Blind Sighted

Blind Sighted Just when things start coming together for Kirk Tobak it looks like everything might fall apart Fifteen years old Kirk has always been a loner He s smart but does badly in school He s funny but ne

  • Title: Blind Sighted
  • Author: PeterMoore
  • ISBN: 9780670035434
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Just when things start coming together for Kirk Tobak, it looks like everything might fall apart Fifteen years old, Kirk has always been a loner He s smart, but does badly in school He s funny, but never had too many friends But when he gets demoted into a new English class, things begin to look up He meets a rock n roll slacker, who becomes a real friend and there sJust when things start coming together for Kirk Tobak, it looks like everything might fall apart Fifteen years old, Kirk has always been a loner He s smart, but does badly in school He s funny, but never had too many friends But when he gets demoted into a new English class, things begin to look up He meets a rock n roll slacker, who becomes a real friend and there s a girl who likes his writing she might even like him And his new job is great He reads to a dynamic young blind woman who somehow makes him feel good about himself And that s when the bottom falls out Kirk comes home one night to a note from his mom on the kitchen table She s gone off to California with her boyfriend, leaving Kirk alone Kirk is determined to stay and make it on his own, but he s juggling a lot at once, and he doesn t know how long he can last Readers will find themselves cheering for Kirk in this funny, touching first novel.

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    1. don't get me wrong or anything, but I'm really glad this was a library read. It's not that it was bad, it just wasn't a wow book either. It was quirky-to a point the writing reminded me of "Burn", but better.The characters were decent. The story was a little boring. There were funny moments. I feel pretty 50-50 on this one. The one thing that truely bothered me was the Mother. Geez, who just up and leaves their kid to go on mini-vacations?!?!? What kind of mom gets plastered every night? What ki [...]

    2. Kirk Tobak’s life isn’t the greatest. He’s short, friendless, fatherless, on his own a lot, and definitely not living up to his potential (according to most of his teachers), and his mom spends more time with alcohol than she does with him. But he’s fantastically witty – if only in his head and in his writing (which no one else ever sees) – and he loves literature. After a sarcastic interchange with his honors English teacher, Kirk is forced to drop the class and take English with a [...]

    3. This book is about a boy who finds a new life. Though he is smart he doesn't try, and as his grades fail, he gets put in a different class. This is where he finds himself a friend who he can talk to. Over time he also gets a girlfriend and a better job. At his new job he learns about life and that he can't control it. When his mom moves to California to open up a restaurant, he has to take care of himself. He doesn't want to move now that his life is better and so he moves in with the lady he wa [...]

    4. Kirk Tobak a loner, a writer that express his feelings by writing out things that truly bother him. Kirk lives with his mom in a broken down old house just them two not really have a tight relationship as mother and son sometimes would. Kirk gets transfered from honors english to regular english because of his grades. Kirk then meets Glenn who at first taunts him then during english KIrk asks Glenn what he is writing. After Kirk's teacher reads one of Kirk's writings Glenn asks him if he's ever [...]

    5. In the book “Blind Sighted” by Peter Moore, the main character is a guy named Kirk Tobak. He and I share many of the same traits. We both have an above average sense of humor and both found English class as a way to express ourselves. English helped me realize that writing was my passion. What English did for Tobak was that he found his first best friend. In school, Kirk is a guy that likes to keep to himself and is often described as a loner. His new friend, Glenn, is about as big of a goo [...]

    6. Interest level: 8th +Reading level: mediumGenre: realistic fiction, friendship, family, schools, coming of age, alcoholism, blindness, trial by fireBrowsing the shelves I spotted this little gem written by a school counsellor. "Blind Sighted" is about a witty high schooler called Kirk who is a bit lost in life. Kirk's mother is an alcoholic and seems to lead her own dull life and Kirk - although very smart - doesnít seem to fit in anywhere, has few friends, and doesn't put a lot of effort into [...]

    7. Blind Sighted by Peter Moore is about a lonly kid. Kirk doesn't have friends. He doesn't hang out with anyone and keeps to himself. But oneday, when he is kicked out from english class and put into a not so smart class, he starts to get noticed. Glenn reads one of kirks writings and thinks its good for his songs. Together they develop their friendship and Glenn is the first real friend Kirk has had. A girl in his class even likes him and he is reading for a cool blind woman. What could be better [...]

