Stripes and Twin Horns

Stripes and Twin Horns Menage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance M M M shape shifters HEA The Gathering is called The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight Matings The chaos of t

  • Title: Stripes and Twin Horns
  • Author: Joyee Flynn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Menage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance, M M M, shape shifters, HEA The Gathering is called The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight Matings The chaos of the Midnight Matings continues Everyone attending the UPAC Conference has twenty four hours to claim a mate of a different species or risk being without one forever Aft Menage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance, M M M, shape shifters, HEA The Gathering is called The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight Matings The chaos of the Midnight Matings continues Everyone attending the UPAC Conference has twenty four hours to claim a mate of a different species or risk being without one forever After this announcement, Blake and Drake see a man offering himself up and decide they want him for their own Blake and Drake Collier are ancient unicorn shifters used to keeping to themselves Mating Gilbert gives them a chance for true love and happiness if they can learn to put his needs before theirs Gilbert Quinby is a raccoon shifter who has been sexually abused due to the traditions of his shifter community Blake and Drake may be his ticket to freedom and to love Will Blake, Drake, and Gilbert s attendance at the UPAC Conference be a blessing for them all, or will the trauma caused by Gilbert s horrible past be a stumbling block they may not be able to overcome Note There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings A Siren Erotic Romance

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    1. 2012 Review:Rollercoaster.For a threesome, and especially one involving twins and by this author, this started out surprisingly well. O.oI can’t say I ever really followed Gilbert’s logic even then, but our narrator during the first three chapters (yes, first person again) was fairly reasonably tempered and even made his harsher brother understandable and thus endearing.Sadly once we switched to Gilbert’s perspective we had another whiny narrator. Hate that. Way to ruin something that was [...]

    2. Stripes and Two Horns, despite the quite serious background of the raccoon mate, is actually quite a fun read, like many of the other volumes of the Midnight Matings series. The idea of having twin unicorns, both ancient and set in their ways, suddenly having to deal with a quirky little raccoon shifter who needs more emotional support than a normal man could give, never mind two fairly reclusive guys, was bound to lead to some misunderstandings at the very least.Gilbert, a raccoon shifter who h [...]

    3. Review after I stop gigglinghehhehe!! Its not me thats shallow its Raccoon and Unicorn combo making me giggle and on top Mpreg.lolOkay so I stopped giggling enough to find picturesah I don't intend to hurt anyone just wanted to find some fun in a emotion filled story of a poor abused Racoon and twin unicorn mates.So Introducing Gilbert Quinby the abused Racoon shifter with lots of issuesWho kept offering himself at Midnight Matings but was refused or taunted by everyone when he catches eyes of B [...]

    4. Spoiler Ahead This was book 15 in the "Midnight Matings " series and one of my favorites in this series. After the Elder's spiked the champagne to induce the mating heat at the UPAC Conference the paranormal's have 24 hours to claim a mate of a different species or the will go feral twin unicorn shifters Blake and Drake Collier see a man offering himself up and they want him. Raccoon shifter Gilbert Quinby didn't drink the champagne he came to the conference to find a mate he doesn't want to go [...]

    5. I'm sorry, but whether the siblings touch or not, if they're both in bed having sex with the same person, it's incest. Regardless of your views on that, IMHO that's pretty obvious.My review is in spoiler tags because it is merely my raw notes which haven't been edited. I do most of my note taking on my phone which makes for some creative wording due to the spellchecker and my fat fingers and impatience. This review probable has too much negative stuff as that's what I tend to get riled up about [...]

    6. I swear I think this is the saddest installment of the series. Not that I didn't like it, because I did! It's just Gilbert's life has pretty much sucked and he has no self-esteem. Meeting and mating Blake and Drake is the best thing that could happen to all of them. It was still heart breaking to see how badly Gilbert was treated before the mating.This was a very sweet and loving story that I enjoyed!

    7. I can't imagine why I like this series, but I do! These books are so bizarre that they are actually fun to read. There's no hope of taking them seriously so I always read them with the object of having a few hours of fun escapism. In this pairing, twin unicorns Blake and Drake are at the conference where the toast is spiked and they are forced to choose a mate. They spot Gilbert, raccoon shifter, baring his cute, jiggly ass and it's love at first sight, so to speak. He's the mate for them. Gilbe [...]

    8. Charnel's review posted on Guilty PleasuresAnother sexy Midnight Matings installment.Blake and Drake Collier are unicorn shifter twins, and a raccoon shifter mate named Gilbert. LOL Need I say more?? Okay, I don’t know what it says about me but I just LOVE these Midnight Matings shifter stories. I understand some readers may think the concept is unusual but I can’t get enough of this series, I also know that unicorns and raccoon shifters are not the sexiest shifters BUT the men behind the an [...]

    9. Blake and Drake are twin unicorn shifters who mate with a raccoon shifter, Gilbert. Unicorns mate with raccoonLook, seriously, if you were expecting some stellar story-writing and deep, complex plot, you are in for a horrible wake-up call. The plot is ridiculous and Gilbert is this poor guy who has been treated like crap all his life. It's quite sad really. Even the way he ended up mated to the unicorn shifters at the start of the book was really sad when you think about it. I wanted to put Gilb [...]

