The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club

The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club year old Cassie Moore has always played it safe livinglife according to a meticulously organized MasterPlan But when she loses her Perfect Job and finds herfianc in bed with his ex on the same day

  • Title: The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club
  • Author: Jessica Morrison
  • ISBN: 9780446699129
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • 28 year old Cassie Moore has always played it safe, livinglife according to a meticulously organized MasterPlan But when she loses her Perfect Job and finds herfianc in bed with his ex on the same day, it s clear thatThe Plan has failed her She awakens the next day froma drunken stupor to discover that she s booked herselfon a six month trip to Buenos Aires She speaks28 year old Cassie Moore has always played it safe, livinglife according to a meticulously organized MasterPlan But when she loses her Perfect Job and finds herfianc in bed with his ex on the same day, it s clear thatThe Plan has failed her She awakens the next day froma drunken stupor to discover that she s booked herselfon a six month trip to Buenos Aires She speaks not aword of Spanish, but she s already emailed the news toeveryone she knows, so there s no turning back Oncein Buenos Aires, Cassie is reluctantly seduced by thisglorious city Her exuberant landlady introduces her tothe handsome but haughty Mateo, a man Cassie clasheswith right from the start She soon befriends otherlovelorn travelers and together, they start a BrokenheartsClub at a local bar, attracting a cast of charactersthat includes Dan, a sweet handsome man who lives ascarefully and predictably as Cassie Before long, Cassie smaking a new plan 1 Learn Spanish 2 Stop obsessingabout impossible Mateo and fall for perfect on paperDan But staying on track isn t so simple any andCassie finally realizes that sometimes life and love defies her best laid plans.

    One thought on “The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club”

    1. This is a fun book for me. It's not particularly enlightening but I knew all the sights and bars and cafes, even when the author didn't name them. It made me ache to visit Argentina again. Buenos Aires will forever be a second home to me! It didn't make me smarter, but it did make me more grateful for the opportunity I had, and it made me wish I'd taken better advantage of it!

    2. I needed something light and easy between more substantial reads and this did the trick. It's quite humorous, although the plot leaves much to be desired. The main character is a bit silly and completely oblivious at times. She kept talking herself into stuff and I just wanted to scream at her and slap her straight! But it's a fun, mindless, quick, easy read. Overall, pretty enjoyable.

    3. Okay. i know it's not the finest literature but it was just what I needed. Cassie loses job, loses fiance and drunkenly books a flight to and an apt in Buenos Aires. Enter gourgeous sexy Porteno, Mateo, and well, you can figure out the rest. So it's not Hemingway. Sue me. I loved it.

    4. This was a fun summer read (in the range of confessions of a shopaholic). I especially enjoyed it since I've learned a lot about argrentine customs over the last few years and so many were in there. I was only in Buenos Aires for a day, but am looking forward to going back and seeing more.

    5. Admitting right up front, I needed a good plane trip read and this fit the need perfectly! Call it "Chick Lit" (sorry, that is what we use to call it in the retail business) but I will admit, I enjoyed it! Meet Cassie Moore, who (seems) to have it all! Great job, finance, perfect engagement ring, modern new home to share with said finance and her "Life Plan", all sounds great, right? Suddenly, laid off from her job, heads home to find said finance in bed with his ex and kicked out of his home an [...]

    6. I was in the middle on this one. I found the main character very relatable, how ever I found the story line a little slow and very very predictable.

    7. I love anything having to do with Argentina, and I thought this would be a perfect book to bring on the plane with me, but I was so annoyed by the main character, Cassie, within the first 50 pages or so that I couldn't bring myself to continue.It's not like I was expecting some sort of deep and meaningful travelogue or anything, she just comes off as ignorant and neurotic and definitely culturally insensitive. I suppose Argentina might be considered a third world country, but Buenos Aires is a m [...]

    8. Reviewed by Lissa Staley Posted May 16, 2007Romance Chick-Lit In one single terrible day, predictable and organized Cassie Moore is let go from her job producing content for a website and comes home to find her fiancé in bed with his lover in their shared apartment. Cassie is a woman with a plan, or "The Plan" as her best friend disparagingly refers to her well-organized life goals. Suddenly Cassie has no job, no fiancé, no apartment, no plan. She checks herself into a nice hotel, gets very dr [...]

