Fantastic Voyage

Fantastic Voyage A BOLD JOURNEY INTO A NEW DIMENSION OF ENTERTAINMENT AND EXCITEMENTFour men a woman are reduced to a microscopic fraction of their original size boarding a miniaturized atomic sub to be injected into

  • Title: Fantastic Voyage
  • Author: Isaac Asimov Harry Kleiner Otto Klement
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • A BOLD JOURNEY INTO A NEW DIMENSION OF ENTERTAINMENT AND EXCITEMENTFour men a woman are reduced to a microscopic fraction of their original size, boarding a miniaturized atomic sub to be injected into a dying man s carotid artery Fighting their way past giant antibodies, passing thru the heart itself, entering the inner ear where even the slightest sound would destrA BOLD JOURNEY INTO A NEW DIMENSION OF ENTERTAINMENT AND EXCITEMENTFour men a woman are reduced to a microscopic fraction of their original size, boarding a miniaturized atomic sub to be injected into a dying man s carotid artery Fighting their way past giant antibodies, passing thru the heart itself, entering the inner ear where even the slightest sound would destroy them, battling relentlessly into the cranium Their objective is to reach a blood clot destroy it with the piercing rays of a laser gun At stake is the fate of the entire worldE MOST INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE NOVEL OF OUR TIME

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    1. You know those tedious shows where they tell you to imagine you've been sent to a desert island, and what will you bring with you? For example, which book? As it happens, I have direct information to supply here. When I was about 9, we went off on an extended visit to Italy. My mother is Italian, but, for various complicated reasons, I have never learned to speak the language, even though it would probably have been the easiest thing in the world. So, I was already a book addict, and I was going [...]

    2. Fantastic Voyage, Isaac Asimov Fantastic Voyage is a 1966 American science fiction film directed by Richard Fleischer and written by Harry Kleiner. Bantam Books obtained the rights for a paperback novelization based on the screenplay and approached Isaac Asimov to write it. Because the novelization was released six months before the movie, many people mistakenly believed the film was based on Asimov's book.Four men and one woman reduced to a microscopic fraction of their original size, boarding [...]

    3. I actually ended up liking this more than I thought I would. The book sometimes feels its age with its Cold War undertones and occasionally clumsy dialogue but, nevertheless, I was genuinely caught up in the misadventures of the Proteus crew as they journeyed into the human body.

    4. You don't have to prove anything to me, Asimov. I'm willing to give authors like you unlimited B.S. license. I can enjoy a well-written, well-structured, well-pondered and absolutely ludicrous sci-fi novel.But I didn't get that. I got conversations like this:(Paraphrased, okay, as the Proteus moves through the lungs)OWENS: Oh crap, we're losing air.MICHAELS: Did we just kill Benes? I mean, when that air de-miniaturizes there'll be like big boils appearing on his chest and rending his organsOWENS [...]

    5. Fantastic Voyage by Isaac Asimov was actually a re-read for me. But it has been many moons since I was in my hard-core science fiction phase (like 30 years or so) and so I couldn't resist adding this one to the list when I saw that it would fit into the Birth Year Challenge that I'm doing.Fantastic Voyage is not an original Asimov story. That tells--just a bit. It is a novelization of the movie and it involves the minaturization of a crew of scientists and doctors in an atomic sub who are then i [...]

    6. Isaac Asimov agreed to write the novelization of Fantastic Voyage on the condition that he be allowed to make it as scientifically accurate as possible. He successfully achieves this, while preserving—nay, magnifying—the sexual tension between our hero, Hunk Heartthrob, and the Frigid Highly Professional but Properly Subordinate Beautiful Assistant to the Temperamental Genius. Moreover, Dr. Asimov sews up several glaring plot holes and answers many of the crucial questions the movie leaves o [...]

    7. Caro Asimov, questo non me lo dovevi fare, si vede lontano un miglio che questo romanzo non è tuo, non c'è empatia verso i personaggi, non c'è quell'atmosfera particolare che solo tu puoi ricreare e poi non posso credere che un grande scrittore, quale tu eri, ti sia fatto convincere a scrivere un romanzo su una sceneggiatura di un film, non ci credo!!Comunque sia ne sono rimasto delusissimo, troppi dialoghi ed anche, per la maggior parte, banali, caratterizzazione dei personaggi carente.Però [...]

