Red Rover

Red Rover Heart pounding she woke abruptly It is still dark Her mind cleared it is always dark now Within a heartbeat an accident changed Teresa s life took her sight and left her scarred Red is a typical G

  • Title: Red Rover
  • Author: T.Hammond
  • ISBN: 9781482582529
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heart pounding, she woke abruptly It is still dark Her mind cleared it is always dark now Within a heartbeat, an accident changed Teresa s life, took her sight, and left her scarred Red is a typical German shepherd, well, except for the whole talking in Teresa s head thing He s sassy and opinionated, and pretty handsome, even if he does say so himself If a smart aHeart pounding, she woke abruptly It is still dark Her mind cleared it is always dark now Within a heartbeat, an accident changed Teresa s life, took her sight, and left her scarred Red is a typical German shepherd, well, except for the whole talking in Teresa s head thing He s sassy and opinionated, and pretty handsome, even if he does say so himself If a smart alec dog isn t enough, Sebastian and his friend David came to town and both have set their sights on Teresa Neither of the sexy guys are above using military tactics to secure their target and so begins the Siege And, don t forget to consider the implications of a talking dog the police department certainly has.

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    1. Hey, I wrote it what other kind of rating would I give it? I'm tired of it popping up asking me to rate it (even though I have an author account and this book is listed as mine :) )I loved writing about a woman blinded in an accident that finds she is able to hear her dog's thoughts. Added to the mix are some crazy friends and two hot guys that decide to competitively pursue her. The story is sassy, sarcastic, and very spicy! It is not a children's book. The Red Rover version is probably equival [...]

    2. This was a sweet romance with hot sex. I love how our blind heroine could speak with her dog. I found this read started slow but it picked up pace and I'm glad I stuck it out. I also appreciate it was offered as aeebie. I'm likely to check out the next book in this series.

    3. This book tells a story about a woman named Teresa. After a terrible accident that results in Teresa losing her sight, Teresa is trying to move on with her life when an amazing surprise comes to her door. A German shepherd named Red. She finally gets a dog she had wanted since before the accident and not only is he cute and loyal, but he can do something that other dogs could only dream to do: he can speak to Teresa in her mind. What happens when you add a beautiful woman with a sassy and opinio [...]

    4. “Red talks to me. Since you're family , in a matter of speaking, I'm surprised Janey hasn't mentioned it to you yet.” “Oh, Janey said you talked to your dog, she forgot to mention he talks back.” Oh goshI'm just not sure what to say on this one. I'm actually quite surprised I read it and am still not quite sure why I chose to. This isn't a book that normally would appeal to me. But, it was a free download, I'm a dog lover, and I liked the premise of the story. Sometimes you just have to [...]

    5. After a tragic accident, Teresa is left completely blind and is faced with relearning even the simple daily activities she once did on her own. Luckily, she has friends nearby who are there to encourage her, but she is surprised with one additional helper when her best friend presents her with a very special dog. Red appears to be an average German Shepard, but when Teresa finds herself able to communicate with Red she knows he is anything but ordinary. Then, to complicate her recovery even furt [...]

    6. I was given both Blind Seduction and Color Blind by the author. She said I didn’t have to read or review Blind Seduction, but me being a little anal, I had to read book 1 first. And I am SO bloody glad I did. For me, Blind Seduction has it all; the broken and scarred character who, despite the hand she was dealt, held her head up high, and retained her humour and spark. There’s intrigue, suspicion, even an annoying yet gorgeous best friend’s brother. There are run-ins with the police, too. [...]

    7. Wow I so love this book. I so love Teresa she is awesome cause she can talk and hear her amazing dog Red. Oh did I forget say she blind and not only does she have one sexy hot man after her but two oh so yummy men. To know more about this book grab your copy today a so so so must read!!!!!!!!!

    8. this book is a joy to read is laugh out loud funny. i liked this book so much i am buying the next one to see if it is just as good,

    9. Blind Seduction is the first book in a 6 books series about Teresa and her dog Red. I typically don't like to read books in a series that include cliffhangers - I prefer the story to be completed in one volume and if related volumes are written, that's great. Blind Seduction is part of a larger series and there are more books that continue this series, but the author does provide a decent sense of closure at the end of the first booke provides a teaser to get you interested in the second book, b [...]

