Fulfillment This book is for mature audiences It contains explicit language and sexual content We can stumble upon a connection in life a feeling an instinct even Having an uncontrollable desire to act upon i

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  • Title: Fulfillment
  • Author: K.M. Golland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: ebook
  • This book is for mature audiences 18 It contains explicit language and sexual content.We can stumble upon a connection in life a feeling, an instinct even Having an uncontrollable desire to act upon it, all the while knowing that acting upon it may or may not be the right thing to do The thing is it s in that action where we prove our initial feeling to be right or wronThis book is for mature audiences 18 It contains explicit language and sexual content.We can stumble upon a connection in life a feeling, an instinct even Having an uncontrollable desire to act upon it, all the while knowing that acting upon it may or may not be the right thing to do The thing is it s in that action where we prove our initial feeling to be right or wrong.Alexis Summers did just that she took the plunge, acted on her instinct and followed her heart a heart that led her to Bryce Clark He was Melbourne s wealthiest bachelor, and she was a happily married mum or, so she thought They were worlds apart, yet somehow became inseparable.In Fulfillment Alexis and Bryce are finally happy, in love, and expecting their first child together But nothing is ever as it seems One person does not share in their happiness and wants Alexis gone for good One person can destroy everything

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    1. Bryce is back baby!! The man is amazing… Seriously there is NOTHING he can’t do…I mean he: Is Filthy rich Fucks like a god Looks like a sex god Owns a hotel Spoils Lex’s kids Plays the guitar THINKS OF EVERYTHING Fucks like a god Is a romantic Loves Lex like he needs air to breathe. Sings Flies a helicopter CAN DANCE!Has a Harley Is attentive and affectionate Has a garage full of cars Fucks like a godIs possessive Oh and did I mention fucks like a god? Ok so I’m not going to ruin this [...]

    2. Fulfillment is the reward when Satisfaction is achieved.[image error]My intent when I wrote Fulfillment was to give you the feeling of both books one and two merged together. I wanted it to encompass Temptation's angst and Satisfaction's fluffy sweetness. I wanted it to evoke every emotion held deep inside. I hope I have fulfilled these objectives.K.M

    3. Omg what a book!!!This book was absolutely brilliant! I don't even know where to start with this review. So much happened in that my mind was on over load the whole way through. I couldn't get enough of it. I hated it when I had to put it down. From page one I knew it was going to be great. The story carries on from where that last book finished thank god. I was dying to know more and how things were going to go. This story was again happy one minute and heart breaking the next. Alexis went thro [...]

    4. Spoiler freeThis may be spoiler free but I would still say that if you have not read the first two books than do not read this review. “True love is not the result of a wish, Alexis. It is found by those who have open eyes. Unfortunately, so many people are blind—and because of that—will never experience it.”This book takes off shortly after Satisfaction. Alexis is pregnant and Jayce is so excited about having the baby. They are both finally coming into their relationship and having ever [...]

    5. This is the third book in the series so my review will contain some spoilers from the previous two books)Fulfillment is the third book in the Temptation series and let me tell you, it blew my freaking mind. I absolutely loved it. Books one and two were great but I do have to say that I think this is my favorite of the series. It is filled with non-stop excitement, heartache, love, playfulness, and I found myself laughing out loud in parts. I just love Alexis and Bryce. Their playfulness and affe [...]

    6. Absolutely loved loved loved this! Great series! I first fell in love with Alexis and Bryce months ago and was devastated to learn the conclusion wasnt yet written and I'd have to wait to read it. Now im devastated for a whole new reason! I am not ready for it to be over!!Favorite quotes and/or moments from story:I've always had goals to strive toward in life. Goals, that with hard work and initiative were still achievable regardless of how remarkably high they were set. But damn, it was amazing [...]

    7. The best in the series so far !!!!!!Alexis and Bryce are my favourite couple since Bella and Edward This book has a different feel to the others in the series, its more emotional, traumatic and steamy.We know that Alexis and Bryce have the life changing connection, this book takes us on a journey of change as the couple become a family, and how this effects them and those closet to them.As I've said, this book is more emotional and raw, and shows a maturity in KM Golland's writing in how the cha [...]

    8. 6+ StarsPLEASE NOTE: This is book 3 in the Temptation series and you MUST read the first two books before reading thisis as always is a spoiler free reviewI can't tell you how much I absolutely love this series. It it now one of my all time favorites. While it does have the whole familiar billionaire falls in love with the girl next door typeis series is so much different and I absolutely love love love it! "Tomorrow I turn 36 years of age, and during those 36 years I have experiences a lot. I h [...]

    9. I just wanted to read this novel slowly, it being the third in the series. I didn’t want it to end! I have fallen in love with Bryce Clark and Alexis Summers. This earned a spot on my list of favorite series. “True love is not the result of a wish, Alexis. It is found by those who have open eyes. Unfortunately, so many people are blind—and because of that—will never experience it.” This quote basically summarizes this whole series. Finding true love can be difficult, and you may think [...]

