The Good Sister

The Good Sister In New York Times bestselling authorWendy Corsi Staub s electrifying new thriller a mother races to save her daughter beforeher darkest nightmare comes true Sacred Sisters Catholic girls school has ha

  • Title: The Good Sister
  • Author: Wendy Corsi Staub
  • ISBN: 9780062222381
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • In New York Times bestselling authorWendy Corsi Staub s electrifying new thriller,a mother races to save her daughter beforeher darkest nightmare comes true.Sacred Sisters Catholic girls school has hardly changed since Jen Archer was a student Jen hoped her older daughter would thrive here Instead, shy, studious Carley becomes the target of vicious bullies But the realIn New York Times bestselling authorWendy Corsi Staub s electrifying new thriller,a mother races to save her daughter beforeher darkest nightmare comes true.Sacred Sisters Catholic girls school has hardly changed since Jen Archer was a student Jen hoped her older daughter would thrive here Instead, shy, studious Carley becomes the target of vicious bullies But the real danger at Sacred Sisters goes much deeper.The only person Carley can talk to is Angel, a kindred spirit she met online Carley tells Angel everything about her younger sister, about school, about the sudden death of her former best friend Angel is her lifeline And Angel is closer than she knows.When another schoolgirl is found dead, Jen s unease grows There are too many coincidences, too many links to her past Every instinct tells her that Carley is the next target For someone is intent on punishing the guilty, teaching the ultimate lesson in how to fear and how to die.

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    1. The Good SisterBy Wendi Corsica StaubMy " in a nutshell" summaryCarley is being bullied at school.pulated onlined an old vendetta is leaving bodies everywhere!My thoughts after reading this bookThis book was just what I was in the mood for on a hot muggy steamy summer day. The book alternates between allowing us to read pages in a diary from quite a few years ago Carley's life in a new school Angelwho is mysterious, shrouded, hidden and apparently has a vendetta towards tons of people in this to [...]

    2. Carly is being. bullied at Sacred Sisters Catholic girls school and also her friendship with Nicki had ended then later finds out that Nick has. committed suicide. Carly then finds a new friend named Angel and meets her on a website that's against bullying but Angel isn't the person she thinks she is and thats where the real danger at Sacred Sisters gets much deeper. The horror has begun.The secrets in this book slowly unfold. This book just blew me away! I kept thinking of different. situations [...]

    3. Similar in plot and style to a Mary Higgins Clark novel of mad men, and missing and murdered girls and women, this felt like a throwback to the thrillers and mysteries I read in my youth. Likewise I think this probably would have been more satisfying to me when I was younger. This was pretty heavy-handed with its message of getting off the internet and talking, which could be (is probably) true, but also a bit antiquated in the face of the ways we communicate these days. The execution of the cri [...]

    4. Another winner from this lady. The cover always compares her to Mary Higgins Clark but I think she writes more like Lisa Jackson. Either way, she has enough best sellers under her belt now to not need comparing to anyone else. She's always cranking out the intriguing page turners. Looking forward to her next one!

    5. Carley is a teen struggling with being bullied in school. Things become even worse when her (former) best friend seemingly commits suicide. Her mother, Jen struggles to help her and protect her while past events spur on more death.First, I want to say normally I really enjoy Staub's books but this one just did not resonate with me. The killer was clearly insane though I had no idea who it was. That said, when the reveal came I was like - Oh. Ok, and didn't really care one way or the other.I did [...]

    6. THE GOOD SISTER (WENDY CORSI STAUB)Story Description:HarperCollins|Sept. 9, 2013|Mass Market Paperbound|ISBN: 978-0-06-222237-4In New York Times bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub's electrifying new thriller, a mother races to save her daughter before her darkest nightmare comes true. Sacred Sisters Catholic girl's school has hardly changed since Jen Archer was a student. Jen hoped her older daughter would thrive here. Instead, shy, studious, Carley becomes the target of vicious bullies. But t [...]

    7. More like 3.5 stars but I really enjoyed The Good Sister so I adjusted up. Many reviewers have compared The Good Sister to Carrie and The Virgin Suicide (which was referenced in the book). It's been a long time since I last saw Carrie (and can only remember the school scene vividly) and I've never read The Virgin Suicide so I was able to read The Good Sister with a very open mind. In comparison to Carrie, it's probably a modern day version of bullying gone wild via cell phones/text messages and [...]

