The Hunt for Elsewhere

The Hunt for Elsewhere Abandoned by his family and raised by a wise old crow Saxton grows up to be no ordinary fox Where other foxes are ruthless Saxton is merciful Where they are greedy he is generous But for all that

  • Title: The Hunt for Elsewhere
  • Author: Beatrice Vine
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: None
  • Abandoned by his family and raised by a wise, old crow, Saxton grows up to be no ordinary fox.Where other foxes are ruthless, Saxton is merciful Where they are greedy, he is generous But for all that Saxton believes in honor and love, kindness and courage, other animals deem him no better than the moniker his kind is fated to bear Lonely Thief.Meanwhile, Dante, a battleAbandoned by his family and raised by a wise, old crow, Saxton grows up to be no ordinary fox.Where other foxes are ruthless, Saxton is merciful Where they are greedy, he is generous But for all that Saxton believes in honor and love, kindness and courage, other animals deem him no better than the moniker his kind is fated to bear Lonely Thief.Meanwhile, Dante, a battle worn wolf missing an eye and an ear, left his pack for reasons he keeps close to his chest One too many bad memories has left him cynical, and yet he somehow remains faithful to a fault His lonely life, plagued by misfortune and dishonor, changes forever the day he meets Saxton.Thrown together by fate, this unlikely duo travel across the North American continent, chasing trains, fighting hunger, evading man, and confronting their own inner demons all while searching for redemption, family, and a place to call home.

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    1. I began reading The Hunt For Elsewhere thinking that it was going to be a children's fantasy story - cute, sweet, funny, and filled with adorable animals somewhat akin to Bambi. What I found instead was pleasantly surprising, emotionally gripping, and a fascinating read, though it was a bit strong for young children. I loved the unique and genuine personalities that each of Beatrice Vine's characters have in this book. She brings us into a world of predator and prey, where animals must often kil [...]

    2. "The Hunt for Elsewhere" was beautiful. I teared up a bit and it takes a good book to make me do that. (Only one book ever made me actually cry.) I loved following Dante and Saxton on their epic journey across great wildernesses and suburban backyards. there were a few typos but I ignored them. the book seems like its self-published work. or maybe by a really small publishing company. but I'm not sure. I looked all over my copy, but I couldn't find it.So, my main love of the book is my Dear swee [...]

    3. Like other readers here, "The Hunt for Elsewhere" came as a pleasant surprise to me despite deviating from my normal reading material. It took me on an exciting journey across several states through the eyes of various animals. The pacing was solid and kept me enthralled so I finished it quickly. The story teaches that sometimes the best relationships form between the most unlikely of creatures, and thus we should always be willing to explore and seriously consider the opinions and lifestyles of [...]

    4. I did not really know what I was getting into when I started reading this book, but the description sounded interesting and the writing pulled me in from the opening pages. I think I expected some sort of “milo and Otis” story (great movie…see it if you haven’t already), but what I got was far more emotional, thrilling, and shocking. It really was a great read, but I felt the pacing was inconsistent at some parts, like it started off with a bang and then slowed down for a while. I just w [...]

    5. Beatrice Vine’s “The Hunt for Elsewhere” is rich with evocative and atmospheric writing. Great amount of descriptions and details to really make the reader feel they are there as the story unfolds. The main characters are anthropomorphized animals, which will greatly appeal to younger readers. But they have experiences and adventures that will appeal to the older folk as well. There are a few parts that are a bit “circle of life”, but if the child can handle “Old Yeller” or “Wher [...]

    6. Great book! Kept me turning the pages wondering what would happen next, and I read the whole thing in two nights. When I first started reading it, I thought it was going to be a bit like Finding Nemo, when Saxton the fox is separated from his family when hunters attack their home. And while I love Nemo, I was pleasantly surprised with the complexity and intelligent path this novel took. It’s certainly not some silly book about animals and what we imagine they are thinking or doing (for our amu [...]

    7. My first thoughts upon finishing this book was, for a lack of a better word, wow. This is a very well written book in a genre that is sadly kinda empty. Animal fiction isn't the most popular genre by a long shot and it's often filled with boring stories that don’t take the time to properly write out many characters. This story, for me at least, didn’t have any of those problems. Saxton and Dante are the two main characters in this story, both of which have great personality and they felt nat [...]

    8. Saxton certainly is no ordinary fox Never have I been more taken by a creature so small.This story had more sadness and growth than I was ever able to anticipate, but along with Saxton and Dante I feel I learned so much on their journey. Not only were Quill's stories and nuggets of wisdom enlightening, but each character had a lesson to learn from and words to share. I'm happy for them that they made it to the end of that rough trek, but at the same time I'll miss Saxton's innate curiosity and D [...]

    9. Amazing. I loved this book and immediately sent it to my daughter’s kindle to read. (She is 14, I am…not). This book has some great themes and messages that are important, and delivered in such a way that the reader has an emotional attachment with what is going on. Even though there were some tough parts, and admittedly I thought some events could have been handled with more finesse, such is life, in that everything is not all roses and rainbows. I could possible see some readers thinking t [...]

    10. This is a charming story, but it is not overly sweet. It is the tale of a young fox who must learn to make his own way in the world. He comes across two unlikely companions in his travels: a crow and a wolf. From them, he learns new perspectives, discovering himself in the process. There are many lessons to be learned within the pages of this book. Life is what we make it, but some decisions have no clear cut right or wrong. Though the main characters are animals, this novel is not just a fable [...]

    11. If you are looking for a sweet animal themed story, then you may enjoy this. It follows a young fox who is separated from his family and ends up on his own journey as he meets and make friends and family along the way. While seeing both the beauty and cruelness of the world.However if you are looking for a story that is realistic, this is probably not for you. The characters are very human like in the way they speak and act, and the animals behavior generally is not portrayed very accurately to [...]

    12. "The Hunt for Elsewhere” by Beatrice Vine is the story of animals (mostly a fox, a crow, and later a wolf) all who have human traits and qualities, yet live the lives of wild animals. It is an interesting technique, and one that has been done before, I’m sure, but Ms. Vine created a story that was, at least to me, wholly original. I was surprised at how unpredictable it was, like when I thought it would be all about Saxton reuniting with his family (which would happen at the end of his journ [...]

    13. Okay, I simply adored this book! I completely fell in love with Saxton and loved watching him go through all of his trials and adventures and watching him grow. The thing that most surprised me about this novel was not only how well-written it was, but it is truly one that will appeal to adults as well as younger readers. I do, however, question just how young would be appropriate, as there are some challenging scenes that may be harder on the younger crowd. But if they can handle it there are m [...]

    14. 'It was strange to want to be good, yet be forced to make terrible choices. He wasn't sure what kind of creature this made him.'The Hunt For Elsewhere is an interesting, and at times truly moving story about friendship and forgiveness. A young fox named Saxton is separated from his family and raised by a crow named Quill. He goes on a journey with a wolf named Dante to find the rest of his surrogate father's family.I definitely enjoyed this, although I liked the first half more than the second h [...]

    15. I found this quite enjoyable, with engaging characters and a clear plot. The journey taken is very much a bildungsroman--at least the second part, with Saxton and Dante. I loved the discussions of family and friendship, and honor and justice.

    16. Everything good that can be said about this book has already been said.I can only wish for a series about Saxton and Dante.Job very wekk done.

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