Cypress Grove

Cypress Grove As he has shown so often in previous novels James Sallis is one of our great stylists and storytellers whose deep interest in human nature is expressed in the powerful stories of men too often at od

  • Title: Cypress Grove
  • Author: James Sallis
  • ISBN: 9780802776952
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • As he has shown so often in previous novels, James Sallis is one of our great stylists and storytellers, whose deep interest in human nature is expressed in the powerful stories of men too often at odds with themselves as well as the world around them His new novel, Cypress Grove, continues in that highly praised tradition.The small town where Turner has moved is one ofAs he has shown so often in previous novels, James Sallis is one of our great stylists and storytellers, whose deep interest in human nature is expressed in the powerful stories of men too often at odds with themselves as well as the world around them His new novel, Cypress Grove, continues in that highly praised tradition.The small town where Turner has moved is one of America s lost places, halfway between Memphis and forever That makes it a perfect hideaway a place where a man can bury the past and escape the pain of human contact, where you are left alone unless you want company, where conversation only happens when there s something to say, where you can sit and watch an owl fly silently across the face of the moon And where Turner hopes to forget that he has been a cop, a psychotherapist, and, always, an ex con.There is no major crime to speak of until Sheriff Lonnie Bates arrives on Turner s porch with a bottle of Wild Turkey and a problem The body of a drifter has been found brutally and ritualistically murdered and Bates and his deputy need help from someone with big city experience who appreciates the delicacy of investigating people in a small town Thrust back into the middle of what he left behind, Turner slowly becomes reacquainted not only with the darkness he had fled, but with the unsuspected kindness of others Brilliantly balancing Turner s past and present lives, Cypress Grove is lyrical, moving, and filled with the sense of place and character that only our finest writers can achieve It is proof positive that the acclaim James Sallis has enjoyed for years is richly deserved.

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    1. And so the Turner sequence of novels by James Sallis comes to it's beginnings. Reading in reverse order makes this book feel like a close friend is finally confiding in you the how and the why of his downfall after many years of just not talking about it. It's somewhat lighter in tone than what would come after and it feels clear to me that Sallis didn't actually have a plan to make the series in to the melancholy dissection of memory and ageing and loss because whilst the structure is the same [...]

    2. "Η απώλεια είναι το κλειδί, το μυστικό που κανείς δεν σου έχει μαρτυρήσει. Από την πρώτη μέρα της ζωής σου ένας σωρός αρχίζει να σχηματίζεται γύρω σου: ανάγκες, επιθυμίες, φόβοι εξαρτήσεις, τύψεις, χαμένες επαφές. Βρίσκονται πάντα εκεί. Είναι όμως στο χέρι σου ν'αποφασίσεις τι [...]

    3. Blues e solitudineTurner: veterano del Vietnam, ex agente di polizia, una laurea in psicologia ottenuta mentre era in prigione. Uscito dal carcere, decide di lasciarsi alle spalle il passato per rifugiarsi in una capanna nei boschi che circondano una sperduta cittadina rurale del Tennessee. Un uomo misterioso e sconosciuto, a se stesso e agli altri, oppresso da un fardello inconfessabile che, un pezzo alla volta, deve essere riportato in superficie per poter essere esorcizzato. La visita dello s [...]

    4. Here's how I arrived at this book: I read a very positive review in the last year or so of Sallis's "Salt River"; the review mentioned the book was the third in a series involving the same protagonist. So, I thought I would start with the first book in the series. Bad mistake. Cypress Grove is a mannered tale of a retired policeman, living in a rural southern environment, who gets dragged into a local murder investigation. It cuts back and forth between the local investigation and the policeman' [...]

    5. This is a thin slice of vinegar pie. The story and pace is simple and slow, but underneath it all is a depth of character and a real sense of place.Beautifully written, I get a real sense that Sallis is telling exactly the story he set out to write (that may sound like an obvious thing for a writer, but it's actually rare).The book is both slow and quick. The even pacing going by quickly. And while I don't think it hits the level of the best of the Lew Griffin books, this is still a very solid r [...]

