One Rogue Too Many

One Rogue Too Many When two of the ton s most eligible bachelors fall for the same young woman only one will win her heartAnthony Keaton Earl of Ellis and Baron Sebastian Thorne have been competing since childhood No

  • Title: One Rogue Too Many
  • Author: Samantha Grace
  • ISBN: 9781402286582
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • When two of the ton s most eligible bachelors fall for the same young woman, only one will win her heartAnthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, and Baron Sebastian Thorne have been competing since childhood Now, they both have their eyes set on Lady Gabrielle Gabby feels like a fool for trusting in Anthony but she doesn t know the whole truth Determined to guard her heart thiWhen two of the ton s most eligible bachelors fall for the same young woman, only one will win her heartAnthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, and Baron Sebastian Thorne have been competing since childhood Now, they both have their eyes set on Lady Gabrielle Gabby feels like a fool for trusting in Anthony but she doesn t know the whole truth Determined to guard her heart this time around, she s looking for a man who is steadfast and eloquent Sebastian knows this is his one chance to steal her heart He has everything she s looking for But when Anthony finally reveals his true feelings, how will she choose between the two

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    1. The famous Brooke's Betting Book gave birth to The Wooing Spectacular of 1819, which causes 2 yummy childhood adversities to DUKE it out for Lady Gabby!Lady Gabrielle (Gabby) Forest has loved Anthony for as long as she can remember & he has always called her, his special Lady Bug! She spend her childhood, as the unofficial tag-a-long for her 3 brothers & Anthony's MISadventures. He has always been part of Forest clan for holidays & the long summers. Gabby always wanted him to see her [...]

    2. Posted on What I'm ReadingI have finally got around to reading One Rogue Too Many by Samantha Grace. Yes, this has been sitting on my shelf for a few months. Here's the reason why: I have a hard time dealing with love triangles. Seriously, I don't like them. Granted One Rogue Too Many isn't a love triangle per se, but it might come off as one. Some might say it is cause you have two guys vying for one girls attention. However, I look at love triangles more like two guys liking the same girl, and [...]

    3. I was a bit torn when it came to this book, I liked it, until the middle part and there I just got really really mad. Honestly. This was one of the most stupid girls ever! You foolish, foolish girl (I even heart Knigthley in my head when I read the stupid part.) Instead of asking she does something really idiotic which could destroy her life, cos she is an idiot. I know it's for the drama but I made me hate her. She made both Anthony (who loved her) miserable and she made her other suitor misera [...]

    4. h: Lady GabrielleH: Anthony Keaton, Earl of EllisSo Gabby has been in love with Anthony since she was a little girl. But he has always seen her a his friends young sister. I really liked this book it kept me guessing till the end. I loved all the tension between the h & H. I belive that the best part. I thought Gabby family was sweet too. They really loved her and let her make her own decision, which was rare for this era. I thought Anthony was sweet but i believe if he loved Gabby the was h [...]

    5. Review to come soon I enjoyed it a lot. :)I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Samantha Grace is a relatively new author to me. I found her Beau Monde series over the spring and really enjoyed her writing. When I was lucky to receive an ARC copy on her newest book One Rogue Too Many I jumped on the chance to read it for an honest review. One woman with two men fighting for her- what’s not to love?Any story that opens up with a young lady falling in love with her [...]

    6. Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, was the spare; he was not supposed to inherit. His mom has never been demonstrative and has gone so far as to call him the thief of happiness. He is lost, alone and has felt rejected for a long time. Anthony has known Lady Gabrielle all her life and has loved her for that long. But he bungles things by losing her trust and must woo her back. So this is Anthony’s plan: Things one must do for Love: 1) Woo your woman back- 2) Meet her in secluded alcoves- 3) Get in [...]

    7. ONE ROGUE TOO MANY by Samantha Grace is a delightful Regency Historical Romance. #1 in the "Rival Rogues" series. This is the story of Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, Lord Sebastian Thorne and the beautiful,feisty Lady Gabrielle, a Dukie's daughter and Anthony's best friend's sister. A bet turns into a contest of wit, wooing, and high stakes. Anthony attends to marry Gabby, but has to leave and stays gone longer than expected. You see he asks for Gabby's hand in marriage prior to his leaving. But [...]

