Whispers on the Prairie

Whispers on the Prairie A City Girl Far from HomeSarah Marshall just wants to go home It wasn t her idea to leave Chicago and head west in search of gold but her uncle s ambition left her no choice Neither was her intention

  • Title: Whispers on the Prairie
  • Author: Vickie McDonough
  • ISBN: 9781603748414
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • A City Girl Far from HomeSarah Marshall just wants to go home It wasn t her idea to leave Chicago and head west in search of gold, but her uncle s ambition left her no choice Neither was her intention to settle in Kansas City with her ailing aunt, but being penniless and without possessions brings little bargaining power Pretty soon, she resigns herself to her fate,A City Girl Far from HomeSarah Marshall just wants to go home It wasn t her idea to leave Chicago and head west in search of gold, but her uncle s ambition left her no choice Neither was her intention to settle in Kansas City with her ailing aunt, but being penniless and without possessions brings little bargaining power Pretty soon, she resigns herself to her fate, however unfortunate It isn t as if she has a home to go back to A Country Boy Seeking to Right a WrongEthan Harper, the youngest of three brothers, enjoys a peaceful existence helping run his family s stage shop along the Santa Fe Trail Only one cloud continues to darken his horizon guilt over the tragic death of his oldest brother s wife The only acceptable penance Ethan can think of is finding another woman to marry his brother and help raise his motherless children.A Match so Incompatible, It Just Might WorkWhen a series of misfortunes strands Sarah Marshall and her aunt at the Harpers Stage Stop, the status quo is overthrown as the presence of an attractive young woman, however unversed in the ways of prairie living, wreaks havoc on the lives of the Harper brothers, all three of them vying for her attention But will any of them prove himself worth giving up the life Sarah always dreamed of

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    1. So fun! Vickie McDonough has quickly become my favorite author of Christian Westerns. Her stories are intriguing, her characters lovable, and the romances sweet without going too far. I can always count on a quick, light read from her - unfortunately I read this one so quickly I finished before I have the 2nd book available!Whispers on the Prairie was delightful. I blushed with Sarah, laughed with Ethan, and cringed with Karen Harper over the antics of her three grown sons. The lovable cast of c [...]

    2. Another great book from Vickie McDonough. She has a way of pulling you into a story; keeping your attention. In this book we meet the Harper family. What's not to love? Three sons (did I mention they were cowboys?), a take charge mother, and a wise father, running the stage stop. The youngest son, Ethan, is the hero of this story - I hoping the series will focus around the remaining sons in future books. The heroine, Sarah, is a city girl from Chicago. Sarah and her Auntie are stranded at the Ha [...]

    3. Whispers Across the Prairie by Vickie McDonough is a heartwarming historical romance with a great cast of realistic characters who will capture your heart from the first page. Those who have enjoyed McDonough's other novels will find even more to savor in her latest story. Charming, inspiring, and delightful--Prairie romance at its best!

    4. As fas as I'm concerned, Vickie McDonough is the queen of prairie romance, and she doesn't fail to deliver in Whispers on the Prairie. A heart-rending plot and sweet romance prevail in a read that provides a cozy escape from modern life. Five stars!

    5. Whispers on the Prairie kept me reading through the night. If you like cowboys and cute kids, you are going to love this book!

    6. Our Public Library is having a program called 'Blind Date' for February. Books and DVDs are wrapped in paper so I did not know what book I was checking out. This is the book I got. I am enjoying the story.

    7. Title: Whispers on the Prairie (Pioneer Promises Series Vol. 1)Author: Vicki McDonoughPages: 272Year: 2013Publisher: Whitaker House Sarah Marshall is the lead character in a story that has elements of faith, romance and twists and turns in the plot. Sarah has been raised in her uncle and aunt’s home in Chicago, never feeling loved by the uncle. All Sarah knew was responsibility. Were it not for her loving relationship with her sickly aunt and helping at an orphanage, Sarah would have felt empt [...]

    8. Title: WHISPERS ON THE PRAIRIEAuthor: Vickie McDonoughPublisher: Whitaker HouseJuly 2013ISBN: 978-1603748414Genre: Historical romanceA City Girl Far from Home A Country Boy Seeking to Right a Wrong A Match so Incompatible, It Just Might WorkSarah Marshall just wants to go home. It wasn't her idea to leave Chicago and head west in search of gold, but her uncle's ambition left her no choice. Neither was her intention to settle in Kansas City with her ailing aunt, but being penniless and without po [...]

    9. Wednesday, July 24, 2013Whispers on the Prairie by Vickie McDonough ~ Book 1 in the Pioneer Promises series, ©2013 ~*an exciting new series set in 1870s Kansas*~ "I've got some folks here that are looking for a couple of wagons and teams of oxen."--Whispers on the Prairie, 41If you were going on the Santa Fe Trail and needed to be outfitted, who would you listen to? Your niece, who is assuring you that you only know about horses, or the outfitter who has determined the weight of your load ~ you [...]

    10. You know it’s not going to end well when, on the first page, you read about a woman riding a horse named Jezebel. So begins the opening book in the Prairie Promises series by Vickie McDonough. The female rider is Ethan’s sister in law and this is the prologue set in 1868. Della is such a silly chit, however, that it’s almost a relief to know she won’t feature in the rest of the book. Fast forward two years, and we’re introduced to Sarah Marshall. We immediately learn three things: she [...]

