Wraeththu In this powerful and elegant story set in a future Earth very different from our own a new kind of human has evolved to challenge the dominion of Homo sapiens This new breed is stronger smarter and

  • Title: Wraeththu
  • Author: Storm Constantine
  • ISBN: 9780312890001
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this powerful and elegant story set in a future Earth very different from our own, a new kind of human has evolved to challenge the dominion of Homo sapiens This new breed is stronger, smarter, and far beautiful than their parent race, and are endowed with psychic as well as physical gifts They are destined to supplant humanity as we know it, but humanity won t dIn this powerful and elegant story set in a future Earth very different from our own, a new kind of human has evolved to challenge the dominion of Homo sapiens This new breed is stronger, smarter, and far beautiful than their parent race, and are endowed with psychic as well as physical gifts They are destined to supplant humanity as we know it, but humanity won t die without a struggle.Here at last in a single volume are all three of Constantine s Wraeththu trilogy The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, The Bewitchments of Love and Hate, and The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire.

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    1. There's really not a whole lot of good about these books. While the premise itself is compelling, its execution is nonsensical and offensive. The plot is meandering at best, and the characters are mewling, saccharine things with haphazard and inconsistent characterizations. The writing style itself is dry with a lot of strangely placed commas, and while Constantine's dialogue has improved to "serviceable" by the end of the third book, it remains stilted and unconvincing.I picked up the text out [...]

    2. Gay hermaphrodites with magic powers. How can you go wrong?This book is great brain candy for me. Except for the scope of the epic (at 774 pages, not counting appendices) it's a great quick read you don't have to think too much about. Of the books, I would have to say that the second is probably my favorite because it deals with a character that is born into the world after these g.h.w.m.p. have taken over and remolded the world.It's postapocalyptic punk with gay romance and magic thrown in. Som [...]

    3. I wanted to like these books, really I did. The poetic writing style, the atrocious dialogue, the strange and enticing premise, it all seemed so right!Pellaz is a great main character, he goes through so much hardship but remains himself through and through. He has a great personality, the most realistic of all the characters, and I really enjoyed listening to his story.Constantine has a tendency to throw a lot of pretty words and phrases together that are, in the end, just empty phrases. One of [...]

    4. I'm re-reading this series.It's wonderful. I'm glad a friend recommended it to me. Best thing about this series is how the characters change and evolve over the decades. At least most of them, as you will find out if you read this book.This book is about evolution, the evolution of a mystical, hermaphroditic race. Constantine creates a fascinating assortment of characters, especially Calanthe, who change, grow, suffer and learn as these stories progress.My favourite one would be Calanthe's story [...]

    5. Storm Constantine is not for everyone. And the "Wraeththu" series seems to invoke one of two reactions: either you hate them or you love them. I'm one of those people in the latter category.As a fan of Constantine's works, I have read nearly every novel she's written, but the three books which make up the "Wraeththu" series were the first, and remain my favorite. What's so admirable about these books?1) Her characterization. Constantine is a master at making the characters real. You care about t [...]

    6. (Re-posted from theturnedbrain)So whenever I think about how "good" a book is there always appears in my mind a spectrum. On one end we have PLOT and on the other end there is CHARACTER. I feel like the books that could most objectively be called "the best" fall right smack in the middle of these two things, a perfect mix of plot and characters. But to be honest the books I love best tend to be way unbalanced, in favour of the character side of things. Objectively I can admit that these books mi [...]

    7. Today the theme for BBAW is Forgotten Treasure. I wouldnt say That Wraeththu by Storm Constantine was a "forgotten" treasure, but I'm sure a great many readers aren't familiar with it. The cover shown here is from the collected Omnibus edition. There are three books in the series: The Enchantments Of Flesh and Spirit The Bewitchments of Love and Hate The Fulfilments of Fate and DesireHere is a little about the book from the Good Reads site:In this powerful and elegant story set in a future Earth [...]

    8. One of the most phenomenal stories I’ve ever readWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 10/10PROS: - The depth of the world-building is incredible. In fact, there were times, especially in the first 100 pages, when I became pretty lost because many of the things the characters’ conversations referred to were completely foreign to me. Throughout the book, I couldn’t read more than a couple of pages before something original and unique came up in the s [...]

