Unwilling Wife

Unwilling Wife Their war of wills was on Gina had been young in awe of the older man who swept her off her feet lifting her into a bright world of new experiences But after ten years of marriage she found herself

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  • Title: Unwilling Wife
  • Author: Renee Roszel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Their war of wills was on Gina had been young, in awe of the older man who swept her off her feet, lifting her into a bright world of new experiences But after ten years of marriage, she found herself fearful of totally disappearing, becoming nothing than an extension of her husband, her every opinion, every idea, dismissed all, of course, for her own good Panic strTheir war of wills was on Gina had been young, in awe of the older man who swept her off her feet, lifting her into a bright world of new experiences But after ten years of marriage, she found herself fearful of totally disappearing, becoming nothing than an extension of her husband, her every opinion, every idea, dismissed all, of course, for her own good Panic stricken, Gina ran three thousand miles away, determined to become a whole, fully functional human being in her own right.David would have none of it, as resolute to win her back as she was to shed his controlling influence What a shame their sex life held explosive passions so thrilling Gina feared his soft seductions might weaken her resolve David counted on it.

    One thought on “Unwilling Wife”

    1. I just managed to get through this without DNFing. Maybe because I wanted to see what boneheaded thing the heroine would do next. This is a marriage in trouble story. The heroine married the physics professor hero when she was 19 and he was 32. It was an opposites attracts relationship, but lately the heroine has been resentful of the hero's stodgy and controlling ways. So she left Boston for a lighthouse her great uncle left her on the California coast. The story opens with the heroine burning [...]

    2. I had this book on my list for a bit and for some unknown reason, I thought it would be a book with non-con BDSM. Obviously, I didn't read the blurb recently. I kept hoping for the spankings, restraints, etc and it never happened. Reviewing the blurb, now I know why.You know you read too much BDSM when the word "unwilling" immediately means non-con and gets you excited. *sigh*This is a well written story. When the passion dies in a marriage, frequently it ends in a dissolution. In this marriage, [...]

    3. Interesting premise, but disappointing resolution. Much younger wife feels stifled by her dominating husband. He does not understand her attempts to become het own person, but keeps her under his thumb, dictating what she wears and does. She leaves him Nd seeks a divorce. He comes after her, desperately in love, and tries to persuade her to return.So far, this seems like an appealing book. The problem is that the husband does not accept or understand her genuine and legitimate concern for nearly [...]

    4. I thought this book was just kind of bleh. I understood the h and her decision to leave the H, but that was about it. I didn't feel any passion between the two even though it was written into the book that there was. :(I would've liked to have seen the H (view spoiler)[ change and evolve throughout the while trying to get her back. I sure didn't see many changes in his outlook on anything. Only at the VERY END did her come back and suddenly say he'd give up his stuffy job. He didn't say he under [...]

    5. Unwilling Wife was an okay read. I enjoyed the story line but felt like everything was so unbelievable and the main characters were a bit wishy washy.

    6. “The Dean’s Wife” could burn for all Gina cared, she had had enough of being told what to do all the time, what to wear, what to eat, how to dress. She had finally had enough too bad it had taken her becoming thirty to finally understand just want she wantedGina, was just 19 years old when she was working at her father’s book store when in walked Dean Baron, a man who knew what he wanted and always got it. She had always been told what to do, she watched her mother go thru the same thing [...]

    7. Unwilling Wife ~ Straight-laced physic dean and his fun-loving hippy wife equal a great love story.Gina was desperate to find a way to be a person in her own right and not just the 'Dean's Wife' to her brilliant and controlling husband. Moving from Boston to the Pacific Northwest, she becomes his Unwilling Wife.I loved the humor and symbolism when she burned all her stuffy wife clothes on the beach and the repeat of another bonfire when David returned to the lighthouse and built his own fire.The [...]

    8. David is a College Professor who has met and married 19 year old Gina. Over the course of their 10 year marriage, David has molded and shaped Gina into the woman that he wants her to be. The Doting Wife, A member of whatever charity organization he see's fit, someone to entertain his fellow professors and their wives and a beautiful and well manicured woman on his arm. He has made her everything that he wants and thinks that she should be.After 10 years, Gina has had enough of her husbands contr [...]

    9. A highly ambitious academic scholar, David had absolutely no clue why his pliant and biddable wife of ten years up and left him. For a month he left her to cool down until he was served with divorce papers. Livid he tracked down his wayward wife determined to bring her home and stop this nonsense only to find a women he barely recognised. She'd changed beyond what he considered to be acceptable in the eyes of his academic colleagues, in fact his entire academic world. There was no textbook solut [...]

    10. Unwilling Wife by Renee RoszelGina Baron had been married for ten years. In that time her handsome husband had started to suck her dry. He told her how to dress, how to wear her hair, what charity work to do or not and more. Gina had been left a lighthouse on the beach all the way across the country and she ran there, away from being the Dean’s Wife. To become her own person.Dr. David Baron had his PH.d but lost his wife. He gave her a month and then went to bring his wife back to Boston. The [...]

    11. This one was a little blah for me. I was expecting a little " War of the Roses" type of story but this book was more emotional and sweet in a way. I understand the wife's need to be her own person after being married to a controlling, older man but the story came across a tad childish and was lacking that punch I always look for when I read a book. I just felt like there was never a moment that brought the whole story together. It almost felt like these two characters who were married for ten ye [...]

    12. I enjoyed reading this book so much! David he doesn't give up, "while you're destroying things, darling-" a masculine voice cut through her musings "- why don't we destroy these?" He's just funny, "this is crazy," he groused. "Of course, you may use two of my burners. Damn it, Gina how long are we going to play this child's game?" Gina she has a mind of her own and is learning how to voice her opinions, "nothing's changed. Listen to yourself. You're dictating to me again. Good Lord, we're still [...]

    13. She has good reasons for wanting a divorce : she never has a say in anything concerning their life. But she rushes into action without thinking of the consequences, just like a child. Airhead ! He has good reasons for acting the way he does, but he never told her about it, so what did he expect ? And he IS patronizing. It was a comedy. Not bad, not great either, just OK. I didn't really empathize with the characters, the plot was sometimes forced, I was tempted to put it down though I didn't.

    14. This was a change of pace for me. Instead of the man always having the power, this time it was the woman (sort of :). This talks about marriage and that it takes two people working together, to make it work. Honesty, communication, sacrifice. How far would you be willing to go to save your marriage? David and Gina's story is worth reading.

    15. Took Gina 10 years to stand up for herself, against her domineering husband and his ideas of how things were to be done. Interesting interaction when David shows up demanding she return with him and stop the divorce he doesn't want because it would damage his professional future as the head of the institution.

    16. Unwilling wifeThis was an interesting story about a husband and wife in marriage problems. The way they handled their problems was different and romantic. Cute story.

    17. Wonderful bookI have to say I really did enjoy this story. It had a great storyline and wonderful characters. I found it hard to put down once I started to read. Very Enjoyable.

    18. Way to go lead character Gina!! I loved this girl. Finally standing up for herself, demanding the man she loves to shake the rocks out of his stubborn head! Right on!

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