The Lost Testament

The Lost Testament FROM THE PUBLISHERS THAT BROUGHT YOU DAN BROWNFor thousands of years we guarded it But now it has been found This could be the end for us for our organisation for the world You must destroy it and th

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  • Title: The Lost Testament
  • Author: James Becker
  • ISBN: 9780857500915
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • FROM THE PUBLISHERS THAT BROUGHT YOU DAN BROWNFor thousands of years we guarded it But now it has been found This could be the end for us for our organisation for the world You must destroy it, and those who have taken it.An ancient object is discovered in a Cairo souk Hours later, the market trader who sold it is tortured to death As the bodies begin to pile up,FROM THE PUBLISHERS THAT BROUGHT YOU DAN BROWNFor thousands of years we guarded it But now it has been found This could be the end for us for our organisation for the world You must destroy it, and those who have taken it.An ancient object is discovered in a Cairo souk Hours later, the market trader who sold it is tortured to death As the bodies begin to pile up, a request for help is sent to British Museum historian Angela Lewis.Angela travels to Spain with her ex husband, undercover police officer Chris Bronson There they discover the key to the greatest secret in the history of Christianity.Their only problem is deciphering it before they are brutally murdered like those before them

    One thought on “The Lost Testament”

    1. If you are a fan of Dan Brown or the Da Vinci Code, you won't want to miss this one. The Lost Testament by James Becker, which is the sixth installment in the Chris Bronson series, is extremely satisfying and so utterly enjoyable.Hidden far away from prying eyes in the archives of the Vatican is a piece of parchment. But someone manages to steal it and sells it in the markets of Cairo. In a country where artifacts and fragments change hands faster than the tick of a second, it looks no different [...]

    2. A really really really badly written book I read because of the premise and because I'm researching bestselling thriller authors. But this was truly bad:"Excellent," the emperor purred. "Now summon help." (5)"This is a private matter," he said. "Kindly leave us." (2)That's Emperor Constantine, perhaps from the 60s Batman show. But that dialogue is terrible.Characters are always "suddenly realizing" things. And I love this one:"Instantly both figures froze into immobility beside the wall." (7)If [...]

    3. Becker returns with another great thriller whose premise is strongly based on some discrepancy within Christianity. The tale begins with a robbery within the Vatican in 1965, where a few collections of poetry found their way into the hands of cunning thieves. Little did they know that hidden in the collection's pages an ancient parchment lay, with information that could ruin one of the central tenet of Christianity. While the documents were found soon thereafter, the parchment's location was nev [...]

    4. It took me three days to get to page 135. And not because I'm a slow reader. Everything else seemed to be slow, though.The blurb (and the beginning) promised something akin to a Dan Brown novel (I know, I'm mentioning the guy a lot lately), but unfortunately it didn't deliver. At least not until the point I stopped reading. A book like this is supposed to suck you in and spit you out at the very end, not offer you tea and hope you'll stick around.I don't like tea that much.When, on the fourth da [...]

    5. The Lost Testament centers around an ancient document that was stolen from the Vatican Archives for a collector. Fast forward several years and the document has been found once again. This time it has been sold to a dealer who is trying to find out the value and what is written on the parchment. He calls on his friend Ali who works at a museum to help him. Angela Lewis with her ex-husband Chris Bronson gets involved. Then we have the P2 who are trying to protect the Vatican even if that mean kil [...]

    6. This book took me weeks to get through. Nothing ever compelled me to just sit down and read straight through it. I think the two characters - whatshername and Bronson were completely dull and unappealing. I rather wish the author had just written the historic story and didn't try to write a contemporary action book. Just once I'd like these main characters to call the police.

    7. A disappointing read. The main premise is good but that's about it. Too many times, characters jump to conclusions with no evidence, that are perfectly true. Not just the heroes but the villains too. Moments later. For no real reason but to force a conflict.That is when they aren't just stopping whatever they are doing to explain a great chunk of history to someone, even when being hunted by armed killers. Why?What's worse than even that is the heroes aren't even likeable any more, especially wh [...]

