Justice League of America, Volume 1: World's Most Dangerous

Justice League of America Volume World s Most Dangerous Following the events of Justice League Volume Throne of Atlantis it is deemed necessary to create a new Justice League This new superhero team is under the command of Col Steve Trevor of the Unit

  • Title: Justice League of America, Volume 1: World's Most Dangerous
  • Author: Geoff Johns Matt Kindt David Finch Richard Friend
  • ISBN: 9781401242367
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Following the events of Justice League, Volume 3 Throne of Atlantis, it is deemed necessary to create a new Justice League This new superhero team is under the command of Col Steve Trevor, of the United States Military s A.R.G.U.S division Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans Signing up for duty with this new incarnation of the JLA are Catwoman, Katanna, GreFollowing the events of Justice League, Volume 3 Throne of Atlantis, it is deemed necessary to create a new Justice League This new superhero team is under the command of Col Steve Trevor, of the United States Military s A.R.G.U.S division Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans Signing up for duty with this new incarnation of the JLA are Catwoman, Katanna, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Steve Trevor, Hawkman, Star Girl and the long awaited return of 80s superhero, Vibe.Collecting Justice League of America 1 7

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    1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews I didn’t expect much when I read this comic. After finishing it, it seems that was a very wise decision on my part.Basically, the story is about Amanda Waller (Director of A.R.G.U.S) and Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman’s former boy toy and Justice League liaison) gathering together a group of superheroes to take out the Justice League if they go rogue. After much debate (and endless intros) they decide to either blackmail, bribe, or trick Catwoman, Katan [...]

    2. Not as bad as I was expecting it to be.That's not to say that this is a stellar piece of entertainment, but it was at least readable and somewhat interesting in parts.The premise is that the government wants a team of superheroes under their control, just in case the real Justice League goes rogue. Martian Manhunter and Catwoman are the only two on the team that I thought might be able to pull something like that off. Everyone else is just kind of a B-Lister.Well, except for Green Arrow. But let [...]

    3. Why didn't anyone tell me Catwoman is in this??? I completely missed her on the cover!Still reading but I had to stop and get a screen shot of this: Seriously cracked me up.

    4. Evil but bland corporate stooge Amanda Waller puts together a team to fight the Justice League after she sees Superman and Wonder Woman smooching, thinking Wonder Woman will coerce Superman to take over the world. Dopey Steve Trevor and Amanda put together a team they believe is the World’s Most Dangerous: Hawkman, Katana, Vibe, Star Girl, Green Arrow, J’onn J’onzz the Martian Manhunter, a Green Lantern, and Catwoman. The only one who could be called the World’s Most Dangerous is J’onn [...]

    5. Well this could have been a really good one. If it was a stand alone origin story. But nope DC had to go and mix the Trinty War cross over bullcrap into it. The Justice League of America was created by super-hot Halle-Berry Ninja Amanda Wallaer (why DC? why?!!!) to be a counterpoint to the Justice League. Each member is to counter their more powerful hero counterpart. Martian Manhunter (Superman); Catwoman (Batman); Katana (Wonder Woman); Green Lantern Simon Baz (for uh Green Lantern Hal Jordan. [...]

    6. I thought this was pretty good, once I got beyond the misconception that JL and JLA was the same. That Amanda Waller is a master schemer and manipulator. I feel that Steve Trevor is in a tough spot. I don't think he's completely against the Justice League (he still has feelings for Diana), but Waller is playing on his concern for Diana and his jealousy over her being involved with Superman, and the fact that Steve isn't a super and therefore couldn't work out with Diana in the long run. The team [...]

    7. I think I'm getting numb to Geoff Johns' ham-fisted character introductions. The first chapter of this book went pretty smoothly for me, only a couple of major winced along the way (and god help me with this weak-willed nobody Steve Trevor showing up everywhere in JL land - he's a milquetoast stooge, a straight man that serves no purpose except to make others feel better. Does he have any ambitions other than to sleep with Wonder Woman? Apparently not according to Geoff Johns)At least the pacing [...]

    8. Went in to this one with pretty low expectations, so I'm not surprised it was a little enjoyable. If you go in excepting shit, and instead you get some garbage, it seems better. (Right?) If I was a betting man I would say this title was created just so it could tie into the Trinity War crossover, and after that, Forever Evil series. So in the first volume you get a few issues that lead up toTrinity War! Alright, what do I win? In a way the enjoyment of this series was brought way down because I [...]

    9. The team that was created to counter the Justice League, and to protect America if the original JL fails to do so. I love that they went non traditional with the team line up, and found that the beginning storyline was a good way to showcase this team, and their abilities. Featured some of the Pandora's Box story.

    10. What I didn't love: 1) this new Amanda Waller. She just doesn't cut it. No matter how much they try to write in a backstory to toughen her up, she just isn't believable. She simply doesn't look the part. They changed a good thing way too much.2) why is Steve Trevor so significant in the new 52? Why?3) this ARGUS definitely feels like a SHIELD ripoff.What I didn't hate:1) the forgotten-about characters they brought back into the fold, like Vibe, Stargirl and Dr. Light.2) Catwoman brings a nice dy [...]