    9. This book is why I love . It's not in my library. If I'd seen it in a bookshop the cover and the back blurb would not have caught my interest. But because it kept appearing in lists on that other books I enjoyed were on, I noticed it, read reviews on and decided to read the book. And really enjoyed it. Like I found and enjoyed Mind Fuck before this one. I think my days of aimlessly wandering the library isles, after finishing up all the books of yet another writer, to find something new to piq [...]

    10. I want to call this a dystopia or an apocalyptic novel, but I'm not sure that it fits either definition. For man, it is certainly a cautionary tale, but it's not the story of man. It's the story of the Wraeththu, who evolve from and are torn from the last generation of man. It's a bloody rebirth or step in evolution. A chance to re-invent what is the best and worst of human, no harish, nature. This was an omnibus edition of the first three books of the Wraeththu, but I can't imagine reading them [...]

    11. this book has taken me longer to get through than almost anything else i've ever read, and it's not just because of the size. constantine's prose is extremely heavy-handed, and it often gets in the way of his story-- which, after all is said and done, was not a bad one. the plot he put his characters through was pretty interesting, but so often it was impossible to see the shape of that plot because of the way the story was told. the entire first volume of the trilogy is mostly exposition, which [...]

    12. I read this book when it was new, years ago and I still remember it vividly, which is normally a great thing, that your characters and stories are remembered. HOWEVER, the jury is still out over a decade later if I liked it or if I read something that was written on a LSD trip. I know I didn't like the break up of the sections written in first person between three different characters. The Biology/Physiology is well, laughable. That could have certainly undergone some more research to make a mor [...]

    13. The Gay "Lord of the Rings", written for adults. Not for everyone, these books are an acquired taste. The writing style tends to the gothic.Post-apocalyptic world with a new race born to replace human beings. These new creatures are hermaphrodites, and can choose the gender they want to exercise when having sex, in essence making women irrelevant to survival of the species. The need for the new species is based on the fact that gender differences caused the end of civilization. Yet, the books ar [...]

    14. I am usually not into the fantasy genre. My friend suggested this book to me, and basically made me read it. Thank God she did! This book is absolutely stunning. It deals with some big ideals, mainly the need for both male and female in the world, but it's a gorgeous story. I became so attached to the characters that I actually sometimes found myself talking out loud to them as I read (not in a needing prozac kind of way, but in a 'Oh Cal, why would you do that?' kind of way). Because of my love [...]

    15. It took me a long time to get through this book and even after I finished it I wasn't sure that I liked it. I thought about it for a few days and decided it was one of the best trilogies I've ever read. The world is unique, the characters are so very three dimensional and the plot never goes where you think it will. The greatest strength of this work is its ambiguity. The writer leaves so much for you to fill in and in a lot of ways that's what is so frustrating about reading it. In the end it w [...]

    16. This is going to be a very long review/synopsis, and quite frankly, this series is deserving of it. Right from the start, the premise of the storyline is exceedingly interesting/unique. In a dystopian future, a single perfectly hermaphrodite baby is born to a human woman. This child is shunned as a mutation, and lives a harsh, solitary existence until he discovers, quite by accident it seems, that his "mutation" can be passed on to human males via a transfer of his blood. The human recipient the [...]

    17. When I was younger, probably up to the age of sixteen. I read avidly, and lived with every character I read about, no matter how boring, or how badly written the book. When I turned seventeen I went through a change. It became increasingly hard for me to visualise what I was reading about, or feel anything about it. If anything I read even more avidly, but it was all a blur. This apathy leaked over into my daily life, and I began to find everything tasteless and predictable. This book changed al [...]

    18. For some strange reason, the entirety of this large book, I kept pronouncing the name 'Wreaththu' like rhyming with 'Chuthulu' *coughs* Anyway.=================Constantine's book starts with an interesting premise: What if the hubris of cis males caused them to effectively. die out? =================Pellaz is a young uncannily beautiful boy with a good soul living on the edge of Nowhere. He helps his family farm; he lives empty boring days; he hears rumors of a strange new breed of humans suppos [...]

    19. I read both The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit and The Bewitchments of Love and Hate and found the sequel could not hold up to the first novel in terms of story and delivery. The beginning of the first novel feels very much like a dystopian world with fantastical elements, it sets up the premise that the Wraeththu are becoming the predominate species of Earth. And yet by the end of the first book it all seems to have shifted into a capitol F, fantasy novel with humans mostly on the periphery o [...]