    10. I absolutely LOVED this series! Fantastic story and awesome characters! I was left feeling with the characters their love, pain, sorrow, hope, anger, laughter many! This installment had me feeling the most for Mr. Clark. His love and pain was so vividly written you saw it through the eyes of Alexis. Where do I start about the humour? I LOVED IT! When Bryce asked the waiter, "Is it possible to get my girlfriend a Cock 'n Balls?" It was hilarious! My favourite quote: "You stole my heart, and you s [...]

    11. After overcoming all the hurdles to be together, who would've thought that they'd continuously face so many other adversities.Sounds corny, but Bryce and Alexis is a true example of "Love conquering all things."The trilogy evoked so many emotions -- I couldn't get enough. I need more of Bryce and Alexis!!

    12. Loved the first two books in this Trilogy but Fulfillment was excellent. This young writer has shown what a wonderful author she really is , she is a natural story teller. Every emotion was in this book . Once you pick it up it is so hard to put down.

    13. So worth the wait!! A GREAT finale to this trilogy. "The chorus kicked in, and Ginuwine sang about 'riding his pony' and as those lyrics filled the room, Bryce thrust his cock and pointed at it definitively, forcing my mouth to drop. Yes dropped to the freaking floor"

    14. Absolutely loved it !!!!!!!!! Just as many laughs as the previous books but also a lot of tears too :( Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster !!

    15. The Temptation Series never disappoints! I loved this book as much as the first two but for different reasons. Of course, it had romance, love, and scorching hot scenceswhich I'm always a fan of. This book was beyond! I laughed. I cried. I even cursed aloud in the doctor's waiting room. The drama, action, and suspense involved in this particular book are second to none. The play on emotions was the best of highs and the worst of lows. All the while I was in awe of this unbelievable love story of [...]

    16. Book 3 TOTALLY NAILED IT!!! So sad to see it end! But there is a silver lining book 3.5 Attainment can't wait to read it and Attraction Carly and Dereks story!! I'm sure she will not disappoint. It's always hard to find such quality and intensity in the story line. Nice to be able to lose myself in fantasy even if it is only for a few hours!! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE this series and this author!!!

    17. I didn't want it to end.I was so wrapped up in their lives that I felt part of them! A great series with great titles that are so apt! I cried, literally, when reading this book, I laughed out loud several times too It was very movingGREAT STORY and so easy to readWELL DONEn't wait for more from her.

    18. OMG this book literally took me on an emotional rollercoaster! I was so engrossed in this book and this series I never wanted it to end!! Thank God K.M. Golland released the occasional bonus chapters on Facebook! :D

    19. Absolutely amazing!!! Loved the ending to Bryce & Alexis' story! Looking forward to reading about Carly. : )

    20. I bawled my eyes out at the final chapter in this book, that slight hesitation I'd had at the beginning of book two was gone and I couldn't wait to see how this story played out. I was still terry eyed reading the epilogue.It exceeded my expectations, there were sad bits, really sad bits, laugh out loud bits, and smiley bits. I loved it.One of the highlights for me was the Magic Mike scene, I'll not be able to get the picture of a red g string out of my head now, and I'd love to see that scene r [...]

    21. 5 hot, burning stars!"I love your passion and devotion, and I love how you love with everything that you have. You're incredible, Bryce, and what we have is incredible and I thank my lucky stars for it every day. I'm kind of waiting for my bubble to burst, though."Let me tell you, I despise infidelity so in book 1, I wasn't entirely happy with how Bryce and Alexis' started. Be that as it may, I cannot question true love and I even believe in soul mates. I believe that there is that one perfect p [...]

    22. Sadly I lost interest in the third book, Fulfillment. I spent a month finishing this book. The conflict is predictable. I was wondering why it took so long for the author to reveal the truth. It kind of feels like the ending was rushed in the last 15% of this book.Fulfillment indeed really has a slow pace. Though in the middle of that slow pace the author gave us some worthy scenes. My favorites are Magic Mike performed by Bryce Clark, and every scene of Bryce and the kids. Nate and Charlie are [...]

    23. Fulfilment by K.M. GollandThis is book three in the Temptation series. In this story Alexis and Bryce are truly happy and things between them seem to be going their way though there is danger in the mist. This story is truly gripping and page turning.The enemy within is out to kill and Alexis may not be the only victim. The heat and passion is still present throughout the book along with happy, sad and exciting times. I found myself giggling to scenes in the book and holding my hand over my ches [...]

    24. RE REVIEWING AFTER RE READING!!Amazing as the first 2 booksThis is the 3rd book in the series and it takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, it had me laughing but at the same time it had me cryingtimes my heart broke for Bryce and Alexis. Throughout this story there are parts that had me sat on the edge of the seat, we follow on with Bryce and Alexis story from SatisfactionAlexis is pregnant and there love for each other just grows with each dayere is so many ups and downs with this storyyou [...]

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