Batman, Volume 2: The City of Owls

Batman Volume The City of Owls NIGHT OF THE OWLS continues here Batman must stop the TALONS that have breeched the Batcave in order to save an innocent life and Gotham City In the backup story learn about the PENNYWORTH family and

  • Title: Batman, Volume 2: The City of Owls
  • Author: Scott Snyder Greg Capullo James Tynion IV Rafael Albuquerque Becky Cloonan Jason Fabok
  • ISBN: 9781401237783
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • NIGHT OF THE OWLS continues here Batman must stop the TALONS that have breeched the Batcave in order to save an innocent life and Gotham City In the backup story, learn about the PENNYWORTH family and the secrets they ve kept from the Wayne family Collects BATMAN 8 12 and BATMAN ANNUAL 1.

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    1. Mixed feelings about this TPB and "conclussion".This is the second volume of New52's Batman, but it's suggested to read in-between the TPB titled "Night of the Owls"Writers: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV Illustrators: Greg Capullo & Rafael AlbuquerqueHOO! HOO!It was an odd way as DC collected this storyarc, since between the Volume 1 Court of Owls and this second volume The City of Owls, is suggested to read the collected TPB Night of the Owls and I agree in the sense that without readi [...]

    2. How did I miss this one?I could have sworn I read the conclusion to the Court of Owls thing!And I did.Sort of. What I actually read was Batman: The Night of the Owls, which is a crossover collection book.No biggie, right?Wrong!The crossover book doesn't have the actual ending of the story in it!Oh. My. God.Ok, I get what you were telling me about Thomas Wayne now, Sesana.That whole chunk is left out of the crossover, but it still ends withwell, the feeling of an ending, so I thought I'd read the [...]

    3. When someone starts to say, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and—”, I like to jump in an interrupt them, because even when I have nothing intelligent to say, I like to say it. I have nothing particularly intelligent to say here—this is a fine yarn involving Batman, some owls, some backstory on Alfred’s father, solid art, and some good appearances from the extended bat family, but given my intermittent and sporadic reading of Batman over th [...]

    4. This made me feel extremely schizophrenic because I’m a big fan of Scott Snyder, and I really like the way that he writes Batman. However, the story engages in something that I despise in comics in that it tries to overlay some kind of secret history onto a well-known character. The set-up here is that an ancient secret society known as the Court of Owls has been lurking in shadows of Gotham City for centuries and that they’ve gone public with a series of attacks against influential citizens [...]

    5. Batman isn’t known for being chatty, so when he runs into a villain who talks and talks and talks, while smacking Bats around it makes for one long monologue. We’re talking pages and pages. We get it, you’re deluded (view spoiler)[He’s convinced he’s Bruce Wayne’s long lost nutty brother (hide spoiler)], and crazy. Just shut up long enough to take a punch or a batarang to the noggin!This is the wrap-up (for now) of the Court of Owls storyline, it’s terrific and one of the few brigh [...]

    6. The Court of Owls is striking all over Gotham and their first target is Wayne Manor! Can an injured Bruce Wayne and Alfred fight them off and mobilize the rest of the Bat-Family? And what is Bruce Wayne's connection to the Court?The Court of Owls storyline comes to a conclusion in this volume. Batman dons a suit of armor and kicks some undead ass as he figures out who is leading the Court of Owls in it's assault on Gotham.(view spoiler)[I liked that Lincoln Marsh was revealed as the head of the [...]

    7. Reread! Scott Snyder ends the Court of Owls story arc here with precision. The fight between Batman and the Owls is absolutely epic. And the mystery and conspiracy surrounding them and their link to the Wayne family is so incredibly written. Half this book, however, is backup stories. The Jarvis Pennyworth story is kind of cool in a Poe horror sort of way, but I skimmed through the others. Thankfully City of Owls, with Snyder's writing, Capullo's badass illustrations, and FCO's incredible colors [...]

    8. Review: Batman, Vol 1: The Court of OwlsBecause I'm currently addicted to Sherlock, and this Batman has Sherlock's sleuthing skills, I'm going to use Sherlock gifs on my review. Yaay!I've always believed the best way to know the city is to stay close to the ground. To fell the cracks in the sidewalk under your shoes. The strange bright silence of the park under snow. The hissing rain of sparks that come down when the elevated train passes overhead on Third Avenue. The late night ticking of traff [...]