    8. I didn't like most of the book (like 70% of it). I didn't know if I hate Sebestian or I love him. Even if I don't like it I can understand his motives and if I was in his place I would have done most of the things he did. Katie and Liz were lovely characters and they were very supportive. The same could be said for all of Gabbys family. I am hoping that the twins will get their own story or at least a happily ever after. The third and final thing I loved about this book was Anthony and Annabell' [...]

    9. DNF. I JUST CAN'T CONTINUE. EVERYTHING IS SO BORING. The main character is dull and lifeless. She's not compelling or interesting enough to carry this character driven story. I also don't buy the main character's reasons to stay away from the guy she truly has feelings for; so what if he did something when he was a young kid or teenager? That doesn't mean he's the same person. Not even mentioning the worst of it, that love triangle--which isn't really a love triangle--you already know who she's [...]

    10. Unfortunately, this was a DNF for me. I liked it for about the first quarter. Then, a twist occurred that I didn't like at all and I got annoyed. I tried to read on, but, after that, I just couldn't do it. I'm sorry to say that I didn't like One Rogue Too Many at all. It just wasn't my kind of book. I know others liked it, but it wasn't for me.

    11. WELL DONE.Just when you think it is going to be a simple love story, another twist is introduced. There is some angst, but not over-done. I would read more from this author.I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    12. Samantha Grace brings readers the first novel in a new historical romance series. The Rival Rogue's series will feature two leading men who have known each other for years and have made it a game to best each other in any kind of competition. In One Rogue Too Many that competition ends up being Lady Gabrielle Forest. Readers will enjoy Grace's ability to write compelling and interesting characters who are three dimensional and easy to relate to. Grace's attention to detail is seen in everything [...]

    13. I received an ARC through NetGalley.One Rogue Too Many is so cute, and fun, and sweet, and everything I adore about Historical Romance. Despite the title and the description, the relationship is not a love triangle exactly. Gabby has been in love with Anthony Keaton since she was a teenager, and they were, in fact, almost engaged at one point. However, he was married to someone else, but has returned to her after his wife died in child birth. Well, Gabby didn't wait for him and is being courted [...]

    14. Review Copy Provided by Publisher via Netgalley for Honest ReviewIf you are looking for a quick light read, full of cheesy romance then I recommend I just finished One Rouge Too Many by Samantha Grace. This book is about a Lady Gabrielle who has always been in love with brothers’ friend Lord Ellis. After a night of passion it seems things are looking up because the Lord proposes to Lady Gabby only to leave for four months without a word. Since their betrothal was a secret Lady Gabrielle lets h [...]

    15. Reviewed for Book SoulmatesLady Gabrielle Forest is secretly betrothed to Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis. They grew up together, and he is her brother Drew’s best friend. Gabby has always had feelings for him. Lately, Anthony has been in Wales, but Gabby does not know the true reason for his absence and isn’t quite sure if she can trust him. Anthony isn’t yet ready to reveal all of the secrets of his past, including his first wife’s betrayal and the true father of their child, Annabelle, [...]

    16. This was fun! It’s been a while since I’ve read an historical romance — and you can say I’ve been spoiled by Tessa Dare and all of her awesome books — but this one had me hooked. I started it during the babe’s naptime on Saturday and finished it during his naptime on Sunday. I’d say that it’s been a long time since I binge read something that fast, but I just did the same thing with Miranda Kenneally’s book this week. Two books in one week!I can always, always count on an histo [...]

    17. Originally reviewed for: Historical Romance Lover blogLady Gabrielle has been in love with Anthony Keaton, the Earl of Ellis practically her whole life. She believes that they will finally have a chance to get together, but Anthony hasn't made it back to town when he said he would. With her family pressuring her to wed, Gabrielle looks else where.Anthony is so excited to be back in town and ready to get is betrothal to Gabrielle settled. Unfortunately, as soon as he arrives in town he hears that [...]

    18. With this story Samantha Grace starts her new series with a spin-off of her Beau Monde Bachelors and you really don’t have to worry about not being able to follow this story if you haven’t read the previous four. The story can be read as a stand-alone.Lady Gabby has loved her brother’s best friend Anthony ever since she was a very young girl and she always hoped that his feelings for her were the same, yet as Anthony comes of age, he marries another.Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, was a lon [...]

    19. One Rogue too many is predicated on that classic sitcom trope: people can’t talk to other people. Pretty much every plot point in this book could be cleared up with a five minute conversation. Since that doesn’t happen we get, instead, a series of admittedly amusing mishaps. Gabrielle Forest promised to wait for Anthony Keaton, earl of Ellis to come back and announce their impeding marriage. She feels like she’s been waiting a lifetime already, because he’s her older brother’s best fri [...]

