Followers To tweet or not to tweet what a deadly question When Briana loses out on a starring role in the school s production of Hamlet she reluctantly agrees to be the drama department s social media director

  • Title: Followers
  • Author: Anna Davies
  • ISBN: 9780545511964
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
  • To tweet or not to tweet what a deadly question.When Briana loses out on a starring role in the school s production of Hamlet, she reluctantly agrees to be the drama department s social media director and starts tweeting half hearted updates She barely has any followers, so when someone hacks her twitter account, Briana can t muster the energy to stop it After alTo tweet or not to tweet what a deadly question.When Briana loses out on a starring role in the school s production of Hamlet, she reluctantly agrees to be the drama department s social media director and starts tweeting half hearted updates She barely has any followers, so when someone hacks her twitter account, Briana can t muster the energy to stop it After all, tweets like Something s rotten in the state of Denmark and a body s rotting in the theater are obviously a joke.But then a body IS discovered in the theater Briana s rival Suddenly, what seemed like a prank turns deadly serious To everyone s horror, the grisly tweets continue and the body count starts to rise.There s no other explanation someone is live tweeting murders on campus.With the school in chaos and the police unable to find the culprit, it s up to Briana to unmask the psycho tweeter before the carnage reaches Shakespearian proportions or she becomes the next victim.

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    1. Well. That was not scary. It was horrible, but for all the wrong reasons. For instance,where the heck were the police?! Maybe I've got it wrongBUT I believe when there are suspicious, multiple deaths (with something like a social media account in the background giving violent threats and predictions) that the police would look into the case. It would at least be A CASE. But no! No there is not one cop in sight this whole book. Like, no one interviewing students, checking out twitter accounts, qu [...]

    2. Wow, I'm going to feel absolutely horrible putting this review out there, but the whole process of reading this was irritating. The greatest issue came from the disparity between the summary of the book and the actual book itself. So, I'm going to point out those issues first. My response is in bold.(view spoiler)[When Briana loses out on a starring role in the school's production of Hamlet, she reluctantly agrees to be the drama department's "social media director" and starts tweeting half-hear [...]

    3. Thank you Point and Netgalley for providing this in return for an honest reviewI am so torn about how I feel about this book because while I enjoyed reading it, there were numerous problems throughout which really annoyed me. I have really been trying to get into reading horror/mystery books in YA after I stumbled upon some amazing adult ones, but what I am finding is that there are hardly any good YA horror novels available or at least I have not found them yet. I was really hoping this book [...]

    4. Where as most of the other students at school have gone to MacHale, a boarding school in Maine that focuses on the arts and her mother's old stomping ground, since they were freshman, Bree is new and doesn't really fit in with the rest of her classmates.The book takes place over winter break, when students come back to school after the holidays to put together a play. The school is putting on Hamlet, and Bree really wants the part of Ophelia. Upon arriving at auditions, she learns that the forme [...]

    5. Eek! Nothing is creepier than horror kids! Children of the Corn will haunt me forever despite its awfulness! They are looking into my soul!!

    6. Thank you to Australia for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest reviewFind this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!Followers by Anna Davis is marketed as a scary and mysterious murder mystery with Shakespearean elements woven into its pages but does unfortunately not translate well onto paper in this quick read that holds promise but ultimately falls flat.I’m not going to beat around the bush here; Followers is, for the most part, a disappointment. Wh [...]

    7. This was a fairly quick and easy read but it really should have been twice as long, with a lot more suspense and creepy shit. We know Briana doesn't get the part, yet 100 pages are dedicated to the build-up to the auditions and the announcement of the cast list. It's another 20 pages before Briana is made Social Media Director. The death of Briana's rival doesn't happen until page 152. Of 216. The actual "action" doesn't start happening until you're 70% of the way through the book. That's ridicu [...]

