Los Nuevos Vengadores: La Búsqueda de la Visión

Los Nuevos Vengadores La B squeda de la Visi n Contiene West Coast Avengers y The New Defenders

  • Title: Los Nuevos Vengadores: La Búsqueda de la Visión
  • Author: John Byrne
  • ISBN: 8439503569
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Contiene West Coast Avengers 41 45 1989 y The New Defenders 142 43 1985.

    One thought on “Los Nuevos Vengadores: La Búsqueda de la Visión”

    1. Star auteur John Byrne came aboard as writer and penciler and he put the focus squarely on the Scarlet Witch. She woke one morning to find the Vision missing. That set in motion a complex chain of events that ended with Vision stripped down and rebuilt as a cold, emotionless machine. With a lovestruck Wonder Man refusing to allow his brain patterns to be used to restore Vision’s personality, Scarlet Witch went on a downward spiral that left her in a fragile emotional state. The big surprise: t [...]

    2. My read through Marvel Comics of the 1980s is nearing its conclusion. This is the last 80s collection of the Avengers of the Western variety.Vision Quest collects issues #42-50 of the West Coast Avengers (becomes Avengers West Coast starting with issue #47). This is the point in the series that John Byrne took over the writing. The series lost much of its light and often silly feel and went dark and serious.This story starts with a multi-national plot to kidnap Vision and erase all traces of him [...]

    3. Collecting Avengers West Coast 42-50, this may be the official start of Byrne-as-hack. One could make an argument for his brief stint on Incredible Hulk just after the second Secret Wars, but I would argue that no one knew what to do with old Green-Greyskin until Peter David took up the ball and ran with it and that John's attempt wasn't horrible, just a bad idea. This, however, is true butchery of all and sundry, laced with authorial talking to the camera that works in She-Hulk (who he manages [...]

    4. 4.5 starsMuch, much better than the last one I read. It's so interesting to get all the backstory and to watch Wanda's steady decline. It's still old stuff, so a lot of the conversation and interaction is stilted, but it still makes for an interesting read. And there were so many faces I was so excited to see! Captain America and She-Hulk! Mockingbird! A brief scene with Nebula!But can I just say one thing? I'm reading all this backstory so I can understand Wanda more leading up to House of M, b [...]

    5. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm a Byrne-victim. That's the name for fanatics and followers of John Byrne. This volume collects, and represents, the first half of one of Byrne's darker story arcs for the Marvel Universe. Suffice to say that fans of the Vision and Scarlet Witch (like myself) are in for a rough ride with this one. Yikes! And theres no turning back from this. It was also influential on Bendis's Avengers Disassemble story arc, the Avengers' darkest day, several decade [...]

    6. Quando John Byrne tornò alla Marvel dopo il licenziamento di Jim Shooter, pretese di scrivere e disegnare questa serie, che sotto la sua guida cambiò da West Coast Avengers ad Avengers West Coast.Aveva delle buone idee, e riuscì a portarle avanti bene nonostante ritmi di lavoro improvvisamente accelerati quando la nuova proprietà decise di far uscire due numeri al mese nel periodo estivo.Sebbene alcune sue scelte non mi siano piaciute, non posso dire che siano illogiche o scarsamente attraen [...]

    7. I read this as an introduction to Avengers West Coast - it was the only one I could find in the library - but it worked well as such. Coming in later into a storyline didn't make things as difficult to follow as I thought it would, and it has left me wanting to read more. It covers a fair amount of background for several of the characters and advanced the plot well, although leaving more questions as all good ongoing series do.

    8. Lindo dibujo, y parece que es de la época en la que Byrne también era bueno escribiendo. Supongo que este tomo tiene un par de chances más que los otros para no estar eternamente como "to-read", aunque el hecho de que ya lleve un año en la biblioteca me hace desconfiar de mi propio pronóstico.

    9. Taco español que reentapa la edición en castellano de West Coast Avengers #41-45 (1989) y The New Defenders #142-43 (1985).

    10. Great stuff old school marvel at its best. Intricate and fantastical, no trying to get bogged down in movie tie-ins or reality. Also multiple story threads which made marvel great.

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