Doctor Who and the Mutants

Doctor Who and the Mutants What was happening to the people of Solos Why are they gradually turning into Monsters Hands that become claws flesh that turns scale like

  • Title: Doctor Who and the Mutants
  • Author: Terrance Dicks
  • ISBN: 9780426116905
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • What was happening to the people of Solos Why are they gradually turning into Monsters Hands that become claws, flesh that turns scale like

    One thought on “Doctor Who and the Mutants”

    1. nhwvejournal/1037395ml#cutid4[return][return]I retain an affection for this book, even though the TV original is quite possibly the worst Pertwee story. Somehow the anti-colonial politics comes through both more clearly and more subtly; and we are spared the dodgy special effects and atrocious acting. One where the page is way better than the screen.[return][return]

    2. This was a surprisingly emotional book for me to read. The downtrodden natives of a distant planet in the distant future and slowly, inexorably transforming into monstrous lobster-ish creatures. Are the mutations caused by the violent terraforming, or something else entirely? Racial purity, evolution, and what truly is natural are all played with.

    3. I was never interested in this book to begin with. As a kid I would see it on the shelf and bypass it. It was my mother who bought me a copy when I was sick. After re-reading this all these years later, my view has changed.It is a Target book so the expectations were not high. When I started reading this, I was surprised how fast I read it and it kept my interest. The main story is the Doctor and Jo are sent by the Time Lords to deliver a package. They don't know who it is for (a bit of an overs [...]

    4. Decided to read this as a quick blast through after 1Q84 Book 2 and before 1Q84 Book 3 (which I don't have yet) and that's basically what this is. Bit of a space romp whose only redeeming factor is really the Dr. It's ok, but not one of the best Who novels I've read. Probably won't be pulling this back off the shelf any time soon.

    5. A recent find at a used-book shop, Doctor Who -The Mutants was a fun jump into nostalgia. I've seen the story only once so I wasn't too familiar with this one, but Terrance Dicks' novelisations of TV episodes are always serviceable.

    6. A solid Terrance Dicks effort, that takes an overly-rambling, occasionally ludicrous TV story and transforms it into a tighter, slightly LESS ludicrous novelization. The novel's cover, however, is easily one of the best pieces of "Doctor Who" are EVER painted.

    7. Heavy-handed, but entertaining tale of the worst of colonization. The Doctor did take remarkably well to being used as an errand boy, but I suppose any excuse for a drive will do

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