    8. The book Followers was hard to follow because of all of the random events that the author added in don't give you anything that you need to understand the story and if at all the random events just make the book confusing. the main character Bree Beland-a more antisocial because she is more an outcast until her roommate makes friends with the "popular" guys at school and starts to become friends with them so in some way she is becoming less antisocial. The main conflict is Bree has he Twitter ha [...]

    9. I'm pretty certain Anna Davies' inability to write an interesting, cohesive thriller killed the Point Horror relaunch! This is TERRIBLE.Here are some questions:(view spoiler)[What was Mr. O'Dell's motive? Did he kill Andi, or was that just an accident? How did he kill Briana's rival? Why would the role of Ophelia even need an understudy? Why did Briana push Mr. O'Dell off the catwalk? Why couldn't Tristan just tell Briana his suspicions instead of acting all mysterious? Why would Briana believe [...]

    10. The ending is a little "whoops, only gave me 200 pages, I'd better wrap this up" and the romance that comes out of nowhere for the epilogue is just plain cheesy. Overall it's a quick thrill, but it will be dated as soon as teens move on from Twitter to the next thing.

    11. librarytalker/201Briana has just finished her first semester as a transfer student to a private school in Maine and it hasn't gone well. Her mother has fond memories of being a social butterfly at MacHale, but Briana just can't seem to catch a break.When she decides to stay around for winter term and audition for Hamlet, she hopes to really shine and maybe even become the popular girl she's always dreamed of being. If she can be Ophelia, she can join the theatre kids and really get a social life [...]

    12. Provided by the Publisher via NetGalleyThis book got potential and that's all I can say about it. It started out really nice. In fact, it was so interesting that I almost finished it in one sitting. Almost. However, the second half of the book was very disappointing.I liked the characters of this book a lot. At least at first. The various personalities made them real and exciting to read. Later on, though, they became kind of stiff, bland and extremely boring. Briana, AKA @alleyesonbree (her Twi [...]

    13. Full review: bookgirl/post/8475821714Followers, by Anna Davies (out June 24th 2014), is a novel targeted at middle grade students who are looking to be spooked within the pages of a thriller and boy, will this deliver it to them! I think that it will surely be a hit and strike all the right marks with its use of social media and the light glimpses of horror. Theatrical students, in particular, will eat it up — especially if they’re looking for a light scare and a bit of mystery!I’d like to [...]

    14. In this book there is a thrilling murder case going on but the cover of the book seems to add a lot more tension then the book actually has. At the begging of the book you meet a girl named Briana that is going to a arts boarding school. She is shy and conserved until she goes into to her dorm and realizes everyone is already there. So she actually breaks out of her shell. Soon she is trying out for a part at the school play when the other school is brought in because of the new play director Mr [...]

    15. That left like a million unanswered questions. Why did she push him off the balcony?Why were the police ok with that?How did she wins up with a guy she had arrested (wrongfully I might add)?Why did she hit said guy with a hunk of wood if he was just sitting there?It's ridiculous. Everything was so jumbled and annoying. I would have never been so ok with everyone accusing me of murder and then being friendly the next day when it's proved I was actually innocent. And the ending was so bizarre. Not [...]

    16. This book is just depressing. I mean, seriously? A horror novel about Twitter? This book has left me incredibly worried for the publishing market and incredibly grateful that I don't have a Twitter account. Another book that tries way too hard to appeal to lazy teens in the digital age and only ends up coming across as really lame.

    17. I've been trying to get into this one but so far nothing about it is grabbing me. And, with so many books waiting in this wings, it is time to let it go. Another one where the writing, characters, and story-line are not appealing to me.

    18. Jordan C.Title: FollowersPages: 216Author: Anna Davies Publisher: Point Genre: MysteryISBN 978-0-545-51196-4 Price $9.99 USDIn the book “Followers,” Briana, who is the main character, is new to MacHale, a private school, and just started in Winterm with less students than it normally has She has just decided to try acting again after she quit for a few years ago. Her theater teacher dies from “old age” just a few days into the new school. The school hires a new theater teacher to take hi [...]

