Beneath Heven and Hell Where I came from everything is perfect Everything is beautiful and predictable Life isn t measured by days but by infinite joy that never ends But it did When I fell in love with a

  • Title: Beneath
  • Author: Cambria Hebert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 217
  • Format: ebook
  • Heven and Hell 3.5Where I came from everything is perfect Everything is beautiful and predictable Life isn t measured by days, but by infinite joy that never ends.But it did.When I fell in love with a man who was perfectly imperfect The price for forbidden affection was steep and my beautiful white wings withered and died around me I was fallen I am fallen.Years haveHeven and Hell 3.5Where I came from everything is perfect Everything is beautiful and predictable Life isn t measured by days, but by infinite joy that never ends.But it did.When I fell in love with a man who was perfectly imperfect The price for forbidden affection was steep and my beautiful white wings withered and died around me I was fallen I am fallen.Years have passed, and I ve learned the true meaning of time I ve learned to build a wall around myself and exist alone Yet, when he looks at me the heart beneath my armor trembles.But I must remember.I must remember that I might not have anything left to lose, but he certainly does And risking him is something I won t do So I lock my feelings where they belong.Beneath.

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    1. This was such a beautiful novella! I knew that it was going to be as Cambria's writing flows perfectly and her writing is original but as soon as I started reading I fell in love with it! It was only 63 pages so I read it quickly and in one sitting! The plot was so sad! It had moments where I grinned like an idiot and then the next minute I was crying! For being only 63 pages it had a massive effect and I am positive that all the Heven and Hell fans out there are going to love it! The plot had s [...]

    2. It is no secret that I adore Cambria's Heven and Hell series, so much so that I get excited whenever I know there is going to be another book or novella out in the series.But this novella, I was really excited about. This one is all about Gemma and I have been dying to know her story. She is one of my favorite characters because she is so mysterious. She is a strong fighter, has a tender heart but a tough girl exterior. She been there for Sam, Heven and Cole numerous times and you can just see t [...]

    3. Cambria did it again with her spin offEvery one Love Gemma How she a kick ass.And we wanting to no.How she got stuck on earth Gemma had a sweet life in heven. doing her duty as told. but comeing to earth has her feeling stuff she don't understandShe meet a human that get her feeling all up in a bunch at when she finish her misson she will go see the human her feeling for him more and more and she feel; she should only love god but she do. love god. not the way she love a humanbut Gemma story has [...]

    4. Cole x Gemma <3 :)Callum >:(And exactly when did Callum have a chance to sire spawns of hell? WHEN?!Also, Kimber sucks. But we already knew that. This novella is a bit longer than others, but is just as good. It shows us Gemma's head and works as a bridge between Tirade and Renegade. And in the same Hebert manner raises more questions that what it answers. 3.5 Stars

    5. Cambria, you did it once again!!! You drew me in, took me along with the characters and you made my emotions run freely!!! I absolutely loved this book & can't wait for the next!!! Why does it have to end? :( lol

    6. Full review coming soon!Another fantastic novella by Cambria!! I love getting to learn all about Gemma. So sad the series is soon coming to an end :-(

    7. Gemma has the perfect life. She lives in perfection: Heaven. She is an angel after all. If everything is so perfect, why does she feel drawn to Earth with all of its imperfections and complexities? After completing a mission, Gemma lazily idles by a stream. Watching the water whirl and swirl as it whispers across the river bed. Butterflies flit and float all around her, and Gemma cannot help but enjoy this stolen time. A sharp snap of a branch breaking startles Gemma from her quiet reverie. An u [...]

    8. I will start by saying this will be my favorite of the shorts so far. I have always loved Gemma tremendously as a character. She has to be one of the most complex, yet simple characters I’ve ever read. See by that I mean she stands for her very few rules and she doesn’t break them. Or at least that’s what you see on the outside. She’s much more complex and deep on the inside. She’s not just a fallen angel, she’s a friend, she’s a warrior, she’s a protector, she’s got heart and [...]

    9. This is a between-the-novels short story (60ish pages) giving us insight into one of the more mysterious characters, Gemma. Immediately we hit the trademark Hebert descriptions. She's just so amazingly gifted in making her readers truly experience her books! This is what she opens with:"The water here was cold. It rushed through and around my fingers with eagerness, like it was flowing somewhere important and couldn't be interrupted. The sound it made as it rolled over rocks and against the unev [...]

    10. Perfection was sometimes boring.That was one of the phrase that caught my eye when I was reading Beneath. I have been a loyal fan of Cambria works since her first novella Before was published, and to say as much as I am anticipating for her Heven and Hell series, I am also as excited to read her novellas! (which are prequels to her books). Each novellas are approximately 60+ pages, but 60 pages is all it took to reel me in. Beneath was no exception. Gemma was one of the unique character that I h [...]

    11. I absolutely loved this novella. I have always wondered about the story behind Gemma's fall from heaven. Cambria did a wonderful job of telling her story. In this novella you learn the reasons why Gemma is the recluse badass that she is when we first meet her. All of the joy she had before her fall and why she tries her hardest to keep Cole at arms length. Gemma has most definitely been through her own version of hell. She is a very inspiring character, because she hasn't given up. She is strong [...]

    12. I just KNEW I'd LOVE it !!!Honestly, The Heven and Hell Series is just one of the most brilliant paranormal romance I've ever read. It's unique, captivating and emotional.Beneath certainly shed some light on one of my favorite characters, Gemma. It was really refreshing to know more about her past. I LOVED the story :)))))“You cannot stop me from loving you, Gemma. I already do. I love you so much that sometimes I can barely see.”Just AWESOME :DNow, I really really cannot wait for Renegade , [...]

    13. In Beneath we learn Gemma's background story. A lot of things were mentioned in Tirade about the man she loved and how she then fell and he turned into a hell-hound but this time we get to actually hear the story from Gemma's point of view.I really enjoyed her time in paradise and all the mentions about the different angels, I honestly wish we could see more of that. I also think that her first human love wasn't anything more than just love about earth and human kind, because once the past part [...]

    14. It felt a lot like love.Gemma came from a place where everything was perfect, beautiful, and predictable. But that all came to an end when she fell in love with a human. For though she gained his love, she lost her white wings.Gemma entered into the Heven and Hell series surrounded by mystery. She wormed her way into Cole's heart without even trying. Now, readers are treated to a bit of her back story, and though it's still a little vague, it puts her into perspective. From her strength to her s [...]

    15. So far, I haven't been disappointed by a single book or novella in this series and Beneath was no different. As with the other novellas (Except Before) its told by one of the secondary characters, this time Gemma, we find out how she became a fallen angel, what happened after and are then bought to a scene in the present that follows after Tirade. It was all really informative and I enjoyed this glimpse into Gemma's world, finding out what happened to her and about her feelings now was interesti [...]

    16. I really love reading these short novella's, they reel you right into the characters, almost finished the series, only Renegade left to read.Gemma has always been a lovely person, once you got to know her a little, you really fall for her.I have loved watching her break down her barriers, and really hope she gets a happy ending.I thought the way she has interacted with Sam, Heven, Cole, Logan, even Kimber. she has always had the goodness from being an Angel. I loved reading Gemma's back story, l [...]

    17. Seeing how Gemma is just one of my favorite characters from this series I was really happy when this book released! In "Beneath" we get to read how Gemma became who she is and what it took for her to get to where she is! You will experience love, heartbreaks, tragedy and friendships! It's a beautiful book worth reading and sharing with all your friends!

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