    9. DamnI loved so much first volume of the Court of Owls storyline. Snyder is a good writer, I'm a fan of Greg Capullo's art since his days on X-Force, I understand sometimes DC reboots his comic universe to fix continuity issues and gain new readers (before New 52 I remember Zero Hour event in my nerdy school days), Marvel does that too but the ending ret-con revelation was really too much for me. :\Alfred'dad story was the best one of the volume, maybe because Snyder works again with his American [...]

    10. I first read and reviewed the hardcover edition The Night of the Owls which included the tie-ins from other crossover titles. I came back to this compact collection next since issues 10 and 11 were not included in Night edition at all which was baffling in itself since those are the issues that ended the second arc of the Owls storyline, and wouldn't it be relevant to include them alongside the tie-ins as well? But I digress. Right off the bat, I was a massive fan of Snyder-Capullo's first volum [...]

    11. The Owls storyline went out with a whimper for me. This book repeats a few of the issues I read in Batman: The Night of the Owls before getting back into the Batman-centric storyline and tying up the loose ends of the mystery. Aaron sums up the disappointment better than I can.And another art complaint - I didn't like any of the art in the Pennyworth issue, which is one of the central parts of the book. Everyone looks like they're made out of clay. Give me hot Bruce Wayne, or I will revolt!!

    12. Creators are either [1] criticised for always sticking to the tried-and-true villains/formulas and not coming up with something fresh, or [2] criticised for coming up with something new and not going with the tried-and-true villains/formulas. Obviously, you can't possibly please everyone. This was overall a very good book, and one that I'm happy to have on my book shelf. The "Court of Owls" was a fantastic concept and was well executed. The ret-con that Snyder came up with will surely have its s [...]

    13. There are two ways to read this story. First, as it is presented, the second story of Batman by Snyder and Capullo; or as part of a larger story, the inter-line Batman crossover, The Night of the Owls. The premise is the same; as retaliation for Batman's (and Bruce Wayne's) actions in the first story arc; the Court of Owls summoned the entire force of their Talon army and unleashed them on Gotham. If one reads it as a Batman story, it's a focused story on the Talons invasion of the Batcave and s [...]

    14. ***Buddyread with the Shallow Readers! Criteria: Bats. Bats. More Bats. Also, this is a latecomer. So the mystery poo is in action!***I seriously love this run. I love Snyder. I love what he does with Batman and Bruce Wayne and how he rolls them together so well. I also love what he did with The Court of Owls from beginning to finish(?). Superb. But maybe that's because I'm still a big newbie to the Bats.This volume wraps up this particular encounter with the Court of Owls. There's definitely an [...]

    15. Snyder is a great writer, and I like what he does with Batman. I think that maybe this Court of Owls storyline just isn't going to be a favorite of mine. Can't win them all. Possibly the most interesting part was when Snyder broke out a bit of old comic lore (view spoiler)[Bruce's mad brother, Thomas Wayne (hide spoiler)] from a long ago pre-Crisis storyline and made it relevant. Kind of a Morrison sort of move, don't you think? I also liked that the ending was definitive enough to be satisfying [...]

    16. This second volume of Scott Snyder's Batman run concludes the well-conceived clash between Batman and the Court of Owls, a shadowy cabal who have secretly ruled Gotham for centuries. The story was a bit more disjointed in this one (what was up with the intriguing but totally random Mr. Freeze story in the middle?) but the ideas continue to be great as Snyder goes all out with creating his own Batman mythology, as if it might be his last and only time ever writing a character he's always wanted t [...]

    17. This is the second half of a story that has made me look forward to reading Batman comics for the first time. Volume one dealt with Batman under attack from a malevolent secret society called the Owls, and in this volume he's trying to regroup and recover. Unfortunately for him, the Owls aren't finished with him, so we start the book with a deliciously tense home invasion story as dozens of glowing-eyed shadow-faced super-tough bad guys invade Wayne Manor. When the story stays with the spooky as [...]

    18. So far the whole New 52 launch from DC has been very hit and miss. It is for this reason that I tend to prefer Marvel, who have more structure. But that said, I own more Batman and Superman comics than anything else. Perhaps I should get an Avenger's omnibus soonIn this volume, the sequel to The Court of Owls (which I mean to read still), the Night of the Owls begins. During this one night members of the Talon assassins converge on Wayne manor and every other important location in the city. Late [...]