    10. This is a great book, I couldn't put it down. I read the PG version of this book Red Rover some time ago and really enjoyed it so when I found the not so PG version for free on Smashwords (and iTunes and Barnes and Noble…etty much everywhere but ) I thought I should give it a try too and boy am I glad I did! This book is the story of Theresa March and her talking guide dog Red. Theresa is blinded in a freak accident and is given Red about 8 months later. They quickly learn that he can “mind [...]

    11. Blind Seduction is a rare mixture of humor, altered reality and sexual heat. First, let me start off by saying that I applaud author T. Hammond for creating a blind character—Teresa March--that embodies many admirable qualities, least of which is her positive attitude towards life. Despite her lack of sight, not once, did it occur to Teresa that she couldn’t still enjoy a healthy dating life. And not once, did it occur to the two men in her life that were vying for her affection.After a frea [...]

    12. Blind Seduction proves to be a contemporary romance filled with wit and sweet sorrow and a touch of endearing ridiculousness. There's Teresa, the traumatized heroine who has a special relationship with a rather unique dog that seems to 'speak' to her. An interesting love triangle keeps the plot entertaining with Sebastian and David, two best friends whose antics to win Teresa's favor have comedic results. For those who enjoy a bit of sarcasm with their romance, this might do the trick for them. [...]

    13. This is a delightful, funny novel with a serious side about a young woman, Teresa who is blinded in an accident. She gets a German Shepherd, Red, who becomes her dog guide and discovers that he can talk to her. The dog is sassy and smart with a wonderful sense of humour.As Teresa recovers from the accident and regains her independence and confidence, two men enter her life, her best friend’s brother Bas, and his military buddy David. Each tries to sweep her off her feet in the romance departme [...]

    14. Completely addicting laugh out loud story I could not get enough of!Blind Seduction is a treat to the senses! It's official���I am completely addicted to this story! #TeamRed The characters & their fabulous sense of humor sold me at the get go. If I could share with you all of the hilarious scenes I highlighted we'd be here quite awhile, but hey you would do better to grab your copy so you can highlight your own personal favorites.Red is absolutely adorable & his sarcasm priceless! [...]

    15. This is such a wonderful book!This is such a wonderful book and I loved every word of it! My enjoyment was on so many levels and, for sure, all the humor in the story was definitely one of those levels. Between Teresa’s droll outlook on so many things and the crazy, zany things her dog Red comes up with, I broke out laughing many times. The book is very different from all the other books out there and makes you indeed believe Teresa has the ability to mind-speak with her dog. I’ll be curious [...]

    16. A fun romantic story with a doggie twist. I loved itTeresa starts out in the book having her sight and it explains how she picks out her new puppy from the newly born litter of her best friend Janie's dog. It is go the walk back to Janie's from the kennel that lightning from the sudden storm struck the tree behind her and she was blinded and severely injured from the explosion.Months later she I s finally able to return home and with the aid of her live in gay nurse Ken he helps her to get back [...]

    17. Blind Seduction is the story of Theresa March, a 30-year-old woman who loses her eyesight during a freak accident on Halloween. Eight months later, she has learned to cope with the loss of her vision and is given the german shepherd she named that fateful Halloween from her best friend Janey. Within minutes of receiving Red, she finds he can speak to her in her mind. A few days later, she finds out Janey's brother, Bastian, has retired from the Navy and has come back home. This brings back the h [...]

    18. I salute Ms. Hammonds bravery in taking on the challenge of writing a blind character. It takes a great deal of courage to take on a physical, cultural, or emotional quality that is outside one's own, and for that, an author always gets extra kudos.Teresa March is blinded in an unusual event, which leaves her life utterly chaotic. After stewing in the reasonable juices of anger and frustration, she begins to move forward with her life, with the help of friends, a very special dog, and the love o [...]

    19. *I received this book from the Author in exchange for an Honest Review*I have to admit, I absolutely love Red! That pup has the greatest mix of sarcasm, intelligence, and puppy attitude EVER!This story is a bit different than most romances given the nature of the main character who just so happens to be blind. The story is told from her PoV so the people, places, things, etc don't have much of a physical description other than what Red or someone else tells her. there is a lot of description for [...]

