Blue Coyote Motel

Blue Coyote Motel Would you take an anti aging hormone What if you could keep your youth If someone you knew was terrified of aging and you d invented the hormone would you give it to them Even if it meant discovery

  • Title: Blue Coyote Motel
  • Author: Dianne Harman
  • ISBN: 9780615717456
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Would you take an anti aging hormone What if you could keep your youth If someone you knew was terrified of aging, and you d invented the hormone, would you give it to them Even if it meant discovery would cause you to lose your chance of winning the Nobel Prize Blue Coyote Motel is a suspense love story which begins in the barrios of Southern California and spans the gWould you take an anti aging hormone What if you could keep your youth If someone you knew was terrified of aging, and you d invented the hormone, would you give it to them Even if it meant discovery would cause you to lose your chance of winning the Nobel Prize Blue Coyote Motel is a suspense love story which begins in the barrios of Southern California and spans the globe in such diverse locations as Provence, South America, and the Himalayas The beautiful Latina, Maria, and her husband, Jeffrey, a scientist fired from a prestigious laboratory, struggle to build a new life in a remote Southern California desert areas as owners of the motel.Along with the anti aging hormone, Jeffrey invents a feel good wonder drug to help Maria with her depression As Jeffrey becomes insane he begins to experiment with the wonder drug Six wayward travelers, including an alcoholic priest, a couple who own gold mines in Brazil, a depressed widow, a struggling salesman, and a Native American pediatrician find themselves spending the night at the small motel The next morning they wake up feeling better than ever Has Jeffrey s miracle drug delivered Or is the nightmare of addiction only beginning Blue Coyote Motel presents an engaging look at the human frailties present in all of us.

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    1. The author must be wealthy and very generous to her friends or she has charisma flowing out her back side. That is the only logical explanation I can muster up for ANYTHING positive said about this book. This was painful to read. The plot description was interesting enough for me to hang in there to see if it got better - but it didn't. It was definitely NOT worth the time invested (which wasn't all that much to begin with.)The characters were all boring with only one or two (usually stereotyped [...]

    2. Instructions for mixing a ‘Blue Coyote Cocktail’: Take one obsessive scientist who has just thrown away his career over a woman. Add a girl from the barrio who is obsessed with not growing old. Stir in a washed-up salesman, a defrocked paedophile priest, an angry doctor from an Indian reservation, an over-stressed gold mining executive and a depressed widow. Season with love affairs and sprinkle on some exotic locations. Serve chilled.This is a difficult book to pigeonhole into a traditional [...]

    3. “Blue Coyote Hotel” by Dianne Harman has at its heart an excellent idea and an intelligent concept that is very well presented and told with irony as well as compassion.The main character Jeffrey is an idealistic scientist very much in love with his beautiful wife Maria. Working on an anti-ageing drug initially he compromises his work life for Maria, loses his job and ends up pursuing his dream of making the world a better place by other means at the Blue Coyote Hotel. The book actually begi [...]

    4. I picked up Blue Coyote Motel, because I like contemporary fiction, and it didn’t disappoint. Blue Coyote Motel is an interesting concept, because it leaves the reader with the feeling that it could really happen. The patrons who stop at the Blue Coyote Motel are each facing personal issues and are given an unapproved drug that the motel owners call “Freedom” without their knowledge. Ms. Harman artfully tells the story of each of the travelers’ circumstances prior to their motel stay, wh [...]

    5. What an interesting book. This is an entirely original idea for a book, and I was hooked from the get go. This book takes you on an adventure following many different characters from different backgrounds, experiences, and struggles, as they hit their rick bottom in a small middle of no-where motel. The diverse characters are interesting and captivating, each with their own demons to address and conquer.A book that artfully captures the inner desire, seduction, and pain from addiction, and the s [...]

    6. An intriguing story of people who have one thing in common, a stay at the Blue Coyote Motel. You don't want to miss this one and you may never want to stay in a motel again. Dianne Harman has done an excellent job.

    7. This is not my usual read or style of book. I was a little uncertain at first as I got to know the first character through what felt like an update of his life - not what I was expecting drama wise. The writing is more narrative than action/dialogue. Having said that the story moved fast and my interest picked up.Basically, Doug is at a bad place in life, until he stops off at the Blue Coyote Motel where his life turns around. Enter Maria who also wants to improve her lot in life, but she makes [...]