    20. 3 STARS (I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review).Gabby has loved Anthony, her brother's best friend, for as long as she can remember. When they are alone she thinks he may feel for her what she feels for him, but when her brothers appear he becomes aloof. Anthony has already broke Gabby's heart once by marrying another woman. When he becomes a widower he promises Gabby he will marry her but has to go do one thing before he can ask her brothers for her hand in marriage. [...]

    21. Don't let my 3 stars fool you. Despite it, I am rather uncertain about this story. There is nothing special about it that puts it on par with authors like Lisa Kleypas or Lorraine Heath that invokes emotional responses from the reader.OUR HERO:Frankly I am not endeared to Anthony. If he truly loved Gaby, whom he calls his Lady Bug (a cute nickname really) then he could have waited for her just a year or two before her come out and then he could have married her. Anthony appears rather high-hande [...]

    22. This was one of those books that frustrated me even though I really liked the story. I liked how feisty Gabby is as well as how much she cares about her family and other people in general. Anthony was not just dreamy but also so loving and concerned for all that he considers family. But as the reader I could see the misunderstandings coming from a mile away. And sometimes those misunderstandings, while driving the story, can be too much for my taste. When I want to take the hero and/or heroine b [...]

    23. I love the Rival Rogues series!Regency lovers will adore Samantha Grace's first book One Rogue too Many, the introduction to her new series Rival Rogues. Samantha Grace is a talented storyteller and I can say that she has done it again this lovely romantic story kept my interest until the end. I loved her three main characters Anthony, Gabrielle and Sebastian. Ever since, she had been very young, the heroine, had always been infatuated by Anthony, but he only sees her as his young sister. Gabrie [...]

    24. An apologetic rogue!Gabby (Lady Gabrielle Forest) had loved Anthony Keaton, the Earl of Ellis, since before she was thirteen.Ah! That first scene where her love and trust is 'crushed and trampled' by an embarrassed, gauche young man she'd called friend. I ached right along with fourteen year old Gabby.Six years later Gabrielle's love isn't dead, yet! Wounded, yes! Trust however is another matter.After all what would you do if the man who finally said he wanted to marry you had hared off without [...]

    25. 3.5 Stars.This was a spin-off of her Beau Monde Bachelors series. It has the oldest Forest daughter, Gabrielle, and the friend of her brothers', Anthony. I wasn't as happy with this one as the last series. I didn't understand why they had to drag out the courtship as long as they did. This would've actually made a better novella, which is saying something considering I usually don't like in-between books or novellas. The story I was most interested in, the relationship between Anthony and his da [...]

    26. One Rogue Too Many was a fun read. Gabby is Luke Forest's sister. We met Luke and Vivian in their story, Lady Vivian Defies a Duke. Gabby has loved Anthony forever, but she has given up hope that he will return to marry her, so she sets herself out onto the marriage mart. The problem is that Anthony's rival, Sebastian Thorne is more than ready to take over for Anthony. Who will win?There really was no contest as Anthony and Gabby really do love each other. It was fun watching Anthony set about p [...]

    27. I loved this book! There were a lot of misunderstandings between Gabrielle and Anthony, who were childhood friends. Gabby had always loved Anthony, her older brother's best friend. Anthony had married someone else, thinking he wasn't good enough & was too old for Gabby, but now he was a widow. They became secretly betrothed, but then Anthony disappeared without an explanation. Now he comes back with all of his issues settled, thinking things are status quo, but Gabby has begun to doubt him & [...]

    28. I liked parts of this book, but I think the author had too many ideas to put together and a very messy book came out of it. I was sitting on a train with a friend on our way home to London, and had I been reading this as an actual book and not on my Nook, I would have thrown it when Gabby goes an absolutely ridiculous thing. Insanity. I only finished it because I didn't have anything else new to read, and I justwanted to see if it could get worse.It didn't, but it just got more frustrating, as t [...]

    29. The first book in Samantha Grace's new series, Rival Rogues, I read Grace’s enjoyable debut last year, Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel, the first in her Beau Monde Bachelor series. I enjoyed it very much, but have not yet read the last three books of that series. This book has ties to that series, so I will definitely have to go back and read the rest before I continue forward. Beau Monde Bachelors told the stories of two of the Forest brothers, Drew and Luke. This story reads like a novel of [...]

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