Splitting the Difference: A Heart-Shaped Memoir

Splitting the Difference A Heart Shaped Memoir At Tr gave her newborn daughter up for adoption At her only sibling was killed in a car crash At she lost her husband to a sudden heart attack But at her teenage daughter found her on

  • Title: Splitting the Difference: A Heart-Shaped Memoir
  • Author: Tre Miller Rodriguez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At 18, Tr gave her newborn daughter up for adoption At 19, her only sibling was killed in a car crash At 34, she lost her husband to a sudden heart attack But at 36, her teenage daughter found her on Facebook and began to reshape the course of Tr s life The sum of these milestones is Splitting the Difference A Heart Shaped Memoir, a nonfiction work that is equal parAt 18, Tr gave her newborn daughter up for adoption At 19, her only sibling was killed in a car crash At 34, she lost her husband to a sudden heart attack But at 36, her teenage daughter found her on Facebook and began to reshape the course of Tr s life The sum of these milestones is Splitting the Difference A Heart Shaped Memoir, a nonfiction work that is equal parts inspiring, irreverent and heart rending.Through sharply immediate prose, Tr unpacks her experience of being young and widowed in New York City the dumb sh % people say the brave face she wears to work or social events and the lack of solace in one night stands.Her perspective only begins shifting when she spontaneously brings Alberto s ashes on a trip and sets into motion the ritual of spreading him in bodies of water around the world Traveling to Bucket List destinations like Savannah, Brazil and Cuba, Tr discovers a strategy for facing her roughest days.Alberto s loss becomes a portal through which Tr views her past and embraces her future she quits her corporate job, explores her husband s homeland of Cuba and joyfully reunites with her biological daughter in North Carolina A deeply moving narrative, Splitting the Difference is written with the raw thenticity of a woman transformed by heartbreak and inspired by love s legacy.

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    1. This book earned an esteemed place on my bookshelf because of its unexpectedly searing, shamelessly raw storytelling. As though sitting with a friend and recounting the story for the first time, Miller Rodríguez deftly unravels these 12+ months following Alberto's death without sentimentality or fear of judgement. She does not try to turn her husband into a martyr, nor she give in to playing the role of the victim. She presents herself, Alberto and their marriage nakedly—warts and all, when n [...]

    2. It's been a while since I've read a book that really hooked me. I've floated through multiple books at a time, picking up and putting down depending on the room I'm in. I started to think it was me- then I read Splitting the Difference. I first cracked it while waiting in the car and by the second page I could feel my whole body settling down and into the story. THIS was what I had been waiting for. The descriptions and details are shattering. The opening scene is in no way sugar coated- it's br [...]

    3. This is more of a thank you than a review. Of course the book was amazing and well written and flowed beautifully and I would of read it in one sitting if I didn't actually need to eat, or sleep. But what I really want to say is Thank you to Tre, for allowing us the reader to join her on her journey to healing. The rawness and honesty taps into the reader's emotions and brings them to a place where you think about how you would react, how would you make it through the day. A person can not finis [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this memoir. I never thought I would be saying these words because I ONLY read fiction books. I can't believe how much I enjoyed a non-fiction book and a memoir at that. I was so enamored with the author and her story because of the clever and witty way she talks about her life. You feel connected to her, you feel drawn to her, and you feel like you need to know more about her. The book is incredibly well written and so honest that it makes you laugh, cry, and feel m [...]

    5. Beautiful, full of joy, and heart-wrenching all at the same time. The kind of book where you go to hide your eyes to get through the painful parts like you would at a scary movie. And just when you think your heart can't take it's like Tre knows you can't, because she couldn't either.her biting wit and somehow light-hearted sense of humor come through. Read this book now, then remind yourself that you don't actually know Tre, because you're going to feel like she's been with you forever.

    6. Wow, if you want to read a raw story about grief and making it through that first year, this one is it. The author is unflinching in her story, even when it is unflattering to herself. It is more than a story of grief; it is a story trusting what you need, accepting your faults, and moving forward imperfectly. Her style of writing is immediately engaging, and even though she lives a life far different than mine, I felt drawn to her story.

    7. This story is very real and raw. Tre does not sugar coat the ups and many downs she encounters after the loss of her husband. I was rooting for her all along, and was very inspired by her strength. If anything, Tre makes you realize that life is fragile and to be appreciative of everything you have.

    8. Roller-coaster, page-turner, funny-sad-true & above all human story… How do you keep a reader reading when they know that the guy is going to die, has to die, and does die early on in the story? Tre Miller Rodriguez does it with brutal, unedited honesty and snappy sentences that hurtle the reader through the story: the morning she wakes up to find her husband dead, what she says to the emergency caller, what she should write for the eulogy, what she should wear for the viewing, how at the [...]

    9. I discovered Rodriguez via her column for Modernloss, and was intrigued enough to want to check out her memoir. Her husband's death comes at the start of the book; then, tracing backwards, she shares the story of how they got together, her decision to give up her daughter for adoption when she became pregnant at 18, and her brother's death. The core of the book, though, is about the practical matters surrounding the death of her husband of four years, Alberto. The shock of discovering him dead i [...]

