The Flesh Cartel #7: Homecoming

The Flesh Cartel Homecoming With a wedge at last driven between Mat and Dougie Carmichael courtesy of Nikolai Petrovic s expert manipulations the brothers must each accept their new path forward Dougie a perfect slave sweet

  • Title: The Flesh Cartel #7: Homecoming
  • Author: Rachel Haimowitz Heidi Belleau
  • ISBN: 9781937551964
  • Page: 236
  • Format: ebook
  • With a wedge at last driven between Mat and Dougie Carmichael, courtesy of Nikolai Petrovic s expert manipulations, the brothers must each accept their new path forward Dougie, a perfect slave, sweet and obedient and loving Mat, a tightly reined dog, snarling and snapping but never allowed to bite.Unfortunately, no transformation, however well planned, is without its groWith a wedge at last driven between Mat and Dougie Carmichael, courtesy of Nikolai Petrovic s expert manipulations, the brothers must each accept their new path forward Dougie, a perfect slave, sweet and obedient and loving Mat, a tightly reined dog, snarling and snapping but never allowed to bite.Unfortunately, no transformation, however well planned, is without its growing pains Mat s leash is so tight it s choking him Dougie is tormented by a little voice inside his head a fragment of his former self that he cannot silence.And Nikolai s most difficult tests for the brothers are still to come.The critical question isn t whether they can pass those tests, but whether they even want to Without each other to lean on and live for, a bleak future has become bleaker still But Nikolai s too good to let his slaves slip through his fingers by death or by despair.A noose, a nighttime sky, a shared lover, an unexpected friend A foreboding forest cabin A lavish party with all the debauchery Nikolai s clientele could want It s all coming in season 3 of the Flesh Cartel.

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    1. Holy Fuck!!! THAT ending is just… So. Not. Fair.What I always find so startling about this series is the impact it has on me as a reader… and just how these two very talented authors manage to evoke such powerful emotions. Even just picking up the 7th episode in this totally compelling series… the heart starts pounding and I can feel the anxiety creeping in and the pain of these two boys all at once becomes renewed. Nikolai has manipulated and coerced Mat and Dougie perfectly in his strate [...]

    2. eeeeh! stop it dougie, stop it!There are no spoilers from Homecoming, but there will inevitably be some from Captured, Auction, Choices, Consequences, Wins and Losses, and Brotherhood. (Contains cussing and explicit scenes.)4.5 How could he have abandoned--no, shoved away the most important person in the world to him? Stars.(Someone please direct me to the correct blood pressure meds that I should take!)The heartbreak, the betrayal on Dougie's face, was the single most painful thing Mat had ever [...]

    3. 4 This ain't a "Hommcoming" Stars.!And here I thought that the series are getting slightly lessmind fucking. DougieI absolutely HATED him in this book AND God Forbid if the Ending WHAT i think it is!! GAHH I'll Lose it!.

    4. Buddy read with the lovely Bk70lvr, thanks hun, I loved every second of it! Even though I felt there wasn't as much angst and tension as there is in the previous episodes That ending is a killer and it just made me thinkThe next instalment is called The Flesh Cartel #8: Loyalties and is out on 29th June 2013 3 days early for all those who buy from Riptide Publishing riptidepublishing/Roll on 29th June!!!

    5. 4 WHAT?? StarsWhen I started this one, I thought this is one of the "lighter" reads in this series. There is a lot of Dougied this girl HATES DougieAND then the last freaking 2-3 pagesHeart breaking. read next one asap!! This series is amazing and even better when you have a friend to hold your hand through itanks for BR Em

    6. OH, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY DO I KEEP LETTING THESE TWO SADIST FUCK WITH MY HEAD! I am ready to bitch slap Dougie and I'm scared Mat has now lost his fucking mind. Nicolai, oh how I want to give him a large dose of his own pain induced, mind fucking medicine. Ahgg! The cliffhanger just sucked hind tit on top of everything else! Now I'm going to beg like Dougie and say, "Please make this crazy assed shit stop!"

