One thought on “マギ 16 [Magi 16]”

  1. It is soooooo frustrating to see the war and violence but gahhhh the action is soooo intense! I can't wait to see it in the anime :3There's a lot of development along with pure action. I am getting so giddy here. Now I just need to wait for more chapters. *shrivels up and dies*

  2. I didn't know what I was getting into when starting Magi. It looks to be one of those endless shounen series. I'll keep up with it for now, but it's not gripping me. I can't for the life of me keep all the different players straight (especially any of the Kou family - they all look the same!), and I'm not invested enough in the series to go back and reread to figure out everyone. The political dynamics are well done, and I would enjoy them even more if I could keep everyone straight.More than an [...]

  3. A review for books 1- 26This Manga starts our humorous. I really enjoyed the characters at the beginning. The farther you read the deeper the plots become. Enjoyable at the beginning, and a must read for the later books. I can NOT wait for books 27 + Characters are real and raw. Everyone has there faults and I feel the author/artist dose a wonderful job of bringing everyones points of view, twisted though they might be, in to clear focus. (note: I wouldn't recommend this manga for young teens. I [...]

  4. I'm becoming slightly perturbed that I never know what volume I am on when I read this stuff online. But, the series is fantastic.I'm pretty sure this is the part where the war begins, and OH MY GOODNESS THE ACTION IS SO INTENSE. I am loving every moment. We literally when from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds. Gah! I can't fathom this right now must read on.

  5. It's an all magic, all magicians volume and Aladdin once again takes center stage.It concentrates on the deep, dark secret of Magnoshutatt and it reveals some pretty major plot points, but it still felt like nothing much actually happened.

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