Ringworld: The Graphic Novel, Part One

Ringworld The Graphic Novel Part One A modern science fiction classic Larry Niven s Ringworld won the Hugo and Nebula Awards for best novel in Now this SF classic is adapted into a thrilling manga adventure by Robert Mandell and Se

Ringworld Ringworld is a science fiction novel by Larry Niven, set in his Known Space universe and considered a classic of science fiction literature Niven later added four sequels and four prequels The Fleet of Worlds series, co written with Edward M Lerner, provides the four prequels, as well as Fate of Worlds, the final sequel These books tie into numerous other books set in Known Space. Ringworld The Graphic Novel, Part One Robert A modern science fiction classic, Larry Niven s Ringworld won the Hugo and Nebula Awards for best novel in Now this SF classic is adapted into a thrilling manga adventure by Halo Array During the events of Halo , the Covenant and humans discover a second ringworld, Installation , or Delta Halo.It was monitored by Penitent Tangent, who completely ignored Flood warnings and was captured by their leader, the Gravemind.The Covenant leadership wants to activate the installation, believing it is the key to their salvation At the same time, the Flood lay siege to the Science Fiction Book Graphic Novel Reviews Concatenation Links to Science Fiction book reviews listed alphabetically by author on the Science Fact and Science Fiction Concatenatation site SF. Existential Ennui In my previous s Comics Cavalcade post I mentioned how Doug Moench and Gene Colan s stint on Detective Comics and Batman made a big impression on year old me But what I didn t mention was that it was probably the issue just preceding Moench s run that made the biggest impression of all Detective Comics , written by Gerry Conway, art by Don Newton and Alfred Alcala. Worldcon The World Science Fiction Convention The winners of the Hugo Awards, John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and the World Science Fiction Society WSFS Award for the Best Young Adult Book were announced on Sunday, August , , at the th World Science Fiction Convention. , valid ballots , electronic and paper were received and counted from the Semiosis A Novel by Sue Burke NOOK Book eBook Human survival hinges on an bizarre alliance in Semiosis, a character driven science fiction novel of first contact by debut author Sue Burke. Locus Recommended Reading List New York Public Library Best of The Verge Best of Thrillist Best Books of Vulture Best Sci Fi and Fantasy Books of Chicago Review of Books The Best Science Fiction Books of Frickin Laser Beams TV Tropes The Frickin Laser Beams trope as used in popular culture The most prominent type of Ray Gun these days When you turn on a Laser Sight, it immediately

  • Title: Ringworld: The Graphic Novel, Part One
  • Author: Larry Niven Sean Lam
  • ISBN: 9780765324627
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • A modern science fiction classic, Larry Niven s Ringworld won the Hugo and Nebula Awards for best novel in 1970 Now this SF classic is adapted into a thrilling manga adventure by Robert Mandell and Sean Lam.In Ringworld The Graphic Novel, Part One, two hundred year old human Louis Wu is recruited by a two headed alien named Nessus to join him, a catlike warrior alien namA modern science fiction classic, Larry Niven s Ringworld won the Hugo and Nebula Awards for best novel in 1970 Now this SF classic is adapted into a thrilling manga adventure by Robert Mandell and Sean Lam.In Ringworld The Graphic Novel, Part One, two hundred year old human Louis Wu is recruited by a two headed alien named Nessus to join him, a catlike warrior alien named Speaker, and the infinitely lucky human Teela Brown to explore an alien artifact.They find a Ringworld, a ribbon millions of miles long built around a distant sun The civilization has fallen into savagery, though, and after crashing into the Ringworld, Louis must come up with a clever plan to get back to known space, hundreds of light years away.

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    1. The book reminded me of why I liked the original novel. You get exactly what the title says. This is a black and white graphic novel or manga style book of Niven's Ringworld. I read the soft cover version in an evening, and found it sort of like a visual cliff notes of Niven's story. All of the major plots of the novel are covered.It starts with an overview of the human-kzin war and proceeds to the Puppeteer, Nessus, recruiting Louis Wu and others on a secret mission, which is to explore Ringwor [...]

    2. Original review by John posted at Layers of Thought.Niven’s classic award-winning 1970 science fiction story turned into a graphic novel.Description: It is 2850 and space adventurer Louis Wu is celebrating his 200th birthday. Thanks to boosterspice he still has the physique and mental agility of a twenty year old, and he has wealth that allows him to do almost anything that he wants. But he feels like he has done it all already and he is bored.Enter Nessus, a two-headed alien Pierson’s Puppe [...]

