House of Hospitality

House of Hospitality Dorothy Day s reflections on the Catholic Worker Movement is packed with stories of sacrifice and kindness strikes and protests hunger and soup lines and the rough reality of tenement life

  • Title: House of Hospitality
  • Author: Dorothy Day
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: None
  • Dorothy Day s reflections on the Catholic Worker Movement is packed with stories of sacrifice and kindness, strikes and protests, hunger and soup lines, and the rough reality of tenement life.

    One thought on “ House of Hospitality”

    1. I picked this up on a whim because there was a stack of them clearanced at Barnes and Noble (thank you Catholic reading group that didn't pick up your book order), and didn't really know what to expect. I've never read anything by or about Day before, but apparently this is one of her lesser read works. It consists of journal entries from the beginning years of the Christian Worker's movement during the depression up until the first rumblings of World War II. I loved getting to know Dorothy as a [...]

    2. An amazing book by one of the leaders of the Catholic Social Justice Movement. This is Dorothy Day's diary in the first several years when she was leading the Catholic Worker. This is during the Great Depression with thousands starving in NYC and around the country. She was developing a movement that served the poor while protecting their dignity without help from the government. She and her daughter lives in poverty with her followers. She an excellent writer and very holy. A worthwhile histori [...]

    3. I prefer bibliographies not a diary but, even though it jumped around a lot, (that's what you would expect from a diary), I got quite a bit of a look into her life.I wouldn't go so far as saying that she was the Mother Teresa on the American side of the world, but she was concerned with social justice.She wasn't a communist or a socialist, but she referencedto their meetings throughout the book.

    4. An interesting book about an interesting lady in the Catholic movement in the 30"s.Lead an interesting life.

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