wallace has written a book that is filled with British humor, quirky characters, and an interesting story that kept me reading. There were so many things I loved about this book. The idea of Jason helping this stranger, being attracted to her, and then finding he still has a connection to her through a disposable camera was brilliant. It was a great fun to read about Jason and his best frie [...]

    7. Disclaimer: I read this book when the Melbourne winter decided to grace us with two windless and sunshiney days, all synched up with the weekend. Meanwhile I was lying in bed with a head cold.I discovered this book on the 'Highly Recommended' shelf at my library and who doesn't like 'a heartwarming everyday tale of boy stalks girl'?A few chapters in, I was reminded of Nick Horby's High Fidelity, but with fewer insights. I really couldn't get into this book. Blame my grumpiness or the fact that J [...]

    8. Libro tutto sommato piacevole. Adoro lo scrittore Scrive rivolgendosi direttamente al lettore come se fossero amici . La storia in sé è carina anche se già letta. Penso sia migliore il percorso che fa il protagonista, il suo cambiamento interiore, il diventare adulto.

    9. Danny Wallace, is better known for his non-fiction books. In fact, Danny Wallace wrote one of my favorite books of all time actually that's not quite right, Danny Wallace wrote half of one of my favorite books of all time with his then-flatmate Dave Gorman. In case you're interested that book was called 'Are You Dave Gorman' and it chronicled a drunken bet between Dave and Danny which stated that Dave would never be able to find 54 people called Dave Gorman. Possibly the funniest book I've ever [...]

    10. Jason Priestly (not the one from that sitcom that I’m too young to remember) is in a rough spot. He and his girlfriend have recently broken up for reasons unknown; he’s living with his socially challenged friend Dev in an apartment Dev’s dad owns; he has recently quit teaching to write mostly negative reviews for a free paper that no one reads; and has generally lost his luster. But when he sees this woman drop her bags on Charlotte Street he has an urge to help her. As he picks up her bag [...]

    11. I think if I hadn't been reading this for a book club I may have struggled to finish. Wallace took far to long to get things going, 'things' got going 250 or so pages in, - by this point I worry the author may have lost quite a few readersThere were some amusing touches along the way and I quite liked the premise but I'm not sure this is as top notch as the author would hope it to be.

    12. Knížku jsem dostala jako vánoční dárek. Jedná se o bláznivou lehce romantickou oddechovku. Děj je zasazen do Londýna, jednoho z mých nejoblíbenějších měst. Nápad s pátráním po majitelce fotoaparátu je milý a nakonec zjistíte, že o něj až zase tolik nešlo Happy end included. :-)

    13. There was a girl struggling with the door of a cab and her packages. And I don't know why, but I asked if I could help. And she smiled at me. This incredible smile. And suddenly I felt all manly and confident, like a handyman who knows just which nail to buy, and now I'm holding some of her bags, and she's saying "thank you" and thenere's that moment. And it felt like a beginning. But the cabbie was impatient and I suppose we were just too British to say anything elseJason Priestly (no, not that [...]

    14. Όταν ξεκίνησα το βιβλίο αυτό, με ξένισε στην αρχή η κοσμαντίληψη του ήρωα, που συναντά τυχαία μια κοπέλα, την οποία ερωτεύεται αλλά δεν προλαβαίνει να την προσεγγίσει και αργότερα ξεκινά μια Οδύσσεια προσπαθώντας να τη βρει με θεμιτά ή κι αθέμιτα μέσα. Το ξανάπιασα πρόσφατα [...]

    15. First off, this is my first review on . Hopefully the first of many. So, to the book.I generally enjoy this type of easy read fiction. This book is ok. I wouldn't read it again, but it didn't feel like a chore to read.The good points: pretty easy plot. A quick read. I genuinely laughed out loud about four times; there is some good humour in this book, in places.The bad points: several typos (maybe expect one in 80,000+ words, but I found at least five). I didn't like all of the ongoing 'stuff' w [...]

    16. I loved this book!The character is speaking to the reader, like he would a friend. He tells you the details of his story, but slowly and cautiously at first like you really would do with someone you were just getting to know. He wants you to like him but he also tells you the true story.Jason's life is in a bit of a rut and he realizes that it's mostly his fault. One day, just like any other, he is walking down the street and he shares a moment (really more like a few seconds) with a stranger. H [...]

    17. I’ve been a fan of Danny Wallace books in the past, those true life adventures that he and others (Dave Gorman) go on. The humour works very well in those because it’s honest, open and you can imagine that they really are thinking that. This book is in the same vein, only it’s a fictional adventure instead. That being the case, some of the humour feels a little bit shoe-horned in, almost like it’s trying too hard.It also took quite a long time to get going, it felt like we were never goi [...]

    18. Charlotte Street is very funny and cute at the same time.As soon as you enter the story, the reading flows very well.I thought the story could have been reduced a little. I loved the details that the author put in the book, but sometimes I felt I would never finish reading.Jason is a realistic character. Everything that happened in his life, could be happening with the person next to you. Dev is my favorite character. He is a great friend and he is so funny!I'd say to pick up this book you need [...]

    19. I won a copy of this via First Reads. Thank you! I have tried and tried to make a dent in this book. Maybe I'm just too American because the "dry wit" is apparently too dry for me. I kept wanting the story to change direction and just start following a different character altogether. The main character is boring. He's an observer, only he doesn't make very exciting observations.It just wasn't for me. Despite my best efforts, I only made it about a quarter of the way into the book.

    20. Just your average story of boy stalks girl. Second time I have read this and I’m sure I’ll read it time and time again. I just love this book, it’s laugh out loud funny, there’s moments when your heart breaks and the cracks get filled with hope. I don’t think any female can read this without wanting to be ‘the girl’. Until the next time Charlotte Street

    21. I had lost hope in British writers. Danny Wallace is different though. I loved this book. I'm a hopeless romantic and a sucker for a good plot. This book had both. And the way he writes makes you want to keep writing. I never thought a cliffhanger would be possible in the middle of a story, but Wallace does it time and time again. Brilliant.

    22. I love Danny Wallace, and I love this book! It differs from his other books that I've read as it is fiction and not a true account of something that's happened to him. But as always, he drew me in to the story line, intrigued me, made me laugh, and captured moments of late 20s/early 30s life in London perfectly.

    23. A best friend of mine bought this for me and I read it in two days!! As with Danny's comedy-docu bks this was funny and gripping n I could completely picture the characters and their habitats. Very David Nicholls esque of one day fame but just better and I can never run out out of great things to say about Mr Wallaces writing style-loved it. Charlotte st is right up my street!!!

    24. I loved Yes Man. Then I started this and wanted to cry because it didn't have the same funny, easy, graceful style. If it hadn't been a book club book I would have given up; but I'm so glad I didn't. Half way through it slipped back into the funny, laugh out loud style I had expected and I really enjoyed it. Heartwarming and lovely.

    25. I mostly read YA so I was a bit hesitant to read it but I got it for cheap and the cover makes me so happy! As this has a 30-something protagonist I wasn't really sure I would connect to him but I in a way I did. I really felt for him. I'm too lazy to write a coherent review all I need to say is that I was pleasantly surprised and it was a great read!

    26. I'm always fascinated when men write love stories.This was sweet, at times a little annoying, the ending was satisfying, funny, but not a core shaker. Would read his other novels though when I want something light.

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