    7. Nikolai's mindfucks are getting worse. What a sick manipulator! Full review to come with the last episode.

    8. 4.5 stars, rounded up!For me the weakest part yet I liked the dual, Dougie and Mat's, POVs.This time we're too much in Nikolai's head and too little in Dougie's :(And Mat? His presence is only a cameo this time :(It also has the biggest cliffhanger among all the parts I've already read Off to part 8, people!!!

    9. Another good installment to this series. The majority of this one is about Dougie and how Nikolai has now changed tactics after helping Dougie recover from his ordeal from the last segment. The mindfucking is as prevalent as ever as Nikolai's plan of action is to now earn Dougie's trust through kindness. All goes well, until Nikolai says something that snaps Dougie back to realization of his situation. Nikolai opens up a bit here and there so that we learn some new tidbits about his past. We do [...]

    10. This episode focuses mostly on Dougie and his interactions with Nikolai following the events in the last book. We only briefly see Mat, who is so broken he has basically given up. Nikolai has left Roger to tend to him, knowing he cannot approach Mat at this point so he spends his focus on Dougie. Nikolai is working his magic, fully immersing Dougie in the mindf@ckery that he knows will convince Dougie that Nikolai loves him and only wants what is best for him. Nikolai does open up to Dougie some [...]

    11. Six Stars. Feel the need to gush, I just love this dark series! I had to read it twice to absorb all the nuances, I could highlight the whole thing on my kindle Another episode gone in a flash, leaves us on a cliffhanger too! This part concentrates on Nikolai (the bastard) attempting to win Dougie's true submission through kindness this time. Dougie actually approaches Nikolai to make love to him but Nikolai ruins it by referring to Dougie as a 'hole'. Dougie's nagging inner voice overcomes his [...]

    12. Carrots for everyone!Well after last episode's spectacular clusterfu@k! We've decided to not completely destroy the toys by not giving them the stick mercilessly as they recover. So carrots it is.Again Doug, seriouslywe're having this conversation? We've had it before--EYES on the ball. Focus, you're smart enough--Don't be weak! (view spoiler)[You fold for fucking food! Seriously! The first and most basic of psychological conditioning--STUPID, stupid boy. (hide spoiler)]To say I'm unhappy with D [...]

    13. I waited all book for a glimpse of Mat, and when it comes?Thank goodness I know that there are future books, and Mat is in them, or I'd be trashing my poor kindle right now. Sadly, I don't care as much as I should for Dougie. The only reason I have for caring for Dougies right now, is because of what he means to Mat. I hope that changes in future books, and I start having a heart again when it comes to Dougie, but for now, I'm all about Mat.(sorry for the over run of SPN gifs, but nothing says b [...]

    14. Oooooh the cracks in Nikolai's armor is showing. The insight into Nikolai's mind is actually a little (a lot) unsettling. He's such a constant that to see such a blatant reminder that he is, after all, human, is kind of creepy in an annoying way. I feel like this is giving me false hope.This one's mostly about Dougie with a bit about Mat towards the beginning and the end.The cover's gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. You totally get a sense of the story and it's quite deliciously creepy. I spent so l [...]

    15. This episode focuses mostly on Dougie. Nikolai is still being very caring and nurturing since the baseball bat incident and his brother's supposed betrayal. He even gets to go for a walk outside and indulge in some of his favorite foods. But with one uttered word from Nikolai, the illusion is shattered and Dougie is again left in despair.

    16. So, so, so good. This story just gets better and better. Dougie and Mat, my heart hurts for you every episode. More and more I'm drawn in and I really hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If not, I think I'll drown.