    8. My first question, “What is up with this motel?” There’s an over the hill football player with a blown out knee, who comes to the motel, ready to give up on everything. Spends one night…his entire life turns out for the better. A Native American with major anger issues, spends the night and wakes up happy and ready to take on the task of becoming a pediatrician and the tribe’s Medicine Man, to take care of his people.Dianne tells of a whole cast of flawed characters with different prob [...]

    9. I found the premise of Blue Coyote Motel both original and intriguing. Imagine a drug that would instantly alleviate depression, anger, grief. A mental panacea that would utterly transform the human condition. It all seems a little too good to be true; and of course it is. Nothing comes without a cost. Dianne Harman has taken an intriguing idea, and woven it into a fascinating and absorbing story. She has created a collection of strong and believable characters, drawn from a wide spectrum of con [...]

    10. Right from the start, the book's title and cover, I was drawn to Blue Coyote Motel. And as I started reading I wasn't disappointed. A very interesting premise - a drug that instantly alleviates a variety of current day emotional maladies. But as the strong cast of characters soon discover, nothing is that easy. It's original and I like Harman's tight writing style a lot. This one was a very pleasant surprise and I'll be on the lookout for additional books from Ms. Harman.

    11. What happens when a euphoric drug gets out of control? The author gives us just enough background of each of the main characters that we get to know them without losing the main story. When they stay at the Blue Coyote Motel, their problems seem to vanish. That's what they believe, at first. Little do they know that they are breathing a drug that is in the motel's airconditioning system. In a combination of Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone, consequences can and do happen, enveloping the readers i [...]

    12. From the moment the first character finds himself "smack dab in the middle of the Mojave Desert, otherwise known as the armpit of California" only to find surprisingly charming accommodations at the Blue Coyote Motel, I was thoroughly captivated. Ms. Harman pulls you into that motel, and all of its dark secrets, with a masterful touch. A seductive touch, really, because just like the motel beckons its visitors to return, she makes us want to return with them. We feel a little voyeuristic. We can [...]

    13. Blue Coyote Motel addresses many important issues; the most prevalent being women's poor self-image, drug addiction and the violation of issuing drugs to unsuspecting victims. The plot revolves around a mad scientist and his image-obsessed wife who set up a motel in the middle of a desert. He organizes an illegal lab in the basement of the motel where he fabricates clandestine drugs to alleviate his wife's fears of getting old and another one that will save the whole of humanity from depression [...]

    14. The cover on this novel is perfect. It is an unusual premise, that of a rather mad scientist who might have been a Nobel Prize winner if he hadn't strayed from the legalities of his position as a research scientist for a drug company, which causes his termination as an employee. He concocts a feel-good drug which will drive away all the despair, angst and unhappiness from anyone who uses it and tests his creation on a few unsuspecting overnight guests at the Blue Coyote Motel.This is a multi-fac [...]

    15. From the beginning of the story I actually liked Doug, he was described well and came across very realistic. I also liked Maria and Jeffrey who both had their own addictive personalities. In fact, each character had something they were struggling with from childhood onward, but as for Jeffrey, he was determined to heal himself and others even at a high price, perhaps a fatal one. I like how each character came from different ethic, economic, and spiritual backgrounds, and how Dianne showed that [...]

    16. Maria grew up in a barrio, but followed her mother's recommendations and found herself a wealthy man and secure employment. Life's looking sunny for Maria. The only problem is beautiful Maria is terrified of growing older and one day losing her looks. Her husband, Jeffrey, a brilliant scientist, discovers an anti-aging drug, and gives it to his wife, despite the fact that it hasn't been FDA approved. When someone learns Jeffrey has been administering the drug to his wife, he's promptly given a p [...]

    17. So what would you do if you were traveling through the pitch dark emptiness of the southwestern desert late at night, road weary and wanting sleep, and you saw this comfy, inviting, brilliantly lit motel miles from any signs of civilization? Would alarm bells go off? Would you pull in anyway? My first thought after reading the first half of Dianne Harman's "Blue Coyote Motel" was: wouldn't it be wonderful to spend a couple of days there. My first thought after reading the end of the book was sim [...]

    18. Diane Harmon has taken one of the world's common maladies and transcended it into a beautiful and poignant story. Her novel projects understanding, empathy and compassion for Maria Rodriguez a beautiful young woman suffering from depression. The story line is well-spun and intriguing, and the characters, from Maria to the Nobel-prize Jeffrey to the downtrodden Sam and others are captivating, vulnerable and visual. The dialogue is crisp and believable. I appreciate the work in this novel and reco [...]

