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  1. The Lapham’s Quarterly has devoted its Spring 2013 issue to Animals. It’s a marvelous collection of historical essays and stories.Many of the stories included are in the public domain, such as this excerpt from Moby-Dick.What jumped out at me was this excerpt from the essay The Silent Majority by John Berger.The cultural marginalization of animals is, of course, a more complex process than their physical marginalization. The animals of the mind cannot be so easily dispersed. Sayings, dreams, [...]

  2. I finished reading this quarter's superb literary compilation of Voices in Time (their term) on the Animals theme in late May. This was good time for me as I didn't read it during the first 18 days of May due to traveling.It usually takes me the entire quarter to read it. As usual the length is only around 221 pages including beautiful art reproductions but the quality of literate minds represented does require attention.Editor/Publisher Lewis H. Lapham notes in his Preamble that man's attitude [...]

  3. One of the best in the series, benefitting greatly from the topic. Each animal is it's own joy to read about, and the historical path of humanity's understanding of our co-inhabitants has evolved as well.

  4. This review will serve as my general review of the entire Lapham's Quarterly periodical series. I have chosen the "Animals" issue simply because it was recent and is fresh in my memory.Harold Lapham has done the world a tremendous service by not only founding this quarterly publication, but remaining deeply involved in the creation of every issue. It is, quite simply, some of the best reading I've ever known. To read in one sitting excerpts from the writings of authors separated by two millennia [...]

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