    6. Απρόσμενα καλο, ο Sallis μάλλον μου ταιριάζει σαν συγγραφέας. Ο ήρωας του ειναι βαθιά ανθρώπινος κ η αφήγηση σχεδιασμένη με δεξιοτεχνία. Η εξιχνίαση του εγκλήματος μάλλον υστερούσε, ίσως γιατι ο προβληματισμός που έκρυβε μου φαινόταν αταίριαστος με την αποκάλυψη του παρελθόν [...]

    7. 4,5/5 - Ευκολοδιάβαστο, ο ορισμός του page turner, στρωτή γραφή, δεξιοτεχνική αφήγηση της ιστορίας. Βιβλίο απ' αυτά που "περνάς καλά" μαζί τους.

    8. First in the Turner trilogy.Turner is an “ex” lot of things: ex-Vietnam soldier, ex-cop, ex-con, ex-therapist. Trying, as he says, to become “exempt” from what he sees as a meaningless life, he chooses to live in a cabin by a lake in a near a small, rural Tennessee town, near Memphis, pretty much like the place where he grew up. But violence has a way of following Turner, and when a bizarre murder occurs in the town, Sheriff Lonnie Bates asks Turner to help.That’s the matrix for a book [...]

    9. Αυτό είναι μόλις το πρώτο μυθιστόρημα του Τζέιμς Σάλις που μεταφράζεται στα ελληνικά, γεγονός που με χαροποίησε ιδιαίτερα, μιας και είναι από τους καλύτερους συγγραφείς νουάρ μυθιστορημάτων και από περιλήψεις των βιβλίων του και κριτικές στο ίντερνετ κατάλαβα ότι είναι έ [...]

    10. Ένα noir ποτισμένο από την υγρασία του Νότου. Ο πρωταγωνιστής ένας εξηντάρης πρώην πολεμιστής του Βιετνάμ, πρώην μπάτσος, πρώην κατάδικος, πρώην ψυχαναλυτής έχει παρατήσει τα πάντα και κατοικεί μόνος στη μέση του πουθενά έξω από μια μικρή πόλη. Έχει μπουχτίσει από την ζωή και [...]

    11. Typical southern rural crime, just a little overwritten for its own good.The plot alternates with flashbacks giving insight to what lead Turner here and now. The main crime plot is rather paper thin but the overall atmosphere and characters compensate. I particularly liked the introductory scene of sheriff Bates. Some lines are savorous.What ticked me off were a good part of the dialogs. I can accept litterary inner monologues, assuming the narrator took its time to write them, but nobody talks [...]

    12. 3.8* για την ακρίβεια Από την σελίδα 200 και μετά βρίσκει τον ρυθμό του, πιο πριν οι διάλογοι είναι υπερβολικά αμερικάνικοι, τόσο που ξενίζουν έναν Ευρωπαίο. Εντέλει όμως αξίζει τον κόπο και το στόρυ αλλά και ο τρόπος που επιλέγει ο συγγραφέας να το παρουσιάσει. Πολύ ενδιαφέρον [...]

    13. He’s been a cop, inmate, psychiatrist, almost an English professor, and currently a consultant on a murder case. With such a varied CV, it’s difficult to imagine how a reclusive character like Turner will apply all his life experience to successfully solve the brutally ritualistic murder of an emotionally disturbed young man who’d been lifting the mayor’s mail. Be forewarned: the clues may appear at a pace akin to molasses, and alternate chapters meander back and forth in first person na [...]

    14. I enjoyed it enough to read more in the series. Loved some of it and drifted off at other parts, but enough there to make me want to see what is to come.

    15. A quick read, well developed characters, a very interesting detective with a prison record. Well written.

    16. Surely you have oft heard the expression "I thought so&so was pretty good, but he's no. . . " Be it sports, stage, screen, or literature. That is how I felt after reading this book, by an author whose stuff I have read before and liked, but I just had this nagging feeling that this was, shall we say, second string. Mind you, it was still a good story and I liked it, and will read the others in the series, so that should tell you something, but the characters were not as sharp, nor the narrat [...]