    10. Splitting the Difference: A Heart-Shaped Memoir has been on my to-read list for quite some time, I wanted to read it as I was ingrigued by Tré's experiences and all she has gone through. The first pages are shocking, describing the passing of her husband, Alberto, and the immediate events afterwards. I could not put the book down as I was completely drawn into it. When I read on I was suprised by the beauty, the humor and the life that is pouring out of the pages, although covering so much hear [...]

    11. I came across Tre's blog quite recently and I just had to keep reading it from the first post to the last. When I finished, I knew I had to read the book. In about four short years, she has met the love of her life in the most unexpected, magic way, and lost him in the most tragic one. It was not the story per se that kept me wanting to read what Tre has to say: I am lucky enough to have never experienced such grief. Rather, it is the way Tre recounts the events, conveys her emotions. How she is [...]

    12. I give nothing away by saying that Splitting the Difference: A Heart-Shaped Memoir begins with the death of the author's husband, but even knowing that before I began didn't prepare me for the experience of reading about it. The story, sadly, is not unique - young widow struggles to find herself in the wake of her husband's death. What makes this story hit so hard is the author's voice. Tré Miller Rodriguez writes in a stream-of-consciousness, did-I-ever-tell-you-about-that-time-when, raw, hone [...]

    13. I've been reading Tré's blog for a long time now, so I knew I would love this memoir — I just didn't realize how much I'd love it. She is so honest with her feelings and never apologizes for any of them. It's a refreshing, honest look at love and grief and all of the complicated emotions that come with that. In the first 50 pages, I cried three times, laughed a few others, and missed my stop on the T because I was so engrossed. I felt like I knew Alberto after reading this book; it came alive [...]

    14. It's been a long time since I was as compelled to finish a story as I was with Tre's memoir. Even though I knew there are no big secrets or surprises to unfold, I was consumed with Tre's journey. I dog-eared many pages so that I can continue to be inspired with (and share with others) her and her/Alberto's experiences, philosophy and life lessons. I am so glad for Tre that she found the strength and courage to Split the Difference and that she shared the Difference with us. And, as I move on to [...]

    15. I entered a giveaway for this book, but didn't win. I knew it was something I would enjoy reading so this year, I finally ordered a copy. The USPS damaged it quite a bit, but I was still able to read it happy to have read itally connected with the "what ifs" and the "grief" associated with loosing a spouse suddenly. continue to see what Tre is up tollowing her at whiteelephantintheroom.tumblr

    16. I read Tre's piece in Modern Love in the Sunday Times and instantly felt a strong pull to read more. I zipped through the book. Couldn't put it down. So real, honest, vulnerable, heartbreaking, engaging, and gutsy. And so full of love and grace. As one who deals with grief of others professionally (I'm a minister), her raw and unfiltered look has given me deeper insight and perspective. Thank you for your offering.

    17. I could not put the book down. I feel like I know Tre personally after this book. I felt like I was invited into her close circle reading her story and journey after Alberto's death. I didn't want it to end. I can't wait to meet/hear her at the book reading in NC in May.

    18. Over all this is a good read, it is just a really unfamiliar lifestyle to me. It talks about grief, and while grief is universal, the way she works through her grief is something only the privileged and wealthy can do.

    19. I cried many times reading this book. I am amazed at how resilient the human heart can be. Tre experienced great love and great loss, and yet she is ready to love and embrace life. Brillant author. Brilliant story.

    20. A really sad story but it had it's uplifting moments. Didn't give it a 5 because near the end it just carried on and I was ready for it to be over. Follow her blog if you're interested in learning more about her story: whiteelephantintheroom.tumblr

    21. I read Splitting the Difference with the same immediacy I read Tre's blog when I first discovered it and, just like her blog, it does not disappoint. Bless you, Tre! May you continue to "split the difference with such love, grace & honesty. Can't wait for the next one! xo

    22. Tre's book will hook you and inspire you from the first page. Raw, beautiful emotions laid out on page after page. This is no oversight of the grief process but pure feeling of what Tre experienced. Great read and great story.

    23. Amazing book! I laughed and cried and wanted to be her best friend! I love non-fiction and this was one of the most honest and beautifully written books I have read in a long time. I can't wait to read future books from her!

    24. This book captures raw emotion in a way I have never experienced before. It's a page turning that will make you laugh, cry and relate to characters on a level which you haven't experienced before. Get ready for a truly amazing experience.

    25. This book was so good. I read it in one day! The story was both heartbreaking me beautiful. The love that Tré and Alberto shared made the loss of him all the more tragic. It was a well written and eloquently told story.

    26. i like books about people going through shit. this was a lot better than Heaven is Here. less Mormon-y. I think I'd like to be friends with Tre. Nie Nie, not so much.

    27. I started reading this at a nail salon. Big mistake. Instant tears. Just in general don't read this book in public because Tré's heartache is so raw and visceral that you can't help but cry.

    28. So many similarities to my own loss that I had to sometimes close the book, exhale, then continue. Loved it!

    29. After I boarded my plane from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, I opened this book. I finished it before we landed. I don’t remember any other details of that flight other than Tré’s stunning story. Tré opens with the morning that her beloved husband, Alberto, suddenly dies of a heart attack. Even though I know that Alberto dies, I find myself doubting that it’s really happening. When I’m reading her pages, Tré’s beautiful unfeigned, unflinching prose makes me feel as if her story is my [...]

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