    8. Típico thriller com maus da fita e os bons a tentar fugir e no fim do dia sairem vencedores. Parte que destingue é que tem elementos históricos e religiosos à mistura, mas nada que se considere uma 'personagem' em si mesmo. Serve de propósito e condutor da história mas é muito secundário e explicado tudo mesmo no fim.Mesmo assim fica o interesse de ler os outros volumes da colecção.

    9. Okay but not that original plotSimplistic plot, could have done with a stronger story line. Hopefully the next book will be better and more in depth.

    10. Take any book where a mysterious organisation is chasing after two innocent people who somehow amazingly escape their clutches all the time, and you have this story. Interesting enough for the action sequences. But so little was actually said about the relic that I sometimes forgot it was there. And the ending was just stupid, the way they decided to cover it all up.

    11. I am a big fan of mystery thrillers. Escapism is no bad thing at all and, for me, they provide perfect page turning relief as I move between reads of different genres. Finding writers of good quality mystery thrillers is another matter entirely.I am so glad I read The Lost Testament because now I can add James Becker to the list. As soon as I finished this thriller I will be on the look out for more of his novels!A mix of religious and international intrigue,Mr. Becker has penned a novel rifled [...]

    12. The publishers that brought you Dan Brown, a new title deserves your attention: The Lost Testament by James Becker. Tucked away in the Vatican archives a piece of parchment shouldn't be stolen in 1965, but it was. The parchment contained information that would rock the foundation of Christianity and one of the Roman Catholic faith's core tenets: the immaculate conception. It never was deciphered or sold on the market, until recently. It was rediscovered in a Cairo soul, triggered an advanced mon [...]

    13. I am really glad the author added extensive info in the Author's Notes on some of the subject matters in the book. A lot of the scenarios are presented as fact and I actually made a few notes to myself to research quite a few of them, such as Propaganda Due/P2, Roberto Calvi and the death of Pope John Paul I.I would also like to know where he got the statistics for the rise in atheism, falling numbers in Christian/Catholics ect. Just from a personal point of view it would be interesting to know [...]

    14. Several years ago there was a burglary in the Vatican and several valuable pieces were stolen. Most were soon recovered, but decades later a parchment which might have come from that robbery surfaces in Cairo. Then the body count begins to rise, Angela is included in the team sent by the British museum to authenticate the parchment. Fortunately her ex-husband Chris also goes along too, which helps when they have to try staying at least one step ahead of the bad guys.Once again James Becker has w [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book for free through First Reads."The Lost Testament" by James Becker was a real joy to read. Although it's the 6th book in the Chris Bronson / Angela Lewis series, I didn't feel like I'd missed out on anything by not reading those before hand. The story is very self-contained - but I very much want to read the previous 5 books now!James Becker handles the storyline very, very well. He gives just enough factual information for the whole thing to make sense, but not so [...]

    16. When an ancient parchment (stolen in the 1960's from The Vatican) resurfaces in Cairo, Egypt, a sinister organisation is employed to retrieve and destroy the document before it's contents, which threaten the Catholic church, are revealed. British Museum historian Angela Lewis is eventually contacted about the parchment by the current holder, who is consequently murdered, and is then targeted by the group. Along with her ex-husband Bronson, she must decipher and safeguard the parchment, and evade [...]

    17. Another conspiracy story about the Vatican ensuring that the truth is not discovered - or is it the Vatican? That is what you need to be convinced of. Certainly they tell a convincing story about assassins trying to stop publication of a new story about the birth of Jesus which might impact the faith people have in the testaments and Gospels. Funnily enough on Dec 29th this year, the BBC also ran this story to the horror of a number of Roman Catholics who objected. The story line was the same ie [...]

