The Pirate Bride

The Pirate Bride A Viking to bed not to wed Medana Elsadottir known as the Sea Scourge never planned to become a pirate but there s no denying her talent Her female only tribe has an island hideaway food aplenty

  • Title: The Pirate Bride
  • Author: Sandra Hill
  • ISBN: 9780062210449
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A Viking to bed, not to wed Medana Elsadottir, known as the Sea Scourge, never planned to become a pirate, but there s no denying her talent Her female only tribe has an island hideaway, food aplenty, goods to trade everything except the means to breed That s where the strapping Norsemen tied up in her ship s hold comes in handy Eight godly specimen and Thork TykirrsonA Viking to bed, not to wed Medana Elsadottir, known as the Sea Scourge, never planned to become a pirate, but there s no denying her talent Her female only tribe has an island hideaway, food aplenty, goods to trade everything except the means to breed That s where the strapping Norsemen tied up in her ship s hold comes in handy Eight godly specimen and Thork Tykirrson is the most virile of them all Once their, eh, work is done, they ll be free to leave Medana had naught to due with this gods awful plan, but she wouldn t mind reaping the benefits.Wed or bed this Viking has plans of his own.Renowned as the wildest Viking of his time, Thork was returning home to regain his father s favor Mayhap even shudder marry His brazen and very beautiful kidnapper has likely done him a favor in preventing such an irksome fate That doesn t mean he ll let her off easy No one takes anything from a Viking that he s not willing to give not even a violet eyed vixen who sets off the wildest fantasies.

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    1. Rather a disappointment after reading the back synopsis. Medana was nothing at all comparable to what I imagined her pirate-self to be, being so timid and apologetic almost all the time. Thork was likewise not very Viking-like. In the first few pages he even thinks a term might be too OFFENSIVE for a group of people, which doesn't even seem like something a Viking would at all worry about. Both acted like they were 16 and 18, not at all their supposed ages of 26 and 28. It was also constantly ja [...]

    2. Medana Elsadottir never wanted to be a "Pirate-Lady"t here she is sailing her ship, stealing and pillaging and also the leader of an island of women. The women have everything they could want or need except men to father their children. So on one of Medana's raids her crew decides to abuduct a few "virile Vikings." Thork, Captain of his own ships isn't too happy with this and plots his crew's escape. Even though Medana didn't sanction the kidnapping, she is the one who has to bear the brunt of T [...]

    3. This is a case of this author is not for me. Her sense of humor is not something I enjoyed, and after a couple of her books, I feel comfortable DNF'ing this book.

    4. Reviewed for: Where the Night Kind RoamThe Pirate Bride by Sandra Hill is the first book I have read by this author. I really enjoy a Viking tale so I thought I would give it a whirl. Unfortunately I ended up DNFing this book. Not so much because the book was bad, because it’s not, it just got repetitive. This book seemed to rely a lot on humor and it was humorous, in the beginning but the jokes ended up being basically pays on the same joke. After a while, it got old and I was kind of over it [...]

    5. I am one of the fans that has been reading Ms. Hill since the very beginning. I adored most of the Viking books, even the ones that really didn't deserve it. I found that the earlier books of Ms Hill's are a little more traditional and I will NEVER forget how I adore, to this day, The Outlaw Viking. I re-read this book at least once a year and still cry when reading it.But I think I may just have found one that disgruntles me to the point that it was a struggle to finish, let alone to finish wit [...]

    6. What can I say? I just love, love, love Sandra Hill and adore her wildly sexy, funny, Viking tales!Absolutely no disappointment here! Sandra knows how to provide just the right mix of laughter, romance, and passion. A must read for those of you who like this recipe in your romances. :-D

    7. I thought the book started a little slow, but then it picked up quite a bit. I enjoyed the humor that was woven throughout the story. The sex scenes were well-written. All-in-all, I enjoyed this book quite a bit.2016 eclectic reader challenge # 4 ~ A novel set on an island

    8. I did like this but I thought their fighting went on too long. Honestly I was bored after a while though I did greatly enjoy the ending.

    9. 1.5 starsWow, if women were as stupid as the women in this book we would all be dead by now. Review coming soon.

    10. Giving this a 3 instead of 2 because of the cracktastic (or craptastique) dialogue. It had me laughing. Term cracktastic borrowed from Smart Bitches.

    11. I had the hardest time rating this book. Mainly because I could not decide whether it was supposed to read as a parody of the old bodice rippers, or whether it actually was meant to be taken seriously. If this was meant to be a bit goofy, then that’s one thing. However, if this was supposed to be a serious attempt at historical fiction, it failed abysmally. The Pirate Bride read more like fantasy than actual historical fiction. Normally when I rate a book so low, it is because it lacks readabi [...]

    12. The Pirate Brideby Sandra Hill#11 Viking IAudio by Heather Wilds2*Ridiculous in so many ways. Offensive to women, homosexuals, Asians, you name it. Stupid conversations all throughout. Skip this one.

    13. An entertaining story with great characters, but OMG the anachronisms! (Peach tree orchards in Ireland in the 10th century? Vikings writing each other letters on parchment with a quill? Don't think so )

    14. Fun book. There were times when it was kind of silly, but overall I enjoyed it. Medana became a pirate by default, as a way to help support her island of women. Ten years earlier she had fled the prospect of a forced marriage to a cruel man. She had killed the man after he raped her, and in fleeing was joined by others who were also running. Now they live on an island hideaway, doing better every year. The only thing they are missing are the children some of them crave, because there are no men [...]