    8. Writing: 4 Stars Story: 1 Stars_______________Total: 2.5 Stars The ending threw me, I actually felt a bit bad for the villain. I never saw that twist coming. Wendy Corsi Staub writes well, but the story line scared me to death, especially when many children are glued to their iphones and laptops. Cyber-bullying, hacking, and teen suicides aren't really my thing when I want to curl up with a good thriller. We know who the villain is (or think we do) from the start. He has come back to town to sel [...]

    9. This book was compared to Lisa Jackson and to Mary Higgins Clark, but it reminded me more of old school Lisa Gardner. Another comparison would be to Gone Girl and The Burning Air, just in terms of the fact that a major theme is "Crazy people go to extreme lengths to get revenge for real or imagined slights."And that is what makes this book chilling."Angel" is completely crazy and searching for vengeance and just will not be stopped. (Angel is kind of like the Terminator.)This book took a bit to [...]

    10. "Spoilers" This one took me a while. Not that it was overly complicated or even slow, I just couldn't get into it. Only finished it because i noticed i was way behind on this year's reading challenge. Not trying to be too harsh, but can't help but to think that Stephen King should be getting atleast some of the royalties for this one. The title should be, "Carrie II". Instead of the prom, we have spring fling. Instead of telekinesis, "Ruthie" after being tricked into believing the highschool hea [...]

    11. I received an advance copy. I haven't read anything by Wendy Corsi Staub before. All in all, it was an enjoyable read. But there were a few places where it dragged and a few things that I felt were not completely explained, at least not to my liking. Also, there were a few places where the teenage character annoyed me, simply by being stupid teenagers. Please tell me that I wasn't as silly as they were when I was that age.

    12. A combination of a Criminal Minds episode with a dash of Carrie and Norman Bates thrown in, I did not enjoy this story. It could have been a thoughtful tale of the relationships between sisters, but it was written in the most basic style. There were trails that might have been intriguing if there was a bit more character development, or even descriptive writing. A big twist in the end was not enough to save itI will continue to watch TV for my cheap, thoughtless thrills.

    13. Amazing! It was so good that I couldn't put it down and read non-stop until I finished it. The story was so well done, the characters were well thought out, and the ending about blew my mind. Another fantastic book by Wendi Corsi Staub, who has quickly become my can-count-on author.

    14. Very much enjoyed this fast-paced thriller. Staub really got my adrenaline going with some of the scenes! And I feel the subject matter is very timely in today's world.

    15. A Heart-stopping Thriller!The Good Sister is a heart-stopping thriller with edge of the seat action. It is a rollercoaster of a ride with so many twists and turns that this reader felt her head spin.This is the first book I have read by this talented author. The storyline is intricate and well-developed with a myriad of characters - some likable, some not. But this combination of characters makes the story real and interesting and kept me turning pages. I don’t like to say too much about the s [...]

    16. This book is a fantastic, creepy, thrilling novel that you will want to read straight through! I highly recommend it. Good tight plot and characters. The plot is believable and makes one wonder if this type thing could really happen (and I'm certain it has) due to teens relying on social media so much. Wendy Corsi Staub is a great author, and one whose books I will continue to read.

    17. A friend gave me two books by this author, the first one with a psychic was not great, this one however was much better. I like how the plot picked up at the end, and felt like this had a good ending that delivered.

    18. As promised -- a psychological thriller which delivers in rare fashion. The characters were very relatable even the protagonist. I like stories that I lose sleep over and can't put down. If you are interested in this experience then read this one right away.

    19. Jen thought she was helping her older daughter Instead,Carley is the target of vicious bullies and the worst things maybe happening, I like that the author added bullying into this mystery thriller

    20. I love Wendy Corsi Staub and was very excited to get to read this one for review. And not only was it Wendy Corsi Staub but it had a plot line that centered around the dangers of the internet for teenagers. So I had to read it. And it was a good book, it kept me hooked and kept me reading, but sadly it seemed missing something for me. It was still a good read and not something I was sorry I spent my time reading, but still there was just something.First there are the characters, Carley has been [...]

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