    19. FOLLOWERS actually has a full point lower rating than DEFRIENDED on , however, I think this is the better of two books. At least FOLLOWERS has actual tension and the author doesn’t act like the readers like dolts when it comes to technology. Although she is rather insistent that her characters can’t live without their phones, which I found a little annoying. And I’m not sure what the creepy ten-year-olds with yellow eyes have anything to do with anything. I guess yellow eyes are mentioned [...]

    20. When I first saw this book on a shelf in my friend's house, I was immediately interested. Ecstatic, even. From what I read on the blurb and the small commentary that my friend gave me, I thought it would be a thrilling, creepy and awesome book built around the equally awesome base idea. But what I read was disappointing, to say the least. Now, I don't mean to say the whole book was disappointing, just most of it. I think the main reason for my disinterest in this book is probably in how unrealis [...]

    21. I really wanted to like this book. But it just completely missed the mark for me. Firstly, it gave me SUPER intense 'Friend Request' (the movie) vibes, and not in a good way. Labelling this book as horror is really being quite generous. Secondly, I have no idea what the plot/storyline of this was meant to be. While it had really good potential, I think it got a bit lost in trying to incorporate the subplots of her mother/Eric and his romances with all the girls/the stuff with Zach??/Tristan and [...]

    22. I check his book out from the library on a whim. I thought the plot sounded interesting. All I can say is I'm glad I I didn't buy it. This book was horrible. The plot was really drug out to the half of the book, and the last was just boring. It was not even scary. This is the second worst book I have ever read. Only the maze runner was worse.

    23. Not much happens until like page 175, then the rest is rushed and confusing. I think if the book had been longer it could have had a chance to be good and make sense without making me feel like I was searching for Pepe Silvia.

    24. Desperate to shine, Briana understands that she must first emerge from her mother’s shadow. In an apparently counterintuitive move, she chooses to attend the very same prestigious boarding school where her mother was once the brightest star on stage. Driven by the need to prove to her mother, and more importantly to herself; one can most certainly be a fine, talented actor while deftly avoiding drama in real life, she was able to push reservations aside, as the move is not without apprehension [...]

    25. The synopsis was somewhat accurate. I read wickedpedia before this book and the level of gore is really low. The way Anna Davies described how they died was so depressing. I was hoping to find this book to be more gory. Honestly, I could say the book trailed a few 150 pages. But the fact that there was 200 and something pages and she waited until like the 150th page to kill somebody was kind of sad. I could tell that Anna Davies was in a rush to finish this book. I suspected that the killer was [...]

    26. So-so book. Murders? Where? There is one around 60 pages in, one around 70 pages before the end, then one like 30 pages before the end. Sorry, but the blurb made it sound like murders happened the whole time, while in fact it was just 3 murders and so widely spread out that it made the horror feel go away.Also the murderer, I guessed it from the moment we met that person. *rolls eyes*Did I mention I hate predictable books?Disappointed. That blurb is a total lie. The first murder/body that is fou [...]

    27. As a high school theater kid and someone who still loves plays, I was super excited to read this book. Taking the backdrop of a production of Hamlet and putting a social media twist on it is quite clever. Shakespearian tragedy blends the ordinary with the epic, potentially providing a nice foil for the action going on in the world of the novel. Unfortunately, the plot didn't live up to the set up. Although it was meant to feel high-stakes, I couldn't muster up the energy to feel strongly about t [...]

    28. Things I liked:1. The setting. The private school, and the whole idea of "winterm," and the production of Hamlet were all wonderful elements.2. The way the main character *is* Ophelia (knowing something's wrong, unable to get anyone to listen to her, feeling as if she's going mad) even though she doesn't get to *play* Ophelia.3. The potential for backstory. Her mother went to this school, WITH the murderer AND with his first victim. This could have played out like a traditional Gothic novel, in [...]

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