    18. While I never seek to discredit anyone's work, I felt that this book could use a little more showing and less telling. The writer, James Becker, over explained everything a little too much. He needed to leave a little to our imagination. It's really a pet peeve of mine when a writer goes into too much detail. It quite bogs down the story.I felt the premise or plot of the book was good, just needed a little less action and more intrigue, of course in my opinion. The writing, outside of the over t [...]

    19. As stories go there is nothing new here. That for me was quite disappointing. But what really put me off was the ridiculousness of the premise of the book.Apparently the Catholic Church had in its possession some ancient document that debunks the whole basis of the religion. Years after it was stolen from the Vatican it is unearthed in Egypt. Then it gets ridiculous. An otherwise pious priest who knows what the document is starts of a chain of actions that he knows will lead to the death of inno [...]

    20. I won this book here in ' Giveaways. I had high expectations for this book and couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed. This book is very easy to read and fast paced. The writing is tight and compelling and very enjoyable.My problem with this book came from the fact this is the 6th book in a series which I didn't know. So I while I was reading I couldn't help the feeling that the main characters, Angela Lewis and Chris Bronson were not well developed. So it makes me want to read at least the fi [...]

    21. 'The Lost Testament' is a 'Da Vinci Code' style thriller featuring at its centre a mysterious parchment that purportedly reveals the 'truth' behind the Immaculate Conception. The Catholic Church, the villains of the piece, want to keep the parchment suppressed and will go to any lengths to do so. As a result Chris Bronson and his ex wife, Angela Lewis, find themselves caught in the middle of a centuries old conspiracy. I enjoyed this book, it was a fun read, only criticism would be that I felt t [...]

    22. Another Vatican conspiracy where the truth will always lay buried . A fast paced easy to read story and i found it very interesting and factual . As a thriller you have to keep a very open mind and suspend all powers of belief again im not wanting to give much away so has the story unravels expect lots of twists suspense and a exciting plot not a short story but a very quick page turner.I recieved this book for free through first reads

    23. I find it interesting that the author treats The Roman Catholic Church and Christianity as if it were a great monolith. The terrible secret in the document that must be hidden for the RCC and Christianity to continue to exist would not be significant for many Christians. There is more diversity in Christianity than this author plot can acknowledge. The story was fast paced and pretty much followed the formula of the previous book of his that I read.

    24. The Lost Testament by James Becker, is the sixth installment in the Chris Bronson series.It is an enjoyable read and works ok as a stand alone book, although reading the previous books in the series may help with the background to the relationship between the main characters.As I enjoyed the book, I think I'll be looking to read them, anyway!I received the book for free through First Reads.

    25. A document is discovered that will totally disprove Christian dogma. Naturally the Catholic Church sends out killers to recover this relic and kill anyone that has knowledge of what was written on the document. You know from the beginning how it will turn out but it was interesting and exciting to read anyway.

    26. thanks to for the free copy - nonetheless the opinions below are 100% my owni was a little concerned this was more da vinci code type stuff (i was lukewarm about davinci), whilst the subject matter has some similarities to davinci, i found this more readable, realistic and appealingit's a fast past read that's worth a go, especially if da vinci code type stuff appeals

    27. I shelved this novel as a quasi-historical adventure thriller, because it really couldn't be based on fact. At least, not to my thinking. It has all the elements of a good historical adventure thriller, but I cannot accept the historial "testiment" that it is all based on. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the story.

    28. The Lost Testament by James Becker is one of those edge of the seat thrillers that you can’t put down, a la Dan Brown. Perhaps not as detailed or intricate as some of this type of thriller, but certainly the pace is kept up. The story flows effortlessly between Cairo and London and you can feel the rising panic in the pages as the plot progresses. A great escapism novel.

    29. one of the better books by the author in the last few years.On a related note, I wonder whether this book is different from /book/show/1. The synopsis of that book is different from this and dont seem to have the same plot.

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