Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar

Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar An all new original short fiction anthology featuring Mercedes Lackey s heroic Heralds and their horselike companions as penned by these masters of fantasy Errold s Journey by Catherine S McMullen The

  • Title: Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey Mickey Zucker Reichert Josepha Sherman Fiona Patton Tanya Huff Brenda Cooper Judith Tarr Rosemary Edghill
  • ISBN: 9780756401665
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • An all new original short fiction anthology featuring Mercedes Lackey s heroic Heralds and their horselike companions as penned by these masters of fantasy Errold s Journey by Catherine S McMullen The Cat Who Came to Dinner by Nancy Asire Winter Death by Michelle West A Herald s Rescue by Mickey Zucker Reichert In the Eye of the Beholder by Josepha Sherman Trance ToAn all new original short fiction anthology featuring Mercedes Lackey s heroic Heralds and their horselike companions as penned by these masters of fantasy Errold s Journey by Catherine S McMullenThe Cat Who Came to Dinner by Nancy AsireWinter Death by Michelle WestA Herald s Rescue by Mickey Zucker ReichertIn the Eye of the Beholder by Josepha ShermanTrance Tower Garrison by Fiona PattonStarhaven by Stephanie ShaverRebirth by Judith TarrBrock by Tanya HuffTrue Colors by Michael LongcorTouches the Earth by Brenda CooperIcebreaker by Rosemary EdghillSun in Glory by Mercedes Lackey

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    1. Anthologies, for me, always have a "hit or miss" quality, especially those containing more than six or seven stories. It's also harder to read them straight through, as the urge to skip a particularly boring contribution is strong. Mercedes Lackey's own contribution, Sun In Glory, is a definite hit. Well put together and a satisfying step forward for any fan of Valdemar.Sure-fire hits include: The Cat Who Came to Dinner, Rebirth, Brock, and Rosemary Edghill's Icebreaker.The first story in the an [...]

    2. Unlike with other collections, I enjoyed every single one of the included stories! Some concentrated on the Companions, some on the Heralds, and some on others who came into contact with them. One of the sweetest stories told of a "Moonling" named Brock who believed he was a Herald. It concluded with the sentence that "Brock wore his whites on the inside." Would that we all would .

    3. A more rocky collection than the others, but the better stories outweigh the worse by a considerable amount. Also contains a tale by Mercedes Lackey herself which should delight any fan of Herald Alberich and/or Solaris.

    4. I originally reviewed this book on my blog - The Cosy Dragon. For more recent reviews by me, please hop over there.Another collection of short stories set in Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar universe. There are 12 new stories, as well as a novella by Lackey. Another good collection of tales, the majority were enjoyable to read.'Errold's Journey' by Catherine S. McMullen wasn't a great short story to start this lot off. The dialogue and style seemed awkward and I wasn't engaged at all. Too passive, too [...]

    5. Mixed bag, as anthologies tend to be.The first story was written when the author was twelve, and while that showed, a bit, it was still better than some stuff that inexplicably manages to get professionally published.

    6. Sun in Glory is much more even than the earlier collection - there are still some duds, most notably the opening story (good Gods, I know it's neat that a twelve-year-old wrote a fairly literate story, but that doesn't mean I want to read it,) but for the most part the quality is consistent. The eponymous story is actually a critical part of the "modern" Valdemar story arc and well worth reading even if you skip everything else - most of the rest are decent but sort of iffy, canon-wise. (Except [...]

    7. 3.75 *I typically enjoy a good collection of short stories. As always, there are going to be some stories you enjoy and hopefully a minimal amount of stories that you don't care for. In this collection, I really enjoyed most of them, the unfortunate thing was that the ones I liked the least were the first and last story in the book. I'm sure some people will really enjoy the last story, just wasn't my cup of tea. The thing I love about the Valdemar books is all of the characters that are a part [...]

    8. This collection was a little less fun than the others--more serious "fantasy" stories and fewer stories that could be set in other genres but just happen to be in a fantasy world (romances, coming of age stories, mysteries, etc.) Most of the stories were well-written, though I thought the first one sounded as if it had been written by one of our 8th graders and I'm not sure how it made the cut. The others were all by well-known authors and reflected their talents.

    9. Not overly fond of short story anthologies but this one holds up well. Most of the stories have Misty's voice down pretty well and different authors do offer different shadings that can improve the overall development of a fantasy worls such as Valdemar. However the strongest story was Misty's own "Sun in Glory" Having read all of Misty's full length Valdemar books I've wondered where Talia's investiture story disappeared to. Now I know.

    10. This is a world where different authors can play within established rules, like fairy tales or Bordertown. Gentler than Bordertown, I think, and not a place (so far) where mere mortals can escape except for by reading. I like that there are tales of being selected as a Herald, but also tales of NOT being selected - of discovering one's special-ness, that your place in the world isn't what you thought or dreamed about but is as amazing once you accept it.

    11. This is a mixed bag. It started off slow the first couple of stories made me think I wasn't really interested in continuing. But I'm glad I did. There were several great stories in there, and I enjoyed Lackey's novella. I would recommend this to fans of Valdemar, but if you haven't tried the series, start with that first.

    12. A nice anthology set in the world of Valdemar and its Heralds, 'Sun in Glory' has a higher percentage of stories I would re-read than the ones I'll skip in the future. There are tales with unique twists. I particularly enjoyed the story by Mercedes Lackey, set during the formation of the peace between Valdemar and Karse.

    13. Technically I guess you could call it fan fiction, because of the 13 stories only one is written by Ms. Lackey but they were all really great stories, and it was interesting to see the varied points of view.

    14. I actually loved this anthology, mainly because it was my first introduction to the Karsite Firecats. They are such fascinating felines, and I wish one would find me!!Otherwise, the other tales were much fun, although as always, ML's written ones are always the best!

    15. Anthologies are great to read when you only have a short time to get through the story (i.e. sitting in doctor's office waiting room). And I'm a lover of anything remotely related to Valdemar so this book was a hit!

    16. Gems include The Cat Who Came to Dinner, and Sun in Glory (I LOVE Firecats!).In the Eye of the Beholder, Trance Tower, Brock, True Colors, and Icebreaker weren't bad.Rebirth was interesting just because of the insight into where Companions come from.

    17. I was really impressed with this book. So many different writers, writing in the same universe, and all of them really good. During several stories my heart pounded the entire time. I rarely give above a 3-star rating to a fantasy book, but this really deserved it.

    18. A pretty strong anthology. There was only one story that I struggled to get through. I really enjoyed the others.

    19. I loved the story about Talia becoming a priest of Vkandis. It's actually fairly important back story for some of the books.The rest weren't so memorable.

    20. It was great to read more of her short stories, which I sometimes feel are better than some of her full-length stories lately.

    21. best story in this was Errolds journey. it was a fun read but kind of makes the mage wars seem like it was too easy

    22. The first story in this collection is probably one of the worst things I've ever read, but the last story more than makes up for it.

    23. As excellent as all the tales of Valdemar, and it was a joy to return to those fields. My favorites were Misty's own, and Judith Tarr's intriguiging, odd, and slightly sad tale.

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