    19. A well written novel. The characters visit the Blue Coyote Motel where there is something in the air. Jeffery a manic depressive, and the beautiful Maria come together. This couple may hold the key to this mystery. The characters in the book come from different backgrounds and have a variety of issues. The story unfolds and takes the reader across continents.This is an engaging, fast paced story and if you want something different, this is definitely a recommended read.

    20. Blue Coyote MotelBlue Coyote Motel presents as a good story, with the potential to spin out there into several vignettes - and that's my favorite kind of novel.Dianne Harman doesn't merely tap into that potential: she milks it for all it can give.Ms. Harman takes this "good" story and makes it a great one, as those of us who have had the pleasure of losing ourselves inside The Motel can attest to. Of course, the reader has the right to expect authors to be trustworthy as they lead us through a s [...]

    21. “Blue Coyote Motel” by Dianne Harman is an intriguing psychological thriller that makes the readers think of such eternal themes as the power of science, ethical dilemmas that scientists face, and what happens when personal interests and love get in the way of professionalism. The book is fascinating on so many levels: I loved the portrayal of the yearning for a better life that Maria, the female protagonist, is trying to satisfy in her quest for perfection. Unfortunately, as the author show [...]

    22. Check into the Blue Coyote MotelThe majority of people we meet in real life are neither all good nor all bad. In Blue Coyote Motel, by Dianne Harman, she weaves the stories of an assortment of characters. With her gift of creativity and her imagination, she sends the reader through the gamut of human emotions. As they deal with the challenges of life, the characters inadvertently find their troubles resolved. Addictions, such as food, smoking and sex, are easily overcome. Rage at a level needing [...]

    23. Blue Coyote Motel is a well-written, easy to read novel shedding light on many different facets of addiction. I loved how the author carefully introduced us to the cast of characters in the first half of the book by drawing us into their lives and then revealed how their lives intertwined in the second half. Very well done and I loved the suspense that led to the reveal. I pulled for each of the characters in their individual situations, battling their own demons in their own way. It brought to [...]

    24. Get a good job. Find a rich man. These were the words of wisdom passed from mother to daughter.Words of wisdom passed from my father to me: Get an education. Study and learn all you can. Learn about history. Dad said, “As a great man by the name of Winston Churchill said, ‘Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’”In “Blue Coyote Motel”, the characters reminded me of people I once knew. It would be great is there really was a feel good wonder drug.I believe faith [...]

    25. This was a well written novel with smooth transitions and detailed descriptions. At times it has a very dark and ominous feeling to the writing, which sets the reader up for the conclusion. There are also many separate storylines in this story that run parallel to each other and finally intertwine at the ending, creating suspense and mystery that propels the reader forward. The story itself is very intriguing but it jumps from person to person to allow for these multiple story lines. This allows [...]

    26. If you had the ability to grant happiness to everyone, would you do it? Disgraced scientist Jeffrey Brooks believes he has created a cure for depression and uses his guests at the Blue Coyote Motel as human research subjects. The people to whom he administered his wonder-drug (named “Freedom”) leave the hotel feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to change their lives for the better. Yet is this feeling and newfound motivation too good to last?‘Blue Coyote Motel’ is a compelling stor [...]

    27. Blue Coyote Motel has an original premise and the plot delivers. An odd genius is working on an anti-aging drug and he meets a beautiful young woman who is terrified of getting older. A perfect match, right? He is determined to win a Nobel prize and ultimately save the world with his drugs, but reality intervenes, and they are forced to drastically change their lives. Still, his ambitions remain, and the story goes on from there. I liked Maria and the parts of the story that where we learned of [...]

    28. A MUST READThis is one of those books that will have you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning. It was very hard to put down.The premise of a cure all drug that ends all the negative emotions in life including hatred and war is original, but no drug comes without side effects!There are many characters in the book, all of which have some serious negative things going on in their lives until they inadvertently happen to stay at the remote Blue Coyote Motel at different times. Upon check [...]

    29. Blue Coyote Motel was an interesting read, and a book which is rather hard to categorize exactly.I liked the way the author has built the story, using intertwining storylines and descriptive storytelling to make the book a compelling experience. Most of the characters are very distinguishable and well-written, although somewhat stereotypical. As I normally read speculative fiction, I was surprised to see how much I wanted to get back to the book after putting it away. There are promises of a seq [...]

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