Marvel Héroes: Hulka

Marvel H roes Hulka Edici n espa ola que recopila Marvel H roes

  • Title: Marvel Héroes: Hulka
  • Author: John Byrne
  • ISBN: 843950357
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Edici n espa ola que recopila Marvel H roes 36 40.

    One thought on “Marvel Héroes: Hulka”

    1. While just trying to have a quiet, romantic night out with her boyfriend, Wyatt Wingfoot, She-Hulk has to instead deal with corrupt government agents that think she may be as big a threat as her famous cousin and a swarm of super intelligent cockroaches!Big adventure, a nice bit of romance, nasty bad guys, and a heroine who is smart, funny and very hot. Reads like a really good summer action, comic book movie.John Byrne did a great job of breathing life into what was basically a second rate char [...]

    2. It can be tough to remember now he's the epitome of silly old bastards on the comics Internet, but there was a time when John Byrne's always somehow shiny art was the look of utmost modernity in Marvel comics. And I've never read any of his She-Hulk before, but I'm aware its breaking of the fourth wall prefigured Deadpool, and Byrne's retooling of Jen Walters paved the way for her subsequent wonderfully quirky solo series from the likes of Slott and Soule. I believe this was Byrne's first solo o [...]

    3. Marvel Graphic Novel No. 18 offers a fine piece of storytelling and superhero action from maestro John Byrne. After having chronicled the adventures of She-Hulk as a temporary replacement member of the Fantastic Four (see the end of Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne volume 4 and onwards), but before handling her own second on-going series, Byrne was given the chance of producing this piece, involving S.H.I.E.L.D a sleazy power hungry agent and a mysterious but very lethal foe.On the whole, [...]

    4. Truth be told I have a love/hate relationship with Byrne I love his late 70s and 80s stuff, but come the 90s, I always associated him with destroying characters, like the Vision. Plus, he's awfully full of himself, when he really shouldn't be. Anyways, I tried to keep an open mind while reading She-Hulk, which I totally accomplished, and thought it was a great fun read. Not as good as Dan Slott's run, but fair.

    5. John Byrne has worked on so many characters, and done amazing work with most of them, but anytime he works with She-Hilk, the results are very entertaining. This beautifully drawn book is no exception, and while it's much more serious than his later work with the character, it's still wonderful. It's also important, not just for She-Hulk herself, but in setting up some important plot points for the agency SHIELD.

    6. C'è più del mero divertimento di un autore per la "sua" creatura in queste pagine, che sono un poco il canto del cigno di John Byrne su She-Hulk.Chi vorrebbe essere debole e fragile quando si può essere grandi e forti, invulnerabili e quasi invincibili? C'è molta più psicologia che azione in queste pagine, anche se non sembrerebbe.

    7. Si no me equivoco, la historia de Hulka ya la leí (y la tengo) en la edición MGN que subí hace un tiempo, pero vaya a saber uno por qué no la marqué. Pero como en esta edición hay un par de pavadas extra, la dejo como to-read hasta nuevo aviso.

    8. Una historia instrumental y sin mayores sorpresas (aunque amena y bien contada) cuyo gran mérito es replantear definitivamente la naturaleza del personaje.

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