    19. The Owl/Talon storyline continues to be crazy. Wow, there are not too many enemies that can give Batman a run for his money, but the Owls definitely can. Continually, I think Gotham can't be more of a deep pit, a literal hellmouth. But the more I read Batman, the worse it gets. The action scenes were awesome, and the whole Owl story is deeply creepy. The point of view of Alfred's father gives an interesting look into the past of Gotham and the Wayne family. I think that there are some repeat sto [...]

    20. Holy Owlshit, Batman!That was fun. I have to say, I'm very much impressed with Scott Snyder's Batman in this DC "New 52". The artwork by Greg Capullo is phenomenal and Snyder's writing is cutting edge.The characters, story (both current and backstories), and the layered depth of Gotham as told by Snyder and Capullo (and others) is simply brilliant. It's friendly to new readers and old fans alike. I'll be reading more of this title, to be sure.

    21. This is the conclusion of Batman vs. Talon and it is a blockbuster. The side story of Pennyworth is also great. This was an extremely strong start for this New 52 cycle by Snyder and again the artwork was outstanding.

    22. Snyder wraps up the Court of Owls battle with some crazy shit! Almost goes without saying that I devoured and loved the hell out of it. In City of Owls, Batman's defeat of the current Court of Owls assassin, the Talon, leads to the Court deciding to up their game a bit. The end result is the flood of assassins unleashed on Gotham with only the Batfamily to try to protect them. The fight feels suitably crazy and epic, with Batman and Alfred facing off against a mob of Talons in the Batcave while [...]

    23. For some reason I didn't enjoy the conclusion to this story as much as I enjoyed the beginning. It's hard to pinpoint why without major spoilers, so I'll just say it seemed to spiral into cliche territory, reminiscent of HUSH or other Batman stories. The first half struck the right balance between loyalty to the universe and originality, whereas this half got carried away competing with other notorious Batman twist endings, resulting in a Wayne/Pennyworth/Gotham shake-up that left me with the sa [...]

    24. The story about the court of owls ends in this volume. Or does it? Great job by Snyder and all the team creating a dark Batman, haunted by his past which takes many forms in order to frighten him. The twist about who is behind the court of owls was brilliant and so was the way the story built up to lead to that point. Seems like Batman found a hell of a writer in Snyder.

    25. (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)So what led me recently to reading a monthly superhero comic book again for literally the first time in decades? Two simultaneous events, really: first,I mentioned here recently how I've decided to read all 300 issues of DC Vertigo's legendary Hellblazer that got made before its "cancellation," although it's n [...]

    26. Ο Snyder συνεχίζει τον μύθο των κουκουβάγιων, βάζοντας τον αναγνώστη βαθύτερα μέσα σε μυστικά που ουδέποτε ξανά έχουν υπαινιχθεί άλλες μπάτμαν σειρές. Είναι κάτι για το οποίο κατηγορούν μερικοί αναγνώστες τον ρηξικέλευθρο σεναριογράφο, αλλά για μένα παραδίδει ένα ξεχωριστό [...]

    27. This second volume of the New 52 Batman is very very good, but I've aleady read most of it when it was released as Night of the Owls with some extra storylines from other Bat Family books.There are really only 2 other stories here that are new, though one of them is a crucial one, a showdown between Batman and the most powerful Talon he's faced yet, one who has something very personal against Bruce Wayne.The art is superb, really giving Batman and Bruce the hard looks, borderline crazed in panel [...]

    28. The second volume of Snyder's focus on Gotham's being besieged by a "court of owls" that has always been sort of in control of Gotham but is finally asserting itself for Total Domination. It's really good. We also get some backstory on the Pennyworth family and the secrets they've kept from the Wayne family! I like it more than a lot of other Batman stories. Has depth and some pretty great action, but I know things are just warming up. This arc was great, though.

    29. Excellent conclusion to a fascinating story arc that sees Batman take the fight to the Court after what they did to him. Also reveals a disturbing secret from Bruce's past that has returned to haunt him. Full review here!

    30. Bat vs Owl. For neither can live while the other survives. This does it. It brings everything you love batman for right in the print and may be more.

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