    20. SUM: The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit: We follow the journey of young Pellaz, picked up by Calanthe and incepted into the ranks of the Wraeththu. Pell is driven by a strange urge to elevate in caste as quickly as possible, hence his travels with Cal around Megalithica, until Pell is taken out by (of all beings) a human woman. And yet, Pell's journey is of course not over yet. Theide, the first Wraeththu, gives him a new body and makes him Tigron of all the Wraeththu, setting him up to rule i [...]

    21. What can I say about this book? Ah! It took me long, very long to get through it, because the first book had not ended too well -or should I said, had a confusing ending (was it happy or sad?), and I'm a sucker for happy endings.I think I'll start by pointing out I truly did like this book. Had a hard time deciding between four and five stars- I wanted four and a half, really.The story on itself was great, fantastic in writing, the setting- not really something completely new and out of the ordi [...]

    22. I have a feeling I'll be digesting this one for a while. The short version: The first book held a lot of promise that dissolved by the third book, with the second book being mostly a detour. There are some "revelations" in the third book that occur in the last 50 pages or so which are completely undersold by the 500+ pages beforehand. The ending was disappointingly conflict-free, with a few weird elements that felt last-minute or which raised more questions than they settled prior plot points, a [...]

    23. God, I don't even know where to start with this one. I picked it up on a very high recommendation and if you only read one book on this list this may be the one to go with. It is the only book I haven't been able to fully classify as science fiction or fantasy because it is neither and it is both. It has so many different themes packed into it that it was easy to become absolutely entranced by it. The main theme, if I can indeed pin one down, is that of gender and gender roles which, as you know [...]

    24. Let me begin by saying that I find most novels about gay characters to be cliched at best. I love the dynamic of a male/male relationship, but am disappointed close to 100%. In fact, the only reason it is not wholly 100% is BECAUSE OF THIS BOOK. This book is fantasy. Wonderful, action-packed fantasy. A page turner, with magic and mystery and Gods and rituals but also with death, prostitution, and loss filling every single page. It goes so quickly that you forget how long this book is, and you ju [...]

    25. Ratings:Writing Style: ****Flow:****Entertainment:*****Characterization: *****Sex: *****Outcome:*****I was simply entranced by this strange and different world – the dawn of a new race stumbling through its magical and violent beginnings in hopes that they evolve and learn from mankind’s mistakes. Storm’s characters are haunting and three dimensional and the world she creates is simply stunning.Her writing style can lean toward the gothic, rich and descriptive. Her writing is very gothic, [...]

    26. This trilogy was amazingly haunting, beautifully written. At times it was incredibly hard to put the book down and at other times, I had to put it aside because the emotions and the whole mood of the book was almost too much. The characters were so well written that they stayed with me throughout the day as I was reading the trilogy. Each and every character throughout the book was so alive and unforgettable. You couldn't help but laugh and cry with them, hope with them, grieve with them, root f [...]

    27. I've known about this series of books for a long time. And I almost bought it a million times when I saw it at my favorite bookstore over and over again. But the combined volume is HUGE with lots of words per page, and it always scared me away. Last time I wandered into Unabridged Books, with no list and simply to browse for a couple of books, I finally broke down and bought it. I am SOOOO HAPPY that I did. It's amazingly creative and captivating. It's awful and emotion and loving and all of tho [...]

    28. think madmax meets radical faeries. i am absolutely in love with this book. a queer, genderbending, psychic, magick working evolution of humanity is definitely a way id like to see things go. though seemingly overtly 'male' centered at first (which, sorry, even if its really well written, usually just doesnt interest me) i decided to keep plowing through this thick 3booksin1 tome whilst travelling down south this winter, and it completely absolved me into the wraeththu world. there are even magi [...]

    29. Well, perhaps 'finished' isn't the word I'd use. Maybe something more along the lines of "abandoned". lol I got maybe a third of the way through the first novel and my brain exploded. David Bowie popped up in my mind a lot, and so did Kings of Leon. When all you can hear in your mind is "your sex is on fire" when you look at the cover, it's time to bench that read and perhaps try something new. Just until the compulsion wears off. ^_^ I imagine fans of Storm Constantine will demand blood satisfa [...]

    30. That’s probably the thing that’s most incredible about Wraeththu; it’s genre bending and forward thinking. The writing is, simply put, absolutely stunning. The world is rich and complex and the characters are so believable you can’t help but feel like they are alive – living, breathing parts of you. Storm Constantine and her Wraeththu books are probably some of my most exciting finds in my recent reading history and are easily ranked among my favorite dark fantasy books of all time.Rea [...]

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