    9. I bought this because I love the spanish culture and my husband happens to be hispanic as well. I knew the love interest in this book would be oozing with that latin sex appeal and I was hoping to learn more about Argentina as it sounds like a wonderfully exotic place I would love to visit! I too love how cassie just ups and decides after getting dumped by her fiancee that she is just going to hop on a plane and spend months recuperating in a foreign country (even if she was drunk when she booke [...]

    10. I don't know why I had such a hard time with this book. It's chick-lit! It takes place in an international setting (albit, one I haven't been to for a change)! I think the thing I had a hard time with in this book is that that author spent way to much time with internal dialogue and description rather then actual dialogue. This book was a little bit like my last favorite chick-lit book I read a few months ago from Harmel and actual a mix of another book of hers as well. The protag looses her job [...]

    11. This book is perfect for anyone who needs their literature to "lighten up" a bit.For the past year or so, I've been reading books varying in depth, but all of them seemed to depress me, or feel like I was reading a textbook. This book made me feel like I was sitting under an umbrella on the beach with my toes in the sand. I'm not usually one for chick-lit, not only because it is shallow and has absolutely no depth, but also because it usually follows the same route of:-Young womans life falls ap [...]

    12. Having recently returned from BA, I was keen to dive into “The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club” but was quickly disappointed. The Argentine mentions are just that – token location names that don’t play any considerable role in its clichéd narrative. The writing isn’t particularly impressive and the ending can be anticipated from well before the half-way point. But even before that, motivation to finish wanes given its unlikeable protagonist. Cassie Moore has her life meticulous organi [...]

    13. This book started as a five; the first couple chapters were highly entertaining. Then slipped to a four. Then by the time it was over a three. Note spoilers, but I'm not hiding anything since it's so obvious. You'll know what happens after the first 20 pages. It was a fun chicklit book, the whole thing just became annoying as the main character was so oblivious and the plot was obviously going to end one way so all the in-between was just in the way. It's basically Bridget Jones, but with a blog [...]

    14. After her whole world seemingly crashes down around her, Cassie does the logical thing and gets blistering drunk! When she comes to again, she realizes that, in her drunken stupor, she has made travel arrangements for a six month trip to Buenos Airies. Being somewhat OCD in nature, Cassie does nothing without consideration, including mapping out her entire life plan. Realizing that her plan has failed her, Cassie embarks on what turns out to be a life-changing extended vacation, without a single [...]

    15. Entertaining "chick-lit" with an international flair. 20 something Cassie lived by a "plan" that she meticulously wrote out and checked off but, all in one day she loses her job, walks in on her finance in bed with his x-girlfriend,and therefore loses her place to live. In her immature state she doesn't see any of this coming and promptly gets drunk with her good girlfriends and books herself a trip to Buenos Aires to heal herself. Cassie is still immature as she tries to live in a foreign count [...]

    16. I am a little unsure of my feelings with this book. I feel as if the author missed a major character flaw that really turned me off at the beginning. The main character is very much into planning and details and lists yet she didn't research anything about the country? She knew nothing of where she was going?? The racially insensitive comments about being kidnapped and how it's a real town struck me a bit off like she lives in a very culturally diverse city such as Seattle yet has no idea what A [...]

    17. Unlike most reviews I've read about this book, I don't think the main character, Cassie Moore, is oblivious. When she starts out, she seems to have the perfect job and the perfect relationship because she chooses to follow a plan that she has mapped out for her life. When she loses the job and relationship in a day, she realizes that life throws curves every once in a while. She's never really had to cope with adversity, so why not stick to a plan. It's not until she makes the brash decision und [...]

    18. I am not a big chick lit type but I am a sucker for any book that has a locale to which I have never been in the title. Is that shallow?Anyway, this was a nice book. It was not too deep and it's theme was that the best things are often unexpected and that you ahve to be open to the unexpected but it did give soem Buenos Aires atmosphere which I enjoyed. I don't know how accurate it was but I enjoyed it anyway. I do know that it was very light on the history and political situation of Argentina i [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book because it helps the reader realize that although certain life events may make you feel like your life is over there is usually a happy ending ahead that you have yet to discover. The best part is that it gives this message in the sweetest way! I loved the descriptions of Buenos Aires and I find myself longing to visit (I wonder if the exchange rate is really that strongly in the benefit of the US Dollar) and find my own adventures. The main character felt like someone I coul [...]

