Lockout Who is Sebastian Lock Sophia had never felt attraction like that before Raw Electric Irresistible Swept off her feet by the dashing enigmatic billionaire Sebastian Lock she was taken on a journey of

  • Title: Lockout
  • Author: Maya Cross
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Who is Sebastian Lock Sophia had never felt attraction like that before Raw Electric Irresistible Swept off her feet by the dashing, enigmatic billionaire Sebastian Lock, she was taken on a journey of self discovery, taken to places she never dreamed she d go.But things are never as simple as they appear Sophia s trust is a fragile thing, and Sebastian seems insistentWho is Sebastian Lock Sophia had never felt attraction like that before Raw Electric Irresistible Swept off her feet by the dashing, enigmatic billionaire Sebastian Lock, she was taken on a journey of self discovery, taken to places she never dreamed she d go.But things are never as simple as they appear Sophia s trust is a fragile thing, and Sebastian seems insistent on testing it He has his own demons to battle, and nobody has brought them to the fore like she has.As their relationship deepens, and Sophia begins to break down his walls, all that greets her are questions Why is Sebastian fighting so hard to keep her at a distance Who is the girl on the background of his phone And why does the strange tattoo on his chest seem so familiar These puzzles plague her, but as Sebastian s mysteries begin to unravel, she must face an entirely different truth Staying in the dark may be painful, but finding the answers could be deadly.

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    1. "You are mine, every inch of you."Wow!! I really enjoyed this, even more than I enjoyed Locked. This one is slightly longer. We pick up exactly where we left off with Sophia walking away from Sebastian, angered after what she saw on his phone. They do, of course, get beyond this complication and continue their relationship.This time around though I really started to get deeper into Sebastian’s head and really started to feel his developing feelings. In the first book Sebastian was very much th [...]

    2. THE END Me : Maya Cross :No,Gabriella really.s over. Me:Maya Cross:its a cliffhanger sweetheart,its SUPPOSSED TO be like that Me :maya:*pulls out the plugs from her ears* Are you done ? me:

    3. I think this book is pretty good, but there are a few reasons why perhaps you shouldn't take my word for it.

    4. WOW my reading preferences have changed. I haven't listened to the first book in THREE years and I gave the first book 5 stars.It's a great smutty read. It's 100% sex. It took me 3 years to finally get back into the series because my library finally got the final installments. The audio is excellent. I love the narrator's voice and I love her accent. She does other accents really well. I think if you want a steamy book in the background for noise this is a good book. It's not too hard to follow [...]

    5. **This will be a review for all three books.**Alluring.Magnetic.Mysterious.Dominant.Meet Sebastian LockeFeisty.Self-assured.Submissive.Meet Sophia Pearce.The Alpha Group trilogy by Maya Cross is a three-book, fast-paced, engrossing, and titillating ride set in Sydney, Australia and which tell the story of Sebastian and Sophia. I knew going into reading these books that they would be about yet another sexy billionaire; however, the mystery and fast-paced suspense kept me enthralled and reading. I [...]

    6. Review posted at: Swept Away By RomanceStory Rating ~ 5 StarsRomance Rating ~ 5 StarsHero Rating ~ 5 StarsHeroine Rating ~ 4.5 StarsHeat Level ~ 4.5 SCORCHING STARS!End Rating ~ One of the biggest cliffhangers that I've ever read!! Overall Rating ~ 5 STARS!!!OMG! I thought book one, Locked, was a good read, I have to say book 2, Lockout, hit it out of the ball park and I absolutely LOVED IT!!Lockout takes place right where Locked ended with Sophia distressed and refusing to speak with Sebastian, [...]

    7. 3.5 Continuing, Slightly Confusing, 007? StarsThis is the continuation of the Alpha Group series Locked. In the last book we met uber sex Sebastian and his "play" friend, Sophia. They had met in an engaging secretive way . both felt the pull and were entering a casual exclusive relationship based on attraction and also her need to discover her submissive side. Sebastian was all too happy to comply and get togethers were happening with very "productive "results. She was learning the excitement of [...]

