Crescendo ANTHONY AWARD NOMINEE for Best Audiobook One dead woman A missing child The diabolic father who will do anything to get his son back The female cop who risks everything to keep the boy safeESCENDO

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  • Title: Crescendo
  • Author: Deborah J. Ledford
  • ISBN: 9781938101342
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • ANTHONY AWARD NOMINEE for Best Audiobook 2014One dead woman.A missing child.The diabolic father who will do anything to get his son back.The female cop who risks everything to keep the boy safeESCENDO Redemption with a Bullet.As the only female Native American officer on the Bryson City, North Carolina police force, Inola Walela, must always play her A game All betsANTHONY AWARD NOMINEE for Best Audiobook 2014One dead woman.A missing child.The diabolic father who will do anything to get his son back.The female cop who risks everything to keep the boy safeESCENDO Redemption with a Bullet.As the only female Native American officer on the Bryson City, North Carolina police force, Inola Walela, must always play her A game All bets are off when during a routine traffic stop the passenger insists her son has been kidnapped but is struck by a car before Inola can glean any hard facts An altercation ensues and Inola s partner is felled by a bullet possibly from her gun On administrative leave, fraught with guilt for allegedly killing her partner, and obsessed with the possibility of a missing child out there somewhere, she defies the force and her fianc , Sheriff Steven Hawk Inola sets off on her own journey to find the missing boy.

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    1. In music, "crescendo" indicates a gradual increase in force or loudness. If Deborah J. Ledford’s three-book Steven Hawk/Inola Walela Thriller Series (Staccato, 2009, Snare, 2010, Crescendo, 2013) were a concerto, the audience would leave the concert hall at the end of the performance electrified by the force of the third movement and the virtuosity of soloist Inola Walela.Crescendo (Second Wind Publishing, January 27) begins with great force when antagonists Preston Durand and private investig [...]

    2. 2014 ANTHONY AWARD NOMINEE FOR BEST AUDIOBOOKCRESCENDO is book three of my Steven Hawk/Inola Walela suspense series set in the Great Smoky Mountains, of western North Carolina.I hope you enjoy this journey of the only Native American female police officer of a small North Carolina town searching for a child no one but her believes is missing. CRESCENDO - Redemption with a bullet.Read by TV and film actress Christina Cox (Dexter, NCIS, The Chronicles of Riddick, Elysium, Better Than Chocolate, Ni [...]

    3. I think what I like most about Deborah J Ledford's writing is her ability to bring the reader right into her story from the first five pages. She paints descriptions of her settings in all of her books, including SNARE & STACCATO, the previous two books in the Inola Walela/Steven Hawk trilogy, that make you feel you're right there. This was especially true in CRESCENDO, taking the reader to a small, and maybe somewhat backward hamlet in the mountains of North Carolina, someplace this reader [...]

    4. Officer Inola Wilela finds herself amidst a tumultuous sea of havoc and uncertainty that begins with what seems like a straightforward traffic stop and turns into a battle to save a young boy. The father of the boy, a manipulative mad-man, begins a relentless pursuit to find his son so he can cash in on his inheritance. Inola vows to keep the boy safe but he is determined to locate the boy at any cost, no matter how much violence and bloodshed ensues. Inola, being the only female police officer [...]

    5. Crescendo, book three in the Steven Hawk/Inola Walela psychological suspense thriller series, follows in the fast-paced and mesmerizing tradition of Staccato and Snare, the first and second books in the series.I’m not going to rehash the plot here, because there are already a plethora of summaries in reviews previously posted. What I do enjoy writing about, however, is the reaction I have to novels, and how the characters or plot affected me personally. I know, it’s a bit narcissistic, but t [...]

    6. Inola Walela, half Cherokee Native American, and the first Bryson City female officer to be awarded the Medal Of Honor, is highly respected by all. She is training new officer Cody Edwards, and building a life with her companion, Steven Hawk, who happens to be the newly elected Sheriff of Swain County, North Carolina. They are a branded as controversial, with she being part Native American, and he being African American. They bravely forge ahead. Renowned actress Christina Cox narrates Deborah [...]

    7. CRESCENDO was quite a find for me. As a North Carolina resident, I always enjoy novels set in the state. The third in a series featuring Inola Walela, half Cherokee officer of The Bryson City Police Department, and Steven Hawk, sheriff of the county and her boy friend. Set in the Great Smokies, Inola and her rookie partner make a stop when they spot a blond haired woman acting frantically pass them by.A huge man comes out of the driver's seat and her partner takes him back to their unit while sh [...]

    8. Crescendo plunges the reader into a plot propelled by two obsessed characters. Inola, the heroine, is the only Native American officer on the Bryson City, North Carolina police force. She feels she constantly has to prove herself, especially after a particularly traumatic traffic stop in which her partner is shot. Put on administrative leave, Inola can’t rest until she avenges her partner. She also has to rescue a child who seems to be missing but whose identity or even existence can’t be co [...]

    9. I think that I have an new female author that I want to follow more. Deborah J Ledford writes "Crescendo" to be a fast pace, suspense, murder, thriller. I don't have that many female authors in my library, because I find most of them focus on the characters' emotions a bit too much, where the plot becomes muddle after a while. "Crescendo" comes out firing from the gate and cut through the chase and gets through the good parts. Unlike other authors, Ledford builds the female character too be stro [...]

