Taxidermy An unsurpassed survey of the world s finest examples of this popular art form in situ from the great

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  • Title: Taxidermy
  • Author: Alexis Turner
  • ISBN: 9780847840977
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An unsurpassed survey of the world s finest examples of this popular art form in situ from the great.

    One thought on “Taxidermy”

    1. Taxidermy is a love it or hate it situation. For some people the thought of having stuffed animal fills them with dread. I love it! There's nothing better than walking into a study or library and seeing books, old photographs, paintings and stuffed animals vying for attention to satisfy the optic nerves.A beautiful book on the history of taxidermy wth some stunning photography.Highly recommended.

    2. This is beautiful and strange, moments of the absurd. Honestly I didn't even read any of the text because I was so distracted by the amazing collection of images. I will be purchasing a copy of this for my home library.

    3. None of the animals featured in this book died for the purposes of taxidermy or for these artists and yet their remains have been used to comment on the use of animals by humans. A strange book that talks about this part of the modern art world, the history of taxidermy in general, and even a beginner's guide. Not something I will partake of myself but a weird set of facts to add to my eclectic knowledge.

    4. really great book. hope to buy it for my personal library, read more books about Taxidermy & buy a few pieces someday biggest beef w/ this book is that it would have be betters served to have been a larger-sized coffee table book whereas this size is about as big as a large hardback book.

    5. The entire book can be considered as an introduction to the taxidermy world and has very little technical content. In fact, roughly 80% of this book consists of pictures, which makes it a good and easy read.

    6. Beautiful illustrations which cover the gamut of taxidermy. Nice short history, also. Not much personal input, but it is not that sort of book.

    7. Even if you have enough books on taxidermy (and I do), this book is worth checking out for the absolutely gorgeous photographs.

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