    8. ***** 5 All Mine Stars ***** "I don't know. There's something about you Sophia. I can't explain it, but the moment I saw you at our party I knew I had to have you. And after last nighte way you taste, the way you smell, the feeling of your body underneath mine; I'm not ready to give that up." As Sophia and Sebastian continue their "simple" relationship, Sophia's heart begins to attach to Sebastian and his undeniable charm and sexiness. He tells her from the beginning that he can't offer her much [...]

    9. 4.5 starsBeta readI thoroughly enjoyed the continuing story of Sebastian and Sophia. Having left #1 on a cliffy, we see the story unfold, learning a little more about Sebastian and his delicious, controlling ways. We are left with quite a few questions unanswered, and a definitive curiosity of Sebastian's past.Not wanting to inject any spoilers, I will only say that if you enjoyed Locked, you will certainly enjoy Lockout even more. I was delighted to be involved in the beta reading of this fanta [...]

    10. Solid follow up. It wasn't extraordinary it wasn't bad either. Looking forward to reading the conclusion.

    11. This is the second book in the Alpha Group Series. If you haven't read book 1 you need to because this book picks up right where the first book left off. In this book we get to see Sebastian and Sophia's relationship begin to turn into something more serious. "I don't need to know all of your deepest, darkest secrets right away. I need to know is that this is real because if we go any further and I find out that it's not, I think it will break me."He studied me for several seconds, small smile m [...]

    12. This review is also posted on Way Too Hot Books BlogA copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.First of all, I love the second cover as much as the first book's cover! Who makes them? They're really amazing and fit the book with its elegance and sensuality. I also saw the Locked cover on several other books.So this novella is a direct continuation after the first book where we were left confused over the picture on Sebastian's phone. It wasn't a big matter to [...]

    13. SUCH A POWERFUL STORY I'M LEFT UNDONE!This is such a powerful story that will leave you breathless, it is packed with raw emotions it will take you for a ride, a wild ride of conflicting emotions.The hero in almost all stories are the ones being focused on, somewhat revered and ooh'd and aah'd by most reviewers ( including me ) and seldom the heroine. This book should actually be all about the heroine, Sophia Pearce extraordinary woman. Incredibly strong, straightforward, never a pushover. What [...]

    14. I read this as a beta reader for the author and I enjoyed both the book and the beta reading task. The main character, Sophia, is smart and funny and there were some nice surprises in the story. Aside from the romance and sex (and don't worry, there's plenty of both and it's all good) I enjoyed hearing her thoughts as she tried to apply reason and logic to her feelings. I also loved the scenes with her girlfriends and the subplot involving her woes at work. I recommend reading LOCKED (book #1) f [...]

    15. I liked this book much better than the first one. There's a little bit of drama and mystery, whole lot of hot hot sex, and many questions left unanswered. Of course there is a cliffhanger, but at least the cliffhanger in book 2 didn't leave me wanting to toss my Kindle against the wall like the one in book 1. I can't wait to read more about Sebastion and Sophia.

    16. This Book Was Given To Me In Exchange For An Honest ReviewI was super excited to get my hands on Lockout (Book #2 in the Alpha Group Series) and Maya Cross has proven that she couldn't disappoint me even if she tried. I absolutely loved Locked (Book #1) and I adored Lockout (Book #2) far far more. One reason why I'm praising book #2 more than I did for book #1 is because it's longer - Book #1 (Locked) was more of a sort of novella read really and I do love novella's, especially if it's your firs [...]

    17. FORE MORE REVIEWS LIKE THIS ONE, CHECK OUT MY BLOG ~ BLAME IT ON THE RAINI loved this book even more than the first one in the series! The sex scenes were hotter. the plot was more addictive, and the cliffhanger at the end was even more dramatic. I need the next one NOW!Again, just like with LOCKED, there was something about this book that just pulled me in, and refused to let me go! Picking up right where the first book left off, this one goes much further into Sophia and Sebastian’s relation [...]

    18. Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book ReviewsreadyourwritesI never realized how much I was anticipating a book coming out, until I got my hands on Maya Cross' second book, Lockout, The Alpha Group Book Two. Nothing else in the world mattered, except for me and the book. I originally gave Locked, The Alpha Group Book One a 4 Star rating. But since I'm still thinking about it, two months after reading the book and waiting patiently or impatiently, if you ask Maya, for the second book, obviously it de [...]

