Mafiavaltio - Miten tavallisesta toimittajasta tuli uusbrutaalin Venäjän vihollinen

Mafiavaltio Miten tavallisesta toimittajasta tuli uusbrutaalin Ven j n vihollinen Kolme kuukautta sen j lkeen kun saavuin Ven j lle The Guardianin uudeksi toimistop llik ksi palasin illallisilta kotiin Aluksi kaikki n ytti hyv lt Sitten n in sen oudon yksityiskohdan Poikani makuuh

  • Title: Mafiavaltio - Miten tavallisesta toimittajasta tuli uusbrutaalin Venäjän vihollinen
  • Author: Luke Harding
  • ISBN: 9789522641618
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kolme kuukautta sen j lkeen kun saavuin Ven j lle The Guardianin uudeksi toimistop llik ksi, palasin illallisilta kotiin Aluksi kaikki n ytti hyv lt.Sitten n in sen oudon yksityiskohdan Poikani makuuhuoneen ikkuna oli apposen auki Avoimen ikkunan tarjoamaa synkk symbolismia ei ollut vaikea tulkita Pid varasi tai lapsellesi k y huonosti L ysin itseni t ysin uudeKolme kuukautta sen j lkeen kun saavuin Ven j lle The Guardianin uudeksi toimistop llik ksi, palasin illallisilta kotiin Aluksi kaikki n ytti hyv lt.Sitten n in sen oudon yksityiskohdan Poikani makuuhuoneen ikkuna oli apposen auki Avoimen ikkunan tarjoamaa synkk symbolismia ei ollut vaikea tulkita Pid varasi tai lapsellesi k y huonosti L ysin itseni t ysin uudesta maailmasta, jossa vallitsivat roistomaisten vihollisten tuntemattomat s nn t Keit he ovat Kuka heid t l hetti Mafiavaltio on The Guardianin kirjeenvaihtajan Luke Hardingin riipaiseva tilitys Kremlin salakavalista keinoista kohdella niin kutsuttuja vihollisiaan , kuten ihmisoikeusty ntekij it , l ntisi diplomaatteja, oppositioaktivisteja ja toimittajia Kirjan oikeudet on myyty useaan maahan T rke ensik den selvitys Ven j n valtion rahoittamasta ahdistelusta, joka on kuten moni muukin asia Ven j ll tehty tarkoituksella l pin kym tt m sti ja niin ett kaikki voidaan tarvittaessa kiist A D Miller, The Guardian Uhkarohkea ja r j hdysaltis paljastuskirja Professori Orlando Figes

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    1. Harassing activity against all embassy personnel has spiked in the past several months to a level not seen in many years. Embassy personnel have suffered personally slanderous and falsely prurient attacks in the media. Family members have been the victims of psychologically terrifying assertions that their USG [United States government] employee spouses had met accidental deaths. Home intrusions have become far more commonplace and bold, and activity against our locally engaged Russian staff con [...]

    2. This is a bad book.If you have been a hermit in a cave, don't read or remember foreign news stories, have no knowledge of Russian history or don't assume there is any continuity in human life or believe that life is rather like happy times at the My Little Pony paddock then you may, just, find the contents of this book surprising and revelatory.Otherwise they read as man from the home counties of England discovers to his shock that foreign country is foreign.There could be a certain charm to rea [...]

    3. Книга сама по собі — нічого особливого. Стандартний нон-фікшн, із тих що мають на обкладинці рецензії з одного-двох епітетів, типу «Compelling / The New York Times», «Extraordinary / Reader's Digest».І загалом нічого нового та викриваючого про росію чи путіна.Але мені до того всього не пощастило читати [...]

    4. ‘Putin and his inner circle have no ideology,’ says one of Luke Harding’s useful informants in Mafia State. ‘They are simply interested in making money. They are, in short, kleptocrats.’ This is the central line of this book, written in 2011 and published in 2011. It bears the marks of hurried writing and rushed publication – typos, clumsy phrasing, clichéAlthough, it has to be said, that clichés also abound in the quoted excerpts of articles that Harding printed in the pages of th [...]

    5. A rich recounting of journalist Harding’s account of the four years he spent living in Moscow on assignment as a journalist for the Guardian from 2007 - 2011. Subtitled “How one reporter became an enemy of the brutal new Russia” the book is slightly dated but was interesting insofar as it provides a critical account of his experience living as an ex pat journalist in Putin’s Russia and insight into the Putin-Medvedev relationship which Americans have thought was merely a place-holder rel [...]

