The Vampire's Special Lover

The Vampire s Special Lover Vincent Dobs March thought he scented his beloved his fated one and only at a shifter enforcer challenge months ago Since rogue shifters killed his mother bonding with one is the last thing he wants

  • Title: The Vampire's Special Lover
  • Author: Charlie Richards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Vincent Dobs March thought he scented his beloved his fated one and only at a shifter enforcer challenge months ago Since rogue shifters killed his mother, bonding with one is the last thing he wants to do He runs from the knowledge, vowing to live his life alone Fate has other plans Slowly, blood from human donors becomes unpalatable to him, until it s easier to go hVincent Dobs March thought he scented his beloved his fated one and only at a shifter enforcer challenge months ago Since rogue shifters killed his mother, bonding with one is the last thing he wants to do He runs from the knowledge, vowing to live his life alone Fate has other plans Slowly, blood from human donors becomes unpalatable to him, until it s easier to go hungry than deal with the taste When he hits the verge of collapse, his friends step in, forcing him to return to Stone Ridge and give the shifter a chance.When Dobs meets his beloved, Franklin Drunger for the first time, the big, sexy, wolf shifter s blood calls to him Frankie seems just fine with the idea of Dobs drinking from him, so he gives in to his desire and bites the man Reb, Frankie s protective older brother, isn t nearly as open minded and attacks Dobs Acting on instinct, Frankie defends his mate, shifting to wolf form Dobs panics at the sight of the wolf and insults his beloved Angry and hurt, Frankie flees.Can Dobs learn to accept the gift Fate has given him and convince Frankie to give him another chance Or is it too late for him to earn the love of the special shifter he s been given

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    1. 4.5Surprise, surprise!!! I loved this sequel, perhaps the reason it's because I adore Frankie.This story for sure was lovely.

    2. This is Frankie's story and I loved it. It was one of the best in the series. I was also happy that it wasn't full of sex like normal. It fit for this storyline. It was awesome.

    3. I LOVED that Frankie got a mate! Though Dobbs/Vince is a jerk at the beginning (ahh for good reason for all of it) he truly does want Frankie. Awesome!

    4. My first reaction after reading this story was 'Wow!'. I am just so floored by the pairing for this story of Dobs and Frankie and just how into the story I was.When both characters in separate books were secondary characters I was struck by how much I was interested in seeing with whom each would be paired. Not in a million years did I imagine it would be each other. But, oh my, it sure worked for me once I thought about it.Vincent 'Dobs' Marche', a vampire, has a prejudice against shifters and [...]

    5. 3.75*I have been looking forward to Frankie's story ever since we meet him in his brother Reb's book.Frankie is a huge kick-ass wolf, a great tracker and a very fast shifter, so good that he teaches the cubs how to shift faster. Frankie also is a bit slower due to an accident when he was very young. He has a heart of gold, but he needs to take his time and think things through to make sure he understands everything. He is open, honest and sweet.His mate is Vince aka Dobs a vampire who is not a f [...]

    6. Cool they acknowledge that a long time in a coma can cause brain damage. Too much boring sex. Decent peril for a book this short, angst, melodrama, people running away from problem last rather than just talking--all the tropes I love.But the story was bland. I also felt like I missed something. I know her series are usually set in the same world and overlap so I'm thinking maybe there was some vampire book with Mickail I missed. It was confusing and set back my enjoyment. I wanted the issue of F [...]

    7. Communication Frankie (wolf) was slow not stupid Dobs/ Vince (vampire) was phobic about shifters. They have a lot of work ahead of them to make mating work. They are both trying and willing to help each other.

    8. SweetThis was a very cute book. Fits nicely into the broad series story without being overwhelmed by it.The leads were well written.

    9. Getting a Mate from Fate that you HateWhen Caspian was sent to Stone Ridge by the Vampire Council to investigate the stories of the evil Scientists kidnapping, experimenting, and killing shifters in WSR #9, he brought with him his best friends of many decades & fellow Vampires: Sebastian, Lexington, and Dobs (Vince). During this first visit to Stone Ridge Caspian met his mate, Casey a Rabbit shifter. Also a Wolf Enforcers Challenge was held during which several Wolves competed for two Enforc [...]

    10. Reviewed by LoriBook provided by the publisherOriginally posted at Romancing the BookI loved this book. It was romantic, it was exciting, it was full of drama. It had it all. I just needed to gush a little. It takes a lot to really move me emotionally and I felt that this book did that for me.I loved that the vampires in this series of books call their mate beloved. I just think that is so romantic. Dobs went right up to Frankie and said “hello beloved”, my heart just melted right there. I w [...]

    11. top2bottomreviews.wordpress/Wow! The Vampire’s Special Lover by Charlie Richards immediately captured my attention. From the first page, I was totally enthralled with these two heroes as well as the story they had to tell.Like many other books in this series, I thought the two men really connected well with each other. What made this different for me was the way Dobs and Frankie truly work to understand each other. They are very different characters and come from very different backgrounds. Do [...]

