Hunted Romantic Suspense author Jaycee Clark takes her writing to the next level with this dark Romantic Thriller Sins can be buried but they re never forgotten Morgan Gaelord has lived with the knowledge

  • Title: Hunted
  • Author: Jaycee Clark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Romantic Suspense author Jaycee Clark takes her writing to the next level with this dark Romantic Thriller.Sins can be buried, but they re never forgotten .Morgan Gaelord has lived with the knowledge of her past and the fear of her secret for years No one knows the truth behind her nightmares in the hellish Czech Republic underground, and they never will She s carvedRomantic Suspense author Jaycee Clark takes her writing to the next level with this dark Romantic Thriller.Sins can be buried, but they re never forgotten .Morgan Gaelord has lived with the knowledge of her past and the fear of her secret for years No one knows the truth behind her nightmares in the hellish Czech Republic underground, and they never will She s carved a life for herself, helping her brothers run the family antiquities business Nothing and no one is taking this slice of contentment away from her Lincoln Blade III, owner of the premier Blade Jewelers, has put his past behind him Retired from his days with InterPol and undercover operations, he s enjoying the corporate side of life He s spent years in the cesspools of society, helping the lucky escape, and he has no intention of being dragged back.But someone from both their pasts changes that Women who escaped the world of sex slaves are being hunted and eliminated When the victims are linked to Blade and his past, he s forced back into a role he d vowed to leave behind, and both he and Morgan must trust each other before the killer reaches his final target.

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    1. Caution: this book is NOT a romantic suspense!When I read romantic I expect to find some love oriented action between hero and heroine.Here there’s emotion, there’s love, but it is not a romantic type of emotion and love!The book is all about abuse, torture, killing, obsession. The heroine, Morgan, is a survivor from a very, very awful sexual slavery. If you ever thought, imagined the worst things done to a person, she suffered it. Rape, physical and psychological torture, beatings, degradat [...]

    2. *** 5 amazing and suspenseful stars ***"If she could build something out of the nightmare, let it be good, she prayed"LOVED THIS BOOK! Like seriously, loved it. Let's start off first with the two main characters- Lincoln and MorganJohn/LincolnLOVED HIM. John is Lincoln's alias when he resuces Morgan. He is a seriously sexy man and doesn't flaunt it. He saves Morgans life and he fits into the his sexy-hero mold SO WELL. The care he has for the well-being of the girls he saved is evident and just [...]

    3. Morgan Gaelord (Dusk) is kidnapped and forced into the sex slave world in the Czech Republic. She is finally rescued and slowly makes the journey back home to Texas where her family is. The synopsis was a bit misleading in my opinion. Much of the story involves the escape and journey home. The story was very gritty, intense and suspenseful. The romance was slow to develop but with this sort of story the author really had no choice if she wanted to be convincing. The characters were well drawn. M [...]

    4. Wow. That was so dark, so realistic, and so captivating from beginning to end. The scenes are beautifully written - you can feel the emotions pouring out of her. The romance wasn't a big aspect in this book, but this topic really doesn't need it. There are other things to worry about instead. It was haunting from beginning to end. Loved the story.

    5. 4,5 starsExcellent book! A haunting story of courage and survival. Well written, beleavable plot, thrilling Hope there will be a sequel

    6. If you are into romance/ suspense/ thriller, this book is definitely for you. Pick it up and read, you'll know what I am taking about. This book has dark themes and the story revolves around abuse so some of you may find it disturbing. The story is about Morgan and her struggles in overcoming her fear and her past. The past, no one and I mean no one wants to experience. The blurb pretty much tell us about her past. It starts with her in the brothel, her escape from the horrible place and how her [...]

    7. If you have not read this book and love a suspense/thriller, pick it up. It was such an awesome read I had a hard time putting it down. I actually was a little peeved at my children for waking up from their naps early and interupting my reading time.Dusk (Morgan) was kidnapped and forced into a brothel in Prague. She was rescused by an Interpol team includuing John, Shadow, George, and Becca. Jezek Mikhail is the enforcer of the brothels and mafia in Prague and is beyond mad that his favorite gi [...]