    10. Deb Ledford has done it again. The third installment of the series, she has presented the reader with a tight plot that reeks with tension and suspense--a mother fears for the safety of her child from a crazed madman bent of harming her and childnapping. All located in the hills of modern day Great Smokey Mountains. Another excellent read from this author.

    11. Always a gripping psychological thriller from Ledford. She knows how to make you turn the page. This time Inola must protect a boy from his father, who is willing to murder anyone who gets in the way of his attempt to kidnap the boy from his terrified mother. And this time Inola is in the way. Good page turner.

    12. Crescendo, the third book in the Steven Hawk/Inola Walela Thriller Series is another winner. I so enjoy reading a well thought out, tension filled, edge of your seat thriller and Deborah Ledford has delivered once again. Go get it now!

    13. Intense!! This title had me on pins & needles and reeled me in like a fish from the beginning. The scenes were full of suspense, thrills, action, and all the emotions that come with being a police officer. This was the third book of Ledford's that I've read and I haven't been let down yet.

    14. Enjoyed reading about the Hawk and Walela characters. Lots of suspense. You are THERE - in the Great Smoky Mountains.

    15. Note: Even though this is Book 3 in the series, it worked just fine as a stand alone.Bryson City, NC isn’t known for its diversity. But that hasn’t stopped Cherokee Inola Walela from excelling at her chosen career – city police officer. In fact, she and her partner are running late to an awards ceremony where they will both receive commendations. Yet a tense traffic stop sends Inola chasing after a missing child and a dangerous man. Unfortunately, there is very little info to go on, and In [...]

    16. A traffic stop that should have been nothing more than routine has gone terribly bad for Inola Walela and her partner, Cody Sheehan. The two are members of the Bryson City, North Carolina police force. The driver of the vehicle is known as Hondo and has been hired by Preston Durand to locate his son. Preston's ex-wife has disappeared with the boy and Preston is determined that the child must be found although he has no affection for the child and never has had. Preston's father is dying and unle [...]

    17. Book: Crescendo Genre: ThrillerType:Audiobook.Book rating: ☆☆☆▪5Narration rating: ☆☆☆▪5Review Firstly let me thank Audiojukebox for gifting me this copy for an honest review.So, secondly, I requested this book after reading the bumpf and thinking hmm this looks good !I didn't know however that it was #3 in a series !!I'm assuming that all of the characters were already established in the 1st 2 books so it was a little difficult to relate to them at first.I did however enjoy the b [...]

    18. I loved the cast of characters: native American cop with intimacy issues and a chip on her shoulder, her Wise Woman Cherokee grandmother, black Sheriff that acts as voice of reason, eager young cub of a rookie that rides with the cop, and even a reformed computer hacker. Nice details about the North Carolina setting and good setup for the mystery with a mother on the run with her young son from a dangerous father trying to grab the kid. The book opens with a bang - big action. Then, inexplicably [...]

    19. Reviewed by Sarah LBook provided by authorReview originally posted at Romancing the BookBeing the final book in the series I worried that I wouldn’t be able to jump in and understand what was going on. My worries were unfounded however as this book stands completely alone. Of course I would still love to read books one and two because I suspect that is where the majority of the romance between our two main characters falls. Book three is more suspense thriller than romance.If you enjoy a story [...]

    20. I had thought I had written a review for this weeks ago when I finished it but GoodReads is showing this on my Reading list so I must have forgotten; which in hindsight isn't that surprising as this book is largely forgettable. I'll keep this brief.The book started out with a lot of promise both as a story and as an audiobook. The story is about a mother and child on the run from their estranged and demented father, the father's hunt for his child and the story of a police officer and sheriff wh [...]

    21. This was a good fast paced crime thriller. I was afraid I would not know what was happening because this is the third book in the series, but it can definitely stand alone. Inola is a outstanding officer in the Bryson City, NC police dept. and has very good instincts, however, she never expected a traffic stop to turn into a murder/kidnapping mystery. The unfolding of the case was exciting and revealed itself with good timing to keep the story interesting. There is also a bit of romance that has [...]

    22. Disclaimer: I received this audiobook free in return for an honest review.Crescendo is an apt title and metaphor for this novel by Deborah J. Ledford the suspense builds as the story progresses. The characters are well-defined, and I found them relatable and interesting. Although this story is part of a series (and I hadn't read Ms. Ledford's work before), the story "stood on its own" -- I didn't feel like I'd missed any critical pieces of information in not having read earlier books. Christina [...]

    23. I admit this is the first book of the series I've read (heard). What an exciting experience. The action keeps building until the heart stopping climax. I will definitely go back to the first two books. Christina Cox is an amazing voice and knows just how to keep the listener riveted. I'd meant to listen to this later, but started it to get a feel for the book and couldn't stop. What's not to love about the flawed but brave heroine, Inola. Read this or listen to it. You won't be disappointed.

    24. I listened to this book on audio and it was fabulous. It was not only well written but one of the best narrations I've heard in a long time. If you like a good mystery with a strong female character, this is a must!

    25. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Deborah Ledford is a shining star. One of the best suspense novelists. Looking forward to her next book.

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