    17. I'm not sure if book 7 was meant to be a comic relief but that's what it was for me. Up until the fucking ending. NNOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    18. What can I say. No sooner had I put it on my currently reading shelf and I was back marking it as finished. Plus, this edition was not anywhere near my favourite. I am becoming slightly worried about my addiction to this series.I do have complaints about this one though. Two, actually. I wanted so much more of Matt. He is the character that stole my heart at the beginning, so he is the one I want to read about the most, plus that ending damn near killed me. What an ending. Now I have to wait unt [...]

    19. This may have been the most heartbreaking episode of all. There was really no physical violence, no mental violence, no real emotional violence; everything seemed actually calm. But one little word 4 tiny letters and I have to say that I did that, "Oh, nooooooo!" when I read it. My heart didn't actually break, it more dissolved into tiny little pieces. It affected me far more than even the Terrible Cliffhanger. Heidi and Rachel have done their job very, very well. Again, this is not an easy tale [...]

    20. I finally picked up the next part of the series and it still makes me nervous to turn around the pages and to know more about Dougie and Mat's fate. Learning more about Nikolai was an interessting aspect of this book. However, as I like to read about Mat, I felt it a too focussed on Dougie. After the difficult previous part, I was excited to read about Mat's thoughts and feelings. Horrible cliff hanger at the end! 3 stars for this part!

    21. Nikolai weaves more of the mental torture on Douglas with a trip outside and clothes. The word "hole" is a trigger that brings Doug back to himself and shows him the psychobabble that Nikolai is throwing at him. Great ending with both brothers sinking into depression.

    22. Short and bleak, this episode felt very transitional, like a continuation of the one before, or a gearing up for what comes after. Hoping the next one will break the grim stasis. Interesting glimpses into Nicolai's mind, and its fracture lines.

    23. Here we are in love again.Petrovic continues to render his priceless (but evidently well paid) service to the mankind. He changes aimlessly wondering two-legged animals into valuable holes for the masters with body waste disposal problems. So no surprise he sees nothing objectionable in his mother slave/hole status. Interesting thing is that we learn he was adopted by Mr. Thomas Thistlewood, the ingenious inventor of “ Derby’s dose” (it can be googled); now with so much effect put to use. [...]

    24. 4,5 stars.(view spoiler)[Thank you for the mind fuck. It was sweet, intense and scary. I was caught up in these beautiful scenes of new love, got my hope up actually. Sitting at the edge of my seat I impatiently waited for the sexual tension to explode. I was rooting for Nikolai and Dougie, they were so delicious. And twisted. Then, my heart hurt. For Dougie, he was so devastated and lost. For Nikolai, he was so disappointed, didn’t understand. Couldn’t. CUT!Yeah, it seems I was as desperate [...]

    25. I have made a mistake. I should have waited for the whole series to be released before starting to read it. Because that ending? HORRIBLE. And now I have to wait for July! (Sure, it's only a couple weeks, but still.)The only kinda sorta issue I had with this episode was that I missed Mat. I like Dougie and am interested to see how his training goes, but heart belongs to Mat.The parts that did involve Mat were heartbreaking. *narrows eyes* He better get a somewhat happy ending at the conclusion o [...]

    26. It was complicated, careful work, with harder tests ahead. And then, when Nikolai’s work was through and Douglas’s transformation was complete, would come the hardest part of all I am back to my love/hate/love relationship with this series. After not knowing if I could continue after that last episode I just had to know what the hell was going to happen next. Being your slave, what should I do but tend,Upon the hours, and times of your desire?I have no precious time at all to spend;Nor servi [...]

    27. ** This review has spoilers for prior episodes. If you haven't read The Flesh Cartel, Season 1: Damnation or The Flesh Cartel, Season 2: Fragmentation then go back** Mat and Dougie are now separated. Dougie thinks Mat has been sold. Mat is wallowing in pain and self-loathing.Most of this story is between Dougie and Nikolai. This is more a mind fuck and Nikolai executes it flawlessly, using 'trust' as the basis of building on their relationship. This episode is more sensual, and there is no pain, [...]

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