    15. Was not super impressed with this it wasn't a bad historical romance just so-so. I personally found the story a bit too improbable in places. I think the idea of an island inhabited by abused women is interesting, but I found it very undermining that those same women would bring men to that same island. Doesn't make sense to me I mean could they not leave the island sanctuary to get babies? Yeah that threw me and continued to plague. The main villain doesn't show up till act three and that's onl [...]

    16. Disappointed. I know what I'm getting when I read a viking romance but I was expecting so much more from Hill. Let me sum it up for you. Lady pirate meets Handsome Viking due to her crew kidnapping him and his crew. He in turn kidnaps her and holds her hostage. His family comes to rescue him, her family comes to kidnap her and they all go to meet the king. True love prevails through lots of secrecy and stubbornness.I’m not going to lie, I had high hopes for this book. I love Sandra Hill and sh [...]

    17. My Rating: 4.5 StarsSuper adorable read. The Pirate Bride was a wonderful historical romance. It was light, sweet, and genuinely fun to read. Definitely amazing!Medana was a lovely heroine. She was a very likable character and I definitely liked her. I only had one problem with her and that's how she acted near the end of the book. Throughout most of the book, she's feisty, strong, and determined to always fight back. But, when a terrible man from her past catches up with her, she suddenly becam [...]

    18. Story - 5 stars; Fun Factor - 5 stars; Writing - 5 stars; Romance - 5 stars; Vikings - 10 starsSimple Story Outline :- 8 Viking warriors (headed by the impressive and yummy Thork) are drugged, then dragged onto a longboat full of female 'pirates'. The women are taking them back to their secret island home, made up of 200 women and some children. What do they want with the men you ask ? Why, only a few babies come spring So the fun begins !This is the most recent of the Viking I stories from this [...]

    19. Listened for Book Club (Cover Girls)Overall Rating: 2.50Story Rating: 2.00Character Rating: 3.00Audio Rating: 4.00 (not part of the overall rating)First Thought when Finished: The Pirate Bride was humorous at times but that just couldn't save it for me. That being said, the narration made me stick with the story till the very end because Heather Wilds did an excellent job.Book Club Thoughts: Overall this was one of those books that everyone seemed to like parts of very much! We all agreed that t [...]

    20. This story was a little different than what I was expecting. For one it was funny not just once or twice but quite a few times and I was expecting a more serious book. This was number eleven in a series and I had not read any of the other books. However this book does work as a standalone so if it sounds interesting go ahead and read it.What I liked about the book was the overall plot and the fact that all the pirates were women. It was different and now the same old Pirate or Viking story. I wa [...]

    21. These are updated re-releases of a previous series by Sandra Hill, and while I found the book fast paced and fun, there were moments where the retro feel of the humor was the most apparent element in the story. That being said, I like the occasional retro-feeling old school romance, and that made this book the perfect fit for me at this moment. A bit more focused on the sweet romance, with only a tiny bit of steam that was incredibly well placed, the insets of bad poetry from Boithor, the clever [...]

    22. V. entertaining. Perhaps the biggest issue I had with it was the rest of the women's putting the h in the situation in the first place. I get that they wanted kids but it would have been easier and safer to just acquire a handful of male slaves than to kidnap a bunch of vikings. And what were they thinking, grabbing the kid? It's questionable as to whether his balls had even dropped yet.The h, frustrated with her women, and burdened with a bunch of males she had no use for, managed admirably wel [...]

    23. The synopsis totally hooked me in buying the book (I usually wait for the library to have it). For me, it was a tame Viking book, especially when it was written by Sandra Hill. It lacked the sexual banter that I like from her books. But I still enjoyed it. Follow me!

    24. I can't believe this is #11. I have read them all, but for some reason I liked this the least of any of them. Maybe I did not like Thork, though I love his father. The concept of a sanctuary for women was interesting, but Medana should have seemed or acted smarter. I did not read it straight through, but kept putting it down and reading other books. Don't know if I will buy the next ( This is a series I buy and keep) A lot of sex. Hill writes the thought of people in italics, which is usually fu [...]

    25. I am kind of disappointed in this novel honestly. I'm a big fan of historical romance, and I especially love Vikings The story line was good and it should've made an awesome book, it was just the language that completely lowered this book for me. The language used was very contemporary and the way they said things isn't correct for the time period. This is what mainly turned me off. Still an okay book, for the most part it was enjoyable. But not something I would probably read again .

    26. Medana who became la leader of a group of female pirates ended up with 8 Norsemen in her ships hold that her female crew kidnapped to bring to their private hideaway to mate with. Not only must she find away to keep their home secret but how to return these men back to where they came from. Thork who is the leader finds himself at first angry then starts to appreciate this brave and beautiful pirate.

    27. Decent read and has some funny parts. Medana is a woman pirate who leads a band of woman who all live on an island that they have claimed for themselves. Thork is a Viking and considers himself a great warrior. He and his band are kidnapped by Medana's crew and taken to their island. On their island they have one thing missing, the women need the men to provide them with children. This is a funny read with a good story line. Thork's family reaction is very entertaining also.

    28. At first I scrolled through the rating but then I thought: No I love Sandra Hill's books so I will enjoy this one because it's a series that I love. And boy did I enjoy this one!!! Not as much but for me it's 5 star worthy because I finished it before going to bed (same day got same day finished book)!!!

    29. I almost wanted to hang myself at many points in this book. I did like the concept and the fact women were being strong and doing for themselves but having strong virile alpha males being completely helpless was a major turn off. I know this has more to do with what I prefer and not the writing itself. I will try more of Hill's work.

    30. Medana was a pirate when most women were considered to be a just a wife and mother. Her all female crew devised to kidnap men, have them impregnate the crew, then released and sent on their merry way. This book is not as funny as earlier books in the series and I also found the female lead boring and silly than being an independent woman of her time.

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