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Fables Encyclopedia The histories behind the fairy tale characters in New York Times best selling author Bill Willingham s series Fables are uncovered here in the Fables Encyclopedia Exhaustively researched by author Jes

  • Title: Fables: Encyclopedia
  • Author: Bill Willingham Jess Nevins Mark Buckingham James Jean Adam Hughes Shawn McManus Steve Leialoha Daniel Dos Santos
  • ISBN: 9781401243951
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The histories behind the fairy tale characters in New York Times best selling author Bill Willingham s series Fables are uncovered here in the Fables Encyclopedia.Exhaustively researched by author Jess Nevins, these annotations fill in details hailing down from ancient myth and forgotten civilizations of the timeless figures that compose the world of Fabletown, includingThe histories behind the fairy tale characters in New York Times best selling author Bill Willingham s series Fables are uncovered here in the Fables Encyclopedia.Exhaustively researched by author Jess Nevins, these annotations fill in details hailing down from ancient myth and forgotten civilizations of the timeless figures that compose the world of Fabletown, including Snow White, Bigby Wolf, Boy Blue and many This new compendium is a must have addition to any Fables afficianado s library as well as any fan of modern folk lore and fairy tales.

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    1. This is quite an expensive book ($40/£30) and I was expecting a bit more for my money. In brief, I recommend skipping this and waiting for the next edition when the series is over.The basic concept is similar to "The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe", with an entry for each character. However, the first thing to know is that this book isn't exhaustive. For instance, it includes Mary (who had a little lamb) but it doesn't include Bo Peep. I can understand that they may have had size cons [...]

    2. My rating: 3 of 5 starsI received this book free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.With the abundant amount of characters introduced throughout the Fables series it can be difficult keeping track of each and every one. The Fables Encyclopedia is a fantastic companion guide to remembering each character and the roles they played in the story. In addition to their Fables role, we’re given a detailed and fascin [...]

    3. I'd call this an essential reference guide to the characters in the graphic novel series. Most entries tell where the original Fables come from, as well as where they appear in the series, and the book is beautifully illustrated. Notes by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham about their inspirations and thoughts add interest to many of the entries. I particularly liked what they had to say about the Cubs. Warning: this contains spoilers all the way through vol. 18, so it's definitely reference ma [...]

    4. This collection is sure to be a winner with Fables fan. The physical quality is superb and the artwork of the Fables series is always top notch. While this is true to the title of encyclopedia, with no actual new story, the book is interesting, and sure to make a good gift. Fans of fairy tales who are not familiar with the Fables series will want to check out the first volume of the series first. It, like other publications form DC Comics's Vertigo line, is a story line for more mature readers w [...]

    5. This is for someone who is a fan of the Fables series. I've enjoyed the comic series and some of the spin offs and this was a great index to all the characters that have been brought to life in the pages of the comic. You find out which ones came whole cloth out of the writer's mind and what was based off of a fairy tale. As I was reading this I could see someone using it for writing a paper on fairy tales and needing a good cross reference for some of the lesser known characters. Digital copy p [...]

    6. It's good. In terms of quality, this gathers some of the best artwork in the Fables series, attached to descriptions of the characters and references in the series. It deserves more than a mere three stars, but I can't turuly claim that I _really_ liked reading an encyclopedia OK, never mind. I really liked reading _this_ encyclopedia.

    7. I wish I had this when I had started reading Fables, I can remember various times when reading an issue thinking, 'hmmm, I wonder what story that character is originally from'. Although it does contain some spoilers, as it is meant to be read where the series currently is. Loved finding out where some of the lesser known Fable were from.

    8. An encyclopaedia and handy for reference but the real fun was the artwork and designs. Indispensable if you are a true fan of the series(I am).

    9. Would probably be more accurate to call it a Character Encyclopedia. There are only 2 non-character entries.The entries are very interesting - they explain the origins and most well known versions of the characters in our world.Also contains about 10 pages of annotations at the end (eg Issue 31, page 6, panel 5 "Blah blah" is a reference to x).

    10. HEY, WHERE IS SAM?Seriously, where is he? You write a detailed book that includes obscure characters that showed up in a few panels that no one cares about (such as the random movie producer from an early volume in the "Jack of Fables" series), yet can't be bothered to include an important and very interesting character, both within the "Fables" universe and in the real/Mundy world?I appreciate the background stories on the fables in both previously mentioned universes and I found the sidenotes [...]

    11. If you've read all the Fables volumes and issues, than there's not going to be much here that's new for you except (and this is why I so very much enjoyed reading this Encyclopedia) there are asides or notes on almost every double-paged spread from Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham about things they enjoyed about certain characters, or interesting facts and tidbits about why certain characters were depicted in certain ways. It's really quite interesting to see who enjoyed what. It also made me [...]

    12. I was already familiar with Jess Nevins through his exhaustive companion volumes to Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series of mini-series, so I was not at all surprised at how informative this look at the source material for Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham's FABLES is. The layout makes the book seem a bit sparser than Nevins' LoEG Companions, but there is no less research involved. Nevins lays out, in just the right about of detail for a book like this, the a [...]

    13. I had high hopes for this encyclopedia written for the series which is arguably a large part of the inspiration for the book I am currently writing.What worked in this encyclopedia is that it was written in very digestible bits with an interesting way of providing background on every character (historically) as well side bar commentary from Bill Willingham, the author and creator of Fables; and Mark Buckingham, the most regular artist and arguably the one who defined its aesthetic. I found both [...]

