The Tower

The Tower After a very shaky beginning as a wild born telekinetic Adrian is elated to discover that his new home is at the center of the world s largest psionic city It should have been a dream come true but

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  • Title: The Tower
  • Author: Adrian Howell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a very shaky beginning as a wild born telekinetic, Adrian is elated to discover that his new home is at the center of the world s largest psionic city It should have been a dream come true, but something here is just not right It s not just that his sister is still missing, or that he is being forced into a rigorous combat training program that is slowly turning hiAfter a very shaky beginning as a wild born telekinetic, Adrian is elated to discover that his new home is at the center of the world s largest psionic city It should have been a dream come true, but something here is just not right It s not just that his sister is still missing, or that he is being forced into a rigorous combat training program that is slowly turning him into a killer Something rotten is hiding inside him Adrian must discover the truth behind his recurring, shadowy nightmares, and face the possibility that the greatest evil threatening everything he holds dear might, in fact, be himself.

    One thought on “The Tower”

    1. Another great installment. Our hero is turning 13, but has to struggle with very adult decisions - would you be willing to kill someone? He's idealistic at the beginning of the story and we all love him for it. But as reality takes hold, both reader and character find our ideals challenged and discover that life isn't as black and white as we'd like it to be.

    2. Taken from my review.Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The opinions below are entirely my own."The Tower" picks up where "Wild-born" left off, meaning that those reading through the series in succession will be relieved by the lack of rehashing, but those trying to jump into the middle will feel quite left out. Effort is made to catch them up, but the finer points and subtleties are lost without reading the first book. Therefore, I highly rec [...]

    3. Review originally posted on Rach Lawrence Books.*I was provided a copy of The Tower by the author in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my honest opinion.*At thirteen, Adrian Howell has already lived a full life as a wild-born telekinetic. He’s happy to be settling down in the heart of the new psionic city of New Haven. He freely joins the Guardians, hoping they’ll be able to help him rescue his sister from the Angels. But life as a Guardian means intense combat training [...]

    4. Reader thoughts: I wouldn't describe this book as fast. There's not as much action as in the first one, and most of the danger is distant and abstract.Adrian does a lot of training and schooling for nearly a year with a few brushes with the outside world and armed angels. Most of his real problems seem to be all character, which, in itself, is rather neat. For an action story (with super powers) to put so much effort into developing the characters and their personalities and motivations . . . I' [...]

    5. Book takes you farther into the story and continues his growth and learning. I rounds out the characters he met in the first book. He developed a close relationship with the woman (Cindy) who accepted responsibility for his care. Cindy also had another charge under her care, Alia who she rescued from those who had submitted her to abuse due to her powers. In the first book we were informed as to how these powers were viewed by the military and religious groups.

    6. After reading the first book (Wild-Born) and thoroughly enjoying it, I was impressed with this second book. The Tower isn’t as fast paced as Wild-born, but it has a heck of a lot of mystery and injustice to keep you hooked. I’m on the third book now and the injustice just keeps on growing! If you haven’t read the first book I would strongly recommend that you go and pick it up now, however, you don’t necessarily have to read the first book in order to understand the second book. The auth [...]

    7. A story that continues to hold you in its grip!Second book down and heading into the third. Great development of characters and storylines. So glad I ran into this series :)

    8. excellent book! This book was exciting and well written, as I could not wait to get to the next chapter. The characters were very personable and I especially enjoyed reading about how the relationship of Aliah and "Addy" had grown.Cant wait to read book three.

    9. I had previously read book one, so I knew what to expect. Despite having read the first book (I read a few books between the first and second) my memory was foggy of the first one. After reading the first few pages, Adrian explains that he won’t recap. But he does recap just enough for you to remember where you left off. This amazing book is rated as FIVE stars and it earned every one of them.It starts off with the narrator, which this being a first person is none other than Adrian Howell. The [...]

    10. I usually don't read much paranormal fiction, but The Tower: PSIONIC Book Two (Psionic Pentalogy 2) by Adrian Howell is definitely worth the time to read and got me hooked. I enjoyed every page of this book. Adrian Howell, the main character, is a totally believable character who finds he has powerful telekinetic abilities. Being a teenager, he does things a teenager would do, but after a tragedy he is forced to go on the run and grow up fast. He goes to live in a community of people with psioni [...]

    11. Though it doesn't happen too much, I find myself preferring the first book then the 2nd. There were parts of book 2 that were fun to read and hard to put down, but a large amount of it was dreams and struggling through figuring out what they mean, as well as very slow progress in balancing his powers and getting trained in hand to hand combat, and a bit of moral compass pointing. It was hard to trudge through those more dull and slow parts of this book. Despite the slow pace and little plot move [...]

    12. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*I wish I could rate it ten stars. I really enjoyed watching Adrian try to separate his psionic powers from his physical powers. The story had a good amount of action mixed with all of his other problems he had to deal with at the time. I also enjoyed seeing Adrian trying to be a regular kid, but realizing that fitting in can’t happen when you’re different.

    13. Excellent readWhat a fun series so far! I really enjoy the main character and his pseudo sister, and enjoy the adventures they go on. I like the style of writing (except all the laughing instead of said, details), and how well it draws you into the story and keeps you there. Definitely recommended for people who enjoy fantasy books!

    14. A good book!don't let the name scare you, this book is about kids and adults with powers, and it has a great storyline. I'm buying the third book now!!!

    15. I intend to read the whole seriesI am really enjoying this series. It's well written and thought out. The story takes you on a trip from friends, betrayal and , back to friends.

    16. Good book, good series (so far)Had trouble putting this one down, spent more time reading then I should have. Very good story!Hope the remaining books are as good.

    17. Good continuation of series. Ending chase chapter quick and intense. Cindy collects more family members. The reason for Adrian girl clothes us revealed.

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