    6. Russian politics is a cipher, rich with layers of history that include autocracies, ethnic conflict, wars large and small, assassinations, subterfuge, and subtexts. Current events are impossible to interpret without this context. I grew up reading the New York Times, a habit that has continued through my retirement and yet It is difficult to work out what is going on in Russia at any given moment. What Putin says is strategic rather than strictly true. What the government says it does is not nec [...]

    7. Mafia State is a gripping account of a corrupt government and how those in power will resort to unbelievable devious methods to deter anyone - including foreign journalists - from trying to expose the truth about life in modern Russia. Luke Harding is an award-winning foreign correspondent with The Guardian. In 2007, the British journalist arrived in Russia to start work as the Guardian's new Moscow bureau chief. Three months after his arrival, he discovered someone had broken into his flat - wh [...]

    8. I picked this book up in hardback with 75% off at Waterstones, after picking it up, changing my mind and putting it down almost every time I went into a book shop for about six months.I'm glad I bought it in the end, because it is an excellent account of Putin's Russia, which is, as Harding, the former Guardian man in Moscow, says, a Mafia State. I studied Russia as a student, and wrote my dissertation on Gorbachev, but in the intervening years had not really paid much attention to Russian polit [...]

    9. Mafia State felt like two books. One book a general assessment of present-day Russia, the other book about Luke Harding's expulsion from the country. The latter is an interesting story, but the real value of the book is the general writing about Russia. He obviously has a deep love of the country, it's culture and people. Most interesting are his selection of American diplomatic cables obtained by Wikileaks.

    10. Best when he writes from direct experience, for example when he exposes the daily harassment the foreign community experiences from the FSB -- something everybody knows about and never talks about. Not as good when he goes over the well-worn stories of the Kremlin's evil deeds like the Litvinenko poisoning because he isn't bringing any new actual investigated journalistic facts. However, I'm not done yet

    11. Якби можна було деталізувати рейтинг:За переклад: 2 з 5. Це просто жах. Недолуго, невідредаговано, часом здавалось що гугл транслейт виринав між рядків і передавав вітання перекладачуЗа стиль (наскільки він вгадався за перекладом): 3 з 5За фактаж: 5 з 5Дізналась багато нового, і [...]

    12. The field trip reports from DagestanKyrgyzstan with historical/geographical notes are somewhat boring, but the "life of a Guardian reporter in modern Moscow" part compensates for that. I mean, it reads like some oldschool Aksyonov ("Скажи Изюм" with elements of "Московская Сага") -- it's amazing how some things never change in RU.

    13. Inglise ajakirjaniku meenutused tööst Guardiani korrespondendina Moskvas. Päris huvitav lugemine, samas on tegemist pigem mitmest eri loost, tegevustikust, kokkuklopsitud teosega, mis ei anna kahjuks seda ülevaatlikku ja analüütilist pilti Putini režiimist, mida siit raamatust otsisin. Tegemist ju siiski mehega, kes saadeti oma ajakirjanikutöö eest Venemaalt välja, ning võiks eeldada sidusamat kirjutamist ja põhjalikumat analüüsi. Praegu aga on tegemist rohkem ajalehekolumnite kogu [...]

    14. This is an excellent non-fiction book which describe very candidly what daily life is in post-Soviet Russia.I have been to Moscow in the late 1990 and realized that people were still living in fear of the KGB, and reading Mr Harding's book, I think that things have not changed since my last visit to that country.It is a pity that such a wonderful country continues to live in a condition which is not different from the days of all-powerful KGB,

    15. “The threat of a terrorist attack in Moscow is real enough - a constant beneath the surface. But another, more palpable form of intimidation stalks the city's streets. It targets those from the Caucasus - no longer perpetrators but victims - as well as anyone of non-Slavic descent. This spectre is Russian nationalism, furiously asserting itself.”

    16. Might have been a good reading for a person who hasn't read much about about Soviet Union and current Russia. Nothing new to be true, just a slightly new angle.

    17. Omakohtaisuudessaan hiuksia nostattava kertaus siitä, miten itärajamme takana luisutaan syvemmälle oligarkian ja kleptokratian syövereihin.