    8. I devoured this book in one sitting. Morgan has practically been living as a slave, that being said she is strong even in the worst of situations. She's been threatened, beaten, raped, and watched as others have died. As her master, Mikhail's favorite she is forced to do things many of the others girls don't. One day when she is sent to entertain a renowned drug dealer, the proposed dealer turns out to be Interpol and helps her escape from the hell she's living in. A relationship is formed, but [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book! I love a good suspense novel and this one pulled me in from the first sentence. I enjoyed all the characters, yes even the crazy one! I loved Linc and all he stood for. Loved how he handled Morgan. The storyline was intense but so good! Can be a very difficult subject matter but Jaycee did well with it. Would love a second book or an epilogue of some sorts. We were kind of left hanging. All in all great read! ARC provided by NetGalley

    10. This book was very very good but very very heavy. The contents are what I can only describe as gut wrenching devestation. As you read this book, you will experience many different dark emotions that draw you into the book. I recommend this book; however if you cannot handle a book with horrific details, skip the book.

    11. This was an awesome book, it made you feel all the emotions that the main character feels, it makes you hope for the best and makes you angry when it does not go her way. It makes you believe that heroes are still out there and ready to save you. I give this book five stars.

    12. Amazing.Who could survive all of that? So sad to think that this actually happens in our world.Lincoln is the best. Morgan is a survivor.This story will linger with me for awhile.

    13. Wow. The best Jaycee Clark book I've read. Read it in one sitting. I loved the two main characters and how we were able to see their relationship evolve over time. Real and heartfelt!

    14. Caught up by human traffickers, Morgan — or Dusk as she's now called — never expects to know freedom or happiness again. And after the horrors she's witnessed and endured, she's not even sure getting away would save her. But a door opens when she least expects it, and against all odds and loss of hope, she's saved from the brutal life that was forced on her. Only her captor wants her back, and he'll stop at nothing to find her and punish her for her betrayal.ButThis is not a negative at all [...]

    15. Review by Reading Books Brings SerenityReviewer: PhoenixPremise:Morgan Gaelord had thought she would never be free again. Somehow, Lincoln Blade (man of many names) snatched her out of Mikhail Jezek’s world of sex slaves and drugs, and returned her to the place she thought she would never see again: home.Of course, Mikhail has a reputation to uphold. No one escapes for long. Especially not the one woman he hasn’t quite broken yet, the one woman who somehow, through everything, never gave in [...]

    16. I received a free copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.I tried to read this once before and gave up as I wasn't in the right frame of mind but I am glad I gave it another try. I was drawn in from the very beginning, it's quite a shocking opener. Although this has a romance tag on it, there isn't really a romance as such, not the typical girl meets boy and falls in love, it's more a case of boy rescues girl, helps her with her recovery and they gradually fall int [...]

    17. Blood and nationality were stripped away and status and wealth meant nothing here…Taken away by force and an obsession that surpasses all reasonability, Morgan Gaelord becomes Dusk, and ends up in the hellish undergrounds of the Czech Republic. Even as she endures the brutality and torture, she hangs on to a ray of hope to escape the cruelty and evil. And that ray of hope gives her a new life, yet she cannot escape the nightmares of her past. Even as she forges ahead with a new lease of life, [...]

    18. Hunted.This is a dark book and deals with some serious issues.If you people are going into this thinking you'll get a good, tensed, danger-filled romance?Then do not touch this book for you will be disappointed.The plot goes over some serious torture and mental pain.This book deals with losing yourself almost to the point of breaking, then getting saved, lots of ups and downs, the threat of the past forever looming over youThis book has some issues that will screw with your brain, disgust you, e [...]

    19. I was pleasantly surprised by HUNTED. Morgan Gaelord is a survivor. She's seen - and experienced - things she wouldn't wish on even her worst enemy.Europe will never be the same for her. Looking past all the beauty of the attractions, she sees the world of slavery. A world that at one point had her thinking she didn't care whether she lived or died. The horrors of the world are true. She's lived them. And now they might be coming for her again. I'm not entirely sure I would call this a romantic [...]