    10. Such a fun series! There are currently 20 books in the series, each book is written by either Joyee Flynn, Gabrielle Evans or Stormy Glenn. They could keep writing more as long as they continue creating interesting characters who shift into all kinds of wonderful and different animals/mythical beings and coming up with unique stories full of romance, crazy drama, angst and let's not forget the very hot sex!You don't have to read them in order, very rarely are other characters mentioned, but each [...]

    11. Total fluff book, but that is what I wanted. The entire series is about supernaturals going to a conference and getting drugged. They have a day to find and claim a mate of a different species or they will go feral. Twin unicorns claim a raccoon. The raccoon (Gilbert) has had a horrible life as his kit's doxy (whore). It was a position he was born into, so becoming a mate to two loving unicorns was a difficult transition. All Drake and Blake want to do is love their mate, but 2 millenniums hasn' [...]

    12. Other than the guy getting pregnant aspect of this tale, I enjoyed the story but really and truly, I don't get the fascination about men sprouting disposable wombs so they can have litters of kids. That is just a turn off to a book for me. So I really, really wish that Joyee would drop that from future story lines. I would have given this book a solid 3 because the interaction between Blake, Drake and Gilbert was interesting, especially with the abuse that Gilbert had endured with his kit. But I [...]

    13. I felt so bad for Gilbert but he got lucky with Blake and Drake. Though sometimes I wondered if Drake might be missing a few brain cells, or if he would ever learn to be a little more careful about what he said.Later though, when he said how he felt bad because he was always the one apologizing even when he didn't know what for, and was always walking on eggshells, I saw what he had been dealing with. Yep, Gilbert had been laying the guilt trip on a bit thick for Drake.So glad they finally clear [...]

    14. To take such a troublesome premise and make it so shallow is infuriating. I have no idea why I read this authors entries to the series, I can never get into them. I usually like the series for short fun reads but this was annoying and frustrating. A lifelong rape and abuse victim has no issues with sex. Right. And no problem with being tied up. His mother, also a lifelong victim of abuse is perfectly well adjusted and the perfect mom. Who snubs a gift car. So many ridiculous points to this book. [...]

    15. This series is so much fun. I love the odd shifter pairings. I wasn't sure at first with all the bickering and misunderstandings. But 1/2 through I decided that, those things are what make this MMM them. They fight, make mistakes and make up. I have to admit that Blake and Drake are way too close of names for identical shifter brothers in a MMM. It was really hard to tell exactly who was who within the book. They didn't really gave a personality that stood out among the other. Of course, it had [...]

    16. I Love this book series and I couldn't put this story down. It has it's up's and down's. I cried for Gilbert and his Mom's past. I laughed so hard I thought I couldn't breathe during Gilbert's realization of a few advantages to being mated to unicorns, and I cheered when Gilbert got his revenge and his mother got a good man. I have always loved unicorns so I really loved and appreciated how Mrs. Flynn described their majestic shift and the depiction of their other form, it really made me feel as [...]

    17. I read this book and loved every minute of it! I knew from the very beginning that this was going to be interesting. With the way Gilbert was just out there looking for a mate and Drake(my son's name by the way) and Blake accepting him regardless of his background it made for a very good read. By the end I was laughing so much my family was looking at me like I had gone nuts (ok, maybe a littlelol), but it was a book I will be reading again.

    18. Shut, I don't want anybody to know that I have absolutely no will of my own and that I buy it. Shut! Keep it for yourself! Gilbert: Talk like the village idiot, think like the village idiot, had the personality of the village idiot. Hooo, he is the village idiot! Even if it's about 3 persons it's not a 3some but 2*2some. So no twincest tag and not mmm-rom tag.Magical Mpreg. Beark!

    19. Gilbert pissed me off. i was getting whiplash from the characters constant changes in emotions, happy then sad, then happy then angry, hurt sadblah blah blahhhhhh (should have stuck with my opinion not to read this one) oh well hopeful the next one is better, these whiny characters are so annoyinggh

    20. Cute and short. Othen than the fact that we have twin unicorn shifters mating with a racoon shifter, there's nothing unusual in the story. Yes, OK - those two shifter types ARE pretty unusual, so it's just as well the rest of the story isn't too 'out there' ;) Apart from the MPreg. And the forced mating. Ok - so this IS an unusual story

    21. I am beginning to really like this shifter world. 2 different species jhaving to mate under UPAC.This book is about Blake and Drake, 2 Unicorn twins and Gilbert, a Raccoon.Very funny in parts and I was really hoping that when Drake and Blake had upset stomachs they were pregnant but it was not to be.An enjoyable read.

    22. So lust at first sight. The majority of the book is this threesome clearing up misunderstandings and learning to communicate with each other. Then of course we have the bad guy scene and our HEA. The epilogue was quite cute.

    23. I didn't really see the connection between the characters. The love seemed sudden and not developed. I also got tired of the constant talking about how he was chubby, fat, jiggly and whatever other description she wanted to use. I found it a bit insulting.

    24. This was way better then I thought i was going to be, I quite enjoyed it. This is a great, fun and light reading series.

    25. it was just average. they were talking too much and between that they were fucking. it's the least of the serie in my liking list.

    26. Good readIt was a cute book with real problems but I've always loved a happy ending. So you can't go wrong it's a great read an I love joyee Flynn

    27. This story was nice, although I feel a little bit sad about the way Gilbert was treated in the past.My favorite part of the book was the epilogue, I loved it.

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