    20. What an enjoyable piece of light-hearted, happy ever after romance! I cannot even rank it on the fluff-o-meter, it was truly cute. I can live without Ms. Morrison's travel tips, but the story is lovely and the underlying message important for everyone. The past influences you, your family impacts all your relationships and you need to be aware of these things in order to transcend the issues that cause angst.Cassie's issue of planning and expectations aside, being prepared to explore a path that [...]

    21. I haven't read a book just for the fun of it in what seems like ages. One day, a few weeks ago, Dave and I were heading out to the pool and I figured I should take something to read so as not to get bored. I grabbed this one from my nightstand, and I'm so glad I did. It was fun, funny, cute, and just the brain candy I was looking for. I would totally recommend it! Sowho wants to read it next? A couple of the pages are kind of wrinkly from pool water. I was just too impatient to wait for my hands [...]

    22. This is a top-notch chick-lit in my opinion. Has all the fun elements of romantic comedy + travel stories from Buenos Aires. The beginning is a bit overdone: the girl gets fired and finds her boyfriend cheating on her on the same day (hello, Sliding Doors). The next part is more unique: she has this OCD "plan" for her life so she is totally thrown off track. So she gets drunk and books a 6-month trip to Buenos Aires. The book is about her adventures there, which are chronicled in a blog she star [...]

    23. This wasn't a great book. The main character was really self absorbed. At the beginning of the book, she lost her job and her fiance in the same week, and you as a reader actually feel sorry for her and hope she makes some decisions to turn her life around. She sells her engagement ring and decides to go to Buenbos Aires for several months. Unfortunately, the decision she makes is to treat people in Buenos Aires the way she was treated in America. She is so popular, and attracts so many good loo [...]

    24. There were aspects of this book that I didn't like, but they actually enhanced the story. I mean, Cassie was a bit too willing to sleep with people for my taste, but she absolutely grew up throughout the story, and who doesn't want to move to a foreign country and have a little fun? Plus, I couldn't wait to see what happened next, and had to stop myself from looking ahead multiple times (though I have to admit that I may not have stopped myself every time). Overall, I have to say I really enjoye [...]

    25. This was a fun, quick little read. I suggest it for anyone with a love of Buenos Aires and in the mood for a high drama romance. Some descriptions of the country I love didn't sit too well with me (seeing a donkey from the airplane? Not accurate.), but for the most part it took me right back to my memories there. The plot was interesting and I found Cassie to be a sympathetic, dynamic character. Warning for any kids reading: there are several very "romantic" scenes and conversations so I don't r [...]

    26. Cassie Moore, who lived her life according to a carefully drafted plan that dictated every relationship decision and career move learns that life is unpredictable and that you can't control everything when she loses her job, fiancé and home all in one day. She drowns her sorrows in alcohol while inebriated does the first spontaneous thing in her life - books a 6 month ticket to Buenos Aires. I picked this up because I share the same name as the protagonist and was travelling to Buenos Aires and [...]

    27. a truly frivolous, but fun read. i have to say, though, i'm having a harder time reading "chicklit" books, because i generally can't stand the main characters! they all seem so whiny, codependent, and incredibly pathetic (at least, in the beginning). but i guess that's the point? i need to try harder in suspending my disbelief/disgust when reading these bookst a whole lot to say about the book. it adheres to the "chicklit" guilty pleasure formula. if you need a quick beach read, this is a good o [...]

    28. Sliding Doors meets Pride and Prejudice meet Bridget Jones meets Eat Pray Love the most unoriginal way possible. Picked the book up because I've got a jonesin' to travel soon and was in Buenos Aires a year ago. It definitely made me long to visit the city again, and a story about someone my age living abroad is always fun. And the romance in the book, as much as I wanted to resist, did end up being a bit swoon-worthy. But all in all I'd really only recommend this to someone traveling to Argentin [...]

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