    18. A fair summary of many of the dubious things going on in Putin’s Russia; but scarcely great literature or necessarily incisive journalism. By the end it descends into something close to farce, in my book.I picked up this book because I had a distant connection with Russia at the time myself; and indeed had some slight connection with one or two of the issues that Luke Harding describes here. There is always a certain narcissistic pleasure in reading about things one knows about already. He cov [...]

    19. There is an excellent review of this book here on by Jan Maat Landlubba (I think it is) which is hard to beat and has little in it which I can disagree with. So I am not going to add a lot to his excellent review. This is a book of unbelievable naivete from an accredited journo with a growing reputation. It comes across as a series of bleating bleedings about how wrong it all is, and reads like a spoiled teenager shouting 'ITS NOT FAIR'. It is poorly researched and rests firmly on the truth/ver [...]

    20. [Mafia State: How one reporter became an enemy of the brutal new Russia] is a great account of how Russia has fallen under dictatorial control of Vladamir Putin and the countries secret service, the FSB. It also covers the harassment the author, Luke Harding, suffered at the hands of the FSB while serving as the Guardian's Moscow correspondent. While the book is primarily an account of Harding's time in Russia, it provides excellent historical context of Russia transition from the USSR to the ca [...]

    21. The redoubtable and ever-readable Luke Harding delivers a comprehensive and often jaw-dropping expose of the modern Russian State which, according to him is more riddled with corruption and dirty dealing than the mould in blue cheese. He is especially vitriolic about President Putin whom he deems has brought one of his old KGB operating manuals to bear on the task of (mis)governing the country, and has also signed off a shady Secret Service/Organised crime alliance to do much of his dirty work a [...]

    22. It's PersonalLuke Harding's highly personal investigative journalism covering all things Russia - where he worked for four years as the Guardian's Moscow correspondent - is a pulsating, intelligent and comprehensive account of the 'Mafia State' that has taken over Russia.Harding illustrates how all aspects of Russian life have shifted back to the Soviet Union and even Czarist times, with money replacing ideology. He goes through a lot of material - Litvenienko, investigative journalist murders ( [...]

    23. I really enjoyed Hardings Snowden book so bought this straight after as of course it ties into what is happening with Edward Snowden now. Harding has a hard charging pulpy style that I really enjoy. Perhaps he lays it on a little thick at times but you won't die wondering what he thinks. And indeed I did find it shocking to learn about the routine harassment from the FSB that most diplomats and journalists apparently endure, let alone the appalling murders of local Russian journalists. Most depr [...]

    24. This is an alarming book which with every chapter reveals how dangerous is the complacency that we have regarded the Dictator and propagandist, Putin. You can tell that this book is a threat to the Russian state because of the blatant attempt to rubbish it on by paid Russia PR employees. Who else would write such a huge amount of garbage and give it 1star then 'like' it 20 times? Back to the book, Luke H clearly is fearless and despite frightening Cold War style harassment and his breaching pro [...]

    25. A fascinating read by someone who was there to witness and observe Putin's Russia first hand. Harding zealously follows his subjects and the issues of the day to wherever it/they transpire to occur. It really is grossly unfair to suggest that Harding is a "small-minded Englishman" as one critic has dubbed him in his review. Like a good journalist he reads widely and cites views and opinions from credible and authoratative sources and generally avoids sensationalism and subjective analysis. So mu [...]

    26. A solid book, and terribly interesting in its first-hand account of FSB spy craft and harassment at the beginning of the work and its conclusion. However, too much of the middle suffers from 3rd-eye "journalism". And for someone who spoke Russian, Harding doesn't get out of Moscow more than a couple times to describe the rural areas of the country. Anna Politkovskaya's book, Putin's Russia, is a better read (and she was murdered for writing it), so I would suggest that one as a superior entry.

    27. Scary stuff. Very scary stuff. Harding was the recipient of a campaign of harassment from the FSB. His flat was continually broken into, and he was deported before being let back in. Also an excellent piece of investigative journalism, looking at the horrific human rights abuses that the Russian government is carrying out

    28. Very easy to read, great descriptions of travels and life in Russia. Very good points about Russia from a political point of view (I'm sure many will unjustly call him a Russophobe), some very good predictions of what was to come in Ukraine. It is slightly repetitive and by no means a book for experts in Russian politics. But it is enjoyable for anyone interested in Russia.

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