    19. As posted on jessysbookclub.wordpress/I was excited to get back to Sophie and Sebastian’s story. And this one begins exactly where Book #1 (review here) left off.Sophie is angry at Sebastian, she’s convinced he’s lying to her and decides to leave him. But Sebastian doesn’t give up that easy. He pursues her relentlessly and eventually she decides to hear him out. They eventually settle back into their steamy relationship but Sophie can’t ignore the fact that there’s something about Se [...]

    20. I am giving this 3 stars because, even though I enjoyed the book, I really really disliked Sophia's character in the process. I am sorry, Maya, but I really did. I didn't quite connect with her in book 1 & really thought she'd grow on me in this one but no luck First of all, she needs to grow a backbone and stop being a doormat @ work. Once she'd done that, she needs to find a friend who might want to fill her in on the fact that you don't pick out wedding china (metaphorically speaking, of [...]

    21. Lockout, book 2 in Maya Cross's exciting new serial The Alpha Group, picks up Sebastian and Sophia's story directly after the cliff-hanger ending of Locked. This is a fast-paced, erotic romance with just enough suspense and mystery to give the story amazing depth all while maintaining the intense level of passion begun in Locked.This installment explores the growth of Sebastian and Sophia's relationship from initial attraction and casual affair to something quite more serious. Some of Sebastian' [...]

    22. Story Rating 4 StarsCharacter Rating 4 Stars Romance Rating 4 StarsHeat Level 4 StarsOverall Rating 4 Stars

    23. I received a copy of this story for an honest review.When I finished “Locked (The Alpha Group Book One)” I became a fan of Maya Cross. After finishing “Lockout (The Alpha Group Book Two)” I officially elevated to straight up crushing on her. “Lockout” is the best kind of story, face-paced, fun, and exciting. There are two solid leads I can’t help but love and the story is a kick-butt blend of romance, hotness, mystery, and suspense. “Lockout” sucked me in early. I finished the [...]

    24. What another fabulous part in the Alpha Group Trilogy!Sophia and Sebastian's relationship develops slowly and beneath that tough, brooding exterior is a sensitive, deep man that is battling with many demons. We are given snippets of Sebastian's past and it just adds to the intensity. The tattoo plays a large part, along with the secret rooms and the mysterious death of the Environmental Secretary from the British Government.I love the sweet sensitive side of Sebastian and he manages to pull it o [...]

    25. I was browsing amazon, late at night, as you do and found that "Lockout" was out a day early!!!Needless to say, I brought it and started reading straight away - cue sleepless night - as once you start you cant stop, even when the sun starts to come up and you know your day offically stats in a mere hour or two.My plan had been to re-read "Locked" to re-aquaint myself with Sebastian and Sophia, but I was just too excited and jumped straight in. The book picks up exactly where Maya left off, no me [...]

    26. Well, well, well. I had the opportunity to read Lockout the very day the author sent it to me, and I am SO HAPPY that I did! I really enjoyed Locked, but I have to say that I loved Lockout. Locked did a really good job of setting up the characters and the story, and in the end, we were left wondering what would become of Sebastian and Sophia's relationship. I loved to see the progression unfold, from casual lovers to more involved romantic counterparts. In Lockout, through Sophia's eyes, we begi [...]

    27. OMG, this book was awesome!This book clips along at such a great pace, while being a shorter novel it still packs a punch and doesn't feel rushed. I absolutely love Sophia, she is such a strong woman! Not too many novels show a woman not afraid to stick up for herself (without undue pages of indecisiveness) - both in the workplace and within her relationship. It was so easy to relate to her workplace situation and when uncertainty in her relationship arose I admired how she didn't simply push it [...]

    28. Sebastian Magnetic Mysterious Lock.!!Sophia had never felt attraction like that before. Raw. Electric. Irresistible. Swept off her feet by the dashing, enigmatic billionaire Sebastian Lock, she was taken on a journey of self-discovery, taken to places she never dreamed she’d go.But things are never as simple as they appear. Sophia’s trust is a fragile thing, and Sebastian seems insistent on testing it. He has his own demons to battle, and nobody has brought them to the fore like she has.As t [...]

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