    8. Il mio primo Asimov risale a più di dieci anni fa e a un'estate calda e pigra: era un tomo rigido tutto nero e oro in cui erano raccolti i quattro libri del ciclo della Fondazione. Era immenso, sembrava un ostacolo insormontabile - ed è stato un ottimo compagno nelle mie giornate estive.Il bello di Isaac Asimov è che parla di cose apparentemente complicatissime in modo semplice, chiaro, pulito - e così ti trascina con sé nel suo mondo, qualunque esso sia. Asimov è uno di quegli autori che [...]

    9. The best female character Asimov drew was Raquel Welch, and that solely was in the movie version. Admittedly, "The Gods Themselves" is the sole exception: a fully-human Asimov female.

    10. La novela de una de mis películas favoritas. Se nota que el guión de la peli lo hizo el propio Asimov, son un calco una cosa de la otra. El libro me ha gustado más, es más detallado, sobre todo en los planteamientos científicos y en las descripciones de por donde van pasando en su camino hacia el coágulo en el cerebro de Benes.Saber lo que va a pasar por haber visto la película le quita parte del intríngulis, pero aún así me ha gustado más que otros libros que he leído.He descubierto [...]

    11. This story is well known, and has been copied/parodied many times on various tv shows and comic books. An interesting trivia fact I didn't know was that the movie is not based on the book. When the movie was coming out, they hired Isaac Asimov to write the novelization. Asimov resisted at first, and then eventually agreed. The book is set roughly in the cold war. An important defector is badly injured, and they desperately need to save his life. They gamble, shrinking a team and a new ship to go [...]

    12. This was the first Asimov book I picked up, and I'm hooked. Writing about science that is known is one thing, but writing about topics that are unknown takes a special talent to make it believable. As the group explores the human body, they see things that have only been hypothesized about. However Asimov still manages to take a neutral side on the unknown. I actually picked this one up because my family in an effort to stay more connected started our own book club. We chose to read Asimov, but [...]

    13. This book was good. Not the best Science Fiction read ever though. It was very interesting in some parts but very, very confusing in the beginning. I did like it though.

    14. WellI just read about 3 chapters on this book, and i think I was totally caught on it. For what I've read so far, this is an unrealistic science-fiction journey into a human brain. Benes, who kept the secret of Uncertainty Principle which may maintain miniaturization process constantly, was seriously injured in an murder attempt of the Other Side. Then, Grant, who flew Benes back home from the the Other Side, must accompany with some other scientists to get inside Benes's brain to rescue him. Ch [...]

    15. Me encantó el libro (aún no he visto la película), pero DIOS, GRANT 😠 La relación de acoso con Cora y sus chistes terribles me hacían pesada la lectura. Además ¿qué con ese final de telenovela? En todo lo demás se sentía tan fresco como si hubiese sido escrito en pleno siglo XXI. Me encantó y ya quiero leer la segunda parte.

    16. "It was the misfortune of the Proteus and her crew to be pioneers into a realm that was literally unknown; surely a fantastic voyage if ever there was one."And within that voyage, Grant was now on a fantastic subvoyage of his own; blown through what seemed miles of space within a microscopic air-chamber in the lung of a dying man."

    17. This satisfied the biology nerd in me, and I enjoyed its subtle humor, but some parts felt too contrived for me to give it 5 full stars. (view spoiler)[All the things that went wrong in the mission didn't feel believable. It was more like, ah this is happening so that we can explore a different part of the body again. Bloodstream, heart, lungs, ear, brain, eye, etc. It's quite obvious from the titles of the chapters. (hide spoiler)] I would still recommend it to other biology nerds, though.

    18. Fantastic Voyage is one of the best science fiction movies of the 1960's, even though the science is questionable and there are plot holes you could drive a bus through. The idea of shrinking a submarine small enough to be injected into a man's bloodstream so the team of scientists inside can remove a blood clot with a laser beam had me at hello when I was a kid. I still like the movie, but had never read this book.This is a novelization, but not the usual kind of novelization. Dr. Asimov was we [...]

    19. "Fantastic Voyage," although well-known, was atypical material for Isaac Asimov. That probably stems from the fact that the story idea was not his own. He was approached by Bantam Books to write a novelization of the film script; because his book came out before the movie, many thought the original story was his and the film was an adaptation. In truth, it was the other way around.The Cold-War era tale deals with a Russian, Dr. Jan Benes, who has defected to the US in possession of scientific se [...]