    11. Vickie McDonough has done it again--written a great story. This one starts in 1868 Kansas with a tragedy involving Ethan Harper. Then it moves to 1870 Chicago where we meet Sarah Marshall, our heroine, her Aunt Emma and Uncle Harvey. Aunt Emma is a wonderful person, but that's not true of Uncle Harvey. When Sarah is forced to go with them to Santa Fe, New Mexico, she is bound and determined to go back to Chicago. Wellrcumstances conspire against Sarah's plans. She and her aunt end up staying wit [...]

    12. WHISPERS ON THE PRAIRIE by Vickie McDonough was so entertaining I couldn’t put it down.Sarah Marshall finds herself in quite a predicament. By no choice of her own, she has left Chicago and will accompany her Aunt and Uncle in a wagon train headed out on the Santa Fe Trail. Already disliking the untamed West, she can’t believe the men are so uncivilized as to run a woman down and leave her in the mud. But that’s just what Ethan Harper did. Then, when the wagon train stops at the Harper Sta [...]

    13. Sarah Marshall didn’t want to leave the bustling city of Chicago to accompany her aunt and uncle over the Santa Fe Trail to the New Mexico Territory. She had close friends in Chicago, and loved the comforts of city life. But her uncle insisted she come along to care for her ailing aunt. Since they’d taken Sarah in when her parents died, he claimed she owed him obedience. Sarah’s intention was to travel with them as far as Kansas City, where other family members planned to join them on the [...]

    14. Sarah Marshall is a city girl, she loves living in Chicago. So when her Uncle announces he is moving to Santa Fe, NM, she is beside herself. She has lived with her Aunt and Uncle, since her parents passed away. She loves her Aunt, who is not really well, but her Uncle despises her, and she has had a rough time growing up with him. Her Uncle has made up his mind and their is no changing it. Sarah goes along, and is hoping once they meet up with her Uncle's brother she can return to Chicago. The t [...]

    15. Series of Pioneer Promises by Vickie McDonough with book #1 "Whispers on the Prairie"I wanted to read this one because they were going to travel by wagon train and I always enjoy all the good and the bad things that go on when traveling many miles like this.Sarah was a city girl raised by her aunt and uncle when her parents were killed in a carriage accident. She always felt like they did not truly love her but were just doing their christian duty. She felt she would probably never marry and hav [...]

    16. Do you enjoy Janette Oke's books? If so, then Whispers on the Prairie by Vickie McDonough is the book for you! Seriously, I haven't read a 'prairie' romance that I have enjoyed more than this one. From the beginning, I was entranced by this story. I did not want to put it down. It's not a long book but it is overflowing with rich characters, deep spiritual themes, and lots of good old fashioned romance.Emotionally captivating seems like such an inadequate way to describe how this story drew me i [...]

    17. 3.75 starsWhoops! Another forgotten review I need to get out of this bad habit! So, I read this a couple months ago, and have a few impressions from the memory that stand out a bit more than others.—1. Sarah starts out as a willful girl, but reason is given from her circumstances. She is headstrong but manages to be engaging at the same time,—2. She does not want to put others before herself, but she does anyway. Good portrayal of her character.—3. The young men who make up the household w [...]

    18. Well, Vickie McDonough does it again. Whispers on the Prairie is a beautifully written tale filled with heart-tugging emotion and a terrific story line that is the perfect first book in a series. I love the Harper family, and can't wait to watch the other two brothers fall in love. Ethan's angst over failing to keep his older brother's flighty wife from getting herself killed, and Sarah's love for the sweet aunt who gave her a home are key elements in this touching story. It's a series of tragic [...]

    19. Whispers on the Prairie by Vickie McDonough tells the saga of young, Sarah Marshall, who has no intention of ever leaving her home in Chicago. Raised by her uncle and aunt, she finds herself in a position of accompanying them for a short time on a wagon train with every intention to return to her beloved city.Circumstances and obstacles arise causing Sarah to delay her plans. Instead she finds herself thrown into a situation of staying at the Harpers' Stage Stop with her aunt. Three eligible Har [...]

    20. Whispers on the Prairie transported me to a time and place both dangerous and alluring--the prairie in the 1870s. The research and history in this novel is fascinating and woven in very naturally, the characters are multi-faceted, and the setting is vividly described. The plot will keep you turning the pages, but the writing will make you want to savor every word. A winner of a book.

    21. Very enjoyable story that moved at a fast pace. I've always enjoyed this authors books and her characters are always lovable and easy to associate with. Loved all three of the brothers and hope to one day read Aaron and Josh's stories. Sarah and Ethan were such a good match. Loved Ethan's playful personality from the start to the end.

    22. 1-Book flowed pretty well, you didn't get lost on who is who in the book. Some authors have to many characters in their book that you can't keep it all straight of who belongs with who.2- Kept you guessing you start hoping that the character ends up with the other main character but you don't know till the very end.3-Simple read, not hard to understand.

    23. As a fan of historical fiction during the 1800's in American, I really enjoyed reading this story of pioneer life. I was especially interested in the every day activities of the family. Their lives were extremely labor-intensive and self-sustaining.

    24. One of her better books.Ethan could have been written as more of a man and not so much a judgmental whiner. Other than that the story was interesting from start to finish and I can say I did enjoy reading this book of the authors.

    25. Vickie McDonough has written a sweet, cozy prairie romance with a Gospel message. And I love the Harper family! Recommended.See my review at:booksmusicandlife

    26. Sweet entertaining story. Some of the theology in the novel is a bit muddled, but that's a common weakness in christian fiction.

    27. Very Christian book. Great story but she droned on and on sometimes about the same thought.I don't like it when it is too preachy either.

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