    20. Teresa & Janey have been best friend since they were kids. Now as adults, the woman continue their friendship and have become business partners breeding German Shepard's. They just finished naming the pups & picking out the one that Teresa wanted to keep when the unthinkable happens. Teresa is the recipient of a freak accident which changes her life.One day Janey brings the puppy into the house to meet Teresa and Teresa finds that her pup, Red, can talk to her. Not out loud but in Teresa [...]

    21. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsBlind Seduction begins with Teresa and her best friend working at the dog kennel. They just had a litter of pups born, and now are excited about them getting bigger. But when an accident happens on the same day Teresa is left blind. Now after having to adjust to her new disability, she gets the puppy she wanted from that fateful day that changed her life. However, he dog "Red" is not normal to say the least. Add in the fact that her best friend's brother [...]

    22. Blind Seduction is the first of a series of novels called The Team Red Series, and it’s the “universe builder” for the series. We meet main character Teresa and her friend Janey as they tend the birth of a litter of puppies; Janey is a breeder and Teresa is helping her. A few hours later, Teresa suffers a terrible accident which leaves her blind. As she recovers, Janey brings her one of the German Shepherd puppies, and Teresa discovers that she can hear the dog’s thoughts and converse wi [...]

    23. I thought this book sounded interesting because she is able to hear her dog's thoughts. It was well written, but the dialogue between the characters killed me. Everything they said seemed long winded.Example: (view spoiler)[when it came time for the sex, they are responsible and stop to mention birth control and if they are clean. That's all fine and good except it felt like they spent 10 minutes discussing it. They said things like (H)"statistically speaking, the pill is more reliable than cond [...]

    24. Team Red all the way!I downloaded this book a while ago and kept moving it further down my TBR list. The idea of a talking dog both intrigued me to read this and turned me off from wanting to read it at the same time. (That makes a lot of sense, I know). It turned me off because, though I don’t dislike dogs, I’m not a big time dog enthusiast. I think they’re cute and some are friendly, but I’ve been scared of them most of my life too. The part that intrigued me…it’s a talking dog…h [...]

    25. I took advantage of a special offer and downloaded Blind Seduction for free--and loved it. Teresa's unfortunate accident on Hallowe'en unexpectedly binds her to the puppy she selected from her friend. Over half a year later, as she continues to come to terms with the loss of her sight, she is presented with the fully-trained eight-month old dog,Red. she is astonished when he breaks into her thoughts and begins to chat to her. Unlikely? Perhaps, but suspend your disbelief, because it's great fun [...]

    26. Note: I received this book from the author as a Beta Reader for the special edition YA/NA version.When I had first heard of this novel, I was immediately interested. Blind girl with a talking dog sidekick? What's not to love there? Even with high expectations going in, I was still blown away by Red's skillful wit. This author shows her extreme talent by making me laugh out loud every few pages. (My toddler was asking me, "What's so funny, Mama?" over and over again.)Amusement aside, the part of [...]

    27. I have read all the series from 1-6 and loved the series just hope there is more to come. This book is about Teresa is friends with Janey and we meet them at the birth of puppies in witch is Red which is ment for Teresa as a pet but ends up as a working dog. In a Freck accident Teresa loses her sight. Also in in this book she has two love interests David the geek and Has her best friend's older brother. I would highly recommend this book and the others books. This series is excellent and highly [...]

    28. Reviewer: BexRating: 4 out of 5 FairiesT. Hammond's Red Rover is a sweet contemporary romance with a twist.It took me a few chapters to warm up the characters and thoroughly get into the plot, but as soon as I was, I began to really enjoy it. The plot is original and quirky, and the characters are likeable and believable.The author effectively managed to keep me engaged, so much so that I whizzed through the book. There were a range of well-crafted moments, ranging from swoon-worthy romantic one [...]

    29. This was a really great book, I really liked the twist of having a talking dog, although I was sceptical how it would work without being a cross somewhere between scooby doo and lassie :/ Gotta say though it was thankfully nothing at all like them, there were no children in wells and the dog did not speak with a speech impediment. It really was a nice quick and easy read (I sincerely mean that as a compliment and in the nicest way possible) I found myself laughing out on more than occasion and e [...]

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