    17. James Sallis can write some great prose and he can also write some strange prose, often in the same paragraph. "He looked up as we came in. Wet brown eyes that reminded me of spaniels, ruddy face narrow and shallow like a shovel, thin hair. Something electric about him, though. Sparks and small connections jumping around in there unremarked."Well I'm thinking, here's a dishevelled looking older guy with sad sympathetic eyes acting like a bundle of loose nerves but then, I can't really be sure, [...]

    18. Ένα αστυνομικό βιβλίο διαφορετικό από το είδος που έχω συνηθίσει. Έχει στοιχεία noir με πολλά flashback του πρωταγωνιστή. Ουσιαστικά, τα κεφάλαια εναλλάσσονται μεταξύ του σήμερα και του παρελθόντος του πρωταγωνιστή. Ο James Sallis παρουσιάζει την ιστορία χωρίς να κουράζει ιδιαίτερα κ [...]

    19. While the back and forth narrative style, showing Turner now and then, was, at times, hard to keep track of, but it's how Sallis wraps everything up that deserves much praise. Also, this is a deceptive book. I came into it expecting a crime/noir story, moody in the way that "Drive" was, but this is a different read. Sallis spends more time with the little details of Turner's world, gets us in there, shows us the inner struggle of the character as opposed to straight up crime and violence. Nicely [...]

    20. This was his first Turner book. He has just moved to this small town, and the Sheriff comes calling wanting him to help w/ a murder in his town that he feels he is "in over his head" on this one. Turner reluctantly agrees to help. The book also has Turner going back in his thoughts to what brought him to where he is today, the war, his days as a cop, prison, and his years as a therapist. Should have read this one first, now I am ready for the 3rd Turner book.

    21. Southern noir. Liked it and going to read more books in this series. Sallis brings the heat and humidity, the liquor and the slow drawls to life. The essence of the Southern way of speaking is expressed not by changing the spelling of words as many authors tend to do these days, but by the way he uses punctuation, the rhythm of the sentences, and the texture of the words to tell the story. Craft rather than shortcut.

    22. Cypress Grove and its sequels, Cripple Creek and Salt River, are a trilogy of lyrical crime novels by James Sallis. His prose is beautiful and his characters wonderful. The world of these novels is one of unremitting violence and good people get hurt or killed all the time, although those same people are able to find one another and some comfort in music and one another. Read all three but space them out a bit and read something optimistic after each Sallis novel.

    23. Having only read Drive by James Sallis before this wasn't anything like what I expected.Where Drive is terse, direct and coldly violent; this is gentle, lazy, slow moving and highly discontinuous (there is a lot of flashback history - out of order).That said; I liked Turner will certainly read the next in the series.

    24. Really liked the style of writing here and the way the character's past history was laid out. Very curious to me though as a 'crime novel' as it seemed like it spent all of 20 pages on anything directly involved in the main murder. So as a crime novel its not all that detailed or full of drama but the style of writing, God. Just brilliant.

    25. Pure poetry once again from James Sallis. The only reason I gave it a 4 is because I've not warmed to Turner as quickly as I did Lew Griffin! Looking forward to Cripple Creek.

    26. Absolutely superb writer. Understated prose seems to amble along but it seeps into you and suddenly you realise how much you are enjoying your reading experience. Forget crime fiction and the slights often aimed at it. Sallis is just a master novelist writing about life in a particular setting, creating dialogue that crackles and is so good. My sixth book with many more to come, thankfully. Join me, you will not be disappointed!

    27. Despite some graceful writing, Cypress Grove is just bad. It's short, but an aggravating narrative structure makes it feel long. It contains a murder that no one seems to care about. It builds a convincing but predictable atmosphere out of things like moonlight, bourbon, and owls. Again, despite the short length, the story takes bizarre, unedifying detours that kill its momentum.In all, a cut-rate knockoff of gritty Southern Gothic writers like William Gay and Ron Rash.

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