    8. Peter Moore’s Blind Sighted is about a teenager in high school named Kirk Tobac. He’s the kind of kid who choses books over sports and is unsocial. He is living in a small town in New Jersey, with his alcoholic divorced mother. Kirk was sort of an outcast. He was bullied by the “burnouts”, didn’t do any homework or write essay’s in proper form. We discover that this is part of living with an alcoholic mother. Who falls in love with her boss, and decides to move to California with him [...]

    9. This book is about a young boy named Kirk. Kirk is having some issues in school and at home. In school he just does not want to try and at home he argues with his mom. When I say that Kirk argues with his mom I mean that his mom has a new boyfriend and he is trying to convince her to move to LA for his new job. What happens when the family decides to leave to LA?If you would like to know what happens next in this book you will have to read it. I believe this book teaches you how to trust others [...]

    10. My little sister recommended this book to me. Usually I don't read the same things as she does, we have a different taste in books. But I have to admit she was right about this book.I really enjoyed the comedy, not so much the writing style. The over all idea was entertaining and fun.The author is really understanding to teen emotion, but a little over board, but than again all teens tend to be over dramatic at times.My favorite part has to be the odd pair of best friends; the cool experienced p [...]

    11. This is actually one of the few books that I like. This is my second time reading the book and I actually understood it more and I related to it better. I read back when I was in sixth grade and ever since then I wondered what is called and who wrote it. This book is about a kid who is basically living a normal teenage life when his mom just up and leaves to go to California with her boyfriend. Kirk lives on his own and grows as a teenager. It's a very good book that a lot of teenagers my age an [...]

    12. I think that this book was kind of dramatic, the author wrote a book about a young man, who had cancer, got kicked out of his english class, had no friends, and is worried about a lot of things in this world like school, friends, parents, and girls. Eventually, he met a guy who actually like his words and think that it should be put in to a song, and then alot of other good things happened to him and now he's never been happier than ever. But I still question about cancer can get you prepare for [...]

    13. I think this book is really good. It talks about a kid who is lonely and doesnt have any friends. Until he goes to another class and makes new friends. His mother decides to move to Los Angeles,but Kirk refuse to.He couldnt stay with his father because he left him when he just a baby. So his mother leaves him and goes to Los Angeles with her boyfriend name Hal. I think this book relates to teenagers who has parents that leaves them and thinks thats the right thing to go.

    14. Kirk Tobak is a small, weird kid who doesn't have many friends, and he shelves books at the library. After he is demoted to "dumb" English, he meets Glenn, who plays guitar and like's Kirk's poetry as lyrics. Now Kirk is hanging with friends, has a girl, Lauren, and a new job reading to a blind woman. But all is not perfect since Kirk's mother and her boyfriend have run off to California and left Kirk behind. . .

    15. This book was actually better than i thought it would be. Its a good story overall, and its story is interesting, but most of the exciting things happen closer to the end. Don't get me wrong, I really liked this book. It flows rather nicely, just don't put down the book too early because the good stuff has yet to happen.

    16. This book is really good. I didn't really think that it would be a semi-happy ending. I was kinda shocked when he had feelings for Cammie. It was kinda strange. I mean, he wasn't too happy about reading to her at first, but then, well, that transition was sort-of strange. Still, this is a great book and I htink that people should read this.

    17. This book is amazing and a great book just if you have some extra time in class. It is about a kid that is vert intelegent and is trying to make friends and write lyrics for a kid he knows. He is also trying to find a girlfriend and go on his frist date.

    18. i was probably thrown off because at the age i was reading it, i didn't like the sex parts. looking back at it, more on the story line, it was good, i still think there was too much sex though. the guy liking that old lady was kinda weird, but hey, i won't judge. it was also sad.

    19. 16 yr old Kirk is a loner, doesn't care about school, works at a local library as a shelver. A fellow worker asks him to take over out loud reading to a blind lady-juggling a 1st girlfriend, family problems good

    20. My daughter recommended this to me, so I picked it up and tried it. Its on an early-teen level of writing, and the story line is of the same age-group. It is compelling and keeps moving.I am used to reading non-fiction, but enjoyed this enough to not put it down for very long.

    21. Guys, i dont recomend this book, it's pretty good, but it swears like 5 times in every page, and i got kinda scared it some of the scenes, so ya, i dont recomend it.

    22. I read this book in two days. Overall, I really enjoyed it. I would give it 5 stars but the ending was weak. I love Kirk and I love the story.

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