    11. i liked this a good bit. there wasn't a lot of room for characterization of the JLA members, but i liked that of Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor. the art got better as the volume progressed. the bad thing is that we only get the JLA chapters of Trinity War, which means some of the action going on in the latter part of the book doesn't read smoothly. since the companion Justice League and Justice League Dark volumes are not out yet (I don't think?), i'll have to go back and read this part again mu [...]

    12. Occurs in parallel with the events of JL(v.2) #22, JL Dark #22, and Justice League: Trinity War. This would be somewhere in vol. 4 of the collected editions of JL & JLD.

    13. Not satisfied with Suicide Squad? Stormwatch not fulfilling you? Enjoy this loveable cast of also-rans as they tromp their way into doing nothing of import and enabling the Trinity War! I believe they actually fight a stray dog - and lose!Read! Amanda Waller insists. No, Amanda Waller insists

    14. Since I'm reading these New 52 series in volumes instead of single issues, I had no idea which volume and which series to start on with the Justice League titles since all 3 series are part of a crossover event called "Trinity War". I decided to go with Justice League Dark volume 4 before getting around to this book. I was reading the digital volume of that series on my phone before the phone up and decided to revert back to the original factory setting wiping out every app, picture, phone numbe [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book quite a bit. The premise here is one that we are all accustomed to by this point in comics (even more so now that both "Batman v Superman" and "Captain America: Civil War" have hit the theaters): Should the world's most powerful beings be allowed to police themselves (and us), or should they be subjects of the people's governments? It's a tried and true storyline in the comics world and I think it works in the many instances I've read/seen/heard/watched/viewed it, including t [...]

    16. ARC provided by NetGalleyA new Justice League is needed, one that is separate from the team located 22,000 miles above the Earthd one organized by Amanda Waller. One that can help America when they need itd perhaps even protect them from the other heroes if it comes to it. Col. Steve Travor, the man who brought Wonder Woman into their lives, is leading and mentoring the group. Joining him are Catwoman, Katanna, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Star Girl, and Vibe. Will thi [...]

    17. First of all, I want to say that this review is for this particular volume and the particular issues included. This seems like an obvious thing to say, but the rest of the review will make this statement make more sense. Looking at "Justice League of America, Volume 1: World's Most Dangerous" on paper, it sounds like a great idea. Bring together some of the lesser known heroes to serve as a B-Team/foil to the main Justice League and have Geoff Johns write it. For chunks of the book, this is exac [...]

    18. I was really excited for this but it was kind of a let down. The story was alright but the art was pretty bad. I thought I liked Finch better than this, but it had a very 90s feel to it. It's another Trinity War tie-in, but first it sets up the new League and the Secret Society. The narrative is pretty compelling. There's a big cliffhanger at one point that has a big letdown with its payoff. I mean, it was good news, but a big backpedal. Unfortunately the Trinity War piece suffers from crossover [...]

    19. I am ok having waited to have read this. It is nice to have Geoff Johns writing Star Girl, pretty much his creation. I like the Martian Manhunter taking a lead role here. I don't like current portrayals of Green Arrow and Hawkman, but I am over 50. I do like current incarnations of Katana and Vibe. The art is just ok. The heroes are overshadowed by plot and crossovers with other Justice League titles. Another example: the new Green Lantern, another Geoff Johns creation, gets little attention or [...]

    20. This introductory volume is a mess and is emblematic of the inherent flaws in DC's New 52 relaunch: the characters are completely surface-level in their new states and they lack any sort of depth; motives are nowhere to be found, as well. Supposedly the team is "dangerous!" and full of friction, but that's only because they tell you as much, rather than show it through their actions.

    21. I really don't understand most of these reviews; sure, it started quite slowly, to warm us up to the new JLA, but man justice league, JLA and justice league dark How awesome was that? This just proves that my love do mr Geoff johns is justified. Mr johns, YOU GENIUS.

    22. Apparently, DC learned nothing from their Justice League debacles in the early 90's. You cannot throw a bunch of B list superheroes together, call them the Justice League and expect people to buy it, let alone enjoy it.

    23. Another new series started by Johns and then left to someone else. Hard to know where this is going and how good it will be. Only time will tell.

    24. So, this was a lot of fun until near the end. Basically there were five comic books in a series, then--randomly--the second and fourth in a second series. That's really, really irritating. I have no idea why they would publish it like that.Justice League of America is like the second string superheroes: Hawkman, Green Arrow, Katana, Vibe, and others who don't quite reach the level of the regular Justice League. It was a lot of fun to read. I am no expert, but I believe Katana ends up on Suicide [...]

    25. Potenciál tahle skupina (a i daný příběh) určitě má. Problém je v tom, že nevíme, jak velký, události kolem Pandory byly natolik rozsáhlé, že se rozprostíraly v mnoha řadách (mj. i v klasické Justice League). Z nichž některé jsme neměli šanci číst, což z JLA dělá někdy trochu chaotickou počtenici.Ale za každýho Martian Manhuntera tady palec nahoru.

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