    3. Graphic novel adaptation of the first part of the first "Ringworld" novel. The plot stays true to the original source, which is good and bad. It's great to see the characters' reactions to the plotting and intrigue between alien races, especially when those aliens are portrayed in highly expressive manga-style drawings. But some parts, such as a few unnecessarily long, drawn out travel sequences, should have been shortened to keep things moving and introduce more action and conflict in this firs [...]

    4. The ultimate interstellar road trip, with Louis as The Easygoing Guy, Speaker as The Jock, Nessus as The Weird Friend and Teela as The Girl With Few Lines.Good old Ringworld. I grew up on wrinkled old Niven paperbacks and this is a worthy manga-fied novel. Not the best art, but you also have to work within your budget and timeline. There are some minor changes to the plot here and there, and Teela is less useless - some of the things Louis says and does are swapped with her - Louis slips on the [...]

    5. I think because of the paperback format, it was a little hard to clearly see the graphics with the spine interfering with the pictures. Also, the paper quality made the pictures look poorly rendered at times so I found myself really straining to see WHAT was being portrayed. I liked this because RingWorld is one of my all time favorites but slightly disappointed in this product. A full color glossy book would have made it perfect.

    6. Ringworld is my favorite book of all time. Since I was just introduced to graphic novels this year, I was excited that Larry Niven came out with a graphic novel for Ringworld. I love that the story of Ringworld is being introduced to a new and wider audience with this graphic adaption. I think that someone who has not read the original book might get a bit lost at times in some of the scenes, but overall I was thrilled with it, and look forward to the following books. Just a funny side note, as [...]

    7. I never read Larry Niven's novel which the this graphic novel is based on. The story is about members of 3 different groups, Humans , the warrior and cat like Kzin, and the Puppeteers(whose civilization is based on an ethos of cowardice) and their quest to investigate an alien mega structure known as Ringworld. After reading this comic book version of the book I will be reading the novel. The graphic novel serves as a good introduction to writing style of Larry Niven. While a novel might emphasi [...]

    8. Pretty decent graphical rendition of Ringworld, in a semi-manga style. I like how the artist rendered Nessus and Speaker-to-Animals, though Nessus's lip knobs are too short to be really useful (probably to make him cuter than he should look. My only complaint is that in scenes showing large parts of the Ringworld, the topology is way out of scale relative to the overall size of the structure. If we can see the entire width of the Ringworld, nothing besides major seas and biomes should be visible [...]

    9. I recently reread Ringworld. The book was better than I remembered. I heard about the graphic Novels and put them on my Christmas list. I am not a graphic Novel Fan, and this book did little to change that 0pinion. The story is a great one, but I favor the pictures I generate in my mind to those created by others. Get this book if you like graphic Novels. If you don't read the book it is amazing.

    10. It's been years since I read Ringworld. When I learned about this graphic novel I was curious. The black & white manga style graphic novel is an interesting read. It reminds me about the things that annoyed me in Niven's tale, so they've captured the spirit of his story well. The art is eye-catching and amusing. I wish it were all in one volume, but I plan to buy the next volume when it comes out.

    11. I haven't read any hard SF for a while, so it was nice to get back into that genre. This graphic novel was a nice, quick dive into the atory, but I also have the regular novel that I'll be reading soon. Since there are aliens in this story, it was interesting to see them drawn in this book. I saw this book on some Best Science Fiction list, and so far the story does not disappoint.

    12. Looking at the Sneak Peek: Ringworld, The Graphic Novel, Part One from Tor ( torforgeblog/2014/07/07/sn )Looks real good, only strange bit is the puppeteers look very different than I imagined.

    13. Really liked this. I've read the novel at least three times but this was a fun introduction to both the Ringworld novels and The Known Space books. The art was fun and seeing the Kzinti done in the correct Rat-Cat look.

    14. A really great edition of Ringworld. This reminded me why I liked the original story so much. I could have done without the Manga-stye drawings, but since there are a lot of aliens, it doesn't matter too much. Looking forward to volume 2.

    15. Felt like I was missing bits and pieces, like maybe it needs to be longer to be a decent adaptation. Also, the art seemed rushed and sloppy in some places.

    16. The story is really too complex for the manga/graphic novel format. nevertheless, when the next volume comes out, I'll probably buy it.

    17. 3 starsPacing was uneven and there wasn't enough action to keep me engrossed in the story. Things picked up at the end, though, so I'm interested to see where the story goes

    18. I stopped reading it because I couldn't understand the descriptions of the world.Read by Tom Parker, a favorite voice.

    19. Having not read any Ringworld novels yet, this graphic novel did a good job getting me interested in doing so. The main characters are an interesting mix and I look forward to future parts.

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