The Bridge

The Bridge FROM THE COVER Love can build a bridge After a tragic accident along the Swan River took the life of his mother young Jared Conway grew up thinking little of the family he lost As an adult he remain

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  • Title: The Bridge
  • Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FROM THE COVER Love can build a bridge.After a tragic accident along the Swan River took the life of his mother, young Jared Conway grew up thinking little of the family he lost As an adult, he remains without an anchor With his marriage truly over despite his attempts at reconciliation with his ex wife and his young son far away at boarding school, Jared discovers thaFROM THE COVER Love can build a bridge.After a tragic accident along the Swan River took the life of his mother, young Jared Conway grew up thinking little of the family he lost As an adult, he remains without an anchor With his marriage truly over despite his attempts at reconciliation with his ex wife and his young son far away at boarding school, Jared discovers that his success as a commodities broker has brought him little inner peace.On impulse he suggests to his son, Nicolaus, that they go to Montana over the boy s summer break Jared s plan is simple to spend time with his child and to clean out the cabin he has inherited, in order to make a quick sale in the hot real estate market.But when he gets to the river in Montana, Jared encounters three things that will change his life forever the forces that have been driving him toward empty success, love for a spiritually grounded ceramist named Eden Powell, and the bridge that will finally lead him home.

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    1. Another fast read. Fun, moving plot that flicks back and forth between the mother of the man who's life you follow in the majority of the book. Fun twists and a great message!I am beginning to appreciate authors willing to add the importance of religion in the lives of their characters. I think it takes bravery to do so in a world so full of filth and nastiness. Lisa Bergren's books are really good reads and page turners. They aren't difficult or crazy plots - but they are good. I am really addi [...]

    2. Wow, I enjoyed this book! Ok, so maybe I am a little biased here, the book's main location is not only in my home state but is about 2 hours from where I live.Soooo, I am not going to talk about the great scenery descriptions just yet. People first right? There was much to admire in this book about the love of family. In the first pages a mother sacrifices her life for her son. Jared tries to reconcile with his wife, he does want it to to work, it doesn't work but at least he did try one last ti [...]

    3. **Update** Whatever caused the book to "shine" before, did not reappear the second time around. Everything felt ho-hum and average, not nearly engaging enough for this book to survive round two of the purge of my personal collection.I just happened to pick this book up right after I finished another book she wrote, Waterfall. I knew I was probably in for a treat. I was not disappointed.This book explores every day issues but every day issues that have a lasting and profound effect. It takes a go [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book until the end when I felt the author left the building and left us, the readers without answers. She did a great job of weaving the past with the present. Her desciptions of Montana made you feel like you were there on the water with the characters. Good story of love, romance, heartbreak, forgiveness and the good Lord above.

    5. Such an amazing story. A true test of faith as well as an aid in bringing one to faith. The story winded itself into such hope and promise. God is great and it shows with every page of this story!!

    6. I like this author but this book didn't really inspire me. I liked the plot, but I found the main love relationship awkward without being endearing. But I was still on board until the end. The ending sank the ship for me because how can you build the relationship and acknowledge that his decision had a lot to do with Eden, and then never actually bring them back together?! Please tell me there's an epilogue to the epilogue.

    7. In the beginning pages of this book, the more I read, the less I liked it and almost did not finish it. Or rather, the less I liked some of the characters, namely Eden. But I hung on and finished it in two days, and I am glad I did! I did enjoy the inspirational aspect of the book and God's influence in the lives of the characters. This book was a light read, I enjoyed the writer's style, and I do recommend it.

    8. sweet story of redemption and new beginnings. articulating just how awesome God is at intertwining the lives of His children is so difficult to accomplish within the confines of a novel. I respect the attempt, and appreciated the feeling of a happy sort of ending. however, I guessed the plot about 5 pages in. the character development was so weak, especially in eden. disappointing ending as it felt the author just kinda stopped writing. good read, just not great.

    9. The Bridge by Lisa Tawn BergrenLisa is one of my favorite authors and I was very excited to dive into this novel. The Bridge is one of those books that makes you take a closer look at your own life, but in an interesting way. When I began the story, I thought I would read it, maybe feel as if I'm in the character's world for a bit, and then move on to the next book in my list. Not so much. I was emotionally touched. The story in itself was amazing, to say the least, but it still speaks to me eve [...]