    12. Hurts from the past can bury your future in darkness. That is a lesson Vincent Dobs Marché will have to learn the hard way. You don’t have to forgive and forget but you can’t also paint everyone with the same brush. As a Vampire, Vincent has lived a long time. As years moves on the world has become a different place, every paranormal sector has their own rules and ways; meshing the two is not easy. Definitely not in his bucket list, yet funny thing about Fate she can be quirky and unexpecte [...]

    13. This is the first book I read from this series. Purely because of the blurb. The book is short but the story was interesting enough to satisfy you.

    14. This is one of my favorite books in all the series! Frankie is Reb’s brother and he’s got a brain injury that results in him thinking a little slower than he did previously. As a result he’s very forthright and easily distracted.Dobs is a vampire who hates shifters because they destroyed his family and when he learned his fated mate was one, he ignored the pull – to disastrous effect. What’s great about this is that he and his friends realize that he needs professional help to get over [...]

    15. Comparatively this was one of the better ones in the series. I liked it.Sure, Dobs was a jerk for a long while but that’s part of the premise, after all. I guess I tend to have a soft spot for character’s who’re a bit “slow”. Of course, this could have been better and in the end the relationship was only getting started; then again this is typical of these series, wherein people meet and mate/bond fast and then have to start falling in love. Kind of throws an obstacle into my path sinc [...]

    16. YEA! Frankie gets a mate :) I really thought Frankie was so sweet when we were introduced to him in Reb's story. He's so innocent and trusting and vulnerable. Dobs is a vamp in a really terrible state when his friends FORCE him to go find Frankie. And of course he botches it a bit. He's had such a bad time and is afraid because of what happened in this past with his parents and rogue shifters that he doesn't know if he can make it work - but Frankie calls to him. After he screws up he's at least [...]

    17. May 2017Re-ReadJanuary 2015This one isn't easy to rate.I liked reading it and seeing how the relationship between Frankie and Vince developed, but again I think it would have worked better, at least for me, if it were a bit longer and more fleshed out.Although I liked, what Vince was willing to do in order to change for Frankie and to make it all workhis change of mind felt too rushed.When again this novella has one of the sweetest and most romantic scenes I've ever read(view spoiler)[how Vince [...]

    18. Not exactly what I expected. That being said, it's not bad. It's just not that good either. Both characters were okay but never more than that. I didn't connect with either of them so I wasn't really invested in their relationship. The world-building was not the best and, maybe because it's book number 16 and I haven't been a regular reader, I couldn't really follow the other characters, their stories and all the other things happening around them. So, while it was entertaining, it just wasn't e [...]

    19. I was intrigued by the synopsis but unfortunately the story itself was flat, typical and boring. For such a short story there are a lot of people around. And you really don't need that many characters because there are no War-and-Peace-alike battles to use them all. So all those characters just cluster the story.Main characters have sexual experiences with other people in the same room. People walk in on MCs when they have sex (no one knocks anymore). Naked ass is the main attraction. People act [...]

    20. I was hoping she'd do Frankie's story! Of course I was upset that he was hurt by his mate though. I really liked the explanation of Dobs's fear. It seemed real and palpable. My only qualm was his sudden acceptance and change in attitude. It was just too fast. I think they needed a few more incidents of misunderstanding to show growth. Overall it was a fun and satisfying read. It solved my curiosity about Frankie and whatever became of him.

    21. Much like Stormy Glenn, Charlie Richards infuses her stories with just enough intrigue and endearing romance to make it possible for to me overlook bad writing. Not great, but a pleasant way to pass the time if you're in the mood for some sappy m/m shifter fun. Be warned that Richards sucks at dirty talk. The sex scenes can be a little awkward at times.

    22. I love Frankie! He's adorable. I'm so glad they both decided to work out their differences, especially Vince(Dobs). Hmmmm. Vince only had 3 months vacation time. I wonder what happens after that?! Will he go back to his job? Will he take Frankie with him?? This is one of the best in the series. Looking forward to the next one.

    23. 2nd reading April 2015First read 12-21-13Dobs and Frankie. Dobs was a dick plain and simple. I didn't really like him and I am not sure he's the best mate for sweet Frankie. In my eyes, he never really redeemed himself, but maybe that's just me.

    24. Sweet Frankie - loved his storyFrankie is such a lovable guy that even his crisis are forgivable.Dobs went from jerk to lovable very fast, because from the beginning he tried to work on his issues and make their mating work.Excelent sequel.

    25. I really like reading her books. After reading the book I think about the next 2 or 3 people who will be in future books. This is a good thing because that means there is always another book to read.

    26. It's hard not to love the fact that Frankie gets a mate. It's nice to see how 'normal' people love to complicate the simple things.I've enjoy all the Wolves of Stone Ridge book. Thanks Ms. Richards!!

    27. 3.5 I thought it was an interesting take on finding your mate (or beloved) because Dobs definitely didn't want a shifter as a mate but kudos to him for eventually realizing what he needed to do. And Frankie? I loved him.

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