Gumbo Goes Downtown

Gumbo Goes Downtown A discontented watchdog seeks a new identity in the French Quarter then realizes that back home is where he is somebody special Colorful endpages give factual information about Louisiana and New Orle

  • Title: Gumbo Goes Downtown
  • Author: Carol Talley Itoko Maeno
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A discontented watchdog seeks a new identity in the French Quarter, then realizes that back home is where he is somebody special Colorful endpages give factual information about Louisiana and New Orleans.

    One thought on “Gumbo Goes Downtown”

    1. This is a lovely story about a dog names Gumbo (after the New Orleans famous dish) who is a guard dog for his human companion – he gets hurt though because no matter how hard he barks no one really pays attention to him, other than to pet him! One day the gate is open and that makes an open invitation for him to find out about the world outside his territory ---- he wanders into downtown finds a lot of new animal companions, makes new friends, tries new things but by nighttime he’s all alone [...]

    2. A tale that is charming and sweet, yet focuses on some important issues. The obvious story line is about a guard dog named Gumbo, who lives in a shotgun house on St. Charles Street in New Orleans. He spends most of his time barking at any one who comes near the chain link fence, such as the girl in a polka dot dress and the postman. When the postman fails to close the gate one day, Gumbo seizes the opportunity to see the world. He follows the trolley tracks downtown to New Orleans. Here he meets [...]

    3. I couldn't find the things that made other readers gush about this book. Yes, it is cute in its voicing a family dog's lifestyle, but I've read other books that do it better. Yes, there are several New Orleans references, but unless you are familiar with the area already you won't learn a whole lot from the text, at least from the Kindle version. The majority of the book - a full third in the back - appears to be lessons for a parent or teacher to use this book to teach the value of home. I wasn [...]

    4. About 10% of the text was over-typed and unreadable. The story had too many elements a child within the target readership would be bored with.The over-typing was annoying. Was there no proofreading? The illustrations were okay for the most part, but the artist's human faces were horrendous! The street names and geographical specifics have no value to children or this reading age and when there are enough of them it gets boring for them. Show dogs do not wear their prize ribbons walking around to [...]

    5. When I went to New Orleans, I knew I had to come home with a book for my godson. Selection was limited and this would have been the book I bought for him, however the only copy at the store had a tear in the cover alas. But the book is quite cute (come on, who can resist a dog named Gumbo??). Gumbo hops a streetcar and explores downtown New Orleans (pre-Katrina). The illustrations are sweet and ultimately, Gumbo returns home to find that everyone has really rather missed him in his absence.

    6. Having grown up in the New Orleans area, I couldn't resist this title! And I wasn't disappointed. Beautiful illustrations, good writing, and an important life lesson message. The informational tidbits about N.O. in the back of the book pushed this to a 5-star rating. This is the best children's book for Kindle that I have read so far and I look forward to exploring other titles in this series.

    7. Beautifully illustrated adventure starring darling doggie friends! Gumbo takes off on an adventure because he is insecure about his identity as a watchdog. Gumbo learns an important lesson about self-esteem and embracing who you really are.Top quality digital publication. So many e-books are poorly edited and full of typos. This one is a treasure.

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