    20. Interesting, prior to having an e-reader, I had so many books that I had purchased and no longer have my physical library. This one sounded familiar as I started it, but because I read so many, I couldn't recall the details.This is a great story. The fear, the ashamed inner thoughts of what people think even though you do what you can to survive. I thought this was a great thought out, and driven story about someone who is forced into the unthinkinkable world of human trafficing, and the tale of [...]

    21. Another superb thriller Jaycee Clark created another nail-biting thriller in Hunted. Using skillful prose, credible, albeit it horrific plot, and strong characters, the story paced brilliantly, kept me anxiously turning each page, providing an engrossing read. Lincoln Blade was a hero unlike many. He was the British, skilled protector, and unsung hero, one I could not help but adore. Morgan Gaelord was a heroine you simply couldn't avoid admiring. Her strength and fortitude amidst horrendous act [...]

    22. Hunted by Jaycee Clark was an intense, gripping, emotional novel about human trafficking. This was fast paced and action packed from the very first page. It was very hard to put down.Human trafficking is such a hard subject to write and Jaycee Clark did a superb job in writing this. All though this was a fictional book, the subject matter is very real and is happening in reality. I’ve already read Ms. Clark’s Kinncaid series, which I loved, but this one by far is one of my favorites. Even th [...]

    23. This book was a story of survival and recovery. I had a hard time putting it down and wanted to know what was going to happen next. I did have a problem with how her brothers treated her when she came home. They knew something bad had happened and could see by how she looked and acted that she was not well yet they treated and spoke to her like she was the same spoiled little sister that she was when she left? I wanted to smack them upside the head! Thank God for Linc, at least someone knew how [...]

    24. I have read most of Jaycee Clark's books (really enjoyed the Kinncaid Brothers Series) and have found that this one is no exception to the rest in how drawn into the characters and the story I became. The storyline was darker than most and very graphic in places which helped to associate with the pain and torment the lead character, Morgan, suffered. There was not much emphasis on the love interest between the 2 lead characters, although there was an underlying chemistry between them and if I ha [...]

    25. Good and intense I was tapping my kindle so fast. Morgan/Dusk is finally free from her horrible ordeal at the hands of Mikili thanks to Linc. But Mikili has never lost a girl before and he will get her back. You go with Morgan trying to get her life back and she knows he will be back for her. A couple years later heees back and coming for her and Linc has to protect her. It is a dark romance but the things she goes thru are not graphic they are being told so it's not so bad. Good read if you lik [...]

    26. 5 freakin stars. Great read.I was a little surprised how much I enjoyed it to be honest. I have a hard time when an author writes in so many POV but it worked. Really well.I would love to see a (view spoiler)[2nd book, Happy Ever After extended ending between Linc & Morgan.I think Hunted was just right when it came to only a peck kiss at the end but maybe in the future some more lovin would work too :P (hide spoiler)] Just throwing that out there XO

    27. Dusk is an American girl who was kidnapped after they brutally killed her boyfriend. She's kept in a whorehouse after she refuses to belong to Mikhail. When she us freed by a interpol group from the evil she goes home to regroup. The past wont remain buried because she has unfinished business so she can finally be free. There are some difficult scenes in this book and I had tears at the end. Author did a great job!!

    28. HOLY WOW, this book had me hooked from the first page. I admit, it isn't your typical RS storyline, the romance part is more of an underlying intense kind of thing, not an in your face kind of thing. I LOVED this story. The feelings that were written in this story were so raw and so intense, I highly recommend this book and I really hope that the ending of this book is suggesting there will be others in the series. AWESOME!!

    29. I even don't know what to say. One star is simply my emotional reaction to whole story. Hated Morgana's brothers for dumbeness and lack of understanding. I was angry with Morgan for that she thought of herself as a whore after all what she went, really??? Woman who is kidnapped, raped and being forced in slavery is a whore? Something is wrong here.P.S. And Calsonone family? Such hypocrites that I want to throw up. How many girls were and are in hell because of them?

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