The Flight of the Heron

The Flight of the Heron A young Highlander leaves his home and his bride to be to follow the standard of Bonnie Prince Charlie

  • Title: The Flight of the Heron
  • Author: D.K. Broster
  • ISBN: 9780140040142
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • A young Highlander leaves his home and his bride to be to follow the standard of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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    1. I got a teeny bit of time off before finals week, so naturally I thought the most relaxing possible thing to do would be to settle down with a completely random book found on the library free giveaway shelf. I really do find that relaxing; there is something exciting about dipping into a complete unknown. You might find a gem! Or something awesomely bad. Or just something really bizarre. This was a gem. A slashy gem.Published in 1929, it’s a delicious melodrama about an English soldier, Keith [...]

    2. Set in Scotland in the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion, this is the story of an unlikely friendship between Keith Windham, a career soldier in the British Army, and a young Highland chieftain who follows Bonnie Prince Charlie in his bid for the throne. Ewen Cameron's foster-father, who has the two sights, predicts their meeting five times, through an encounter with a heron, and these meetings do indeed come about. Though each is unswervingly loyal to his own allegiance, in the course of the rebellion th [...]

    3. We all have a few books that form our patterns - our core literary vocabulary, if you like. This is one of mine. It's about two men on either side of a war (the Jacobite Rebellion) who over the course of merely five meetings form a friendship so intense that it throws the nominal romantic interest completely into the shade. Since it's impossible in the context of mid-20s sentimental romance for the relationship to progress any further, one dies in the other's arms, and the other wears his ring f [...]

    4. A splendid yarn of the 45 Jacobite uprising under Bonnie Prince Charlie, firmly in the Scott-Stevenson-Buchan tradition. Fuller review to follow.

    5. I was given this book as a present nearly forty years ago. Struggled as a child (just preteen) to read it, but held on - it had reputation for being good.It is - but it's writing style is bit staid, and is really didn't like some of the phonetic dialogue. It's not that I object on principle it's is just it wasn't done well or consistently. Bit parts have accents the main highlanders don't!So I'm glad I read it eventually but not one to rave about or push on friends etc.In looking at other review [...]

    6. The Flight of the Heron by D. K. Broster. Originally published in 1925 and reprinted 28 times according to copyright info in the front of the book. Mad Pub Lib had books 2 and 3 in the 3 vol. series but I had to get this one from UW library system. Always instructive to see what kind of story held the attention of folks in the midst of the Depression. This was a tale of two soldiers on opposite sides during the Jacobite uprising of ’45 for those of you who know your history of Scotland. Discov [...]

    7. I did not expect to enjoy this anywhere as much as I did, fully expecting a cheesy romance novel set in the 1700's. In fact, although the writing style is a little dated (though certainly not unreadable), the story was less about the highland laird and his beautiful lady and more about a series of awkward and hilariously polite skirmishes between two men from either side of the Jacobite fence. Throw in a dash of prophecy, treachery and misguided loyalty, all set against a mostly historically acc [...]

    8. A great Scottish story that takes place around the time of the battle of Culloden and its aftermath. Though the battle is not described in the book, the relentless pursuit of the rebels is . The story centers around a Scottish noble and an English officer and how their lives intertwine with each other. And how , though they should be enemies, they end up friends. The first book in the Jacobite Trilogy.

    9. I read this book many years ago after borrowing it from a friend. It's engrossing and gave me a real passion for this time in history and the interest to do more travel in Scotland. The book is hard to find though and I have spent so much time in libraries and book shops searching for my own copy (and anything else by DK Broster).

    10. Great historical fiction from my youth. I picked this up again after reading an interview of Shirley Hazzard where she commented that this was one of her favorite books.

    11. Scotland, Bonny Prince Charlie and the Jacobite revolt. Set in the highlands. I remember many of the places mentioned. Interesting to see the writing style of 1925 historical fiction.

    12. This was a reread of a favorite teenage book, first encountered when I lived in the UK. It is still a romantic, evocative, and I have no idea how accurate an account of "heroes"of the second Jacobite Uprising, and the arrival of The Young Pretender (Bonnie Prince Charlie) in Scotland for the ill-fated march south, but the story has lasted well (for me) considering it first appeared in 1925.

    13. Frustrating because I accidentally hit the review bar. I haven't read this yet and it won't let me erase the stars to zero. Will have to read soon so I can give it s real review.

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