    14. Astfel de enciclopedii sunt extrem de utile, mai ales cand vine vorba de un univers complex, populat de zeci de personaje implicate in evolutia naratiunii.La fel ca si enciclopediile dedicat lumii Star Wars sau Disc, de exemplu, enciclopedia Fables este, in primul rand, un instrument de lucru, o modalitate de a urmari si intelege evolutia personajelor in angrenajul povestirii astfel incat lumea fantastica sa devina cat mai usor de inteles si, implicit, de iubit.Se recomanda neaparat adaugarea en [...]

    15. This is definitely just for super fans of the series to purchase, and fans to peruse. (I'm the second, I read it thanks to my library, as usual.) But it was better than I expected. In a novel with references to folklore or mythology it's easy to look up the five to ten references that are typically in a book. But this series is so top-heavy with characters both from traditional sources and just as many from Willingham's fertile imagination, I soon stopped bothering to look them up. So it was int [...]

    16. This could have been very good, but it was quite a disappointment. Like I said before entries were very outdated, several characters were missing and many facts were wrong - both Fables and original tale wise. I can also understand why most recent storylines would be outdated - like Prince Charming, although claiming he died on the war while using an image of the one issue that reveals he is still alive doesn't help either. But there's also Harp, whose final fate was revealed on a 2012 GN. The a [...]

    17. For a series which has as many characters as Fables, it is almost perative to have an encyclopedia to keep them all straight. What I enjoyed about this book is that it gives a brief summary of where the characters first appeared in the real world fairytales in comparison to who they are in the Fables Universe. I'll definitely have to go and find some copies of the stories that I'm not familiar with, so this book gives me some good starting places. I didn't like the layout 100% though, simply bec [...]

    18. This book is a must have for any fan of the comic book Fables and it's spin-offs. This contains nearly every major character in the comics with wonderfully detailed origins and very colorful pages. Two notes I should point out though. If your looking for anything stories behind the Fairest spin-off, this book covers very little nothing. Also, this book has some huge spoilers, so if your only reading the deluxe editions I strongly suggest you hold this off until you finish the Cubs in Toyland arc [...]

    19. I received this as a First Reads from . Although I have not yet read the Fables books, I've heard quite a bit about this award winning series. While I would have enjoyed finding more out about the characters interactions in the series itself, this book does a good job of explaining the source material that inspired each individual character. Especially enjoyable were the comments from Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham themselves concerning certain characters. I enjoyed this so much that I purc [...]

    20. This was an excellent job of explaining all the incredible number of characters in the Fables series of graphic novels. BTW I considered clicking my graphic novel shelf, but decided it really didn't belong, being an encyclopedia, not a graphic novel itself. I am going to reread one or two entries this AM then return the book to the library. This was incredibly informative. I am really tempted to buy the encyclopedia, sit down with the graphic novels, and refer back and forth between the two. Wel [...]

    21. Definitely not essential, but if you're a Fables fan and you want to know where every character originated (as well as how they fit into the Fables universe and where they first appeared in the series), this is the place to look. Some decent commentary blurbs by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham do add value, but there's little here of real value, except to die-hards who already know all the details of the series already. I guess I'm still one of them, because I read this whole thing, but I'm [...]

    22. I was quite disappointed that not all the characters were included. random characters that just died in battles were included but not some if the best, like babe the blue ox or Gary the pathetic fallacy! there were some mistakes (naming people as dead, when they show up alive in other issues) did like the background and origins of the fairy tales/fables presented

    23. I like books like this where you get to know each character throughout a series and it helps since you're not sure which character was who. But with this one, you get an idea of each character, what they look like and which volume they appeared in. Also the art for each, love the designs and different covers. A good volume for any fable fan. Love the cover for this too.

    24. This is a must-have for Fables fans. It gives the background of all the characters - both in real life (which stories they came from) and in the Fables universe. It shows some scenes from the different books for chosen characters, and it also has insights from both Mr. Billingham and Mr. Buckingham.

    25. OK, Fables is one of my favorite comics out there. I don't read it in comic form though, I buy it in trades. This book, a companion to the series, is excellent. It's simply a great reference work full of the back stories of all the characters, as well as insights from the creators. On a personal level, this series is far better than ABC's Once Upon a Time.

    26. Kind of an unnecessary "encyclopaedia" to the Fables franchise. It's incomplete and most of the entries were badly written with many "filler" poems. If you have been up to date then you really don't need to read this.

    27. This is a fantastic read, if you're nerdy about Fables like I am, and want to know everything there is to know about Fables. It's, of course, beautifully illustrated, and very thorough. I really enjoyed reading it.

    28. Very good compilation of background material that helped me understand the Fables graphic novel series even more. A word of warning: There are some spoilers in here if you haven't read up to the point when this was released.

    29. Easily as good as any of the graphic novels--filled with inside info from Bill Willingham and multiple artists--beautiful and fun to find out what inspired the use of certain fables. I loved it and would adore to own it!

    30. Great reference for the graphic novel series of Fables and Jack of All Trades. Literary history of the characters is presented, followed by how the character is used by Willingham. End result is that I want to reread the entire series.

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