    10. ••CONTAINS MILD SPOILERS••3 StarsHONESTLY, I did like this book a little bit, but I kept finding myself wondering if it was over or yet or skipping ahead to see how many pages were left. It was pretty boring, but it was a nice quick read as a break from what I normally read. I would recommend this if you need a break from reading large and epic books, but other than that you might just find yourself dozing off reading it.The romance in this book was frustratingly slow paced. Not the good [...]

    11. The Bridge, by Lisa Tawn Bergren, narrated by Cameron Beierle, produced by Books in Motion, downloaded from audible.This book should probably have had the label “Christian fiction”. It was too religious and romantic for me.Publisher’s note:In the early 1960's, a young woman and her infant son are thrown into a cold Montana mountain river after their car plunges from an unstable wooden bridge.In the terrible moments that follow, Anna Conway and a stranger who attempts to help both lose thei [...]

    12. Lisa has done it again! This story shows God's never-ending care for our lives!Eden is a woman afraid of venturing out after being badly hurt. Wondering if she will ever be emotionally strong enough to love again.Jared is a man broken from questions of his past. Never really knowing the whole story.Lisa has intertwined in this story the beauties of Montana, and the calming pace of God's creations.She also shows us that when Eden and Jared allow God to lead in their lives, He will give them peace [...]

    13. At times this book comes to rely too much on stock characterizations of love and romance. Also, the language about religion has a tendency to become rather trite.Jared Conway lives with a past, feeling guilt that he survived an accident on a bridge while his mother and the man who tried to save him both died. Now as his own life is crumbling (his wife has cheated on him) he returns to the area in Montana where the accident happens and begins to come to terms with his past and find new love with [...]

    14. As I graded papers, did data entry, redid class rosters I listened to this. At times I had to stifle a moan it was a nice story about a man finding himself in Montana. He and his son have gone for the summer to fix up a cabin the man inherited. Naturally there is a woman, naturally he discovers his high powered job is unfulfilling, and of course he reconciles his past with his future. Had I READ it, I'd probably not have made it through, but for what I was doing while I worked, it was fine. Not [...]

    15. This is definitely a quick readeasily accomplished in just a day or so. I enjoyed the story, and I really loved the characters. A bit of a love story, and definitely a story about finding oneself, with deep Christian undertones.I enjoyed this book, although I would have liked just a bit more closure in the end.

    16. I read this book several years ago while living in Colorado Springs. I enjoyed the book so much, it prompted me to contact the author to find out if she'd be willing to mentor my daughter for a school project. With her own baby on the way, she was, unfortunately, unable to do so, but I was really blessed by the book, and hope to read a lot more by this author.

    17. This was an enjoyable book to read and well-written. It was a bit slow-paced for me. I found myself skipping some of the descriptions. The characterization was well-done. I loved how the characters overcame self-induced barriers. I also loved reading about the hero's mother who had sacrificed her life for his. Very touching.

    18. This is my first book by Lisa T. Bergren, but it will not be my last. Wonderful characters and the setting was breathtaking. I felt I was on summer vacation with them. Just what I needed this summer!

    19. A pleasant, though slow moving story about a New York businessman who finds his family's roots, a new love, and God by a beautiful river in Montana. Nice, clean writing, though the narrator for the audio book was a little annoying in his pronunciation.

    20. I could hardly put this book down. It spoke to me of love, loss, faith, family, trust and the true gift that life is. The characters were real. Their struggles were real. I believe the story was woven well.

    21. Great book! Enjoyed the changing scenes from the deceased mother back to her surviving baby who's now a grown man in Montana. Faith in God was so delicately woven into the story and added such beauty and warmth to the story. Would recommend this book and this author.

    22. Since you like Karen Kingsbury, you may try reading books by Lisa Tawn Bergren. Both authors write inspirational novels with characters who deal with situations and human emotions people face in everyday life. Start with The Bridge.

    23. This Christian author writes the sweetest and faith inducing romances! I just wish this story would have gone on and on :) It was set at Swan Lake in Montana where Ross' sister lives and we visit, so that made it even more fun to read.

    24. A christian novel with a little romance on the side that never really does anything. I felt like the book left me hanging and didn't really have any closure. I'm a little bugged.

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