    20. For those who came in late, Fantastic Voyage was a 1960’s science fiction movie about five people in a submarine shrunk to the size of a bacterium and injected into a man’s living body to perform brain surgery from the inside. The operation is dangerous, because objects can only be miniaturized temporarily. The patient, Benes, a scientist and defector from the Other Side, wants to share the secret of miniaturizing objects indefinitely, but the Other Side arranged for his limousine to crash, [...]

    21. 66 yılının en iyi görüntü ve en iyi özel efekt ödüllerini almış olan Fantastic Voyage, sanılanın aksine yazarı Asimov değildir; filmin kurgulayıcıları aslen Harry Kleiner ve David Duncan'dır. Sonradan Bantam Books'sun yayın haklarını alması sebebiyle romanlaştırmasını Asimov'a yaptırır ve filmden 6 ay öncesine rafa hazır hale getirtilinir.Uzun zaman olmuştu, habire uzaya çıkıyorduk, yeni gezegenler,türler,yaşayış tarzları derken çokça, aslında belli kal [...]

    22. Credo che sia uno dei miei primi libri che ho letto di Asimov, libro del 1966, l'incontro con l'autore che ha plasmato sicuramente la mia mente avida di fantascienza di ragazzino sognatore che aspirava a quel "senso di meraviglioso", che solo la fantascienza classica poteva offrirgli.Questo per me è una pietra miliare della letteratura di fantascienza e non solo. Perchè Asimov era anche un grande saggista oltre che un bravissimo scrittore di romanzi e in molti punti sembra di leggere un libro [...]

    23. This is not truly an Asimov novel -he was talked into novelizing the film script with the lure of an unrefusable offer -this, I believe is according to his autobio "I Asimov". None the less, it is a sort of story that he would have been likely to have written had he thought of it first. The "Good Doctor" was a professor of biochemistry after all. He makes it very clear that the story and novel is seriously flawed -I bet he could easily have written a book about why the "Fantastic Voyage" was utt [...]

    24. I really liked the last book I read by this author so I was pretty excited to read this one. Fantastic Voyage unfortunately just was not that fantastic. The science part was pretty cool, i.e. the concept of miniaturization and the anatomy & phisiology discussed, but the fiction just wasn't there if you catch my drift. Every character was chiched, "the jock/government agent fearless leader", "the arrogant but brilliant surgeon", "the haggard cigar-smoking commander", "the brilliant but vulner [...]

    25. A crew in a submarine are shrunk, injected into a man's bloodstream because he is dying & they are meant to destroy the blood clot with lasers. Yeah, now that is some old school science fiction!This is a novelization of the movie, although this was released first. Fantastic Voyage was one of my first science fiction movies that I fell hard for (my first was of course Star Wars when I was seven!) I had such a crush on Raquel Welch. Talk about stunning! I also thought Stephen Boyd was pretty d [...]

    26. Another one that goes back to my high school days (daze?). Not a bad book I suppose, I'm not a big Asimov fan. Of course here the book is a novelization of a filmrt of a reverse process. What did the movie have that the book doesn't? Raquel Welch of course!Both sides of the cold war have miniaturizationbut it only lasts a short time. The scientist who can make it work is in a coma, from an attempted assassination. The blood clot must be brokenbut it's inoperablewhat shall we do?????!!!!????Why s [...]

    27. Asimov non sbaglia mai ho trascurato colpevolmente questo superclassico della SF per troppi anni ed ora che mi sono deciso a leggerlo (in poche ore peraltro) non posso che ripetere a me stesso ed al mondo che qualsiasi cosa abbia scritto il Maestro, dal più striminzito saggiucolo di 2 pagine al Ciclo della Fondazione, non è MAI tempo sprecato.A quasi 50 anni di distanza "Viaggio allucinante" è ancora credibilissimo, e con pochi piccoli ritocchi potrebbe essere spacciato ai più giovani come o [...]

    28. The story is truly fantastic. I mean that in the worst way. As in fantastically unrealistic. But it was there on my dad's bookshelf so I figured I'd read it. And Isaac's prose is actually pretty good, the passages about the science of the body and so forth. Which makes sense sense because Asmov is a biochemist afterall. Mostly the book is pretty middle school but it still has some good humor in it too. And the antagonist is a somewhat sophisticated character, not all evil but rather acting under [...]

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